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Crazy In New York City episode 25

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Episode 25

By ๐Ÿ‘‘ Q.M.B ๐Ÿ‘‘

๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’–

Celine’s Pov

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

I blushed softly , if being lucky was illegal. I would have been sentenced to life imprisonment. I don’t know the good things have done in my past life that made me so lucky to have Adrian.
I walked to the shores and dipped my legs into the wโ‚ฌt sand, Adrian was far from land and was almost out of sight.
I was careful not to go too deep in the water to avoid the waves pulling me in.
My phone rings from the suit I was wearing, I pull it out and then I remember I was wearing Adrian’s suit.
I looked at the caller, it was a private number and I debated on picking it or not.
Adrian was swimming closer and I decided to pick it.

๐Ÿ“žHello๐Ÿ“ž I said but there was no reply.

๐Ÿ“žHello๐Ÿ“ž I repeated again but no reply.

“Boo” Adrian says and I drop the phone in the water.

“Why why did you you have to to scare me like that. Now your phone, your phone” I stammered nervously, I was nervous for no reason.

“Calm down Celine, its water resistant” He picks the phone and looks at me.

“Celine are you okay” He asks and I reply yes but I wasn’t.

“Can we go home…. Please” I said and he agrees.
We walk to the chopper and Adrian helps me in.

“Please don’t scream again” Adrian pleads, I manage to force a smile but I was really unease.

Julia”s Pov
I smashed my phone on the wall, this was the fifth phone I was smashing on the floor, wall and anything that could damage the phone.
Deandro just looked at me smiling amused.

“What’s funny?” I asked glaring at him.

“You look so hot when you are angry” He says and I pull off my shoes and throw it at him but he misses it.

“My stupid sister had to pick the call, am beginning to hate that girl. I might have to kill her…”
Deandro stands up, my statement shocked him.

“Are you crazy, you won’t touch Celine” He says in a more serious tone. I roll my eyes and bat my lashes at him.

“How did she do it, how did she make Adrian fall in love with her…”

“You mean how did beautiful, innocent and crazy Celine make Adrian fall in love with her” Deandro says mocking me.

“Shut up” I shun him and put on my shoes.
I don’t know how she did it, I can’t believe my sister would be with Adrian while I stay here wallowing in hatred and jealousy.
My hatred for my sister was becoming more than the love I have for Adrian.

Mary’s Pov
I stood [email protected] in front of the mirror and observed my body, I noticed the changes and my [email protected] had swollen up and my stomach was protruded. I guess my period is on it’s way.
I got my dress off the hanger and wore it, I have to go to club today. I wonder if Celine is okay, she’s supposed to be back home now.
I got out of Adrian’s mansion and drove to club, I pray sales go well today so I can go to the Bureau tomorrow, I really need an assistant.
I parked at the garage and walked in through the back door, the noise that greeted me made me feel slightly irritated which was unusual. I was used to the noise already but today seemed different.
I got in to see everyone busy dancing and getting drunk, I smiled and noticed something was going wrong at the bar man’s side. I walked to the bar table and met Fred arguing with the bar man.
He sees me and starts smiling sheepishly.


going on here?” I asked ignoring Fred like he didn’t exist.

“Ma it’s your boyfriend, he….” I cut him off with a glare, I knew nobody knows about the breakup but still the thought of calling this man whore my boyfriend pierced my heart in ways no one could understand. I smirked slightly and corrected him.

“Ex boyfriend, now tell me John what’s the problem” I tell him, my eyes steal glances at Fred. I still can’t believe I was once in love with this waste of a sperm.

“Okay ma, you know Fred takes free beer every time and today he wants the new scotch but I couldn’t give him since nobody has bought it yet. He keeps on insisting I should give him the scotch”

“I was gonna pay for it okay” Fred explained

“Shut up!!” I yell at him

“The nerves !!” I added gritting through my teeth.

“You want the new scotch don’t you, John c’mon get me the new scotch..” I snap my fingers at John who was watching the drama as it enfolds. The people who came to ask for drink were unconcerned about what they came for but instead they watched with deep interest as I set to embarrass the disgrace of a man standing inches away from me.
I get the bottle from John and open it.

“Cmon man what are you waiting for” I smiled deceitfully at him and the fool smiles ignorantly taking a glass cup from the table and handing it to me.


boy” I grinned at him and lower the bottle down but take it up above his head and discontent the bottle on his head.

“Woo ooh!!” Everyone exclaims laughing at Fred.

“GET OUT!!” I yelled at him smashing the bottle on the floor and hoping the bottle hits his leg and scars him. That is nothing compared to what he has done to me.

Celine’s Pov

I got a taste of the soup I was cooking, I scrunch my nose in distaste.

“Needs more sauce” I say gleefully and take out the jar of sauce.
I add two spoons and cover the pot, my mind wanders of to Adrian and everything that happened tonight. I blushed and giggled lightly, Adrian’s name had been stuck to my heart already.

๐ŸŽถ Love is like a river๐ŸŽถ

๐ŸŽถA never ending stream๐ŸŽถ

๐ŸŽถLove is shared by each other๐ŸŽถ

๐ŸŽถTo answer someone’s dream๐ŸŽถ
I sang the song happily, I don’t remember where I heard the song but it was stuck to my head.

“Why is everything about you so beautiful?” Adrian asks . I look up to him and shrugged.

“Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder” I tell him and walk to turn off the gas cooker.

“What if I told you I want you to carry my seeds,what if I told you I want you to be my future” He whispered into my ear and my body shook.

“Ad Ad Adrian, what what are you you say…” I stammered and walked distance away from him.
I got the pot off the cooker and walked out of the kitchen, I got my hair packed and sat on the sofa,still nervous I picked up the remote and changed the channel to a reality show.
My eyes were focused on the screen but you could tell I was not focused on the screen.
Never has it come to me that the relationship I had with Adrian was going to get serious. The realization dawned on me and I start to ask questions.
Who was I to Adrian, yes I was his lover but is that all it is, why do I feel like I want to be more than that.
Adrian kneels in front of me and gets his palm between mine.


sorry I had to bring up that, I know it’s still early but I….”

“Sit down” I tell him tapping the space left on the sofa beside me.
He sits down and I ask him to put his head on my lap which he did.

๐ŸŽถWhen I say I love you, please believe it’s true.๐ŸŽถ

๐ŸŽถWhen I say forever, know I’ll never leave you. ๐ŸŽถ

๐ŸŽถWhen I say goodbye, promise me you won’t cry,๐ŸŽถ

๐ŸŽถBecause the day I’ll be saying that will be the day I die.๐ŸŽถ
I sang and massaged Adrian’s hair. He soon falls asleep snoring lightly. He looks dangerously handsome when awake but now that he’s asleep he looks vulnerably cute, who knows that the feared Adrian Vandermir would look so vulnerable while asleep.
My phone rings and I look at the caller, it was Julia.
I rolled my eyes dramatically and cut the call, I thought I already deleted her number.
I dropped the phone and a text went in

๐Ÿ’ฌ Please can you at least pick my call, I know I hurt you bad but please pick the call. I need you Celine๐Ÿ’ฌ
A call comes in again and I stand up protecting Adrian’s head. I walk distance away from him and pick the call.

๐Ÿ“ž Speak๐Ÿ“ž I tell her scornfully.

๐Ÿ“žI know you have no reason to talk to me but please Celine I need you๐Ÿ“ž

๐Ÿ“žLast time I checked you needed me out of your life๐Ÿ“ž

๐Ÿ“žCeline please don’t say that. I was being selfish but now have realized what I really want. You are my baby sister Celine, I love you and I can’t let anyone come between us. I know for the past 24 years, I have been wicked to you but I am ready to make amends for it all๐Ÿ“ž I could hear her sobbing but that didn’t do anything.

๐Ÿ“žI would be getting married in less than two days Celine, I have lost everything Celine Mom, Dad and you but please Celine I need you now. I know I have been wicked to you but please Celine can you do this least for me๐Ÿ“ž

๐Ÿ“žI won’t come to your wedding Julia, you do not need me. You are better off without me๐Ÿ“ž

๐Ÿ“žCeline please do this little for me, at least do this least for me before I die๐Ÿ“ž
My eyes widen and I became more interested in what she was saying.

๐Ÿ“žWhat does death have to do with this๐Ÿ“ž

๐Ÿ“žYou don’t have to know Celine, but just know that even though you don’t come to my wedding I’ll still love you and with the few days I have left I’ll try my best to seek your forgiveness๐Ÿ“ž

๐Ÿ“žJulia what are you talking about. Hello, hello, hello๐Ÿ“ž The call had ended already.
I dial her number again my hands vibrating, but the number was switched off.

“Julia please pick the call” I say nervously, I hope Julia is not trying to end her life. I hope she’s not sick.
God please protect my sister.

I woke up in absolute daze trying to remember what happened yesterday.

“Julia” I gasped out and walk to meet Adrian. He was busy eating and working on his laptop.

“I made breakfast” Adrian says and walks towards me.
My mind wasn’t with Adrian, it had wandered off to Julia.

“Are you okay.. Celine?” He asked. I nodded positively but Adrian could see right through me.

“Tell me the truth…”

“Adrian it’s Julia, am scared something’s going to happen to her, I need to go to her. My sister’s life might be in danger Adrian”

“Celine calm down, tell me exactly what happened” Adrian tells me holding my shoulders.
Tears were already streaming down my face and Adrian was fazed.

“Tell me what happened Celine, please it’s break my heart to see you like this”

“Julia called me yesterday. Something is wrong with her, Adrian please we have to to Brooklyn now” I said holding his hand.

“What are you saying Celine, you know you can’t trust Julia. She might be planning something”

“But it didn’t sound like she was planning something, I know my sister very well”

“I can’t let you go to Brooklyn Celine, I don’t know what your sister is planning but trust me it’s not going to end well for you” Adrian says and I release his hand.

“We are talking about my sister’s life here Adrian” I glare at him

“And am telling you this is all a plan, you are not going to Brooklyn” He orders firmly. I scrunch my nose in annoyance, I won’t let Adrian order me when it comes to my sister’s life.

“You can’t stop me” I stated and head outside.

“Celine if you leave now and realize I was right don’t come back feeling sorry” He tells me, I wipe my tears off my face.

“Fine” I say and walk out of the house not before hearing Adrian smashing something on the wall.
I walked out of the mansion clutching my purse tight, I had a few cash left.

It’s been 3 months since I left this house, the memories were something I didn’t want to remember.
Everything still looked the same, the walls and marbled floor.
I swallowed and rang the door bell, a young brunette opens the door, I haven’t seen her before. I wonder if Julia moved out.

“Is Julia inside?” I asked and she smiles heartily.

“You must be Celine Greene” She says and offers me a handshake.

“Am Doctor Grace, nice to meet you”
I accept her handshake.

“Is my sister okay?” I asked and she smiles sadly

“Your sister is a really stubborn being, I have told her not to do this wedding. Her life is more important than all this..”

“Where’s she?” I asked and walked inside.
My heart shattered into pieces to see Julia in the condition she was in, her hair was bald and her under eyes were as dark as the night.

“Julia” I cried out and hugged her.

“I knew you would come” She says and withdraws from the hug.

“I don’t understand Julia what’s going on, why are you like this. Tell me what’s going on”

“Leukemia” Doctor Grace says and I gasp out, I couldn’t say anything.

“Leu leu ke mia” I stammered out, the same Leukemia that killed Dad.

“You can’t do this wedding Julia, I won’t let you. You need proper health care”

“I know Celine, that is exactly why the wedding is going to take place in this house but nobody must know this Celine”

“Julia” I whimpered and put my palm on my face trying my best not to break into tears.

“Am sorry Celine, for everything have done to you”

“No Julia please don’t say anything, I need you to be strong for me” I tell her squeezing my hand tight in hers.
My phone rings and I look at the caller, it was Adrian.
I debated on picking the call but when I looked at Julia’s face, I couldn’t.
I switched off my phone and smiled sadly, for now Julia was more important than Adrian.


So let’s discuss we all know Julia is faking it but can we blame Celine for loving her sister and if you were Adrian would you forgive Celine for going against you. Would you still protect the woman you love even after she left against your will.

Let’s get our fingers busy

ยฉ Q.B.M

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