Crazy In New York City episode 35


Episode 35

By ๐Ÿ‘‘ Q.M.B ๐Ÿ‘‘

๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’–

Celine’s Pov

I got to my room and banged the door, my anger definitely reaching a new peak.
How dare he try to touch me after using me, and the foolish me was ready to give myself to him.
It’s madness that I still want this guy but I won’t let that stop me from destroying him.
All am waiting for is a perfect cue, a really really perfect cue.
I took my bath and wore my nightie then slipped into the bed covering myself with the duvet.

The next morning I woke up to booming sound coming from down, Adrian was in the gym again.
I got out of my room and head to the gym, he was busy pounding his way on the treadmill.
I sighed annoyingly and switched off the music, he turns his head to look at me and stops the machine.

“What do you want” He breathes out trying to catch his breath.
He looks at me intently and I notice his eyes darkened, I looked down and remembered I was still in my nightie.
My n-pples were pointing out of my dress and Adrian was obviously interested in the view.

“You pervert” I squealed and turned back, putting my hands on my b-obs.
I could feel his gaze burn through my back and it made me only more uncomfortable.

“I didn’t ask you to come down here looking like that” He throws his shirt at me, I pull it down from my head and put it on.
Great, now I smell of Adrian Vandermir.

“You can’t be playing music so loud in the morning, some people are trying to sleep” I stated turning to look at him only for my face to hit his chest, the bastard had been standing so close to my back.
I pushed him back hoping he fell and broke his legs, his hand also if I get lucky.

“I do what I want in my house Celine Greene” He says smirking and gaining his balance.

“I wonder what’s going to happen if I destroy your house” I murmur loud enough for him to hear me.

“What did you say?” He growls but I ignore him and walk upstairs.
I need to go to work.

Adrian’s Pov

I balled my hands into fist , behind me I could hear Celine’s footsteps as she walked away.
A huge part of me wanted to yank her back and finish what we started yesterday,seeing her in the nightie made me crave for her.
It was crazy the way my body responded to her, my need surged within me.
The need to make love to Celine Greene over and over again until I forget I hate her.
Dammit, how can one woman make me lose control every single time , the last time I lost control over a woman was 10 years ago and honestly it wasn’t as intense as this.
I rake my hand in my hair in frustration, I guess this is what lack of sโ‚ฌร— is causing me, I won’t let that little manipulative witch cause me so much.

Mary’s Pov

Shopping when you are pregnant is honestly a big deal am not complaining but God, I wished it was easier.
I threw the groceries in the boot of the car closing it and getting in my car.

“Mary wait” A voice yelled, I looked back to see the source of my condition.
I frowned and looked at him.

“What?” I asked not smiling, he grins looking at my stomach.

“That’s mine right?” He asks pointing at the stomach, he reaches to touch it but I hit his hand hรฆrdly.

“Don’t come near me” I growled angrily, he got angry and pushed me to the car hitting my back in the process.

“That’s my baby, I know it is. Don’t you dare try that stunt of separating a father from his child. If other women are doing it don’t try it”
His eyes were scary, he looked so desperate.

“Let go of me” I scre-med trying to push him away.
He was stronger and gained the upper hand, I spat on him and he moves back.

“Why you bitch” He growls clearing the spittle from his face, he rushes to hit me and I close my eyes in fear.
I was waiting to get hit but instead I saw someone grabbing Fred’s hand.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” He says.

“Let go of me” He grunts and my supposed savior releases me.
Fred walks off angrily.

“Are you okay” He asked and reached for m y shoulders, I moved away and thanked him.
I got in the car and drove away, I looked in the mirror to see him smiling.
I wonder what was amusing, I turned to check my purse and realized it wasn’t in the car, I looked in the mirror and saw him flashing it.

“F-ck” I grunted and pulled over.

Celine’s Pov
I got to work earlier than yesterday, it was a Saturday so I should be expecting a not so good sales, since people hรฆrdly go to work on weekends.
Cordelia hรฆrdly talked to me or scolded me unlike yesterday.
The woman was all over me watching me like a hawk and monitoring my every movement.

“Can I have a strawberry milkshake with grape toppings” A young man who was about Julia’s age asked.
I peaked at him from beneath my lashes, taking in the bulge of his biceps beneath the scrubs suggesting a strict work out regimen and handsome features topped with warm hazel eyes, I had hazel eyes too and this guy looked so familiar.
I got his order and served it to him

“Thanks snookums” He says and smiles. The name snookums rang a bell but men it was so hรฆrd to remember.
I didn’t want to look uneased so I smiled and nod my head.

“You’re welcome but snookums??”

“Well I knew you won’t remember me”
He says and drops the glass on the counter.
I got confused, of course he rang a bell but the bell wasn’t loud enough to recall anything.

“Have we met?” I asked smiling confusingly.

“It’s been 12 years Celine Greene but I would never forget my favorite cousin”
I open my mouth, eyes wยกdened in realization.
I was short of words

“Russell. Russell Greene” I scre-med out happily gaining the attention of the customers.
I ignore them and walk out of the counter jumping and hugging my cousin.
Honestly I can’t believe I was hitting on my cousin minutes ago.
I hugged him warmly and he reciprocated, Cordelia came to disperse us.

“I don’t know what’s going on here but you have customers to attend to”
Russell smiles and brings out his wallet giving the never smiling woman some money.

“Just 10 minutes please”
She frowns accepting the money.

“Be fast about it, customers won’t serve themselves” She says.
He pulls me outside the restaurant and hugs me again.
He looked so different, I was13 years when I last saw him.
He wore glasses and was robust, but now he’s so different.
He hates Julia with so much passion and I really don’t blame him.
He calls her “BWNB” , Julia doesn’t know the meaning but I did, beauty with no brains.
I always get mad when he called her that but he never stopped.

“Look at you Celine, you went from okay to Boom”

“And you, how did you do it. Last time I checked you had no neck”
He frowns but smiles immediately.

“Well you see what you see” He shrugs and stares at me.

“Do you know how popular you are?, I only saw your name in a trending news and I when I searched your name on google. Boom my cousin is on the cover of every news”
I smile and put my hair behind my back, memories of Adrian betrayal hitting me hรฆrd.

“So you are now Celine Vandermir”

“Just call me Celine, so where do you live,where have you been?”

“I stay in California. But I travel around, I have a kid yunno” He says, shoulders high . He was proud of himself, I was too.

“Boy or girl?” I asked.

“A boy, guess what??” He says and I smile halfly.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“He’s your birthday mate Celine, in two weeks time. In advance girl”
I smiled sadly, I never had birthdays, I didn’t even remember them.

“Hey Celine, no sad face when am around, we are going to make that day perfect”

“What’s is his name?”

“Ryan. He’ll be 6 ”

“And his mother?” I noticed how his expression changed but he’s quick enough to cover it with a fake smile

“That’s an old topic, but look at you. You are married to Adrian Vandermir. Honestly I don’t know what you doing here”

“That’s an old topic Russell, tell me? What do you do?”

“Am into computer programming, you can call me a hacker as well”
I chuckle and elbow his side, he grunts faking hurt.

“You still have that” He says rubbing his side.
I smiled and hugged him again, he places his hand on my back.

“Is everything okay Celine?” He asked concerned.

“Sure everything is okay, am just happy I have someone to call family”
I say and sigh happily.

“You know I met this beautiful woman today, danm I almost fell in love”
I smiled and played with his hair, I was going to ask more about her but Cordelia comes out giving me the “tine’s up” look


I laughed happily as Russell got himself busy helping me with the customers, he quickly warmed himself up to the customers especially girls.
Cordelia wasn’t complaining, if anything she was actually happy he was helping out.
He was actually making other staff jealous.
My phone vibrated and I saw a message from Mary.

๐Ÿ—จHave you checked the latest news honey, you know I met that guy today. Funny coincidence

I furrowed my eyebrows and turned on the WiFi, fortunately this restaurant gave us free WiFi.
My notifications kept on coming on and I swiped it away, I saw the last updated news on Black’s blog.
I hate that blog, it’s like they are everywhere.
I clicked on it and read the headlines.

I frowned and placed my palm on my forehead.
I looked at the picture uploaded, it was when I hugged Russell deeply.
These people are mad, they would do anything for money.

“What’s that?” Russell asked.

“Nothing” I replied and got my phone back in my pocket.
I guess Mary was the beautiful woman Russell was talking about, but I know Mary. She’s not ready to give any man a chance.
I thought she’ll settle for Wung Chan but she wasn’t interested a bit.
We closed the restaurant early and Russell offered to drop me home, I didn’t refuse.

“If you drop me home, you’ll have to stop for dinner. Trust me you are going to enjoy it” I said and he chuckles

“No problem” He says and starts the car.

Adrian’s Pov

I stared at the laptop busily, I am having a presentation on Monday and I have to make it perfect.
I have investors from England and this is a one time opportunity to increase my networth.
I have to be humble to please them, its going to be a hรฆrd thing but I have to impress them.
My phone rings and it was my secretary.

๐Ÿ“žSpeak๐Ÿ“ž I ordered blankly

๐Ÿ“žSir I got the files ready, am at the estate’s gate๐Ÿ“ž

๐Ÿ“žOkay I’ll be there in five๐Ÿ“ž
I got my car keys and saved the presentation I already worked on, if anything happens to it, its going to be a disaster and I can’t risk that.

Celine’s Pov

Ws reached the mansion and at first Simon refused to let Russell in but I convinced him to.
We walked in,side and I noticed Adrian’s laptop was on.
I wonder where the beast was, a new mail notification popped up and I idly clicked on it, curious to know it’s content.
As I read , my mind slowly devised a plan and I grinned in satisfaction.
I looked at Russell who was blown away by the mansion, he couldn’t stop shouting Wow and Omg.
I clicked on the private files and saw the presentation he had for Monday.
I smirked and deleted everything permanently.

“Can you help me do something Russell” I asked bringing him out of the world he was lost in.

“Sure, what’s that?” He asked.
I bought out my phone and went to the trash folder.
Pictures of Adrian and I together, I deleted them but not permanently.
I gave him the phone and he looks at it.

“I want you to upload this pictures to the folder can you do it?” I asked.

“Sure but it’s going to take time”
I didn’t know where Adrian was but I was ready to risk it.
I can’t wait for the look on his face when he sees the photos instead of a presentation.

“Let’s take it to my room, I don’t want someone to find you here working with his laptop. He might kill you”

“What are you up to? Celine. Why do you want me to upload this pictures” He asks.
I giggle and take the laptop upstairs, he follows me.
He gets busy with his work while I walk to the bathroom to take a bath.
I was fully undressed when I heard a furious knock on the door.
I grab a towel and wrap it on my body, I walk to the door
I knew it was Adrian, probably looking for his Laptop.
Trust me to pretend not to know anything about the laptop

He straightened and came towards me, stalking me like a p-nther would stalk its prey.

“My laptop woman, don’t play with me” He says angrily holding my shoulders.

“Snookums?” Russel’s voice shattered the moment and I gasped, freeing myself of Adrian’s hold.
Adrian wore a looked of stunned incredulity as he raised his head and looked past me, seeking the source of the voice.
“What is going on here?” Adrian’s voice was filled with fury as he stared at the man who had just appeared in my room.

“Who the hell are you?” He asked

“None of your business, I don’t know where your laptop is. Now please leave” I replied.

Adrian’s Pov

I was going to kill if someone didn’t start explaining soon.

“I believe I asked a simple question.”
My gaze stayed fixed on Celine who stood with her eyes shut, rubbing her temple. My eyes flicked over her tussled hair, the flush of color on her cheeks; sliding down to the swell of her br-asts beneath the towel, she was wearing a f-cking towel with another man in the room.
I looked to the point where the towel ended, revealing creamy, supple skin and shapely legs.
Had those legs the same ones that had been wrapped around my wa-ist while I pleasured her, had they been locked around her lover’s wa-ist only a few minutes ago?
Had she scre-med out the bastard’s name as she came?
The possible answer elicited a growl from me. My hands clenching into fists as I struggled to hold my temper in check.
The urge to drive my fist into someone’s face was strong within me, fury threatening to explode out of control.
My gaze slid over the blond haired man , who stood behind Celine.
There was something about the guy that struck me as vaguely familiar, as though I have seen him somewhere before, but right now, anger and jealousy took control of my brain, rendering my brain incapable of processing any information other than one simple fact:
The man was in my wife’s room at nine in the evening, looking like he’d just stepped out of bed with my woman.
That was enough to get someone killed, how dare he.
My gaze moved to a white-faced Celine, standing there with her eyes closed. She hadn’t answered my question, rather her l-ips moved in silent words as though she were praying or talking to herself.
It had better be a prayer because heads would roll if I didn’t get some answers right now.