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(They are egocentric 🥴)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💕📚


Alex walked into the hospital, watching everyone around him. He didn’t want anyone to find out he was in the hospital.

He got to the doctor’s office and knocked on the door. He opened up and walked in to see the doctor doing something on his personal computer.

“Hi.” Alex greeted smiling.

“Hi, sorry do we have an appointment?” the doctor asked and Alex nodded.

“I am the one that called you hours ago.” He said and the doctor’s mouth curved in a circular shape.

“Oh, so you are the one. Why did you decide to come in the night?” the doctor asked.

“I told you I don’t want them to know that I would be the donor. We can carry out the tests now, so you can confirm my health status, and we can even do the surgery now. I would pay any amount.”

“Kimberly is my friend and I can’t see her in pain.” He said sadly and the doctor nodded.

“Come with me. I would carry out some tests.” He said and Alex stood up. He walked out of the office and walked behind the doctor, he made sure he wasn’t seen by anyone he knew.


Landon watched Kimberly sleep, he had cried and cried until he wasn’t able to cry anymore. All he did was watch her.

Eventually, she opened her eyes and Landon sprang to his feet.

“Kimberly.” He called happily and she turned her head slowly to look at him.

“Landon.” She called weakly trying to raise her hand. He took her hand and kissed it passionately.

“I am so happy you are awake. How are you feeling?” He asked and Kim smiled faintly nodding her head?

“I feel better.” She said seeing the tears at the corner of Landon’s eyes.

“I miss you so much.” He said and tears also flowed down Kim’s eyes.

“I miss you too. I can’t wait for us to go home.” She said and Landon smiled in tears.


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haven’t been able to talk to the doctor to know when you would be discharged because I didn’t want to leave here.” He said and she smiled.

“You wanted to watch me wake up right?” She asked and he nodded.


And now you are awake, I would go and talk to him. They should come and check you out too.” He said and she shook her head.

“Not yet. What of Dad? I saw him the first time I woke up.” She said holding Landon’s hand and Landon sighed.

“he refused to stay here with me. I said he would prefer to stay outside. I would tell him you are awake already.” He said and Kim nodded.

She released his hand, and he bent to kiss her forehead. After doing that, he walked out of the ward and met Peter still sitting on the chair where he had left him.


Peter, Kim is awake,” Landon said happily and Peter sprang to his feet and rushed into the ward. He walked hurriedly to where she was with a large smile on his face.

“Kim.” He called and she responded with a smile on her face too.

Father.” She replied and Peter’s smile gradually turned into a teary one.

“How do you feel?” he asked in tears.

“I am a fine father. Stop making it seem like I am going to die, I am not dying okay?” she muttered and Peter nodded cleaning his eyes.

“I am sorry about that, I just can’t help it. You aren’t dying, I can’t let that happen. You don’t have to worry, I love you so much.” He said and Kim furrowed her brows.

“Why does that sound like a farewell speech? Stop all these dad okay?” she asked and he nodded smiling.

Landon walked into the ward and they both turned to look at him.

“I couldn’t find the doctor on sit. Though I called some nurses to do some checkups.” Landon said and they both nodded.

Peter was happy inwardly that Landon didn’t meet the doctor on sit. He knew Landon would force out words from his mouth.

He didn’t want anyone to know Kim was needing a kidney transplant. He just wants to do it silently and go in peace.

“Maybe the doctor is with another patient,” Peter commented and Landon nodded.

“I thought as much.” He said and the ward door opened, two nurses walked in and walked up to Kim immediately.



“All the test results show you are very fit for this surgery. Your health status is 89% good, and that is more than enough for a kidney donor patient.” The doctor said and Alex felt so happy.

“So when do we begin the operation?” He asked.


the next four hours. I would be less busy by then.” He said and Alex nodded.

“Great. I would be right here by then. Thank you so much.” He said happily and the doctor gave a faint smile and walked away.

“Kim, you are mine. I would have you, no matter what it takes. This is how much I love you, I hope you love me too.” He thought and then his phone rang.

He picked up his phone and saw Racheal calling.

“What now bi*ch?” He asked himself picking up the phone.

“How is it going?” She asked.

“Everything is fine, just don’t run your mouth to anyone Mother-in-law.” He said sarcastically and Racheal scoffed and hung up the call.

“You don’t have to be too happy Alex, I know the daughter I have. She wouldn’t still love you, but that isn’t my business. Peter and Kim won’t die in this problem, you would be useful after all.” She thought with a smirk on her face.


(They are egocentric 🥴)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚


“She needs adequate rest. And how is the search for a kidney going?” the nurse asked and both Landon and Kimberly were shocked.

“I would need a transplant?” she asked in shock and turned to look at Landon who was as well astonished.

“Oh, my bad. I never knew the doctor never said anything to you.” She said worriedly and Peter shook his head.

“He already talked to me,” Peter responded and all eyes fell on him.

“And you didn’t say a word?” Landon stated in surprise.

“Can you please excuse us?” Peter said to the nurses and they left the ward. Tears rolled down Kimberly’s eyes uncontrollably. She didn’t know what to say.

After the nurses left, Peter turned to look at Kimberly with tears in his eyes.

“You don’t have to worry baby. Everything is settled, you would get a kidney okay? You don’t have to worry.” He said and she shook her head.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why exactly were you keeping it from me? I need to know why.” She said and Peter bowed his head.

“I don’t want you worrying in this state you are.” He responded and Kimberly shut her eyes. She was hurting but she couldn’t express how much.

“So, do you have a donor?” Landon asked and Peter sighed.

“I wouldn’t advise we talked about that in front of Kimberly. We can move outside to talk about it.” Peter stated and Kim furrowed her brows.

“No, I won’t allow you. Why can’t you say it in front of me? You know I wouldn’t like it right?” she asked and Peter looked at Landon for assistance.

“Baby, please let’s talk about this outside. I will let you know what you need to know okay?” Landon said and Kim shook her head in tears.

“promise me you two won’t do anything stupid.” She said holding Landon’s hand firmly.

“I promise. Nothing of such.” Landon said looking at Peter, who nodded sluggishly with a fake smile on his face.

“We Will be back baby,” Landon added walking out of the ward.

Peter nodded his head at Kimberly accompanied with a warm smile before walking out of the ward too. He met Landon at the door waiting for him.

“So who is the donor?” He asked looking at Peter.

“I am the donor,” Peter responded and Landon’s mouth dropped open.

“What? That is a stupid thing to do Mr. Peter.” Landon stated in shock and Peter shook his head.

“No, it is not. I am trying to save my daughter, that isn’t a stupid thing to do.” He replied and Landon shook his head.

“No, Kimberley would never agree to this. This is a high risk to take. You are young and undergoing surgery now is risky. And how sure are you that the other kidney is functioning well.” Landon said and Peter scoffed.

“you shouldn’t be scared of any of that. I don’t have a second kidney.” Peter said and Landon’s eyes widened.

“what? How did that happen? So what were you thinking of putting yourself as the donor?” Landon bombarded him with questions.

“My joy is to know my daughter is alive and happy. If I die now, I know died for my daughter. Please understand this.” He said and Landon bent down tiredly.

“I can’t let you. It means you are hurting Kimberly even more.” Landon muttered in tears and Peter sighed trying not to burst into tears.

“You don’t have to tell her before the surgery. After few years, she would forget about me and you two would be happy together.” He said and Landon stared into space.

He didn’t know what to say or do.

“what if this is the only option? What if we can’t find another donor on time?” Landon thought.

“you don’t have to think about it so much okay? I have made my decision and it is so fine by me.” Peter uttered.

“I don’t know Mr. Peter. This is a very rash decision, I don’t think Kimberly wants this.” Landon muttered.

“That doesn’t matter. What we want for her is that she becomes fine okay? Let’s not keel discussing this, I believe you understand me.” Peter said and Landon nodded reluctantly.

“Have you told Mrs. Racheal?” Landon asked feeling great pity for her.

“She was there when the doctor said it, and when I told him to take mine. She isn’t bothered, forget about her. That is part of why I don’t want to live anymore.” He said and Landon breathed out loud.

“I am so sorry Mr. Peter.” Landon compensated.

“It’s fine. All you have to do to make me happy is to make Kimberly happy. Then I will be pleased with you.” He said and Landon nodded.

“so what do I tell her?” he asked.

“tell her that we have someone already. Someone she doesn’t know, who wants to donate cos of the money.” He said and Landon nodded.

They both walked into the ward and met Kimberly’s eyes shut.

“I think she is asleep,” Landon whispered and Peter nodded.

The door of the ward opened and the doctor came in looking all sweaty.

“Congratulations, we found a donor.” He said and Landon and Peter exchanged looks

“Who is it?” they questioned each other.


My own is, what is Alex’s plan gangan 🙄🙄🙄😏😏

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