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Crazy crush episode 41 – 42

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Crazy Crush❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
(Can’t Love You Less)
Chapter Forty One

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Freddie smiled as he walked towards Tracy and Beck
“hey Freddie, where is Lydia?”Tracy asked
“we both returned from the hill just now and I had to do something so she said that I will meet her here”
“well we haven’t seen her”Beck said
“what do you mean?.. I left her like five minutes ago”
“just calm down, she might probably run into Alec on her way here”
“no I just saw Alec on my way now”
“okay just calm down Freddie, she will be here soon”Tracy said and he sighed

“okay that’s it, where the hell is she?”Freddie y,elled
“relax Freddie”
“no, he is right, she is meant to be back by now”Tracy said getting up and Freddie ruffled his hair
“we need to find her”Freddie said and ran to where students were

“Lydia”Freddie ye,lled with a lot of students as they walked into the woods
Alec was with them and he was really worried
“Lydia”Alec y,elled
“Lydia where are you?”Tracy ye,lled also with tears gathered in her eyes
They searched for hours and they didn’t find her

Tracy cried in Beck’s arms as they sat in camp with the police around
They were all returning back to the city and they still couldn’t find Lydia
The main reason they were returning was because of Lydia being missing
The man in charge of them said that they didn’t know what could have made her go missing and that is the reason why they were returning back to the city
“it’s okay Tracy, we will find her”Beck said and she cried
Alec kept starring at the cops as they moved around
His eyes suddenly landed on Debbie’s as she was smiling
He stood up and walked to her
“what did you do Debbie?”Alec asked her and she laughed
“excuse me did I eat her up or what the hell do you mean?”
“you know what I mean so tell me what you did”
“okay I did nothing”
“I swear I didn’t do anything”Debbie said and Alec sighed
He knows she is telling the truth
Where the hell could Lydia be?
The students were filled in the bus already and it was all over the news that Lydia was missing
Tracy sat with Freddie and Beck in the bus and Freddie sighed
“where the hell could she be?”Freddie asked
“you shouldn’t have left her alone”Tracy said as the bus started moving with the cops behind them
“she said that she wanted to come to you and she couldn’t wait for me that was why I let her go”
Tracy sighed and slowly placed her head on Beck’s shoulder

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Tracy and Freddie got down from the car their parents s£nt to pick them
They entered their house and their parents rushed to them giving them a warm hug
“mum”Tracy cried and hugged her
“it’s okay baby, we heard what happen, am really sorry”her mother said and she nodded
“okay we don’t need to talk about that now, all you guys need now is to rest and we will talk about this in the morning”their father said and they nodded


Alec dragged his feet down the stairs with his hair scattered
He didn’t get enough sleep cause of the late journey home and also because he was up all night thinking about Lydia
Frankie watched him as he fell on the couch
She smiled and sat beside him
“I know you are sad because of Lydia but i want you to know she will be fine”she said and he slowly nodded
“I just have a feeling she didn’t just go missing that way, I feel like there is more to it”
“well whatever it is they will find her”she said and he sighed
The news was all over New Jersey that a crazy girl is missing
“you love her right?”
“well what do you think?”he asked back and she smiled
“everything is going to be fine”she said and hugged him

Tracy sighed as she ate breakfast
Her parents already went to the police station cause of Lydia issue and she was having breakfast alone
Freddie suddenly walked down the stairs looking pale like he cried for hours and sat opposite Tracy
“morning”Freddie said lowly and Tracy ignored him
“Tracy”he called and she ignored him
“Tracy!”he y,elled
“what?”she ye,lled back at him and he flinched

“why are you ye,lling at me?”
“am sorry am just so confused and…”she was cut short by their parents entering the house
Tracy and Freddie stood up and rushed to them
“anything?”they asked
“well no”the father said looking sad
“why are you looking that way?”Freddie asked
“last night the cops questioned some of your students about Lydia’s disappearance and up to twenty students testified that you were the last person seen with Lydia and then the cops….”their father was cut off with cops entering their house
“you are getting arrested”the father said as the cops walked towards Freddie
“what?.. but I didn’t do anything”he yelled as they stood beside him
“please Mr Freddie you have to come with us right now”
“why?.. I didn’t do anything”Freddie said in fear
They tried escorting him out but Freddie wasn’t making it easy for them
They brought out their cuffs and cuffed him
“I swear I didn’t do anything”he ye, lled as they pulled him out of the house

Tracy looked at her parents as they dragged Freddie out
“won’t you guys do anything he is innocent”Tracy yelled
“we tried but we couldn’t do anything because a lot of people testified that Freddie was the last person seen with her”Tracy’s father sighed and his mother fell on the couch
“Lydia where the hell are you?”Tracy asked out loud

Lydia smiled happily as she saw her parents a little far from her
“father, mother”she yelled happily and waved at them
They waved back at her and as she tried running to them a force blocked her and she moved back
“father, mother I want to come to you”she yelled and her parents shook their heads
“mother, father”she yelled and tried running to them again but the force pushed her back
She suddenly felt a force pulling her and she opened her eyes to find herself in the water
She held her breath and swam up. She got to the top of the water and swarm to a dry land
She looked around confused cause she had no idea where she was and the place looked strange
The last thing she remembered was being pushed off a hill by Freddie
She looked around and she saw she was in an island
She started to cry wishing she could go back and meet her parents
She stood up and wiped her tears
She had no ideas where she would walk to so she started to walk forward continuously hoping she will see someone to take her back to the camp

“I told you a thousand times I don’t know what happened to her, the last time I saw her we were back at the camp I swear and she told me she would go back to Tracy’s place and that was the last time I saw her”Freddie explained and the cop rolled his eyes
“but you were the last person seen with her right?”
“yes I was but I swear we both returned back to the camp”
“where were you guys coming from?”
“the hill”
“what did you go there for?”
“she is my girlfriend and we just went there to enjoy the few and have fun”
“before you guys left for the hill where did you guys meet?”

“I met her coming towards my tent”
“did you notice anything strange about her before going to the hill and when you went and also after you got back?”
“no not really but she was kind of acting strange for a ps ycho, I mean she was kind of behaving smart, not that she is not smart but she was acting in a different way”
“how different?”
“she wasn’t calling me Fred and she understands every word I say even before adding her name, at first I was worried but then again I wasn’t cause to me it was a good sign that she is changing”
“why are you lying?”
“I swear am not”
“are you sure?”
“yes I am”
“did you push her off the hill?”

“why will I do that?.. I have no reason for doing that, I love Lydia so much with all my heart and I get the fact that she is a ps,ycho but I just love her that way”he said and the cop sighed
“is there anyone you suspect about her disappearance?” The cop asked and as he was about to mention Debbie’s name he paused knowing it couldn’t be Debbie
Although she acts all bitchy and tuff but he is hundred percent sure she can’t do something like that and again he can’t mention Alec cause he also loves Lydia and he wouldn’t want to make her disappear just like that so who could it be?

“Freddie is there anyone you suspect?”the cop asked again and he shook his head
“well in that case you still have to remain here with us”
“what?.. I just told you everything I know I swear i didn’t do anything please”he said with so much pain in his heart
He was close to tears and the cop didn’t look like he cared
The pain of Lydia being missing alone kept triggering the tears
“wait wait”he suddenly said and the cop turned to him
“what?.. ready to admit you killed her?”
“no but I might know someone behind this”
“Alec”he said and the cop walked out immediately
He gro-ned and held his hair with his eyes so red
He just wish Lydia would show up again
Alec sighed as he slept on the couch
The door suddenly opened and the cops walked in
He, Chloe and his mom stood up
Immediately, they weren’t expecting the cops

“are you Alec Wealth?” A cop asked him
“yes I am, is anything wrong?”
“yes you are under arrest for the disappearance of Lydia Williams”the cops said coming towards him and he moved back in fear
He hid behind his mum and hugged her t¡ghtly
“mom please don’t let them take me away”he cried in fear as his mum also panicked
“Alec you have to go with them, I will call your dad”his mum said confused about what to do
She knew arguing with the cops could lead to something serious than this and she slowly stepped out of the way
The cops held Alec and he scre-med
“mum they are taking me away”he y,elled as the cops pulled him out of the house

“so Alec, I heard that you and Freddie are having issues over Lydia”the cop said and he looked at him in fear
“yes we are but”
“so because you guys are having issues over her you decided to kill her right?”
“what?.. no I didn’t kill her, a day before she disappeared I let go off her for Freddie cause I realised she was in love with him”
“when last did you see her?”
“with Freddie in the camp”
“and when last did you see Freddie?”
“in the woods with Lydia”
“can you even listen to yourself?”
“you said you saw her in the camp with Freddie and you said you saw Freddie in the woods with Lydia”
“yes I saw them together at first then also together in the woods”
“what were you doing in the woods?”he asked and Alec became nervous immediately

“I was just walking around”he lied and the cop laughed
“you don’t have to lie, what were you doing in the woods?”
“okay honestly I got jealous that they were dating already and when I saw them entering the woods I was curious and I followed them, Freddie….”
“Freddie what?”
“Freddie took her to the hill and he pus,hed her”
“are you sure about that?”
“yes he pus,hed her and immediately he did he ran back to the camp”
“when you saw him pus,hing her why didn’t you say anything?”
“I was scared”
“that doesn’t make s£nse Alec, you claim to love Lydia and you didn’t do anything or say anything when she got pus,hed off the hill?”
“I wanted to but…”
“but what?”
“I couldn’t say anything”
“why didn’t you?”
“because I…”
“because you what?”he ye,lled
“because that wasn’t the plan all along”
“what do you mean?”


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