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Crazy Crush❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
(Can’t Love You Less)
Chapter Thirty Nine

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Alec stood on a spot confused about what Debbie just said
A month ago?
A month ago they were back in school and he didn’t remember doing anything and the only time he met Freddie was at the mall and he also didn’t do anything at the mall
So what the hell is Debbie talking about?
I didn’t do anything a month ago
God why is this so confusing?

“so you will say river of glue with your hands together and I will say river of sun”Lydia said to Beck and he was really confused
They were already done with what they needed to do like take their bath and eat, Tracy still had some junk foods in her bag and that was what they ate
Freddie and Tracy took a walk to talk cause it has been a while and they left Lydia and Beck together and Lydia offered to play a game
“Lydia I seriously don’t get this game”Beck said with a sigh
“just join your hands together and say there is a river of sun with your eyes closed”

“but Lydia I thought you were saying that, and why the hell will there be a river of sun and a river of glue”
“just say it”she y,elled at him and he flinched
She smiled and he joined his hands together and closed his eyes
“there is a river of sun”
“that is my part”
“but you said I should say it Lydia”
“ohh okay”she giggled and he sighed
“there is a river of sun”
Immediately he said that the sun shone to him and he opened his eyes confused and surprised
Lydia laughed happily and sat beside him
“I already calculated the time the sun is going to reach your direction so when you say it, it will shine bright like a diamond on you which will make you look more handsome and that will be the exact time Tracy and Freddie will be coming back and she will be lost starring at you like now”she explained and pointed to Tracy who was starring at him from a distance

He smiled and turned to her confused
“Lydia how did you calculate all that ?”
“ohh I just did what my kidney told me to do”
“your what?”Beck questioned confused
“yes my kidney told me to do it”
“your what the hell?”
“Beck look you look so handsome with this sun shinning on you, Tracy is drooling”Lydia giggled and pointed to Tracy again
Beck smiled and Tracy quickly turned back to Freddie
“so now say there is a river glue”
“no Lydia I don’t want to say that, who knows maybe glue will suddenly p-our on me”
“just say it”
Beck sighed and joined his hands together and closed his eyes
“there is a river of glue”he said and Lydia p-oured water on him
He flinched and opened his eyes
Tracy and Freddie laughed watching them from a distance
“what the hell?”Beck yelled
“wow you look so handsome”Lydia y,elled and ran towards Tracy and Freddie
Beck gro-ned and ran after her
She got to them and hid behind Freddie
“come on man it’s just water”Freddie said as Beck glared at her and moved his hair back
“yeah it’s just a river of glue”Lydia laughed and Tracy joined her
“come on it’s nothing”Tracy said and he rolled his eyes
“see you guys later, it’s time for Lydia’s tutorial with Alec”Tracy said holding her hand and she nodded
“ugh I hate the sound of that”Freddie said
“bye”Lydia ye,lled and pulled Tracy with her

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Alec and Lydia sat on the floor as she went through the physics textbook with Alec starring at her
“so let’s do Atomic Physics”she said happily and placed the book on the floor
“Lydia”Alec called and she turned to him
“yes?”she asked and Alec sighed and closed the text book
She looked at him and he slowly knelt down
“Lydia please am begging you, am really really sorry for everything have done to you, am sorry for hurting you, am sorry for playing and disrespecting you, am really really sorry Lydia please forgive me?”he said with tears in his eyes and Lydia looked at him really shocked and confused
She shrugged and picked the textbook
“so Atomic physics”she said and he sighed
He smiled sadly and looked at her as she read the book

They were finally done and Lydia packed the text books
“Alec”she suddenly called and he turned to her
She hugged him and he froze
He smiled happily and w-rapped his hands around her
She pulled away and smiled
“what was that for Lydia?”
“am not mad at you, I never was, I just didn’t like the way you take advantage of my body that’s why I wasn’t talking to you, we can be friends if you want”
“yes sure and Lydia am really sorry”
“it’s fine, bye Santa”she waved happily and ran away
Alec smiled happily as his heart did a back fl-ip
“that is a really bright smile”a voice said and he flinched
He looked beside him to see Debbie walking towards him with a grin
“what again?”
“have you figured out what you did a month ago?”
“yeah and I did nothing”
“hmm have you forgotten how you had the mind to play Lydia and see how a ps,ycho feels when she is hurt?”
“yes I remembered I had that in mind but I never actually got the opportunity to do it”
“yeah that’s true but have you forgotten who you discussed it with?”
“you and my friends”
“yeah but with that your friends, who was with one of them and who dared you?”she said and he closed his eyes trying to remember
He suddenly opened his eyes and paused
“wait it was….”
“yes it was”Debbie said and laughed
Alec gro-ned and ran back to the camp

“Lydia how was it?”Tracy asked as she walked to her and Beck
“it was fine, where is Fred?”
“he is…”
“am here”he answered behind Lydia and she quickly hid her smile
“who asked of Fred?”she asked and laughed
“Lydia you just did, I heard you ask of me”Freddie said standing beside her
“It wasn’t me it was Tracy”she lied and Beck laughed
“I never knew ps,ychos lie”he said and she smiled
“Beck, Beck rhymes with neck rhymes with break, break rhymes with whatever word I don’t know but just call me a ps,ycho one more time and Beck’s neck is going to break”she giggled and clapped
Beck flinched and Freddie laughed along side with Tracy
They stopped laughing when Alec ran towards them
He got to them and smiled
“hey bro, do you want to know who started all this drama between both of us in the first place or let’s say who started this game in the first place?”Alec asked Freddie
“what are you talking about?”Freddie asked
“why don’t you ask your sister what we both did a month ago?”he said with a smile and they all turned to Tracy who felt like the ground should open up and swallow her

Crazy Crush❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
(Can’t Love You Less)
Chapter Forty

Tracy looked nervous as they all starred at her
“Tracy what is he talking about?”Freddie asked
“yeah a month ago I was dating Daniel and we do hangout and sometimes we have to go to his place she when we got there he was busy boasting about how he plays girls anyhow and he said that Lydia is his new target and he is going to have her in his b£d and I got angry and told him Lydia wasn’t that way so we made a bet on her about this, am really sorry for doing that but he was planning on hurting Lydia and I had to interfere”she said and Freddie scoffed before turning to Alec

“is that it?”he asked
“yes it is she started the game in the first place and….”
“get out”Freddie cut him off and he froze
“what?.. I just told you how your sister betrayed her friend”
“you heard him, get out”Beck said and Alec gro-ned angrily before walking away
“I can’t believe you can make a bet over your own friend”Freddie said and Tracy was close to tears
“I know what I did was wrong and am sorry, I was just trying to protect her”
“yeah you were but in a wrong way”
“am sorry”
“don’t apologise to me, it’s Lydia you owe an apology”
“am sorry Lydia”
“ohh its okay, I can never get mad at you cause you are my sister, you are always with me and when mother became an angel you took me into your house so I don’t care whatever you do as long as you did it for me”Lydia said happily and giggled
“thank you so much”Tracy smiled happily and hugged her
“okay wait something is really confusing here”Beck said and they turned to him
“if Tracy made a bet with Alec about Lydia then why will Daniel lie to Tracy about you and Alec making a bet over Lydia on who to have s,ex with her first and how come Tracy didn’t remember at that moment the deal she had with Alec and why does it always have to be Debbie solving all the riddle?”Beck said and they all looked confused except Lydia who was busy playing with Freddie’s hair
“yeah you are right, I think Debbie is up to something”Tracy said
“yeah me too, I don’t know what it is but I hope it’s not bad cause that girl can really be dangerous”Freddie said
“yeah me too”Beck added and they all sighed

“hey look at that star”Freddie said to Lydia pointing to it
“it looks like me”Lydia said happily and giggled
“yeah it does cause it’s pretty like you are”
“really?”she asked happily and he nodded
She smiled happily and hugged him
Alec smiled sadly watching them from a distance
“I don’t deserve her”he muttered sadly and sighed
They were at the lake and Alec was a little bit far from them and they couldn’t see him.

“you really regret your actions don’t you?”Edward said behind him and he sighed
“yeah I do, just realised how much I love her”
“you know you can still tell her”
“what’s the point?. She is never going to believe me no matter what I say and how I say it, she hat es me”
“so you are giving up?”
“yeah she likes Freddie already so what can I do?”
“you think Freddie likes her?”
“yes he does, he truly does, he is never embarrassed seen with her but I am”
“I just wish I can go back in time and be nice to her”

“sorry man but you can’t and right now you owe I and Daniel three thousand dollars each cause you fell in love with a ps,ycho”
“damn have forgotten I made a bet with you guys, I wouldn’t have confessed my feeling for her to you”
“well your luck”
“you will get the money when we are back at school”he said she sighed when he saw Freddie pull Lydia into the water
He sighed again and wished he was the one
He really made a big mistake and he regrets it a lot
Lydia scre-med as Freddie pulled her into the water
He laughed and she giggled

He w-rapped his hands around her wa-ist in the water and she p-oured water on him
He laughed and they started splashing water on each other
They finally stopped laughing loudly and Freddie hugged her in the water
“I love you so much Lydia, I really do”he said she Lydia giggled
“so I was wondering, will you like to be my girlfriend Lydia?”he asked out loud enough for Alec to hear them
“wow really?”
“yes Lydia”
“so if am your girlfriend does that mean you will be bathing for me and…….”
“no no not that Lydia”Freddie laughed and Alec also laughed from where he was
“it means we would be a couple Lydia like we would be free to express our love for each other all the time, we can hug and kis,s, we can have fun, we can go swimming and go on dates and go everywhere together”

“like you and Bianca?”
“yes like that Lydia”
“but Bianca is your girlfriend”
“ohh I brok,e up with her cause of what she did to you Lydia and besides the dating was just a dare, it wasn’t real”
“ohh okay”
“so Lydia does that mean you are saying yes?”
“yes!”she scre-med happily and hugged him
Freddie w-rapped his hands around her wa-ist and k-ssed her
Alec couldn’t hold it anymore as tears clouded his eyes
He felt like his heart just broke into a million pieces
He stood up and walked away
Edward sighed and watched him as he walked away, he really wished Alec had listen to him earlier

Tracy fed Lydia the fruits they had gotten and she ate it happily
Lydia already told Tracy about her relationship with Freddie and she was really happy for her knowing her brother would never hurt her
They were done and Tracy gave her a bottle of water which she drank happily
She was done with it and she played with her f-ngers
“morning sunshine”Freddie whispered in Lydia’s ear behind her and she giggled happily
She smiled and turned to him
He hugged her and Tracy rolled her eyes
“how are you Lydia?”
“am fine”she replied happily
“Fred”the man in charge of them suddenly called him and he turned to Lydia
“I will be back okay?”he said and she nodded

Tracy rolled her eyes and Lydia laughed
“look Beck is here”Lydia said happily and Tracy turned back to see Beck coming towards her with a smile
“morning Tracy”
“morning”she replied nervously
“hey Lydia”he said and Lydia waved to him happily
“do you know Lydia and Freddie are dating?”Beck asked Tracy and she laughed before nodding
“he was smiling like a fool yesterday and kept calling her name in his sleep it’s so annoying”
Tracy laughed again and Freddie walked back to them
“Lydia come on, let me show you something”Freddie said w-rapping his hands around her wa-ist and Tracy looked at him confused
He doesn’t really do that so where did he suddenly get the courage from
“okay”she said and they both walked into the woods
Tracy shrugged and turned to Beck who was starring at her the wh0le time
“wanna go for a walk?”Beck asked

Lydia and Freddie walked happily till they got to the top of the mountain
Freddie held her hand and they walked to where the water fall was at the extreme top
Lydia held Freddie t¡ghtly and he laughed
“woah relax baby girl”he laughed and he still held him t¡ghtly cause she was scared
It looked exactly like her dream
“you know I love you Lydia”he said and she nodded still holding him
“so you trust me Lydia?”he asked and she nodded
He slowly let go off her but was still holding her hand and she smiled
“am so sorry Lydia but I have to do this”he said and let go off her
He pu,shed her and she fell down the hill
“Fred!!”she ye,lled as she fell continuously


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