COZY (episode 3)

© Oby Chinyere 
The man kept on counting, I was shaking all over.
“Six… seven… eight… and nine….
“Wait…wait…please…I will pay…please
“Okay…so pay, where’s the money…and what of your friend that live over there…call him, dial the number and call him out to come and pay for you…my friend do what I ask you to do and stop looking so confuse, I said you should call your friend since you don’t have money, maybe you are even part of those fraudsters…or don’t you know what your friend do for a living…those boys living over there are into internet fraud, and tomorrow, together with you they will be fished out…so call him…
“i…I don’t have any friend o…ah…ah…my friend is not living there.. Please sir, I am not among them, I do legal work and I’m a good citizen…the money is at home…let me run to the house and get it…I can run very fast…I won’t waste time sir…please
“hahahahaha…he said that he can run very fast…is that what you intend to do before, escape after eating because you can run very fast….This boy is very stupid, you don’t have common sense, you left your money in the house and came out to eat and drink in my wife’s shop, bloody civilian like you, you lied that your friend is coming to pay…you were busy enjoying yourself… how do you intend to pay up before… don’t worry, your punishment won’t be painful, I will just remove two of your teeth with a spanner, that will be a good thing to look back to in future, it will teach you not to be foolish…open your mouth, I said open your mouth immediately, I will just take two out…the two front ones, whenever you look at the mirror and see the empty h0le that ones hold your fine teeth you will remember this day…I say open your mouth or we will force it open…
He slapped me forcing me to open my mouth, one of the soldiers kick me with his boot, the other was laughing very loud, while the woman stood like a short coconut tree, cheering them to deal with me.
I shut my mouth with all the muscle I have left, I was crying but without opening my mouth, they rough handled me as if I was a criminal, slapping me from all corner, I fell to the ground but the beating still continued, I still refuse to open my mouth, despite all I wanted to do was to scre-m for help, but taking out my teeth with a spanner was more deadly than anything I can think off, it will spoil my handsomeness , it will even disfigure me and make me look miserable, I won’t be able to talk with my mouth open, how will I live with that, and the pain alone will be like frying me in a hot oil.
What have I done to myself like this? I started thinking of the last incident that happened and still I didn’t learn a lesson from that.
I have always love women with big backside and front side, I almost got hit by a car one day. I remember that very day so well as if it happened yesterday, while coming back from work, i saw one lady who not only have big buttocks but was also busty, I imagined laying my head on her soft chest and that was when the car almost sweep me off the road, the driver hauls insults at me and passer-by where laughing at me.
I have made a promise to myself never to look at any woman again, I don’t want to die before my time, no matter how large or big she is, even if she is walking unclad I will never look.
I got home and told my friend, Kaka what happened and he started laughing
“Cozy, I pray that women will not kill you one day” guy, you have to calm down before you run into a big mess, you see…women they are always here, they will not even finish, different color and sizes, you will always have yours at the right time, but if you continue like this..haa…I’m just sorry for you ooo…
“Kaka, today is the end, I have made up my mind never ever to get carried away with women, even if they walk pass me unclad I won’t even give them a second look, that’s a strong promise I made to myself, guy, do you know that I almost died today, what if that car killed me what will be my gain, the lady I was looking at did not even notice me, she doesn’t know if I exist or not and the funny part is that I was imagining stupid things in mind, things like how I will just either lie down at her chest or her soft buttocks, you know all those nonsense things that boys do imagine when they see a fine woman…but it doesn’t make sense o, I just sat and reason the wh0le thing and I have repented, no more, I am done…let me make good use of my life, when the right time come like you said… I will marry and have my own woman to myself…
This was few months ago, I try to keep to this promise but sometimes the temptation is stronger than I can overcome, just like today now, I was busy minding my business, just within my street when this girl past, she was well loaded, so endowed, both front and back, I like her already, I just love what I was seeing in those her skimpy small cloth and then she whine and shakes the back side uncontrollable, I couldn’t just hold myself from following her, I followed her as she went about her business, and I finally followed her to my doom, right into the mouth of the lions.
Now how do I escape from this mess, I was seriously crying with my teeth tightened together as if I used gum to hold them, I bent my face to the ground, when they pulled me up i kept my mouth shut, as regretful tears burn down from my face.
“we will give you two options, either we remove two of your teeth from your mouth or we chain you right here till day break, which one do you want, remove your teeth and let you go home or chain you here till day break and you will still pay the money
After another slap landed to my swollen face I was force to make a choice, and I chose the later, I asked them to chain me up till day break.
If I die then it will be that I brought death to myself and at least I will still die with my teeth complete, I will die as a fine boy.
But if I survive then I will still have my wh0le body parts complete, and nothing in this world will ever make me to see a woman and look twice, if I have not learnt enough lesson in my life already then this night lesson is a enough, until I grow old and die I will never forget it.
They collected my phone before dragging me to one end of the shop and chained me up there, after two more slap and a hærd kick to my face and body, they all left me there, laughing as they walk to their car.
Everywhere was dark, I sat there with heavy chain to my hand and leg that won’t even enable me to move my body the way I want, I started praying to any God that can save me from that chain.
Mosquitoes were eating at me raw, they rushed at me singing to my ear and beckoning on others that they have seen free
food, ants craw up and down my body I try to beat them all off but my hands were tied, both the mosquitoes and ants were very lucky that my hands and legs are in chain, I would have killed over hundreds of them tonight.
I lay there as I try to imagine what the stupid girl that led me to this trouble was doing in,side there with that guy, she has not even come out since she went in there, which means she was going to stay there till morning comes, relaxing and enjoying herself while I rot away here, under cold, mosquitoes and all kinds of terror of the night.
I tried not to make noise from the chain so that I won’t attract more trouble to myself, if anything attacks me how will I even defend myself.
Non of my people know what was happening to me and I can’t even call them because my phone has being taken away from me, even if I have my phone how do I use it with my legs and hands in chain like a dog.
Is only God that will punish those soldiers that did this to me and also punish the girl that lead me to this doom, her punishment will even be much more.
I don’t even know what the time says, I would have being able to know how many hours remain before the day breaks.
Even the worst criminal is not treated the way I was treated today just because of two plates of meat and three bottles of drink
My God will judge them, and as they beat me and laugh at me they will be laughed at.
I sat there on a bare floor after raging and cursing.
I began to think of what I could do to make the night to go faster.
Singing, counting the stars, crying, praying, talking quietly to myself, cursing my enemies or just think about my life.
The night seem so slow no matter what I do, my head aches, my wh0le body was in pain, few people still walk pass, sleep refuses to come, I’m so tired, this is not how I planned my life, how again did I get myself into this kind of mess?
I need someone to help me check the time so that I will know how many hours remain before the day breaks.
To be continued…. 
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