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Crazy crush episode 35 – 36

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(Can’t Love You Less
Chapter Thirty Five

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Alec gr-aned and fell back on the floor
He doesn’t know why it hurts so bad
A week ago he didn’t care about Lydia but suddenly his heart beat increased around her
He has not been paying attention to Debbie anymore and all he thinks about day and night is Lydia
He sighed and ruffled his hair
He doesn’t know why he is feeling this way but he hopes it stops soon

Lydia sang a nursery rhyme as she head back to where Tracy was
“London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down…”she sang happily and she bumped into Freddie and his girlfriend
The bag Freddie’s girlfriend was holding fell and Lydia quickly bent to pick it up
She picked it up and gave it to Bianca
“am so sorry I made you drop this”
“yeah it’s okay, thanks”Bianca said and she nodded
All this while she wasn’t even looking at Freddie just his girlfriend
“bye”she waned happily and ran away
She continued singing until she got to where Tracy was and wasn’t so surprised to see her with Beck
Tracy was laughing so h-rd and also was Beck

“hi”Lydia ye,lled and sat in between them
Tracy smiled and turned to her
“how was the lesson Lydia?”
“fun, I was just finding X anyhow and I never even lost it so I kept wondering why I kept on finding X”she said and Beck laughed
“seriously Lydia I love your vibes”
“thanks and I also love your fibres”she said happily and he laughed
“it doesn’t even make s£nse but it’s funny”Beck laughed and Tracy also joined him in the laughter
“so what were you guys doing?”Lydia said with a creepy smile and put her hand over both of them’s shoulder
“nothing Lydia, we were just talking about school and other stuffs”Beck said and Tracy nodded
“okay, do you guys know you are going to get married?”she giggled and both of them froze with their heart beating fast
“what are you talking about Lydia?”Tracy asked with a nervous laugh
“I told you already Tracy that you and…”Tracy hurriedly covered her mouth before she could complete her statement
“Lydia don’t you feel like sleeping?”Tracy asked
“no I feel…”Lydia didn’t complete her statement cause she froze when she saw Freddie coming towards them
She removed her hands from both their shoulders

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“Tracy if he asks of me tell him am asleep”she said hurriedly and lay on Tracy’s leg and closed her eyes
Tracy smiled and looked up to see Freddie at their place already
“hey”Freddie said looking at Lydia before looking back at Beck
“hey man”Beck said and he sighed
“Tracy how are you?”
“am fine”
“okay, I just got a call from mum now through the school board and she told me to greet you and Lydia”he said and Lydia opened her one of her eyes on earring her name and closed it back
“ohh okay, thanks”Tracy said and he nodded
He was about to leave and he turned back to them
“is she really asleep?”he asked and Beck laughed
Tracy chuckled and nodded
He smiled and looked at her
“Lydia”he called and she shut her eyes t¡ghtly
“Lydia”he called again and she opened her eyes slowly
“how are you Lydia?”he asked and she hid her smile
“am fine”
“okay”he smiled and walked away
Lydia suddenly squealed and hugged Tracy happily
“he talked to me, he talked to me!”she scre-med and hugged Beck also
She stood up and danced happily
“London Bridge is falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling down….”she sang happily and danced
Freddie stood at a distance and watched her with a smile
He laughed a little and shook his head before walking away

Debbie saw Freddie from a far distance and hurriedly adjusted her crop top and short to be a lot shorter
She smiled and walked towards him
She got to him and bumped into him intentionally and she scre-med
She was about to fall and he quickly caught her
He realised it was Debbie and he let go off her
She fell on the floor and gr-aned in pain

“ouch that was so painful, will you at least help me up?”she asked and Freddie rolled his eyes before helping her up
He was about to walk away but she stood in front of him
“don’t act like you don’t want all of this”
“all of what?”
“don’t try to play smart with me Freddie, you wouldn’t want to continue to act like the sweet guy for ever”
“what the hell are you talking about?”
“you know what am talking about, we both know you don’t love her and you belong to me”
“what the hell are you saying?”he asked and she laughed
“admit it Freddie, you don’t love Lydia”
“it’s none of your business”
“well I believe it is, you act like you don’t know what is happening but we both know you do”
“again, what are you talking about?”
“it’s either you do what I want or else I will tell Lydia what you really feel towards her”
“again what are you talking about?”he ye,lled angrily and she laughed
She saw Bianca coming towards them and she placed her l-ips on Freddie’s
“Lydia”Tracy called repeatedly as she was eating

“what is it Tracy?”Lydia yel,led
“you ate all the chocolates in my bag”
“chocolate?.. I thought it was strawberry”she said and laughed and Tracy sighed
“get up let’s join the others, they said they are playing a game”
“yay I love games”she giggled and stood up happily
Tracy smiled and held her hand
They walked to the others at the camp and sat with them
In front of them was a fire burning as they all sat round it
“okay who’s next?”a random student asked and Debbie raised up her hand
“okay Debbie, truth or dare?”the guy asked and she smirked
“dare”she replied and he smiled
“okay Debbie, pick a guy here and do the most s-xiest thing to can think of with him”the guy said and she smiled at Freddie
She walked towards him and suddenly turned to Beck that was beside him
She suddenly k-ssed him and Tracy froze
She pulled away from the k-ss she winked at him

The students cheered and she giggled before sitting down
Daniel was next and he stood up
“truth or dare?”
“I dare you to to do the no hand challenge with your girlfriend”
“okay”he smirked and walked to Tracy
He pulled her up and Freddie was about to stand up but Beck held him
Daniel slowly placed his l-ips on hers and Beck gr-aned
He didn’t last five minutes and he w-rapped his hands around her wa-ist
The students laughed and Tracy pulled away
She looked away shyly and sat down beside Lydia
“who’s next?”they asked and Freddie raised up his hand
“truth or dare?”
“okay college cutie, how about you show us who your girlfriend really is by confessing your feelings to her all over again”Alec said and he sighed not knowing what to do

Chapter Thirty Six


“we are waiting”Alec said confidently knowing he wouldn’t pick Lydia
They are having a fight so he won’t pick her
Freddie suddenly stood up and looked around
Bianca was seating close to Lydia and he sighed

He walked from his seat and when he got to where Bianca was she stood up *ready for him and he suddenly pulled Lydia up
The students gasped and Alec opened his mouth in shock
Lydia didn’t know what was happening as Freddie held her hand
“Lydia, a lot of people here thinks we are ha* ving a fight but deep down I know this past one week have missed you so much and I realised you are my better half, I love you Lydia and I really do”he said with a smile and Lydia was about to smile but something told her not to
She wanted to smile and scre-m so badly but couldn’t
“okay”she replied simply and sat down
Freddie stood shocked on a spot with her reaction
Alec burst into laughter and also other students did
Tracy smiled and hugged her
“am proud of you Lydia”Tracy said and she giggled

Freddie slowly walked back to his seat earning a glare from Bianca
He sighed and looked away from her
His eyes met with Debbie and she blew him a k-ss
The game finally ended and everyone returned back to their tents to get some rest
Tracy turned to Lydia when they were in their tent and Lydia smiled
“Lydia”she called and Lydia giggled
“am Lydia”she said happily and Tracy nodded.
“yes Lydia, why didn’t you give Freddie a reply when he confessed his feelings to you?”
“I don’t understand you”
“okay Lydia, I mean why didn’t you show how happy you are when Fred told you he loves you?”
“ohh I wanted to smile and scre-m but I think my liver told me to just say okay”she replied and clapped her hands
“your liver?”
“ohh sorry I mean my kidney”she said and laughed

“okay Lydia, so something just told you to say okay?”
“not something, my kidney”she replied with a serious look and Tracy smiled
“okay your kidney”
“yes my kidney”
Tracy sighed and thought of why Lydia just said okay
“okay Lydia, between Alec and Freddie who do you love most?”
“who is Alec and Freddie?”Lydia asked and Tracy gr-aned
“Lydia, between Santa and Fred who do you love most?”
“ohhh, well between them I love hmmmmmmmm”she said and closed her eyes
She shook her head like she was trying to process what Tracy just asked
“I love Santa the more”she says and sighed
“why Lydia?”
“no no I love Fred the more, okay an confused”
“okay Lydia, I understand you, tell me why you love Santa?”
“I love him because he is cool, he has this look that it’s always charming and the best part is that he looks like Santa Clause in my dream”
“okay so the reason you love Alec is because of that Lydia?”

“yes absolutely”
“okay Lydia tell me why you love Fred”
“I love Fred because he is calm, patient, kind , loving, understanding, he is cute, he is caring and the best part is that because he is nice to me”
“okay so you love Freddie but doesn’t realise that”Tracy muttered and smiled
“so Lydia if you love Freddie this much why didn’t you answer him when he said he loves you?”
“like I said my kidney said I should just say okay”
“okay your kidney”Tracy sighed and fell on the clothes in the tent
“wait my turn to question you”Lydia giggled and pulled her up
“what Lydia?”she gr-aned and Lydia smiled
“between Beck and Daniel who do you like most?”
“I don’t know Lydia, maybe Beck”she said and Lydia was about to scr,eam but Tracy quickly covered her mouth to stop her
“so did you enjoy your k-ss with Daniel?”
“no I didn’t Lydia, it was disgusting”she said and did a disgusted face
Lydia laughed and lay on the clothes
“good night Tracy, I will dream about you and Beck”
“what?.. don’t dream about that”Tracy said but Lydia’s snores answered her

Tracy woke up due to the sound of the whistle and flinched when her skin came in contact with something cold
She turned to see it was Lydia
She was cold and her skin was white
She shrieked and sprang up immediately
“oh my God Lydia”she y,elled and Lydia opened her eyes
They were really red and Tracy scre-med
She hurriedly opened the tent and dragged Lydia out
The students rushed to her including the man in charge of them
Alec and Freddie saw it was Lydia and they rushed to her
“what happened?”Freddie asked as Tracy cried
The way she looked was really terrifying
“I don’t know, I just woke up this morning and found her like this”Tracy cried and Freddie moved to where Tracy was
“okay Lydia can you hear me?”he asked and she nodded weakly
“okay she is alive”he said and Alec and some other students sighed in relief
“get some blankets”Alec ye,lled and students rushed to it
They brought it and they w-rapped it around her

“she is so cold and she needs heat”the man in charge of them said and the college guys ran to get some sticks
“stop crying Tracy, she is going to be okay”Beck said and she nodded
She didn’t even notice Daniel was beside her also
Daniel wanted to react but didn’t want to create a scene at that moment
“Lydia stay with me”Alec said and Freddie glared at him
“stop saying that, she is not dying”Freddie snapped at him
“am doing what a dweeb like you cannot do so I will appreciate it if you would shut up”Alec replied him harshly
“well that is not how you talk to someone who is sick, she is sick and she is not close to death so you are not meant to say that”
“ohh so what should I say?.. don’t stay with me Lydia you can di,e”Alec y,elled angrily

“why would you say that?.. well I can’t blame you, who knows maybe you are the cause of this”Freddie y,elled back
“enough, both of you”the man y,elled at them and they glared at each other
Lydia slowly looked around like she was searching for someone
Her eyes finally landed on Bianca and she squ-eesed Freddie’s hand with all the strength in her
Freddie looked at her and she looked at him then back at Bianca repeatedly
Freddie suddenly looked up at Bianca and she froze
Bianca took to her heels immediately and Freddie

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