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Crazy In New York City episode 26

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Episode 26

By πŸ‘‘ Q.M.B πŸ‘‘

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Adrian’s Pov

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

I stared at the laptop which was already half way the room, I shoved my hand in my hair and sighed exasperatedly. For fvcks sake Celine is making things hard for me, yeah I get she’s got a heart and loves her sister but I just don’t play that game. I know Julia , that dingbat would do anything to get what she want and now she’s working with Deandro. Last thing I want is Celine going near Deandro, it’s going to ruin everything for me, to think she even cuts my call and gets her phone switched off.
I walk to my laptop and get out the flash drive, I pick my car keys which was lieing on the table.

I slid into the seat of my car and made my way to the Vandermir’s Corps.
I had a meeting or deal with a new business partner and I had to focus on him for now, this could be a good opportunity for me to expand my market and make more revenue.
I was late for the meeting and that’s going to be my first expression. They need to know Adrian Vandermir doesn’t respect any man.
I stepped out the car and head in my company, the receptionist greets me and informs me of the business partners.

“They’ve been waiting for 2 hours sir” She stated and I chuckled.

“2 hours, am proud of myself” I say and walk to the conference room.
They all looked pissed off but dared not to say anything, they need me more than I do.
We started the meeting and it was a straightforward meeting on the basics of project, A 60/40 % deal.
I couldn’t help but think about Celine, I must say my woman got some guts leaving Adrian Vandermir for her sister. My ego was bruised but I’ll let this one slide.

“Okay I think we can finish here and get back to writing up contract and proceeding further. We shall book another meeting next week” I spoke up, you could tell they were pleased with the meeting.

“Yes of course” He says gleefully and offers a handshake, I look at him and that was enough to send it back to its pocket

Celine’s Pov
I miss Adrian but I need to stay for Julia, I carry the soup gently trying not to spill anything, the scent of the soup filled my nostrils and I was proud of myself.

“Julia’s going to like this” I thought to myself and walked to her room but I on the way I tripped on something.
My eyes and my eyes widen as the bowl of soup slip away from my hand and my back gets to reach the floor until I get saved by someone with a familiar cologne, a familiar cologne I hate. His hand on my back saving me from the fall, I looked at my savior partially grateful, he gets me stabled on the floor and I move distance away from him.

“Thanks” I said looking down disappointed,my soup was spilled and the bowl was shattered into different pieces. Deandro kneels down and picks what remains of the bowl

“What are you doing here?” I asked folding my hands together.

“Your sister needs me” He replies and groans out, I look down and realize he was bleeding.

“Are you okay?” I asked and kneel opposite of him, his finger was bleeding.

“How did you end up cutting yourself, the sharp edges aren’t even that sharp”


thanks for your concern” He retorts. I sigh and roll my eyes tiredly

“I can’t believe am doing this, come here” I say and take his hand and walk to the kitchen. I dip his hand in the sink and turn on the tap.

Deandro’s Pov

I was dazed, I might probably fall in love and lose my heart to this lady, I watched with interest as she washes the blood off my hand, her hair falling on her face preventing me from seeing half of her beauteous face but still the little I saw was enough to grace my heart.
Like she could read my mind she puts the stands of her behind her ear, she catches me staring at her and frowns at me.

“Dunderhead” She insults and drops my hand sharply.
She walks to the cooker and gets a new bowl to get the soup in.

“Let me help you with that” I suggest, at least it was my fault the soup spilled.

“No” She replies harshly and walks out of the kitchen, her backside gracing each step she took.

“fvck” I say and grab my groin, I can’t believe I’m having a boner just from looking at her backside, I would bet my life that Adrian has fvcked this lady.
I would be forever grateful to Julia for putting on this facade.

Julia’s Pov
I look at my costume and fix my bald wig properly, I had to cut my hair short to fit my hair in the wig properly, the costume wasn’t easy but thanks to my personal makeup artist, Doctor Grace.
I am looking like a sick patient, R.I.P dad you died of Leukemia and gave me the perfect disease to inherit.


you go” Celine says walking in the room. I get my face dulled up and smile sadly.
I sit up and smile softly, oh my poor stupid sister.

“Open up” She says and smile at me. I open my mouth and one spoon of brown soup goes in, I get a drop spilled on my dress and Celine quickly clears it off.

Anthony would be back from Japan tonight and I have to get prepared for the wedding, it wasn’t easy to convince Anthony about having a low key wedding.
He was rich and ready to spend money but I had other plans.
The decorations were simple and few guests would be invited, just Anthony’s family. I can’t invite my extended family, they won’t even come since they all hate me and love my sister, you can’t blame them for hating me and loving my sister.
They’ve always hated the way we treated Celine and there was a time they took us to court but we won the case, I never liked any of them either.
I sat at the mirror table getting ready to greet the guest.

“You don’t have to do this wedding Julia” Celine states, I almost scoffed. Like whatever she says meant anything to me.

“I have to do this Celine, please support me” I said and held her hands.
She helped me in choosing a wig to fit my face and I did the makeup myself.

“You are so beautiful” Celine compliments and hugs me. How sweet.

“Celine please I need you to do something for me” .

“What’s that” She asked and I got her palm and stared at her.

“Celine , today you would meet Anthony’s family. They might be snobby but please don’t do anything anything….”

“Crazy” Celine completes the sentence for me.

“Have changed Julia, trust me every craziness in me was left in NYC” She says and smiles sadly.

“Adrian??” I asked and she lits up.

“It’s nothing, today and tomorrow is about you” She states and I nodded.

“Congratulations Sis”

“Thanks” I smiled and tried desperately to sound sincere but deep down, I didn’t care.
The wedding guest arrived and I tried my best to be courteous, we’ve never met before so you could tell they were confused when they saw me.


God Anthony chose the perfect bride, she’s really pretty” His mother compliments me and hugs Celine who was standing beside me.
I was shocked at first then tried to correct the mistake but Anthony’s father and two siblings had surrounded Celine praising her beauty while I stood there startled.

“No ma’am , my sister is the one getting married to your son” Celine says and pulls me to the middle.

“Oh” She says, disappointment evident in her croak voice. I hate her

“Am so sorry for the mistake, it’s just Anthony never showed me your picture and you didn’t even have any pre wedding shoot so pardon my silly mistake”
Our union wasn’t really a union based on love, I want to be rich and he wants to be famous and have extended connection.

“But seriously why does she look more beautiful than the bride” His father states and I snort.

“Excuse me??” His mother gasps surprised at my curt behavior.

“Am sorry” I replied.

“Celine please can you help me set the table inside” I say trying to get rid of her

“Sure why not” She replies and leaves the scene.
I fake a smile at Anthony’s mother and I know she could tell I was faking it but I could clear less.

“So I heard you were a super model” Anthony’s sister says.

“Yes I am”
She scoffs and almost chuckles.

“More like super maid” She mumbles but I heard heard her loud and clear.

“Excuse you?” I said and glared at her.

“My names Anita and this is my brother Anon” She says and smiles through her teeth.

“Let’s go in” I said and walked inside.


“Are you the famous Celine Greene dating Adrian Vandermir” Anita screams while Celine served us lunch.

“She’s the one” Anon says and brings out his phone excitedly.

“One selfie please” Anon pleads and runs to her.
What the hell is going, my plan was to humiliate this brat.
I grab my fork tight letting my anger dissipate slowly.
I push my plate to the floor and the sound creates attention to me.

“Am sorry” I say, Celine walks to me.

“Don’t worry I’ll clean it up” She says and goes down to clean the mess I created. Just like the old times.
Celine cleans the mess and disposes it, she walks back to the table and all attention was on her.

“Celine tell me how did you make Adrian fall for you”

“When are you guys getting married”

“Celine please can you sing for us” Anthony’s father Andrew suggest.

“I don’t think….” Celine says but gets interrupted by Joanne

“Cmon Celine, have seen you sing on TV, during the NY GOT’S TALENT, we call you Celine Dion at home. I wonder why you didn’t win”

“She’ll sing tomorrow at the wedding” I pitch in and smile at Joanne who returns the fake smile back at me.

Celine’s Pov
I know Julia wasn’t comfortable with the attention Anthony’s family was giving me, I wasn’t comfortable to so I had to excuse myself.
I walked out and admired the decoration,it was simple but beautiful. I know Julia isn’t happy with this, she always loved something elaborate and this was the opposite. Her health had made everything difficult for her.

“Celine can we talk”
I look up to see Deandro dressed in a turquoise blue shirt and black tuxedo, a black tie complimented his outfit.

“No” I replied without thinking twice.

“Please Celine, can we just let go of all grudges and become friends”.

“Keep your friendship in your pocket or better still dispose it off in a far away land cause am not interested” I say and walk away from him.
My mind wanders of to Adrian, I miss him and wished he could just understand that my sister’s life was important to me.
I know he hates Julia but her life is more important than this stupid hatred going on.
I love him with all my heart and once this is all over, I’ll make it up to him.

Julia’s Pov

We were done with lunch and everyone was standing at a corner discussing and laughing.
I bring out the bottle of zolpidem, it’s a sleeping pill but 10 out of 10 doctors do not prescribe it. It is said to have increased hazard of mortality and can even cause cancer.
It’s illegal in Brooklyn but here it is in my hand.
I’ll be using this on two people.

Celine and Anthony.
The few days Celine would be here with me, I would kill her slowly.
I put a pill in the strawberry milk shake and watch it dissolve.
I walk out of the kitchen and search for Celine, she had headphones in her ear so calling out to her would be a waste of time. I walk to where she sat but Anita bumps into me spilling the shake on my dress, you could tell she did it intentionally.

“Am sorry Julia” She pouts and smiles wickedly.
I sigh angrily and walk to clean my self, grunting on the way.
I turn on the tap and get the water on my dress cleaning the milkshake off, I have to change the dress.

“What happened to you?” Deandro asks.

“Anita bumped into me, that stupid witch” I growl. Deandro chuckles and one glare at him from me made him stop.

“Am sorry” He replies.

“That fool just ruined my plan”

“What does spilling milkshake have to do with your plan?” Adrian asks
I can’t tell him am trying to poison Celine slowly, he doesn’t want any harm to come to her.

“I was going to spill the shake on Celine and embarass her”

“Oh Julia you’re so vicious”
I roll my eyes at him and realized I had forgotten the pill in the kitchen.
Nobody must see it, I would be in big trouble.
I run to the kitchen and heave a sigh of relief after finding it there.

Adrian’s Pov

I stared at my phone as I dialed the number displayed on the screen, I hope she picks.

πŸ“žSpeakπŸ“ž I ordered blankly.

πŸ“žI averted a crisis and you are still rude to meπŸ“ž

πŸ“žWell I pay you for your service, tell me whats onπŸ“ž

πŸ“ž Your ex girlfriend is going to kill your woman, it would be better if you come here yourself and save herπŸ“ž

πŸ“žShe left without thinking twiceπŸ“ž I say bitterly

πŸ“žShe’s planning to drug Celine to deathπŸ“ž
I stand up shocked, nothing must happen to Celine.

πŸ“žIs she okayπŸ“ž I frowned

πŸ“žCalm down Sir, she forgot the bottle of pills and I exchanged them with Vitamin C. Nothing’s going to happen for nowπŸ“ž

πŸ“žThank you so much AnitaπŸ“ž

πŸ“žJust doing my job sirπŸ“ž

I end the call and clench my fist, have never met anyone has irritating and desperate.


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