Count the stars with me episode 49 – 50

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CHAPTER 49 💞 50


Carl and zarl walked inside the large guest hall where the main event is going on and immediately there parent whom we’re looking for them saw them and wave at them.

come here zarl,Carl come “Mrs kinn said waving at them and they both hurried to her position.

we’re have you both been I have being searching for you guys . “Mrs kinn ask with a smile.

we’re changing clothes. “zarl said sharply with a light smile.

Alright come let’s go meet our high guests. “Mr Rupert said and they all followed him.

hi “Mr kinn and Rupert greets.

hello “The elderly man said with a smile.

his excellency meet my our children’s “Mr Rupert said pulling Carl,zarl and Jack to the front for them to pay there respect for him.

good evening sir ,”they chorused with a smile.

how are all doing ? “president asked with a smile

we’re fine sir ,they chorused happily.

alright let’s go meet other important guest ,his excellency feel free and order anything “Mr Rupert said and they all walked away..

*THE NEXT DAY * zarl pov

mom ,dad ,jack I’m really very happy and grateful to you all ,you have done Alot things for me ,I have successfully launched my plaza ,my company and my best first I’m happy and fulfilled. “I said to them staring at each a
an everyone of them as they chew on their food we’re eating

you’re welcome son. “dad said and they all nodded with a smile.

hummmm “dad cleared his throat and stare at his wife who gave him the go ahead to speak

son ,i arranged a marriage for you with one of our country well respected man ,his daughter just came back from American and she’s good. “dad mutter making me to pause and stare at him for a while.

dad !, “I mutter with a scoff.

what ? if you’re not interested nobody is forcing you but honestly she’s pretty and she’s the best for you so dear try to consider the fact that we’re just watching out for you ,you’re not getting any younger. “mom said rubbing my hair

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exactly bro you can go ahead you have my support check her out first and know whether she’s good or not don’t judge a book by its cover. jack said with smirk while I keep on frowning.

I can’t believe Carl won’t be living with us anymore I miss him already. “I mutter sadly staring at the empty sit.

don’t worry son you can go see him at his place your closeness with this Carl of a boy amazes me. “mom said

awwwn I’m so jealous I can’t believe my brother loves another more than me ,his not your wife don’t love him that much. “jack mutter

hahahaha !, “we all laughed.

this is hilarious why would you say that son it’s likeness and you know that boy was being so clingy towards zarl it’s impossible for him not to worry nor ask about him. “dad said.

exactly dad seems like you’re the only one who understands that. “I said with a light smile I look at mom and she furrow her eyebrow.

what do you mean by that zarl ? “mom ask with a frown .

what did I said ? “I ask

you said that it’s only your dad that understands you what about me !, ” mom pouted.

awwn you look so cute mom ,the most beautiful woman I have ever seen dad I see the reason why you married her she’s pretty. “I said complimenting mom whom was already blushing.

see see that mom you’re blushing. “jack said.

if I know that ordinary compliments about your beauty would make you blush like this I would have been complimenting you my whole life awwn .”dad said with a smile while I bursted into laughter as they both suddenly seems like teen in love .

so what’s your another project now after your company is done and I also have a gift for you and actually .” dad said .

what’s the gift !, ” me and jack chorused excitedly.

fine me and your mum planned it all when we found out about your project, so we bought a house for you both thou in different places but it’s up to your tastes. “mom and dad said I look at jack and we both screamed happily.

awwwn thanks mum , thanks dad we’re very happy thanks. “we chorused

welcome. “they chorused.

thanks ! we both said again and hugged them.

so your mom would hand the documents over to you both and show you the places I won’t be there I have business meeting. dad said with a smile while we nodded.

*** Afternoon***

I’m coming back from my house ,it’s designs and textures are perfect the house must cost Alot for them I’m really grateful to God ,right now I’m in front of Carl’s house yeah it’s a surprise visit yesterday I annoyed him and his parent ain’t doing him any better.

*** Flashback***

after they showed us around and we greeted the guests ,Mr Rupert said they’re leaving immediately that it’s late in which it’s true some guests already went back home ,Carl came to call me to have few words with me before leaving but I was stacked up with Clarks girlfriend what’s her name again ? modella ,she was being too clingy and her boyfriend went to the restroom I can’t leave her since she’s kinda drunk,Carl waited and waited but I wasn’t trying to go talk with him rather I gave the young drunk clingy lady my attention so he left angrily

*** Flashback ends ***

written by chidume joy chukwukamunaeleanya .

i parked my car and walk inside the house gently I press the door bell and a maid let me in ,I met Carl’s parent at the down sitting room.

good afternoon sir ,ma ” I greeted respectfully with a slight bow

they both stared at me and smile.

you’re welcome zarl , you’re here for Carl right ? his not here he went out ? “Mrs Rupert said. ..

but I called him ,he said his inside his room.” I lied because they have been acting weird since they don’t allow me come closer to Carl that much even at the party I notice that

ooh yeah honey I remembered when you went to get something inside he came back and go straight to his room. “Mr Rupert said immediately in other to defend his wife.

okay then , I’m going let me check on him. “I said jogging upstairs.

sh*t I don’t know which one is his room I didn’t even ask ,I was about going downstairs when I sighted a room at the other end ,this meant be his own I saw some stickers there ,childish. “I mutter with a smirk. .

I reached their and open the door with knocking he was sleeping ,I sigh and walked In locking the door gently in order not wake him up.

I came in and sat on the nearest couch on his bed I sigh and drop the snacks I bought for him ,yeah I came to beg my baby Carl so I bought something for him.

I shifted the chair closer to his bed and stare at his sleeping face and pouted lips,his very handsome girls would be crushing so much him ,too bad his way too arrogant. ” I thought and smirk.

I sighted his phone ,he was holding it ,this boy why would he hold his phone while sleeping was he expecting a call ? ” I thought.

I took his phone and I mistakenly pressed the on button his wallpaper appeared ,isn’t that my picture ,I wore this dress last night when did he snap me or did he transferred it from someone who snapped me ? I look hot. ” I murmur but Carl’s murmuring in his sleep got my attention I dropped his phone and sat on the bed to know whether it’s a nightmare .

“zarl you’re so mean to me !, ” I heard him murmur again.

is my ear paining me or I’m I mistaking someone’s else name for mine. ” I thought and stare at his lips as they move .

I would have married you if you’re a girl. “I mutter caressing his face gently.

“zarl you ignored me last night for a girl I’m jealous please don’t do that again. “,I heard him say again as tears rolls down his eyes.

I sigh sadly and wipe his tears gently,I’m so sorry I won’t do it again. “I said feeling bad.

i continue rubbing his cheeks but unfortunately I was walking him up without knowing ,finally he opened his eyes and hold my hand firmly.

let go Carl that hurts. ” I cried out ,he thought it was a thief or what ? “I groan as he let my hand go .

he sit up immediately and stare at me and look away ,he lay back again cover his body with a duvet and back Me.

hmmm.” begging him isn’t going to be easy he even dreamt about it., ” I thought and move to the side where he faced.

Carlie. …”I called sweetly

I bought something for you. “his still a kid he will like it. “I thought.

leave me alone !, ” he said with a scoff.
common zarl you won’t be that mean and heartless I came here with a goodness don’t you want to hear it ? ” I ask but he kept quiet.

is only weak girls or people that behave this way I can’t believe you’re acting like girl. “I mocked and that got him

he sit up immediately and throw me a harsh glare.

fine I receive it rather than you keeping quiet. “I thought staring at him.

you’re the weak one here ,you died before not me I was strong when I got into an accident you’re lucky your mom chased you back and you’re also the weak one here I’m a boy not girl. “he fired words at me angrily. .

exactly that’s what I want ,shout than keep silent okay. “I said with a wide smirk and that annoyed him more.

you !, “he yelled as his eyes got teary and he start chasing me around the room while I run for my dear life.


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