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Crazy houseHelp episode 37 – 38



(They are egocentric 🥴)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚

The nurses rushed to where Peter had collapsed and laid him on a stretcher, they pushed him into the emergency unit and began to revive him.
“Surgeon, how is she? Was it successful?” Sara asked anxiously.
“Yes Ma’am, congratulations. It was successful and we have the kidney ready for your son.” He said and Sara shut her eyes and smiled happily.

“Thank you so much, Sir, I hope she is good,” Sara asked and he nodded.
“Good for now Ma’am. But I must say, she took a very great risk. Her other kidney is not so healthy. She has to live on drugs for the rest of her life.” He said and tears rolled down Sara’s face.
“Did she know this before?” She asked and he nodded.
“Yes, we warned her but she insisted. She loves your son Ma’am, she gave him her kidney when you couldn’t even think of doing that. You owe her.” he said walking away.
The words of the doctor were heavy in Sara’s heart. He said the truth, she never thought of helping her son out by giving him a kidney yet Kimberly stood by him.

“I will make sure she doesn’t die because of this.” Sara thought walking to Landon’s ward again. She got In and met him sitting up. She ran to him and help him lay back.
“Landon, what do you think you are doing? You are not allowed to walk yet.” Sara said laying on the bed again.
“I heard outside, I needed to confirm you and Kimberly are okay.” He said and she smiled.
“We are fine son.” She said and he nodded.
“Where is Kimberly? I need to see her.” He said and Sara nodded.
“You will see her soon. She will be here to stay with you as long as you want her to Landon.” She said and he creased his brows.
“And her father? Has she seen him?” He asked and she shook her head with tears in her eyes.
“he couldn’t. He fell unconscious again, I bet he is still ill.” She said and Landon became sad.

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/> “his illness is taking too long, mother I want to do anything to help him before I die. He has been a good father to Kimberly. He deserves to live long.” He said and Sara smiled nodding.
“we would do anything to save him. I promise you that.” She said
and he smiled.

The door of the ward opened again and Landon’s lawyer walked in.
“Good day, Mr. Landon, Good day Ma’am Sara.” He greeted and Sara smiled cleaning her eyes in the process.
“How are you, Daniel?” She asked standing up and he nodded.
“Very well Ma’am Thank you.” He responded and she smiled looking at Landon.
“Landon is everything okay? Why is he here?” She asked in a whisper and Landon smiled faintly.
“Yes, Mother. I just need to make some changes in my will before I die.” He said and his mother furrowed her brows.
“Your will?

Why didn’t you tell me about this before Son?” she asked in surprise.
“Mom, can we talk about this later? I can’t keep him waiting.” Landon said looking at Daniel and she sighed nodding slowly.

“we will talk about this.” She said walking out of the ward and smiling at Daniel before getting out.
Landon nodded and Daniel walked closer to the bed.
“Sir I am so sorry for coming late, I was stuck with some issues at the office.” He apologized and Landon nodded smiling.
“it is okay Sir, I understand. And thank you for honoring my invite.” He said and Daniel nodded smiling.
“How are you feeling now? Hope you are getting better.” Daniel inquired pretending not to hear when he was talking about him dying.
“Please don’t ask me that. Can we just move to business?” Landon stated and Daniel nodded.
“Yes sure, sorry about that.” He said pulling the docvments and notes from his bag.

“So here is the will. You haven’t worked on it, Sir.” He said and Landon nodded.
“Yes, I know. I never thought I would be saying goodbye early.” He said with a fake smile on his face.
“I am so sorry about that Mr. Landon. So what am I to do or change here?” He asked and Landon sighed.
“I have so many companies Mr. Daniel and I am yet to trust anyone so much to put them in charge except Kimberly.” He said and Mr. Daniel narrowed his eyes.
“Kimberly? Who is Kimberly?” Daniel asked.
“My maid,” Landon said and Daniel looked super shocked.
“you want to place a company in the hands of a maid?” He asked in amusement and Landon smiled.
“She being a maid doesn’t mean she can’t handle it. She is a wise lady, and she

is the only one I have for now. So let her take over all my companies, I would ask Ruby to assist.” He said and Daniel began to jot his sayings down.
“And then, my finance and my house, I give it to my mother.” He said and he wrote them down again.
“My school, the two big ones, I give them to Ruby. She has been so amazing too, though kind of annoying.” He said with a chuckle and Daniel smiled.
“Written,” Daniel said and Landon nodded.

“That would be all for now. I would think of any adjustments to be made later.” He said and Daniel nodded.
“Can I ask you something? This is a non-business question.” He said and Landon nodded.
“of course. Anything.” Landon responded.
“Do you know if Ruby is still single?” He asked and a smile formed on Landon’s face.
“Oh, my… don’t tell me…” Landon said and paused. He watched Daniel smile widely and he knew exactly what was going on.
“Yes. I have had a crush on her for a very long time but I never summoned the courage to go to her because I was scared she wouldn’t like me.” He said shyly.

“so are you ready to give it a shot? You don’t have to worry, she is single.” Landon said happily and Daniel smiled playing with his fingers.
“I would give it a try. I just wanted to ask before I get my heart shattered.” He said and Landon shook his head. For some reason, he felt happy about what Daniel was telling him.
“You don’t have to worry, I would help you too before I go. You can ask me for anything before Wednesday.” He said and Daniel smiled nodding.
“Thank you so much. I would take my leave now so you can rest.” He said standing up and Landon nodded.
“Yes, thank you so much,” Landon said and Daniel stood up and began to pack his stuff.
He was done packing and he headed to the door. He got to the door and stopped walking. He turned back to look at Landon who shut his eyes already.
“I am so sorry for what is happening.” He said and Landon opened his eyes.
“You don’t have to. It is not your fault.” He said and Daniel bowed before walking out of the ward.
The door opened again and Sara walked in.
“I overheard you two.” She said and Landon sighed.
“I knew you would be close by. Mom, I am not changing that will.” He said and Sara smiled.
“You don’t have to, I love it.” She said and Landon creased his brows.
“really? Even Kimberly’s?” he asked and she nodded.
“Yes, son. She deserves even more.” She said kissing the back of his hand.


(They are egocentric 🥴)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚



Kim opened her eyes slowly blinking severally to have a clearer view of where she was.

She finally got a clearer view and she turned her head to see Sara sitting next to her and staring at her.

“Hi Kim.” Sara said smiling widely and she responded smiling faintly.

“Hi Ma’am Sara.” She said weakly.

“How do you feel? Are you alright? I can get a doctor for you if necessary,” she said and Kim shook her head.

“Oh, you don’t have to. It is not that bad.” Kim responded and Sara nodded smiling.

“Thank you so much.” She said and Kim looked at her again.

“What for?” She asked.

“For doing this for my son.” She said and Kim shook her head.

“You don’t have to be, I did it for myself. I would never forgive myself if Landon die so early because of my silly mistake, which I never said sorry for.” She said and Sara smiled.

She reached for her hand and kissed the back of her hand.

“I should be grateful Kimberly. You thought about this because you have conscience and because you like my son. No random person can do what you have done.” Sara said and Kimberly smiled in response.

“have you heard from my family ? My mom or dad?” she asked and Sara shook her head.

“Not from your mom but from your dad. He is here in the hospital,” she said and Kim’s eyes widened.

“He knows what is going on? Oh No.” Kim said shutting her eyes tightly.

“I am sorry Kim. I couldn’t hide it from him.” Sara apologized and Kim opened her eyes.

“How is he now? Where is he?” she asked nervously.

“After the surgeon came out, he was about to give us the report when he collapsed. But you don’t have to worry, he has been admitted and he is doing well.” She said and tears rolled down Kim’s face.

“And my Mom? Did she call or visit?” She asked in a shaky voice and Sara shook her head.

“I am sorry but she didn’t. She probably didn’t hear about what is going on.” Sara muttered and Kim shook her head.

“She did hear, she just doesn’t give a f**k.” Kim spat in anger and Sara felt so down seeing her that way. Why would a mother abandon such an amazing child or husband?

“I am sure she would be here soon and she would explain herself. Please don’t hate her.” Sara pleaded and Kim cleaned her eyes.

“You don’t have to plead for her. She isn’t worth it.” She said and there was silence between them for minutes.

“How is Landon? Have they given him?” Kim asked breaking the silence.

“Not yet. But they will soon.” Sara replied and Kim smiled widely.

“I can’t wait to see him smile again, to see him trouble me so much. I can’t wait to get so mad at him and tell him I hate him.” She said with a large smile on her face and tears filled Sara’s eyes.

“You did what I as a mother couldn’t think of doing. You gave up your kidney even though you know you would be on drugs for the rest of your life. We owe you, Kimberly, Landon owes you his life.” Sara stated cleaning the tears that rolled down her eyes.

“Ma’am can you do me a favor?” she asked and Sara nodded.

“Anything Kimberly, I will do anything for you, my child.” She said and Kim grinned.

“Can you please not tell Landon I was the donor? I don’t want him to find out.” She said and Sara arched her brows.

“Why? Why would I do that? That would be so mean of me.” Sara said and Kim shook her head.

“I don’t want him to find out. I have my reasons.” She said and Sara insisted.

“No, Kim. I can’t do this, I can’t keep it to myself. He deserves to know.” She said and Kim sighed.

“If he knows we can’t be like how we were anymore, He would never forgive himself and he would hate you for not telling him.” She said and Sara smiled.

“I can handle him hating me. But what I can’t handle is him not knowing how lucky he is to have you.” She said and tears flowed down Kim’s eyes.

“Can you please tell him after he has been given then? And we should wait for him to ask before we tell him. If he doesn’t ask, please do me the favor of not saying a word to Him about this.” She pleaded and Sara nodded.

“I can manage to do that. But once he asks, I would tell him everything. Are you okay with that?” Sara asked and Kim nodded.

“Thank you, Ma’am.” She said.

“No, thank you, Kim,” Sara responded rubbing her hand and kissing it again.


Landon heard the door of the ward open jolting him out of his sleep. He opened his eyes and turned to look at who came in.

It was the doctor. He had this wide smile on his face which made him wonder what was going on.

“Hi, Mr. Landon Hernandez.” He said smiling and Landon managed to smile back.

“Hi, doctor. Looks like being in a good mood. Did you get promoted?” he asked and the doctor chuckled.

“I didn’t, but I have great news for you.” He said and Landon smiled.

“Really? I have another two days to live?” he asked and the doctor shook his head.

“Not days or weeks, but years.” He said and Landon’s mouth fell open.

“Wow. You found a medication that would help my pathetic life?” He asked and the doctor shook his head.

“No Landon. We finally found a kidney for you!” He said and Landon’s eyes widened.

“You did! Are you serious?” he asked happily and the doctor bobbed.

“100% serious Mr. Landon. We are going into the O.R in the next one hour. We would be giving it to you.” He said and Landon laughed happily.

“Wow! This is so great! Thank you so much for not giving up the search.” He said and he nodded.

“You should thank me. You should thank your donor.” He said and Landon furrowed his brows.

“My donor? Who is that?” He asked anxiously.


“Landon you are awake,” Sara said in haste cutting the doctor off.

“Yes mom,” Landon replied happily.

“Doctor, can you give my son some minutes? You can continue later,” she said and he nodded.

“Sure. Congratulations once again Mr. Landon.” He said and Landon nodded.

“Thank you so much.” He responded as the doctor walked out of the ward. Sara sighed in relief, she cut in just in time.


Kim is just so generous 🥺🥺🥺

Landon is so happy 🥺🥺💞💞💞

God when!! When when someone give me kidney 🤣🤣🤣🥺🥺🥺

I love y’all 💞💞💞🥴

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