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Crazy In New York City episode 36

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Episode 36

By 👑 Q.M.B 👑

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Cel!ne’s Pov
I was s¢ar£d, not s¢ar£d for myself but for Russell and Adrian, Adrian looked like h£ was ready to b**t Russell up and I know Russell never to [email protected]¢k d©wΠ from a fight. I have to stop th¡s madness now.

“Adrian it’s not what you th!nk” I say softly hop!ng to break th£ walls of anger that surrounded h¡m but that wasn’t enough to water th£ fire that was arous!ng !n h¡m.

“Well I’ll be damned” Russell says com!ng forward, I hope h£ doesn’t try anyth!ng foolish.
h£ ignores h¡m and bores h¡s eyes !nto m!ne, silently !nform!ng me of h¡s dis₱1ea$vre.

“Well expla!n now” h£ roared.
I bristled at h¡s command!ng tone, what right did h£ have to barge !nto my room even after mak!ng it clear that h£ doesn’t have any exist!ng feel!ngs for me and demand an explanation for obviously what is not h¡s bus!ness.

“Well it is h¡s bus!ness, remember h£’s your husband” my subconscious sh°t at me clearly rem!nd!ng me Adrian had a right over me.

“$h£ doesn’t owe you any explanation” Russell growled from beh!nd me, com!ng close to place h¡s [email protected] on my shoulders.
I s√¢ked !n my breath !n dread watch!ng as Adrian’s gaze m©v£d d©wΠ to rest on Russell’s [email protected] on my shoulder. A low growl sounded from h¡s throat and h£ takes a step forward, [email protected] clench£d !nto fist.

“Get your fv¢k!ng [email protected] off h£r” h£ orders.

“Adrian!” I [email protected], stunned at th£ vicious lash of h¡s words.

“It’s not what you th!nk, Russell is…..”

“Mad as h£ll and ready to b**t some s£nse !nto you” Russell !nterrupts, eyes gl!nt!ng !n anger. h¡s [email protected] on my shoulder t!ghtened tell!ng Adrian h£ wasn’t s¢ar£d of h¡m.

“And h£re I was hop!ng for a quiet even!ng !n b£d” Russell states, Adrian took those words to anoth£r mean!ng. it sounded like a taunt and challenge, I knew th£ game Russell was ₱|@y!ng at. h£ was try!ng to make Adrian Jealous, I appreciate h¡s effort but honestly I don’t want a fight.

Adrian’s Pov
Adrenal!ne fueled by anger pumped through my ve!ns. It had been a long time s!nce I engaged !n a physical fight, it’s been a while s!nce someone had been a fool enough to cross my territory and take what belongs to me. Th£ long!ng to smash my fist !nto th£ bastard’s teeth was so bad I had to keep myself !n ch£ck.
I needed a confirmation from Cel!ne, wanted to h£ar h£r admit $h£ has taken a lover despite be!ng married to me.

“Russell please can you stay off for now” Cel!ne tells h£r lover.
So h¡s name is Russell, that would h£lp a lot wh£n am shov!ng h¡s shoes through h¡s throat.
h£ shrugs , not tak!ng h¡s [email protected] off Cel!ne.

“You’d better leave now dude.”Russell states, Th£ words came ©vt shrouded !n ice.

“I don’t know what you came h£re for, but you’re not welcome.” h£ cont!nues

“Russell” Er!n shrieked at h¡m.

“That’s enough.” $h£ cont!nues

“Oh no sweetb¡t£s let h¡m cont!nue by all means.” I cut !n, my tone quiet.

“I’d like to h£ar what h£ has to say before I kill h¡m.”
h£r eyes f|¡¢kered over to me and I could see th£ fury !n th£ir depths. Idly, I wondered who $h£ was furious at, me for !nterrupt!ng th£ir lovers tryst or at Russell for admitt!ng th£ truth. Eith£r way, I didn’t give a shit.

“Adrian…” Cel!ne took a deep breath and turned towards me.

“Look, you’re gett!ng th£ wrong impression h£re.” $h£ sh°t Russell an angry glare.

“Russell doesn’t mean what h£’s say!ng…”

“I mean every word.” Russell growled from beh!nd h£r.

“I know who h£ is Cel!ne and I don’t ¢ar£”

I chuckled, th£ sound humorless and deadly at th£ same time.

“Oh so you know who I am?” I took a s1©w deliberate step forward.

“That’s good…that’s very good. That will h£lp a lot wh£n I s£nd you to h£ll.”

“Are you threaten!ng me?” Russell’s ch!n went up !n challenge.

“Cos I gotta warn you buddy, that’s a mistake you don’t want to make.” h£ tells me not !n any threatened.

Cel!ne’s Pov

I planted h£rself b£tweeΠ th£ two men, glar!ng up at th£ two tower!ng hulks of s£nseless testosterone, I felt like a dwarf, my five feet frame sandwich£d b£tweeΠ two men, each one well over six feet and solidly built.

“Stop th¡s right now! You two are act!ng like idiots for h£aven’s sakes.” I h¡ssed, teeth clench£d !n an effort to stop from s¢r**m!ng, or hitt!ng both men !n th£ jaw whatever was needed to stop th¡s madness.
Adrian’s look s£nt chills of cold fear runn!ng d©wΠ my sp!ne.

“You should tell your ‘boyfriend’ to [email protected]¢k off Sweetb¡t£s.” h¡s mock!ng gaze swept over my b©dy, m©vth twisted !n a sardonic smile.

“That is if h£ wants to cont!nue exist!ng on th¡s earth. Not that I’m averse to wr!ng!ng h¡s scrawny neck for dar!ng to take what does not belong to h¡m.”

“Oh for h£aven’s sake.” h¡s words only served to !nfuriate me.

“Th¡s is ridiculous, you don’t even understand what’s go!ng on but you’re already jump!ng to conclusions.”

“Jump!ng to conclusions?” h£ h¡ssed, glar!ng d©wΠ at me.

“What th£ fv¢k am I supposed to th!nk wh£n you answer th£ door look!ng like…that.” h£ gestured towards th£ towel still wr*₱ped @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t.

“And th£n that idiot strolls ©vt beh!nd you seconds later?”

“I’d watch my t0Πge if I were you buddy.” Russell took anoth£r menac!ng step forward stepp!ng @r0vnd me and plant!ng h¡mself squarely !n Adrian’s face. Th£ two men were th£ same h£ight, with Adrian slightly taller by an !nch.
Adrian stared at Russell for a moment, h¡s jaw twitch!ng.

“Get ©vt of my face ‘buddy’.” Adrian snarled, flex!ng h¡s shoulder mucsles. ”

You have exactly three seconds to do so before I stuff your face with my fist.” Russell gr!nned, and swung.
A s¢r**m was torn from my throat as I watch£d th£ scene before h£r. Obviously expect!ng th£ attack, Adrian m©v£d with a speed that belied h¡s h£ight.
Russell’s b!0w went wild, catch!ng h¡m of balance, th£ unexpected momentum caus!ng h¡m to stumble forward.
Adrian’s fist cra$h£d !nto Russell’s face, th£ sicken!ng crunch of bone m!ngl!ng with my s¢r**ms.
Th£ force of th£ hit s£nt Russell crash!ng [email protected]¢kwards, land!ng h£avily on th£ ground !n a splatter of blood and gore.

“Russell!” I s¢r**med horrified at see!ng so much blood, I ru$h£d towards wh£re my cous!n [email protected] I sank to my knees, reach!ng ©vt to gath£r h¡m !n my arms.
Russell [email protected] and sat up, brush!ng me aside impatiently.
h¡s nose was a bloodied mess, blood dripp!ng d©wΠ over h¡s m©vth and ch!n. Still h£ looked furious, glar!ng up at Adrian.

“Are you alright?” I fussed over Russell panic and worry clash!ng with!n me.
How had th!ngs managed to get so ©vt of [email protected]?.
What th£ h£ll had possessed Adrian to hit my cous!n like that?

“Am f!ne.” Russell raised a [email protected] to touch h¡s broken nose, w!nc!ng at th£ bolt of pa!n that sh°t through h¡m.

I glared up at Adrian who stood, feet wide apart watch!ng us dispa$$ionately.
“Are you [email protected]!$fied?” I h¡ssed, hat!ng h¡m at that moment with every fibre of my be!ng.
h£ looked contrite, runn!ng a [email protected] through h¡s hair and blew ©vt a breath.

“Cel!ne…” h£ started with

“Save it! I don’t want to h£ar anyth!ng you have to say.”
I h£lped Russell to h¡s feet, slid!ng an arm @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t to hold h¡m up.

“You’re an a$$h0l£ Adrian, always have and always will be and I want noth!ng to do with you.

Adrian’s Pov

See!ng Cel!ne so concerned for h£r lover broke me !n ways I couldn’t imag!ne. It felt like I lost.
I thought to apologize even though th£ fury burn!ng !n me had oth£r th!ngs !n m!nd.

“Look Cel!ne h£ hit me first okay, I defended myself”
$h£ scoffs mock!ngly.

“h£’s my cous!n okay, h£ was only watch!ng ©vt for me. Maybe you didn’t notice but th£ both of us look almost alike but your ego won’t let you see that”
It dawned on me and I figured ©vt why h£ looked familiar, h£ looked like Julia and h£ had th£ same eyes with Cel!ne.
fv¢k I messed up big time.

“Am so…”

“j√$t leave” $h£ says blankly.

Cel!ne’s Pov
I was angry at h¡m, boil!ng mad for act!ng like a damn Neanderthal and caus!ng all th¡s trouble. I was angry at h¡s double standards, because I clearly remembered h¡s words after stand!ng me up at th£ altar.

On th£ oth£r [email protected], I was pissed at my cous!n for mak!ng th!ngs worse.
Determ!ned to give h¡m a piece of my m!nd, I march£d [email protected]¢k to th£ room wh£re h£ [email protected] on th£ couch, [email protected]!ng !n pa!n.

“What were you ₱|@y!ng at Russel?” I demanded, thrv$t!ng th£ bag of frozen peas at h¡m.

“I should be ask!ng you th£ same damn question.” Russell retorted sitt!ng up to level a glare at me.

“That man had no right to talk to you like that, what’s wrong with your Marital status”

My face flamed !n embarra$$ment but i simply crossed my arms over my ch£st and returned th£ glare.

“None of your bus!ness Russell”
Russell snorted, press!ng th£ bag to h¡s nose.

“Gimme a break Cel!ne.”
I set my jaw stubbornly.

“It is my bus!ness and you had no right to !nterfere.”

“It is my bus!ness wh£n my cous!n decides to !nvolve h£rself !n someth!ng stupid.” Russell rose from th£ couch, one [email protected] clutch!ng th£ bag to h¡s nose and th£ oth£r clos!ng th£ laptop.
“You know what? Maybe you should leave too.” I snapped, my patience at an end.

“I don’t need a lecture on my love life from you – not tonight anyways.”
A muscle ticked !n h¡s neck as h£ regarded me !n stunned silence.
“You’re throw!ng me ©vt?”

“No, I j√$t need to be alone right now Russell.” I wr*₱ped my arms @r0vnd my b©dy and studied th£ cream rug under my feet.


“Look Cel!ne,” h£ came to stand before me, h¡s expression gentle and sympath£tic.

“I’ll admit I over-reacted j√$t now, but you have got to understand I’m only look!ng ©vt for my little cous!n.”
I raised my eyes to h¡s.

“I’m not little anym©r£ Russell I am capable of mak!ng my own decisions. F!ne, I will admit Adrian and I are not happily married but I can sort th!ngs ©vt myself.”

“I know…” h£ set d©wΠ th£ bag, raked h¡s damp [email protected] through h¡s hair.

“I guess I owe you anoth£r apology.” h£ says giv!ng me a sorry look.
I sigh deeply and look at th£ wall clock.

“It’s late anyways, you can sleep on th£ couch. And forget ab©vt that d!nner. Th£ b**t!ng you ate tonight is your d!nner” h£ chuckles.

“Aye aye capta!n, am done with your laptop anyways” h£ says and [email protected] it to me.

Two hours later, I [email protected] !n my b£d wide awake, my m!nd ₱|@y!ng [email protected]¢k th£ events of only a few hours ago.
It still seemed surreal, still felt as though th£ fight had j√$t been a figment of my imag!nation – someth!ng my tired m!nd had conjured up.
Still, th£ sound of Russel’s snores com!ng from th£ couch told me th£ events had been very real.
I sigh£d, ris!ng up to punch my pillow !nto shape. What had driven Adrian to hit ©vt at Russell.
Sure, I knew my cous!n had goaded h¡m, but why was h£ act!ng so damn possessive towards me.

So many questions with no answers.
Th£ digital clock on my nightstand beeped, signal!ng th£ hour. A quick glance at it told me it was well past mid-night and still sleep had des**ted me. I needed closure, a way to get at th£ answers and I knew a way.
With a determ!ned sigh I fl¡pped [email protected]¢k th£ covers and slid ©vt of b£d, padd!ng barefoot to th£ closet. I sl¡pped !nto faded jeans over th£ t-shirt, slid!ng my feet !nto a pair of low sandals and h£aded for th£ door. ¢ar£ful to keep my m©v£ments light so as not to wake Russell, even though h£ had taken some pa!nkillers that would knock an elephant ©vt. Still, I couldn’t take th£ chance that h£’d wake up.
I sneaked to Adrian’s room and knocked on h¡s door, h£ opens it almost immediately like h£ was expect!ng me.

“Cel!ne” h£ said blankly and let me !n, th£ look on h¡s face was different from th£ one h£ always had on.
h£ offered me a seat on h¡s long arm chair.
Tonight h£ looked calm and sorry, a part of me felt bad for delet!ng h¡s pres£ntation.
h£ abs£ntly rubb£d at h¡s knuckle w!nc!ng !n pa!n. I [email protected] at th£ sight of th£ bruised red f|£$h, with©vt th!nk!ng I scooted to th£ oth£r side of th£ seat reach!ng ©vt to grasp h¡s arm.
h£ stiffened but let me touch h¡m, h¡s sk!n h°t to touch.

“You should put some ice on it, it’ll h£lp with th£ swell!ng”

“Am sorry Cel!ne, I deeply am” h£ apologized.
What was h£ sorry for, us!ng me or hitt!ng Russell.
I opened my m©vth but only air could come ©vt, I was short of words.
I stared at h¡m, I read h¡s eyes and I felt like h£ meant every word.
Still star!ng at each oth£r, Adrian cupped my ch!n rais!ng my l¡ps to h¡s , tak!ng my m©vth !n a soul shatter!ng klzz.
My core throbb£d for h¡m and I [email protected] ©vt wh£n h£ grabb£d my hips.
I stopped h¡m, th£ denial com!ng ©vt weak.
I ₱v||ed away from h¡m, ₱v||!ng th£ strand of hair [email protected]||!ng on my face beh!nd my [email protected]¢k.

“I need to go” I said and left.
I shut th£ door lightly and [email protected] ©vt, it gets [email protected] every day. I j√$t want to stop lov!ng th£ man that causes me so much pa!n.

Adrian’s Pov

I was happy, happy that th£ guy was h£r cous!n not h£r lover but I was angry with myself for b!0w!ng th!ngs ©vt of proportion.
I need to apologize to h£r properly, h£r cous!n had left already leav!ng both of us alone !n th£ mansion.
I have never apologized to a woman before so it’s go!ng to be [email protected]
Only one person can h£lp me now but we stopped talk!ng s!nce th£ day I threw Cel!ne ©vt of my office.
I opened my laptop which was lie!ng on th£ table.
I thought of s£nd!ng Romeo a message but decided to call h¡m.
I called h¡m thrice before h£ f!nally picked th£ call.

📞What📞 h£ says blankly.
I chuckle and I notice th£ blood sta!n on th£ laptop, which meant someone had touch£d it probably tampered with it.
My calm expression changed and I end th£ call immediately.
I only pray th£ person didn’t tamper with th£ important stuff on th£ laptop.
I c|¡¢ked on th£ private files and my confused expression changed to an angry one.
My pres£ntation was gone to be replaced with pictures of Cel!ne and I.

“CEL!nE!!!!!” I roared angrily almost br!ng!ng th£ house d©wΠ


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