Count the stars with me episode 55 – 56

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CHAPTER 55 💞 56




zarl was seen doing shopping in another mall for clothes and shoes,

so this is the new made of the famous industry ? I want that. “he said to one of the mall attendant ,the girl nodded and left to get his order,zarl on the other hand was about to turn but unfortunately he bumped into someone and the person fell down.

ooh my goodness dear I’m so so sorry. “zarl mutter apologizing immediately stretching a hand to help the young lady who at the same time lifted her eyes up.

oooh miss Clark is you ? I’m so sorry my fault. “zarl said immediately helping her up.

Za…zarl right ? is alright and again I’m miss modella actually not Clark !, ” modella said flashing him her best smiles.

alright ,I’m so sorry I bumped into you ,are you here alone ?”zarl asked looking around to know whether she came with someone maybe Clark.

no no I came here alone ,you know to do some shopping,so if you’re looking around to know whether you would see anyone no you won’t see because I’m here alone as I said earlier so what about you ? ” modella asked zarl .

yeah I came here alone ,since I hurt you just no ,is already afternoon come let’s go to the nearest restaurant and have some food there. ” zarl said trying to make her feel at ease.

hmmm. alright then let’s go but what about your shopping ? “modella asked.

you matter first , you’re my friend girlfriend so shopping can come later. “zarl said with a light smile.

alright then .”modella said blushing hard.

awwn his so lovely and caring. “she thought as zarl called on the attendant and mumble some words to her then press his phone after that he came back to where modella was standing.

alright let’s go my lady you go first.”zarl said politely.

hahahaha you’re a perfect man , handsome ,cute Lovin and Caring I’m jealous of your girlfriend. “modella said Walkin while he follows with smiles on there faces.

I will take that as a compliment but unfortunately I have no girlfriend okay. “zarl mutter as they both enter his car .

Really that’s …… emm let’s say unbelievable you know “modella said.

really why do you say so ? “zarl asked as he zoom off.

I mean whom would believe that ,you’re handsome ,nice , loving ,caring and rich,why won’t you have a girlfriend. “modella asked.

hahahaha girls ,you know I grew up with this emm… ambitious and hardworking aim ,I focused more on myself ,my life and dreams I seriously do not have time for girls but if I see a girl that is up to my class ,I mean someone I love and that is hardworking I will marry. ” zarl mutter with a shrug , immediately he said that modella frown but and furrow her eyebrows.

what do you mean by that ? are you saying I’m not up to your class ? ” modella asked .

no common you’re already my friend girlfriend so you’re different. “zarl replied “.

What if I tell you now that we both broke up ? ” modella asked.

broke up ? “laughs ” that’s not possible I mean that’s impossible Clark loves you so much why would he break up with you. zarl mutter.

seems forging a story won’t work. “modella though and put on a smile.

Emm…. zarl ,are you also telling me that girls but live and social apps aren’t sliding into your dms nor sending you gifts or messages ?”modella asked.

apps ? I barely remember to log in you know but when I log in I see thousands of messages and gift requests but I’m not interested in all this kind of thing emmm we are here. …..” zarl said parking the car.

zarl came out and help modella out and she was all smiles feeling so proud and out of the world.

they walked side by side and enter into the restaurant is an open restaurant so anyone passing can see them if the person is looking at that place in particular.

I want milkshake and pizza. “modella request as they settle down on a table. .

okay ma’am what about you sir ? the waitress asked.

I see you’re not really hungry emm I want meatballs and sauce, and spaghetti add soft drink to it ,make it two ,you will drink right ?”zarl asked staring at modella who nodded with a smile.

alright get it for us please thank you. “zarl said and the waitress bow before leaving to get their order.

I’m really sorry about the incident at the mall please don’t take that to heart. “zarl pleaded.

you’re funny so soft hearted I know it’s not your fault and besides I didn’t hurt myself you took me out for a friendly date so it’s nothing you have my contact right we are friends. “modella said adding the number for him to request for hers.

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oooh my bad I’m not with your contact you know when we both met you we’re drunk so can I have your contact now ?, ” zarl asked.

sure why not ? ” modella said hiding her happiness.

she gave zarl her contact and he added her and called her ,her phone rang and she ended it and flash him a smile.

it’s your contact right I will save it later. “modella mutter referring to the line that called her ,while zarl nodded.

if only you know that I have your contact for a while now. ” modella thought and smile.

here’s your orders. “the waitress said dropping the food while they both nodded.

shall we ? “zarl mutter while she nod and they both began eating and chatting together laughing wholeheartedly.

Meanwhile Carl was also there watching them but they didn’t know.

*** Carl’s pov ***

I was returning back from school ,today was so boring ,zarl didn’t call and Gavin is so annoying I told my driver to stop at a restaurant let me have something I ignored my parent this morning and they wouldn’t stop apologising but still yet they won’t let me be friends with zarl so what does there apologize has to do in my life nothing I hate them. “I thought sadly as I walk into the Hotel sitting at a far end that people won’t easily see me ,I ordered some light food and chew on them slowly.

suddenly I sighted zarl and girl ,they both sat at the centre but i can view both of the very well from where I was sitting,it’s zarl and that girl that event night ,so he was still hanging around with the girl I watch as I feel my heart sunk they’re both laughing about something , and seem so interested in each other ,he didn’t even care to check on Me nor worry about me ,at least try to find out what is wrong with him ,maybe I was never important to him ,he despise me and I can see that ,he lied that the girl was his friend girlfriend but what is this that I’m seeing ? ” I thought as my eyes got teary.

I took out my phone snap both of them suddenly there order arrived and they wouldn’t stop chatting and laughing wholeheartedly with each other ,they seem so close to each other ,I felt so sad and heartbroken why I’m I jealous of a boy in eventually one day his going to have a girlfriend,wife and children and he wouldn’t always be there for you I miss him but I guess he never missed me he didn’t even like me he hate me because I’m a troublemaker and always a clingy boy to him .”I thought mentally as I couldn’t hold my tears anymore and I now my head in order not to attract people’s attention and allow it flow endlessly.

*** modella pov ***

I never knew zarl would be this lovely and free ,he doesn’t nag nor give attitude best thing a girl would ask for a man ,he gives attention to anyone he is with that particular moment,he cares for that person ,we barely know each other but his being so nice already Awwwwn my spec I won’t let you slip out of my finger u have you wrap right in my arms I’m the classic ,elegant , beautiful and hardworking woman you wished and love I’m the one I won’t let other girls take what that rightfully belongs to me. “I thought as I stare at his lips and they move gently ,just look at how he chew ,just eating and his been so s**y and cute .” I mutter to myself his driving me crazy I’m going nut.

*** zarl ***

I don’t know what is wrong with me since I stepped my feet inside this restaurant I feel like someone is either crying or staring at me ,but I try my possible best to make sure that I put on my fake smiles and lame jokes so Clark girlfriend won’t feel sad but it’s enough.

emmm dear I excuse me please I would be right back okay. “I said standing up while she nodded with a smile and continue eating I stare at her and walk to the direction where I think my heart is leading me I continue Walkin but pause,where exactly are you going zarl. “I asked myself as my senses come back and my mind flashes to Carl I sigh and was about to turn back and head to my table when I sighted someone at the far end , the person was bowing his head ,he looks like Carl but I haven’t seen his face,is not my concern it can’t be him .”I mumble to myself but I couldn’t turn back I found myself walking towards the table I reached there and tap the person gently ,the Deodorant and perfume he was wearing got me this is Carl. “I concluded as the person raised his head and I saw his face and out eyes met.

Carl ? ” I called.


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