Count the stars with me episode 37 – 38

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CHAPTER 37 💞 38



It’s been one week now zarl shopping mall has being completed , everything it’s now in its place ,it’s Sunday ,his family would come to visit him everybody and that’s good news ,they booked a table and chairs in the hospital ward zarl was staying and that’s a good thing because he couldn’t wait to announce to his dad happily about his lastest achievements

what are you thinking about ? “zarl ask Carl whom has been staying with him for all this while , ivy went to see her mum last two days ago.

nothing much just wondering why the gun shot didn’t kill you,I would have ended up enjoying my week than getting packed up in this hospital with a frown a** man like you. “Carl teased with a smirk on his face.

huh ?!, ” zarl exclaimed with a pout on his lips.

that’s unfair so you’re among the people that want me died I’m sure Clark would be worried he haven’t heard from me and his being calling I will try and explain to him. “zarl mutter.

who’s that ? and why didn’t you take the call and tell the so called person about your situation , he would understand if he doesn’t he should get a gun and insert in his body and tell us how he feels later on ? “Carl ask with a frown.

I don’t want to be popular through bad news , getting shot isn’t a good thing is very embrassing ,thou I don’t know who did that but what I strongly know is that I have never offended anybody. “zarl said staring at Carl who hissed and throw his face away murmuring what only him knows to himself.

suddenly the door opened , and Mr Kim,Mrs kinn and Jack come in.

hello ! “Mr and Mrs kinn screamed happily as they both walked in

dad ,mum good afternoon. “zarl greeted happily while they responded.

greetings uncle,aunt ,hi jack , ” Carl waves with a mischievous smirk.

let’s sit please come let me help you up son. “Mrs kinn said moving towards zarl whom was all smiles.

thanks mum ” he smiled And Mrs kinn helped him up to the place where the sits and table was set ,they all sat down and the maids they came with serve them foods and drinks.

how are you doing son ,hope you’re recovering from the shot Pardon your dad I’m still investigating on the issue about you getting shot we would catch the culprit soon enough! ” Mr kinn ask.

I’m good dad ,I’m getting better I will be strong and right back on my feet ,as for the investigation I trust you dad ,jack you look pale are you okay ? ” zarl asked staring at jack as others turn and stare at jack too but he was absent minded.

Jack ! , “Mrs kinn yelled touching him and that made him to get back his mind.

what’s wrong ? why are you moody your brother zarl asked you something just now but you seem to be so much far away from here.” Mrs kinn mutter.

exactly what happened son are you alright? “Mr kinn ask chewing his food slowly.

I’m fine dad ,zarl what did you asked me earlier I’m sorry for not paying attention Alot of things are damn s**ked up in my mind ,you know company issues. “jack said faking a smile.

ooh okay just take it easy ,I said that you look pale to me I don’t know whether others noticed it but you kinda slimed down. “zarl said.

yes I agreed to that too he slimed down too much ,are you sick you better take a broke if your work is stressing you and try to loft up some burdens you’re carrying. ” Carl added.

honey what they’re staying is the truth ,he slimed down and look paled to me just now I have a good look at him , my son isn’t looking like this his more handsome than this. “Mrs kinn said to Mr kinn who nodded.

son what’s wrong talk to us we’re together in this .”Mr Kim. said.

dad ,mum you both won’t understand as tears rolls down his eyes.

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*** flash back ***
since the first letter and message came in Alot and more keep on coming ,I was really scared that I stopped going to work ,I receive death threats that if I don’t confess and that one week expires that I should consider my self dead, the other day ,I heard a gunshot on my window side and suddenly the message came in my phone again ,that I should make sure I confesses or else I will regret ever thinking of harming an innocent soul ,that day I was sneaking around hiding si they won’t appear from nowhere and kill me.

*** flash back ends ***jack pov ***

i don’t want to die “I cried out as they all stopped eating and watch me with concern written all over there faces.

what wrong jack ? “zarl asked

dad I don’t want to die ,zarl please I’m so sorry please forgive me. “,I pleaded going on my knees in front of him. ..

what’s wrong ? did you do anything against me or is someone threatening you ? ” my mum asked worried.

yes mum but I did it,it’s not my fault. “I sob holding zarl cloth.

calm down and talk what exactly happened and how did you offended me ,no matter what I will forgive you because you’re my only brother. ” zarl said sincerely to him .

I …….I ……I …..”I paused because I can’t really talk ,how can I tell him I planned with my girlfriend to kill him that it was my girlfriend who shot at him ? ” I cried as tears won’t stop gushing out from my eyes.

talk son don’t keep us in waiting ,you brother is sick stop adding more salt to his injuries .” dad said.

I nodded ,I planned…… with my girlfriend to kill you and. …she was the one that shot you. “I finally said and his eyes widened no there eyes widened except Carl’s whom just throw his face away and scoff but that isn’t my problem.

you say what ? that you did what ! ” dad ask angrily standing up from his seat while mum whom was still shocked was breathing heavily zarl sighed sadly as tears rolls out from his eyes.

please…. please gather I’m sorry she was the one that pushed me to that ,I never agreed with it before please zarl forgive me ,mom please. “I called on them but that was answered by a very big resounding slap from my mother and another from my dad .

what in the name of hell did you Gabe birth to !, dad yelled facing my mom who bowed her face.

it’s all your fault you didn’t try at all, you didn’t try this child very well that he becomes too cold hearted to the stage of wanting to kill his own brother you should be thrown to jail for attempting murder,you are the one that afflicted this bad act on him , telling him lies and indecent things about his brother now his up to being greed and envy to the stage of wanting him dead. “dad screamed angrily.

I didn’t expect you would be so mean to me jack I would never do such thing to you why me,what if I died back there jack ,get up and stop apologising you want to k*ll me right okay fine go ahead and do it I have never offended you all my life ,I Allowed you come first in everything just to make you happy ,I can’t believe you jack ,……jack you ,you put me in this condition and you have the nerves ,the impetus to kneel in my face and plead for my forgiveness. “zarl said to me as he cries out. .

please have mercy I’m your brother please forgive me ,don’t let them thrown me into jail. “I cried out to him holding him.

leave me alone !, he screamed angrily as his eyes were so red so scary that I flinched back , please? I should forgive you ,you’re pleading for my forgiveness all because they threatening you ,it They didn’t you wouldn’t have tried to right ,sorry isn’t enough atimes. “zarl cried out and angrily snatched his hands away from me and walk away while Carl follows him immediately .

I look up to see my mom abd dad staring at me angrily .

my mom stare at me for a while before bursting into uncontrollable tears,she rushed and knee down beside me facing my dad who was giving us both deadly glares as if he would like to struggle us to death.

honey please , please leave my son it’s a mistake please punish me it’s my fault I didn’t train him well I was so careless with my duty as a mom ,I was blinded with envy and jealousy for the little boy bring treated better than my son ,I discouraged my son right from when he was Still a toddler against zarl I indeed was the bad influence in his life please forgive me , forgive him don’t forgive me honey I beg of you. “mom cries out .

you are a very big …….
but dad’s words was interrupted by mom who stabbed herself with a knife.

mom ,mom .”I screamed heavily as I feels like running mad

dad quickly carried her and we both ran out calling help from the doctors and nurses around,they put her on a stretcher and she was rushed into the operation room.

mom !,mom please wake up it’s my fault wake up and hit me ,wake up and punish me mom, please forgive me it’s not your it’s mine mom .”I screamed and everything went blanked I fainted.