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Crazy Crush❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
(Can’t Love You Less)
Chapter Thirty Seven

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Freddie ran after her really fast until he finally caught up with her
He held her and she struggle to free herself from his grip but Freddie was so much stronger than her
“what did you do to Lydia?”he asked and she kept quiet
“can’t you talk?”he asked again and she still kept quiet
Freddie was about drag her to the camp and she fell on her knees
“please Freddie don’t take me back there please”
“what did you do to her?”
“if I tell you, you will promise not to tell anyone?”
“if you tell me and tell me the solution then I promise not to tell anyone”
“you have my word Bianca”he said and she sighed
“okay last night when we played the truth or dare game I was really mad at you and also hated Lydia cause you picked her…”

“go straight to the point Bianca”
“yeah that’s what am doing, on my way back to my tent I suddenly saw a spider, my dad tells me a lot about that spider and how poi,sonous it is that or paral,yses someone and makes the person weak so I took the spider and walked to Lydia’s tent and when I got there I noticed the side she was sleeping on and tore their tent a little then I put the spider on her hand and it bi,te her, she wasn’t awake at that moment and I don’t know how she knew it was me please am really sorry”she cried and Freddie looked at her with a disgusted look
“why would you do something like that?”
“am sorry I was just so mad at that moment please I am so sorry”
“is she going to be okay?”
“she will die in some minutes”she said and he paused
“I don’t know why it reacted on her that way please don’t tell anyone I don’t want to go to jail”
“are you crazy?.. what’s the cure?”Freddie asked with tears rushing into his eyes
“it’s some plants, I know them and I can get them”
“hurry”he said and she stood up
They both ran into the woods in search of the plants

Lydia was getting weaker by every minutes that passed and Tracy cried h-rder in Beck’s arms
The man in charge of them tried calling but there was no reception and he was also panicking already
Alec kept watching her feeling a very sharp pain in his heart
He felt so useless cause he couldn’t do anything
He slowly held her hand and closed his eyes
Freddie suddenly ran to them with a little container with him and bent beside her
He searched for the spider bite on hurt body and found it on her hand
He squ-eesed the plant and water came out of it
He placed it on the hand and rubb£d it softly according to what Bianca told him
“is the heat ready?”he asked
“yeah”the students answered and he carried her to the place
He placed her close to it and sighed
“Lydia”he called and she slowly opened her eyes

He noticed that her eyes weren’t really red anymore and he sighed in relief
“what was that?”the man asked him
“nothing much, just some plants, I found out she got bitten by a spider due to the h0le in her tent and I know about the spider a lot that is why I got this plants”he explained and Bianca sighed in relief
Alec glared at him and he chuckled seeing the look on his face
He is so mad at Freddie and himself for not knowing what to do
Tracy wiped her tears and bent beside Lydia
Her skin was gradually changing to normal and she smiled happily
“Lydia”she called and Lydia smiled at her

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Freddie looked at the bite and it was slowly reducing
He smiled and looked at Bianca
He really needs to talk to her
Alec was about to hold her hand and Tracy slapped his hands off her
“why did you do that?”
“try minding your business”Tracy snapped at him and he sighed sadly
He feels so sorry all of a sudden
“am sorry”he said and Tracy froze at his reaction
She expected him to talk back at her and it would lead to an argument but surprisingly he didn’t talk back but apologised
Freddie rolled his eyes knowing it was all an act
Lydia smiled and the man sighed in relief
“alright guys she is okay now, lets all report back to what we were doing before”the man said and everyone walked away except Alec, Daniel, Beck, Freddie and Tracy that were still saying with Lydia

“you heard him, he said everyone can leave”Freddie said to Alec and he glared at him
“yes when he said everyone he also included you too so why don’t you also leave?”Alec asked
“am staying with her so I can’t leave”
“I am also staying with her so I can’t also leave”
“can both of you just stop it”Daniel ye,lled at them and they both rolled their eyes
“Tracy”Lydia called and Tracy turned to her immediately and held her hand
“yes Lydia?”
“can you help me up?”she asked and she nodded

Freddie and Alec wanted to help her up at the same time and they both did
Alec made Lydia lean on him before Freddie could and that made them glare at each other
“are you okay Lydia?”Alec asked her and she nodded
“I feel okay now”she said and smiled happily
Daniel suddenly held Tracy’s hand and she turned to him confused
“what?”she asked
“can I see you now?”
She sighed and stood up
She walked with him to a place not far from where they were staying before
“what is it?”
“Tracy did I do something wrong?”
“what do you mean?”
“why aren’t you paying attention to me anymore?.. all you do is just go around with Beck and totally forget the fact that we are together”
“Daniel it’s not what you think, am not avoiding you or not paying attention to you it’s just that have been busy”
“yeah busy with Beck”Daniel said sadly and she smiled
She moved closer to him and held his hand
“am sorry if I hurt you, Beck is just my friend and nothing else, you are my boyfriend and nothing can change that, am really sorry I hurt you”she said and pecked his l-ips

He smiled and hugged her happily
Beck was watching them and sighed when he saw Tracy k-ss him
He turned back to Freddie and Alec who were glaring at each other and rolled his eyes
Tracy was about to walk to them and Daniel pulled her back
“I want to tell you something”
“promise not to tell anyone?”
“I promise”
“okay yesterday night after the game I saw Freddie and Debbie having a conversation about Lydia although I couldn’t hear what they were saying but am really sure it’s about Lydia”
“really?”she asked and he nodded
“Debbie and Freddie talks?”
“yeah sure, they have even k-ssed a couple of times”he said and Tracy’s eyes widen in shock
“are you sure about this?”
“hundred percent”
“thanks Daniel”Tracy said and hugged him
“I have to go now but I will be back soon”he said
“okay”Tracy smiled and he walked away
She got back to Lydia and starred at Alec and Freddie
She is so confused to the extent that she doesn’t even know if she could trust her own brother
She is just really doubting the fact that Freddie can do such a thing
Lydia was about to stand up and Alec helped her
She slowly stood up and Tracy hugged her happily
“am fine now Tracy”she said happily and hugged Tracy
Tracy pulled away and held Freddie’s hand
She pulled him away from them and suddenly hugged him
“wow it’s been long since I got a hug from my own sister”he chuckled and Tracy laughed

She pulled away and he smiled
“why have you been acting strangely towards me ever since we left?”he asked and she sighed
“look I don’t know who to trust anymore and that is why am coming to you, Freddie, Daniel told me you and Alec made a bet on who to have s-x with Lydia first”she said and his eyes widen in shock
“yes he said that whoever looses will have to do something humiliating and he said last night he saw you talking with Debbie about Lydia and he said you guys has k-ssed like a couple of times”
“sorry, what?”he ye,lled
“you said Daniel told you all this right?”
“yes he did”she replied and Freddie looked back
That was the exact time Daniel was returning to them
He walked to Daniel angrily and the first punch he landed on him s£nt him to the floor

Crazy Crush❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
(Can’t Love You Less
Chapter Thirty Eight


“mother fu,cker”he ye,lled and ki,cked him
He pulled him up and pun,ched him again
Alec and Edward ran to them and pulled Daniel from him
He walked to Tracy and pulled her to them

“now Daniel would you like to tell Tracy what you said I did with Alec about Lydia?”Freddie asked angrily
Everyone was now watching the scene
“can’t you talk?”Freddie ye,lled
“yeah Daniel what the hell is he talking about?”Alec asked confused
“please don’t act like you don’t know anything about this”
“any what?”Alec and Edward asked together
“Daniel go ahead and tell him what you told me”Tracy said and he gro-ned in pain
“fu,ck you both”he said and spat out blood
Freddie gro-ned angrily and punched him again and he fell
“you fu,cking turned my own sister against me, are you crazy?”he ye,lled and was about h*it him again and Beck held him
Freddie was feeling so angry at the moment that he could ki*ll Daniel if he had the chance
“Daniel why would you lie to me?”Tracy asked with tears rushing to her eyes as she walked to him
“felt good doing it”he replied and she gasped
it’s over between us Daniel”Tracy y,elled with tears streaming down her eyes

“fu*ck you bi*tch”he said and Freddie got mad again
He pu,shed Beck off and pulled Daniel from his friends
He pun,ched him continuously till he started bleeding
“fu*ck you bit*ch”he said back to him and his friends rushed to him as he was about to fall
He turned to Tracy angrily and glared h-rd at her
“and that is what you get when you date stupid boys, am so disappointed in you, I can’t believe you believed your boyfriend, sorry your ex boyfriend over your brother and the worst part of it over a stupid story”Freddie said and walked away
Tracy sighed and cried
Students returned back to what they were doing and weren’t paying attention to them again
“okay, what just happened?”Lydia asked with her hands on her wa-ist
“okay I don’t really get your body system, weren’t you just on the floor minutes ago?”Beck asked and she giggled not understanding what he just said
She noticed Tracy was crying and she gasped
She rushed to her and hugged her
“awwwn my baby is crying, how about I sing you a song?”she asked and Tracy sniffed
“London Bridge is falling down, London Bridge is falling down…”she sang and Beck burst into laughter
“oh my God am so sorry for laughing but she is just a cl,own”he said and laughed h-rder

He stopped laughing when he saw Tracy glaring at him
“am sorry”he apologised and walked away
Tracy sighed and she pulled away from the hug
“is Fred mad at you?”
“yes Lydia he is”
“what did you do?”
“Lydia I didn’t believe him and I believed Daniel, he is mad at me for picking friend over family”
“well I can’t blame him cause you were kind of stupid with what you did”
“Lydia”Tracy yelled and she smiled
“okay am sorry but I think you really hurt him and I think you should go talk to him and then you can go meet your future husband cause he has been starring at you ever since we started this conversation”Lydia said and she laughed
She turned back to see Beck starring at her
He looked away immediately she turned to him and she smiled
“okay I will”
“wait are you hurt about Daniel?”
“maybe Lydia but I will get over it soon”
“nice now go meet your brother”
“okay Lydia but you will have to stay with Beck”
“sure I can stay with my in law”she giggled happily and ran to him

Alec and Edward lay Daniel down carefully on the floor and used a cloth to wipe the blood off his face
“okay Daniel can you just explain what the he,ll happened back there?”Alec asked
“I owe you no explanation”
“what do you mean you owe me no explanation?.. you completely owe me an explanation cause I don’t understand what the hell he was talking about”
“what the fu,ck don’t you get there?”Daniel yel,led
“everything dweeb, every fuc,king thing”he said and Daniel stood up angr,ily even though he was feeling weak
“I owe you no explanation like I said earlier, if you wanna know what’s wrong why don’t you ask your bit,chy girlfriend, you started this game in the first place so end it yourself and stop loving a ps,ycho”he said and walked away
Edward sighed and rolled his eyes
He just doesn’t get what happens

Beck and Lydia watched Freddie and his sister as they were having a conversation a little bit far from them
“so Lydia”Beck called and she turned to him happily
“yes future in law?”
“in law?”Beck asked confused
“yes you are my in law cause am Tracy’s sister and you are getting married to Tracy so I will be your in law”
“woah woah woah, slow down Lydia, what makes you think I will get married to Tracy?”

“cause you like her”
“yes I do Lydia, I like everyone”
“no I mean you love her”
“how do you know that Lydia?”
“cause you stare at her all the time, you care for her and it’s really obvious”
“but we are not dating Lydia, we are just friends”
“you guys are not dating yet”she said stressing the yet and Beck chuckled
“okay Lydia even if I want to date her do you think she would let me date her after what Daniel just did to her or you think Freddie will let me date her when he knows his best friend is a player?”
“I don’t know all I know is that you guys will eventually date and get married”
“Lydia what if I and Tracy date each other and don’t end up getting married?”
“it’s not possible cause I already dreamt about it and you two are getting married”
“if you say so”Beck muttered and turned to them to see they were already walking to them
“yay your wife is coming”Lydia giggled and Beck tried not to smile too much
“hey”Freddie called when he got to them
“how are you now Lydia?”
“am fine”she replied and he smiled
Lydia stood on her toes to reach the level of Beck’s ears
“when we get back to the city you can get Tracy chocolates, she likes it a lot and buy her a house”she whispered in his ear and he laughed
“sure thing I will”he replied in her ears and she giggled
“what are you guys whispering about?”Freddie asked and Tracy glared at Lydia knowing what she was telling him

“Debbie”Alec yelled her name as he walked towards her
“what?.. why are you calling my name like that?”she yel,led
“what the hell just happened back there?”
“who knows?”she laughed and shrugged
“Debbie am not joking here, what the hell are you up to?”he asked and she laughed
“baby it’s all about a game, just a game of chess , you don’t just play anyhow, you think before you play, if you wanna know what is wrong and what happened back there, why don’t you ask yourself what you did a month ago?”she asked and smiled before walking away


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