Count The Stars With Me

Count the stars with me episode 63 – 64

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CHAPTER 63 💞 64


*** Zarl pov ***

After the unbelievable narrations I got to know from mom ,I felt so weak so weak to the Stage that right now I’m laying lazily on the bed.

suddenly my phone rings I saw the contact it wasn’t saved I picked it up and press the accept button

hello. “the caller said.

hi who are you ? ” I asked lazily sitting up on my bed.

it’s modella ,zarl are you alright ? ” she asked.

huh ? ” modella ,shit ! ,

are you there hello .” I hear her say.

yeah yeah I’m fine I’m good. ” I answered biting my lips who’s fine here ,” I thought Rollin my eyes.

ok I just decided to check up on you it’s being days now I thought we are friends ? ” she asked.

yeah we’re friends I said wondering why she called me this night I don’t know why I feel so uncomfortable having this girl around me and now I have a lot of things going on my mind this night I don’t really want anyone to disturb me but Carl can disturb me only him ” I thought Rollin my eyes

so I just want to know how you’re doing you know we are friends and you’re my boyfriend’s friends I don’t know whether you will have time let us hang out you know and get to know each other better because the other day you ruined it “she said.

hangouts what does she mean by that I don’t know this girl should not put me into trouble but anyway use I don’t want to have any issue with Clark I will try my possible best and meet up with her I thought

all right I will know what to do about that I will contact you when I’m less busy okay I saidto her

okay then I’m so happy to hear that she said

that’s nice I’m a little bit weak today I want to sleep tomorrow we talk or maybe any other time please I said ending call immediately

I kept my phone beside me and shake my head ladies and their troubles let’s get some sleep and mutter and lay my head on my bed before falling asleep

***** Zarl pov ****

I saw myself walking in a big field then I saw a small village filled with small children what is going on here what am I doing here I thought looking around

suddenly I saw myself my little self and then beside me was Carl he was sitting beside me with him so close he was whispering something into my ears I wonder what is going on I started moving closer to their directions but I didn’t see them again I look around at another place I saw myself with Carl but not as a little kid as I saw before we are grown-ups and I was wearing a crown prince dress so as he what is going on why are we dressed like this , this is me is this an illusion I asked myself scratching my head , I don’t want to move closer to them for them not to disappear again I want to find out what is going on suddenly I heard them talking I listen closely to found out what they’re saying and this is what I heard

zarl I heard we are going to go back to the earth you’re going to stick with me forever you promise “Carl said

yes I will stick with you forever unfortunately we are not going to be born from the same parents you are going into another home so will I but that doesn’t change the fact that I love you so much .”zarl in my illusion I guessed said.

I’m sad I’m really going to miss you but if not because we did something wrong they wouldn’t have punished us and send us to Earth and now you going to stay far away from me for a while please if we arrived to the earth try to find me know that your love is waiting for you.”Carl said holding zarl tightly

zarl smile and rub his back while he giggles

do you know the reason why I love you so much I love you because you are you I love you because you are my mate I love you because you’re my everything I love you because you’re my only one and I will love you today forever and ever don’t worry once we reach there I will try to find you I promise you here that I will find you and when I find you we will stay together dear until we die and come back home it’s a promise.”zarl said.

are you sure or you are just making empty promises it’s really going to break my heart if I come back here when I died on it and I found out that you stick with another man on earth it’s really going to break me please try to find me I’m begging you you already made this promise and I will trust you for that please try to find me.”Carl said while zarl smiled and kissed his forehead.

what oh my goodness what is going on here me and him what is this what the hell is going on here I wondered thinking out loud

Suddenly that scene disappeared and I flinched
I look around and saw another scene it was carl and zarl in a room together there laying on the bed

tomorrow is the final day and we are going to go our separate ways and do the redemptions on Earth don’t forget that you are my mate and don’t be too proud and arrogant because I once heard of a story about an arrogant man in our planet that went down on earth for redemption he was so arrogant and rude on the planets and when he was born on Earth he grew up with the same features that made his guidance whom are watching over him wonder why his attitudes didn’t change but that’s because it’s already in his blood and wherever he goes it must follow him so please try to be more nicer people on earth don’t tolerate such bad attitude

“zarl said to Carl hugging him close.

Carl pouted and nodded like a kid.

alright you’re scolding me a lot today let me also tell you what you have to do for me don’t be so nice I also heard that girls on earth love guys that is so nice and caring please avoid that be mean to them for me so that I will not lose you on it try to find me you really made a promise to me that you’re going to find me please try to do I’m really going to miss you.”Carl said

at least mine is better I’m still nice and good to people and the Earth will welcome me with a good heart but you ,you are so rude and arrogant and is only me that can tolerate you even the gods said that because we are mates .”zarl mutter.

immediately he said that Carl frown and shift from zarl but zarl hold unto him tightly and pull him back.

or I’m so so sorry my love it’s a mistake please you know I’m mocking you I’m just kidding you don’t have to be angry look this is what I’m complaining about so when you go down to earth and someone mistakenly say something you sure going to destroy the whole world with your harsh glares. “zarl said kissing Carl’s cheeks.

sh*t what the hell am I seeing that is me and that is Carl how can we both are doing lovey-dovey and even call ourselves mate how is that possible I thought looking away as I put my hands on my waist I sigh and direct my attentions to them again but unfortunately they seem to have disappeared

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I look around again and something caught my attention it’s a pool something that looks like a pool because that doesn’t seem like a pool I look straight inside it and I found something like a portal that has glittering Bob lights shining brightly on it I saw Carl and zarl and a high priest first you have to enter the high priest said and Carl became teary ,zarl sigh and kissed his cheeks as they both hugged before Carl jumped in, your mate already left you will be the second person to enter and make sure to find him if you’re truly love him on earth you both are going to meet that is what I only know what I don’t know about you your fate with him but I know who and those that are going to appear in your life but this isn’t what I will tell you have to go now .the high priest said to zarl while he nodded and jumped in.

I guess there going to earth because this place seems so different from Earth it’s another world I guess immediately I have an eye contact with the high priest and he flashed me a mysterious smile and that startled me and I start moving back, the high priest continued moving closer to me with speed I started running and running so late I was close to a cliff unfortunately my legs slip off and I fell from the high place

arrrrrg arrrg “I screamed and woke up

oh my goodness what did I just saw this is a dream but it’s so scary I thought breathing heavily as I remember the mysterious smirk on the face of the high chief while he was rushing closer to me I continue gapsing for air as I feel like I’m being chased even when I’m already awake

this is the first time I have such a long and terrible dream I won’t say terrible but because I got chased on my dream I must confess it’s really terrible that I even woke up screaming , this is also the first time I saw Carl in my dream no no no let me know the second time because the first time I was in coma and I saw him come out using a dream right this is a real dream and I saw him not only him but myself and to make the matter worse we both seems to be in a relationship like not even friends or brothers but something more than that someone should come and talk to me or maybe explain to me what this whole dream is all about because I don’t understand anything i said loudly to myself.

knock knock ***

who is that I asked who is knocking on my door is already late

it’s me son I just went down to get a drink because I couldn’t sleep and then I feel like I heard some noise in your room I decided to check on you are you okay mum asked

yes ma’am I’m fine I just have a nightmare so scary tomorrow I’ll talk to you about it I said

oh my goodness so are you sure you okay why not open the door let me come in I need to make sure that you are fine please
. mum mutter

please no no no no don’t worry tomorrow morning ,I’m fine now is not that scaring okay.”I muttered

alright then I’m going back to sleep make sure you okay pray before sleeping tomorrow make sure you talk to me about what you dreamt about okay.”she said while I mumble okay to myself

me having this kind of dream mean that I must be very close to carl or maybe the angels are just telling me that carl is not okay maybe he’s crying or feeling so uncomfortable I thought before laying back on my bed even thou I can’t sleep again.

hmmm”I sigh .


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