Crazy Affection

Crazy Affection episode 31 – 32

(His Rules, Her Roses…)

THEME; Perfect Chemistry.


Gbemi Writes ✍️



“You really are hell bent on making Theo look like a bad guy but it won’t work, I suggest you stop and…”

“Do you think am lying? Why don’t you ask him? Why don’t you ask him why he showed up at the palace some weeks ago to talk to my father? Ask him” Ross press and for a reason Carolyn turned to Theo hoping he would deny it and prove Ross wrong but he just stood there in silence.

“You didn’t really go to Ross home right?” Carolyn asked and when he said nothing, she took hold of his hand asking him to look at her which he did.

“Tell me that you didn’t do it, I will believe whatever you say, I will….”

“Am sorry ” he muttered and slowly she let go of his hand.

“See! Am saying the truth” Ross said from behind.

“But I can explain” Theo said quickly but Carolyn shook her head at him before storming off.

“It’s best you let her be” Ross said when Theo wanted to go after her.

“What did you gain by doing this?” Theo asked.

“Her anger, she’s mad at both of us and we will have to do our best to earn it back but I doubt you will easily earn her forgiveness” Ross added, laughing triumphantly before leaving the court.


Theo stood under the umbrella in front of the mansion.

Ever since Carolyn left the court, he hasn’t seen her and she hasn’t been picking his calls.

“It’s damn late, where are you?” He muttered as he felt the cold breeze.

Just then he saw a figure walking towards him and no one had to tell him who it is.

Running towards her, he put the umbrella over her since she was soaking from the rain.

“Where have you been? Have been so worried” he said while she said nothing in return.

With his one good arm, he place the coat over her shoulder but she shrug it off and went in, he went after her to cover her with the umbrella and they walk to the mansion in silence.

She headed straight to her room and would have shut the door if he hadn’t stop her.

“We need to talk, it’s not what you think. I will admit that I did propose the marriage between you and Ross and I did it back then because I believed you like Ross too and because I wanted you gone”

“I hated you back then and didn’t want you getting close to me but then, I got to know you and fell in love with you” he added lightly waiting for a reply for her.

“If you are done, can you let me change or do you want to watch me doing it?” Carolyn said and unwillingly he left the room.

He was still standing by the door when she came out half an hour later carrying her bag pack.

“Are you going somewhere?” He asked.

“I will be staying at a friend’s place. Help me tell Cynthia about it” she replied and turn to leave again but he held her back.

“Am sorry, am sorry for hurting you but don’t go. If you want, I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you, just don’t leave my side” Theo begged and that got her starring at him, tears glistening her eyes.

“This isn’t about forgiving you. I understand what you did, you hated me back then and wanted me gone but then…no matter how much I try, I can’t get rid of this disappointing feeling in me. Am so disappointed in you, Theo”

“And that’s why have decided to stay away for a while, perhaps It can help rid the hurt and disappointment I feel but for now, Let’s just keep our distance ” she said and turn to leave.

“At least…at least tell me where you are staying” he said not wanting her to leave.

“A friend place….don’t forget to use your drugs, it will help your arm recover quickly” she said and continue h weer journey while Theo hated himself for what he did in the past.


“Is Caro there yet?” June ask as she spoke on the phone with Roxanne.

“I will give her a call then, just take care of her. She sounded sad when she called me, I would have love for her to stay at my place but am currently at a party with my parents” June continued her discussion.

“Okay, later” she said and ended the call. When the call to Caro proved futile, she left the hotel lobby and went back to the hall where the party is taking place.

She was about to join her parents when she saw Terry, she wasn’t expecting him at the party….she thought as she remembered his confession the other day.

She knew it was wrong of her to go after him but she found herself doing that.

She followed the door he went through and got to the hotel garden. She continued her task of looking for Terry and what she saw stop her in her track.

There was Terry in the arms of another girl, both sharing a kiss.

She must have made a sound because they pulled apart. On seeing this, June turn to leave and would have made it out of the garden if Terry hadn’t caught up with her.

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“June” he called, admiring her outfit and feeling disgusted, she pulled her hand out of his.

“It isn’t what it seems” Terry said.

“Am I that much of a fool to you?” She asked slowly.

“Just because am gullible and naive doesn’t mean am a fool” she added glaring at him with so much pain.

“That was a goodbye kiss. She was once one of my girls and when we met tonight, she told me about her new boyfriend and wanted a goodbye kiss, I thought it was just a peck but she ended up kissing me ” Terry explain.

“And you were enjoying it by the look of things”

“June, it’s not what you think”

“Everything began going wrong when I told you about my feelings, if only I had kept it a secret then I wouldn’t have fallen for your words and get hurt again”

“I hate you Terry, I hate you” she added and ran back into the hall heading out of the hotel.

She was waiting outside when a car stop in front of her.

“Get in” Derek said, opening the door.

She didn’t want to but the thought of seeing Terry got her getting into his car.

In the car, she sent a text to her parents and stared out through the window saying nothing to Derek who kept watching her.

“Why did you stop?” She asked when he park the car along the road side.

“First of all you didn’t give me your address and secondly, you look sad and thirdly, what happen?” Derek asked which got her starring at her fingers.

“I…you…Derek…” She stop, finding it hard to speak.

“If it’s hard for you to say then you don’t have to say it. When you are able to trust me enough, I hope that we will be able to share intimate things with each other” Derek said starring at her.

“Derek I…”

“I know you don’t feel the same way I do and am willing to accept it but at least….give me a chance to show you how I feel about you” he said as he kept watching her.


Carolyn sat alone in the broadcasting studio, thinking to herself when the arrival of Holly alerted her.

She stood up from where she was and saw Holly crying by the door way, since she was inside the studio room, it was hard for anyone to notice her.

She knew Holly must be crying due to the info spread about her on the school page.

It had been about Holly messing around with Xavier while still dating Theo, whoever did it set out to make Holly look bad in everyone’s eye which they succeed in doing since the whole school have been talking about it.

Carolyn was about to going to her when Xavier walk in.

“You said you were okay and that such news wouldn’t break you down” Xavier said, oblivious to Carolyn presence.

“I tried but it hurts…it’s unfair to hear them insult me when I did nothing wrong. Theo and I are friends now and I never led you on…so why, why am being punished for something that never happen?” She said as she covered her hand with her face while the tears kept pouring.

Unknown to Carolyn, while trying to hide herself, she click on the speaker button making it audible for everyone to hear them.

“Do you want me to stop it all? ” Xavier asked.

“How do you plan on doing that?”

“Date me, be my girlfriend Holly” he said as he crouch in front of her and at that moment Carolyn notice the on air sign and got out of the studio to shut off the speakers button.

“It’s on air, every one is listening to your conversation” Carolyn said before shutting off the speakers.

“So you mean we were being heard by everyone?” Holly asked and when Carolyn nodded,she quickly left the room.

“Am sorry, I didn’t know the speakers were on and….”

“It’s okay. The speaker being on is actually a good thing, thank you Carolyn” Xavier said and ruffle her hair before leaving the room.

Ever since she joined the broadcasting team, she has been the one watching the room when everyone is out and she had only come here to get away from things and have some alone time only for this to happen.

Will things be okay for Holly? Carolyn thought as she left the room to see Theo standing against the wall. He straightened up, starring at her but she ignored him and went to do her thing in the female rest room.

She return to find him still prop up against the wall, waiting for her.

“I got you this since you skipped lunch” he said holding a wrap up burger.

“Thanks, I already had something to eat” she replied and walk past him, but his arms around her waist made her stop.

She felt him nuzzling her hair while his arms tightened around her.

“Just take it” he muttered, putting the burger in her pocket.

He let go of her and took the stairs which led him back downstairs.

Scarlett was on her way to class when she saw June, she decided to sneak up on her and ended up following her to the backyard.

She hid by the wall watching Derek giving June a rose.

“So she’s in a secret relationship with Derek” Scarlett thought but what June said next destroyed her thinking.

“I can’t accept it Derek, am sorry. I should have given you my reply last night but I hesitated. Am sorry but I don’t think my heart will ever open up to you” June said.

“Is it because of Terry?” Derek asked and that earn Scarlett attention.

“I would be lying if I said no” June said in return and not being able to hear more of it, scarlett left.

She got back to class thinking about what she heard… So June has feeling for Terry, it’s one of the reason why she didn’t wanted to help her….Scarlett thought just as she heard someone phone ring.

She pulled out June’s phone from her bag only to see Terry’s missed calls and Text.

And the text she read made her tightened her fist in anger.


“Why did you ask to see me?” Theo asked as soon as Roxanne arrive.

“To strike a deal with you” Roxanne said.

“Am not interested ” Theo said wanting to leave but she took hold of his hand.

“Not even when Carolyn is staying at my place?”

“So it’s your place she’s staying? How is she?”Theo found himself asking.

“Sad and hurt. I don’t know what happened between you two since she didn’t say anything but then I hate seeing her sad, I hate seeing the people around me sad which is why I want to help you guys reconcile and I have the perfect plan for it but first…do you want my help or not?” Roxanne asked while Theo stayed quiet for a while.

“What exactly is this plan of yours?” Theo asked as Roxanne gave a triumphant smile.

At a distance away, Liam watch Roxanne talking to Theo and he couldn’t help but to tighten his fist while his blood boil In rage and jealousy…..


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