Count the stars with me episode 47 – 48

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CHAPTER 47 💞 48


Many important guests was there ,even Australia president,governors ,ministers and other high class business men and women were all there,it’s zarl plaza opening party.

ivy was attending to guest ,si as Nora and all workers in kinns and zarl hotel was present and very busy serving guests ,zarl the celebrant was restless Mr Rupert and Mrs Rupert isn’t yet here and Carl isn’t there yet either ,is he still angry since that few days back I never have chance to talk to him we never discussed again Carl you won’t dare try this the party is about to start. “zarl thought as he pace all over the room.

*** in Carl’s Rupert home ***

come on son let’s go you have being frowning and crying to see him now this is your opportunity come let’s go. “Mrs Rupert said trying to touch Carl but he moved back.

I overheard your conversation with dad ,you’re staying that this would be the ever first and last time I would see zarl why did you guys said so ?Carl ask putting his hands on his chest.

common son you don’t want to miss his party later will would talk about this okay. “Mr Rupert mutter diverting the topic but Carl being a hot headed person disagreed.

nooh ! both of you should explain that to me I’m all ears. “Carl yelled furrowing his eyebrow

Carl don’t get me annoyed we are running late Alot of important guests would be there let’s go okay. “Mrs Rupert said pulling Carl up.

mind you both ,you can’t separate me from my best friend I have no brothers or sisters his like one to me don’t you guys dares separate us it won’t ever work. “Carl said and walk out entering the car.

his so rude were disowning him for real Hmm “Mrs Rupert growls stumping her feet as she match out to the car.

Daring and annoying son I have to thank God for giving me an annoying rude brat us son. “Mr Rupert scoffs and walk away.

written by chidume joy chukwukamunaeleanya .

*** Zarl plaza opening party ***

let’s call on the celebrant to give a speech to the congregations as we would also shower him with love and congratulate him it’s not easy. “the chairman at the party said handing over the microphone to zarl who suddenly appeared on the stage and the crowd screamed of joy.

yaaahh ! his so handsome I wish his my son !

I’m jealous ooh my goodness I can’t breath.

in just in twenties he have the brain to save up and do something this marvelous I love him.

I wish his my boyfriend.

I’m so happy for the kinns they’re really blessed by God. ”

these are the compliments from the crowd as they clap and screamed loudly just to welcome him.

thank you all I do really appreciate. “zarl said with the microphone and another round of scream started.

“meanwhile zarl was eye searching Carl to know whether he would found him but he didn’t he sigh and continue his speech.

” hi everyone I’m really very grateful to God and my parent here , including my brother jack I appreciate you guys everlasting Love towards me .”zarl said and they yelled happily.

few minutes later the noise died down

I’m dedicating my building to Almighty God indeed it wasn’t easy I passed through Alot of pains and sorrows both from physical and emotional pains but he saw me through I’m very grateful to him. “zarl said and the crowd responded with wow.

today I’m who I am because of God,I would also like to call my parent first and my younger brother jack to come up the stage and say hi to my guest as I launch and advertise my new company and business today. “zarl said and another round of clapping competition began as zarl parent walk up to the stage with a wide smiles on their faces including jack whom was bowing his head.

upon everything I did to him ,he forgave and even counted as a blessing to him. “jack thought as tears rolls down his eyes he look down and composed himself flashing a fake smile to the cameras.

“hi everyone I’m really very grateful and happy to see you all today it’s indeed an unexpected event I never knew my son has been planning something big and it made me to be so proud of him I live you son and I bless your business you shall prosper. “Mr kinn said with a smile and the crowd cheered him,he stepped back and handed the microphone over to his wife

Mrs kinn stepped forward and suddenly feels emotional ,where should I start thank you all for being here as I celebrate with my beloved son and family I pray your business excel and progress in Jesus name. “Mrs kinn said and the crowd said amen .

she stepped back and handed the microphone to jack,he moved forward and shook hands with zarl.

I’m happy for you ,I appreciate you all that came here I promise to be the best brother to zarl , and may God bless your business and make you succeed. “jack said and the crowd cheered for him too. ..

Mr Kinn ,Mrs kinn and jack went back to their seat,zarl took the microphone and look around one more time and sigh.

I would also like to appreciate my good friends , Carl ,Clark ivy and Nora thanks to you guys you indeed helped me Alot I appreciate each an everyone of you please let the party start ,my dear guest feel free and order anything the ushers and my staffs here are at your services .”zarl said and walk down the stage

and the party begin ,loud music was banging zarl entered into one of the building room to rest a bit suddenly someone came and covered his mouth he struggled all to no available the person closed the door.

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immediately the door locked the person released him ,he turned fearfully and it turns out to be Carl ,he sigh and gave him a very harsh and deadly glares.

hey are you mad at me ? “Carl asked as zarl ignored him and went to sit on a chair.

but zarl ignored him .

zarl !, I’m so sorry,my parent caused it okay I’m truly sorry I came late on your day .”Carl said with a pout.

you coming late is already an unforgivable act why do that my heart beat already accelerated to hundred degrees .”zarl said as his emotions build up tears drop out of his eyes.

I’m sorry. “Carl said rushing to him ,I’m sorry please I shouldn’t have done that I apologize please forgive. “Carl said hugging him tightly while he wouldn’t stop crying

leave me alone I waited for you ,you didn’t show up and then you suddenly showed up and caused a heavy heart attack to me right now my heart wouldn’t stop beating so fast I was so scared. “zarl cried out

while Carl sighed and rub his back gently patting him like a baby.

leave me alone I’m fine now , never mind I’m okay stop hugging me too close I’m not your baby and you’re not my wife. “zarl said pushing him away lightly while Carl bursted info laughter.

you’re funny who’s your wife never I’m just patting you because you’re been a cry cry baby right now. “Carl said with a smirk.

when did you arrive ? “zarl ask .

ooh the time you we’re thanking us your friends so I hide and follow you immediately because I know surely that you would leave now kindly stand up let’s go greet the guests because I’m sure important guests are there. “Carl said while zarl roll his eyes.

I’m not in the mood of having old men praising me now I’m so tired. “zarl complained.

keep your laziness to yourself okay stand up let’s go or they would notice that you’re not around so please stand up my parent told me they would introduce me to some of important men and women In Australia so they would get to know me hope you also wouldn’t like to loose this chance right ? “Carl said. .

fine just give me some minutes let me wear another suit I brought for that I know it would definitely happen. “zarl said removing his suit as he stood up to change.

okay ,you don’t look bad your girlfriend is sure really going to be proud of your buddy nice job. “Carl said stating at his body.

hey stop that you’re making me shy stop it okay sh*t are you for once think about the rubbish you vomit from your mouth atimes ? “,zarl asked covering his body.

awwwn “baby girl is shy common I’m a guy too why do you have to do that ? “Carl ask with a mischievous smirk which is very obvious that he is teasing him .

can you just stop I’m shy you’re something else I won’t lie to you ,atimes you deserve a very hot dirty slap. “zarl said putting on his suit.

let’s go I’m done. “zarl said.

really ? let me adjust your tie that isn’t how to do that or did you forgot ? “Carl teased coming closer to him.

emm aren’t you a litte bit close shift back I can’t feel my breath. “zarl said feeling uncomfortable.

owww girls that have a crush on me usually said that to me ,they lost their breath so does that mean you have already fallen in love with me. ? “Carl teased.

you !, “zarl yelled trying to hit him but he shifted immediately and bursted into laughter.

you’re so annoying isn’t better you aren’t here at all.”zarl said staring at the tie Carl set for him.

are you ready now or you’re imagining how many people that would fall for you in that hot suit ? “Carl said rolling his eyes.

I’m so handsome thanks buddy let’s go. “zarl said and they both walked out of the room.


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