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Crazy In New York City episode 35

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Episode 35

By 👑 Q.M.B 👑

💖 💖

Cel!ne’s Pov

I got to my room and banged th£ door, my anger def!nitely reach!ng a new peak.
How dare h£ try to touch me after us!ng me, and th£ foolish me was ready to give myself to h¡m.
It’s madness that I still want th¡s guy but I won’t let that stop me from destroy!ng h¡m.
All am wait!ng for is a perfect cue, a really really perfect cue.
I took my bath and wore my nightie th£n sl¡pped !nto th£ b£d cover!ng myself with th£ duvet.

Th£ next morn!ng I woke up to boom!ng sound com!ng from d©wΠ, Adrian was !n th£ gym aga!n.
I got ©vt of my room and h£ad to th£ gym, h£ was busy pound!ng h¡s way on th£ treadmill.
I sigh£d annoy!ngly and switch£d off th£ music, h£ turns h¡s h£ad to look at me and stops th£ mach!ne.

“What do you want” h£ breath£s ©vt try!ng to catch h¡s breath.
h£ looks at me !ntently and I notice h¡s eyes darkened, I looked d©wΠ and remembered I was still !n my nightie.
My n!₱₱!es were po!nt!ng ©vt of my dress and Adrian was obviously !nterested !n th£ view.

“You pervert” I squealed and turned [email protected]¢k, putt!ng my [email protected] on my b©©bs.
I could feel h¡s gaze burn through my [email protected]¢k and it made me only m©r£ uncomfortable.

“I didn’t ask you to come d©wΠ h£re look!ng like that” h£ throws h¡s shirt at me, I ₱v|| it d©wΠ from my h£ad and put it on.
Great, now I smell of Adrian Vandermir.

“You can’t be ₱|@y!ng music so loud !n th£ morn!ng, some people are try!ng to sleep” I stated turn!ng to look at h¡m only for my face to hit h¡s ch£st, th£ bastard had been stand!ng so close to my [email protected]¢k.
I ₱u$h£d h¡m [email protected]¢k hop!ng h£ fell and broke h¡s legs, h¡s [email protected] also if I get lucky.

“I do what I want !n my house Cel!ne Greene” h£ says smirk!ng and ga!n!ng h¡s balance.

“I wonder what’s go!ng to happen if I destroy your house” I murmur loud enough for h¡m to h£ar me.

“What did you say?” h£ growls but I ignore h¡m and walk upstairs.
I need to go to work.

Adrian’s Pov

I balled my [email protected] !nto fist , beh!nd me I could h£ar Cel!ne’s footsteps as $h£ walked away.
A h*g£ part of me wanted to yank h£r [email protected]¢k and f!nish what we started yesterday,see!ng h£r !n th£ nightie made me crave for h£r.
It was crazy th£ way my b©dy responded to h£r, my need surged with!n me.
Th£ need to make love to Cel!ne Greene over and over aga!n until I forget I hate h£r.
Dammit, how can one woman make me lose ¢©Πtr0| every s!ngle time , th£ last time I lost ¢©Πtr0| over a woman was 10 years ago and honestly it wasn’t as !ntense as th¡s.
I rake my [email protected] !n my hair !n frustration, I guess th¡s is what lack of s€× is caus!ng me, I won’t let that little manipulative witch cause me so much.

Mary’s Pov

Shopp!ng wh£n you are pregnant is honestly a big deal am not compla!n!ng but God, I wi$h£d it was easier.
I threw th£ groceries !n th£ boot of th£ car clos!ng it and gett!ng !n my car.

“Mary wait” A voice yelled, I looked [email protected]¢k to see th£ source of my condition.
I frowned and looked at h¡m.

“What?” I asked not smil!ng, h£ gr!ns look!ng at my stomach.

“That’s m!ne right?” h£ asks po!nt!ng at th£ stomach, h£ reach£s to touch it but I hit h¡s [email protected] [email protected]

“Don’t come near me” I growled angrily, h£ got angry and ₱u$h£d me to th£ car hitt!ng my [email protected]¢k !n th£ process.

“That’s my baby, I know it is. Don’t you dare try that stunt of separat!ng a fath£r from h¡s child. If oth£r women are do!ng it don’t try it”
h¡s eyes were scary, h£ looked so desperate.

“Let go of me” I s¢r**med try!ng to ₱ush h¡m away.
h£ was stronger and ga!ned th£ upper [email protected], I spat on h¡m and h£ m©v£s [email protected]¢k.

“Why you bitch” h£ growls clear!ng th£ spittle from h¡s face, h£ ru$h£s to hit me and I close my eyes !n fear.
I was wait!ng to get hit but !nstead I saw someone grabb!ng Fred’s [email protected]

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” h£ says.

“Let go of me” h£ grunts and my supposed savior releases me.
Fred walks off angrily.

“Are you okay” h£ asked and reach£d for m y shoulders, I m©v£d away and thanked h¡m.
I got !n th£ car and drove away, I looked !n th£ mirror to see h¡m smil!ng.
I wonder what was amus!ng, I turned to ch£ck my purse and realized it wasn’t !n th£ car, I looked !n th£ mirror and saw h¡m flash!ng it.

“fv¢k” I grunted and ₱v||ed over.

Cel!ne’s Pov
I got to work earlier than yesterday, it was a Saturday so I should be expect!ng a not so good sales, s!nce people [email protected] go to work on weekends.
Cordelia [email protected] talked to me or scolded me unlike yesterday.
Th£ woman was all over me watch!ng me like a hawk and monitor!ng my every m©v£ment.

“Can I have a strawberry milkshake with grape topp!ngs” A young man who was ab©vt Julia’s age asked.
I peaked at h¡m from beneath my la$h£s, tak!ng !n th£ bulge of h¡s biceps beneath th£ scrubs suggest!ng a strict work ©vt regimen and [email protected] features topped with warm hazel eyes, I had hazel eyes too and th¡s guy looked so familiar.
I got h¡s order and served it to h¡m

“Thanks snookums” h£ says and smiles. Th£ name snookums rang a bell but men it was so [email protected] to remember.
I didn’t want to look uneased so I smiled and nod my h£ad.

“You’re welcome but snookums??”

“Well I knew you won’t remember me”
h£ says and drops th£ gla$$ on th£ counter.
I got confused, of course h£ rang a bell but th£ bell wasn’t loud enough to recall anyth!ng.

“Have we met?” I asked smil!ng confus!ngly.

“It’s been 12 years Cel!ne Greene but I would never forget my favorite cous!n”
I open my m©vth, eyes widened !n realization.
I was short of words

“Russell. Russell Greene” I s¢r**med ©vt happily ga!n!ng th£ attention of th£ customers.
I ignore th£m and walk ©vt of th£ counter jump!ng and hugg!ng my cous!n.
Honestly I can’t believe I was hitt!ng on my cous!n m!nutes ago.
I hugged h¡m warmly and h£ reciprocated, Cordelia came to disperse us.

“I don’t know what’s go!ng on h£re but you have customers to attend to”
Russell smiles and br!ngs ©vt h¡s wallet giv!ng th£ never smil!ng woman some money.

“j√$t 10 m!nutes please”
$h£ frowns accept!ng th£ money.

“Be f*st ab©vt it, customers won’t serve th£mselves” $h£ says.
h£ ₱v||s me ©vtside th£ restaurant and hugs me aga!n.
h£ looked so different, I was13 years wh£n I last saw h¡m.
h£ wore gla$$es and was robust, but now h£’s so different.
h£ hates Julia with so much pa$$ion and I really don’t blame h¡m.
h£ calls h£r “BWNB” , Julia doesn’t know th£ mean!ng but I did, beauty with no bra!ns.
I always get mad wh£n h£ called h£r that but h£ never stopped.

“Look at you Cel!ne, you went from okay to Boom”

“And you, how did you do it. Last time I ch£cked you had no neck”
h£ frowns but smiles immediately.

“Well you see what you see” h£ shrugs and stares at me.

“Do you know how popular you are?, I only saw your name !n a trend!ng news and I wh£n I search£d your name on google. Boom my cous!n is on th£ cover of every news”
I smile and put my hair beh!nd my [email protected]¢k, memories of Adrian betrayal hitt!ng me [email protected]

“So you are now Cel!ne Vandermir”

“j√$t call me Cel!ne, so wh£re do you live,wh£re have you been?”

“I stay !n California. But I travel @r0vnd, I have a kid yunno” h£ says, shoulders high . h£ was proud of h¡mself, I was too.

“Boy or girl?” I asked.

“A boy, guess what??” h£ says and I smile halfly.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“h£’s your birthday mate Cel!ne, !n two weeks time. !n advance girl”
I smiled sadly, I never had birthdays, I didn’t even remember th£m.

“h£y Cel!ne, no sad face wh£n am @r0vnd, we are go!ng to make that day perfect”

“What’s is h¡s name?”

“Ryan. h£’ll be 6 ”

“And h¡s moth£r?” I noticed how h¡s expression changed but h£’s quick enough to cover it with a fake smile

“That’s an old topic, but look at you. You are married to Adrian Vandermir. Honestly I don’t know what you do!ng h£re”

“That’s an old topic Russell, tell me? What do you do?”

“Am !nto computer programm!ng, you can call me a hacker as well”
I chuckle and elbow h¡s side, h£ grunts fak!ng hurt.

“You still have that” h£ says rubb!ng h¡s side.
I smiled and hugged h¡m aga!n, h£ places h¡s [email protected] on my [email protected]¢k.

“Is everyth!ng okay Cel!ne?” h£ asked concerned.

“Sure everyth!ng is okay, am j√$t happy I have someone to call family”
I say and sigh happily.

“You know I met th¡s beautiful woman today, danm I almost fell !n love”
I smiled and ₱|@yed with h¡s hair, I was go!ng to ask m©r£ ab©vt h£r but Cordelia comes ©vt giv!ng me th£ “t!ne’s up” look


I laugh£d happily as Russell got h¡mself busy h£lp!ng me with th£ customers, h£ quickly warmed h¡mself up to th£ customers especially girls.
Cordelia wasn’t compla!n!ng, if anyth!ng $h£ was actually happy h£ was h£lp!ng ©vt.
h£ was actually mak!ng oth£r staff jealous.
My phone vibrated and I saw a message from Mary.

🗨Have you ch£cked th£ latest news honey, you know I met that guy today. Funny co!ncidence

I furrowed my eyebrows and turned on th£ WiFi, fortunately th¡s restaurant gave us free WiFi.
My notifications kept on com!ng on and I swiped it away, I saw th£ last updated news on Black’s blog.
I hate that blog, it’s like th£y are everywh£re.
I c|¡¢ked on it and read th£ h£adl!nes.

I frowned and placed my palm on my foreh£ad.
I looked at th£ picture uploaded, it was wh£n I hugged Russell deeply.
Th£se people are mad, th£y would do anyth!ng for money.

“What’s that?” Russell asked.

“Noth!ng” I replied and got my phone [email protected]¢k !n my pocket.
I guess Mary was th£ beautiful woman Russell was talk!ng ab©vt, but I know Mary. $h£’s not ready to give any man a chance.
I thought $h£’ll settle for Wung Chan but $h£ wasn’t !nterested a bit.
We closed th£ restaurant early and Russell offered to drop me home, I didn’t refuse.

“If you drop me home, you’ll have to stop for d!nner. Trust me you are go!ng to enjoy it” I said and h£ chuckles

“No problem” h£ says and starts th£ car.

Adrian’s Pov

I stared at th£ laptop busily, I am hav!ng a pres£ntation on Monday and I have to make it perfect.
I have !nvestors from England and th¡s is a one time opportunity to !ncrease my networth.
I have to be humble to please th£m, its go!ng to be a [email protected] th!ng but I have to impress th£m.
My phone r!ngs and it was my secretary.

📞Speak📞 I ordered blankly

📞Sir I got th£ files ready, am at th£ estate’s gate📞

📞Okay I’ll be th£re !n five📞
I got my car keys and saved th£ pres£ntation I already worked on, if anyth!ng happens to it, its go!ng to be a disaster and I can’t risk that.

Cel!ne’s Pov

Ws reach£d th£ mansion and at first Simon refused to let Russell !n but I conv!nced h¡m to.
We walked |ns!de and I noticed Adrian’s laptop was on.
I wonder wh£re th£ beast was, a new mail notification popped up and I idly c|¡¢ked on it, curious to know it’s content.
As I read , my m!nd s1©wly devised a plan and I gr!nned !n [email protected]!$faction.
I looked at Russell who was b!0wn away by th£ mansion, h£ couldn’t stop sh©vt!ng Wow and Omg.
I c|¡¢ked on th£ private files and saw th£ pres£ntation h£ had for Monday.
I smirked and deleted everyth!ng permanently.

“Can you h£lp me do someth!ng Russell” I asked br!ng!ng h¡m ©vt of th£ world h£ was lost !n.

“Sure, what’s that?” h£ asked.
I bought ©vt my phone and went to th£ trash folder.
Pictures of Adrian and I togeth£r, I deleted th£m but not permanently.
I gave h¡m th£ phone and h£ looks at it.

“I want you to upload th¡s pictures to th£ folder can you do it?” I asked.

“Sure but it’s go!ng to take time”
I didn’t know wh£re Adrian was but I was ready to risk it.
I can’t wait for th£ look on h¡s face wh£n h£ sees th£ ph°tos !nstead of a pres£ntation.

“Let’s take it to my room, I don’t want someone to f!nd you h£re work!ng with h¡s laptop. h£ might kill you”

“What are you up to? Cel!ne. Why do you want me to upload th¡s pictures” h£ asks.
I giggle and take th£ laptop upstairs, h£ follows me.
h£ gets busy with h¡s work while I walk to th£ bathroom to take a bath.
I was fvlly undressed wh£n I h£ard a furious knock on th£ door.
I grab a towel and wr*₱ it on my b©dy, I walk to th£ door
I knew it was Adrian, probably look!ng for h¡s Laptop.
Trust me to pretend not to know anyth!ng ab©vt th£ laptop

h£ straightened and came towards me, stalk!ng me like a [email protected]£r would stalk its prey.

“My laptop woman, don’t ₱|@y with me” h£ says angrily hold!ng my shoulders.

“Snookums?” Russel’s voice shattered th£ moment and I [email protected], free!ng myself of Adrian’s hold.
Adrian wore a looked of stunned !ncredulity as h£ raised h¡s h£ad and looked past me, seek!ng th£ source of th£ voice.
“What is go!ng on h£re?” Adrian’s voice was filled with fury as h£ stared at th£ man who had j√$t appeared !n my room.

“Who th£ h£ll are you?” h£ asked

“None of your bus!ness, I don’t know wh£re your laptop is. Now please leave” I replied.

Adrian’s Pov

I was go!ng to kill if someone didn’t start expla!n!ng soon.

“I believe I asked a simple question.”
My gaze stayed fixed on Cel!ne who stood with h£r eyes shut, rubb!ng h£r temple. My eyes f|¡¢ked over h£r tussled hair, th£ flush of color on h£r ch£eks; slid!ng d©wΠ to th£ swell of h£r br£@sts beneath th£ towel, $h£ was wear!ng a fv¢k!ng towel with anoth£r man !n th£ room.
I looked to th£ po!nt wh£re th£ towel ended, reveal!ng creamy, supple sk!n and shapely legs.
Had those legs th£ same ones that had been wr*₱ped @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t while I ₱1ea$vred h£r, had th£y been locked @r0vnd h£r lover’s [email protected]¡$t only a few m!nutes ago?
Had $h£ s¢r**med ©vt th£ bastard’s name as $h£ came?
Th£ possible answer elicited a growl from me. My [email protected] clench!ng !nto fists as I struggled to hold my temper !n ch£ck.
Th£ urge to drive my fist !nto someone’s face was strong with!n me, fury threaten!ng to explode ©vt of ¢©Πtr0|.
My gaze slid over th£ blond haired man , who stood beh!nd Cel!ne.
Th£re was someth!ng ab©vt th£ guy that struck me as vaguely familiar, as though I have seen h¡m somewh£re before, but right now, anger and jealousy took ¢©Πtr0| of my bra!n, render!ng my bra!n !ncapable of process!ng any !nformation oth£r than one simple fact:
Th£ man was !n my wife’s room at n!ne !n th£ even!ng, look!ng like h£’d j√$t stepped ©vt of b£d with my woman.
That was enough to get someone killed, how dare h£.
My gaze m©v£d to a white-faced Cel!ne, stand!ng th£re with h£r eyes closed. $h£ hadn’t answered my question, rath£r h£r l¡ps m©v£d !n silent words as though $h£ were pray!ng or talk!ng to h£rself.
It had better be a prayer because h£ads would roll if I didn’t get some answers right now.


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