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Crazy In New York City episode 39

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Episode 39

By 👑 Q.M.B 👑

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Cel!ne’s Pov
I took th£ third pill that afternoon and laid my h£ad on th£ soft pillow, I exhaled deeply and looked at Mary, Er!n and Russell gratefvlly.
I really appreciated th£m look!ng after me.

“We should leave you to rest” Er!n said and patted my shoulder. $h£ walked ©vt with Russell but Mary stayed.

“You know…” $h£ stops and ₱v||s th£ wooden chair closer.

“Adrian has been watch!ng you for th£ past two days. h£ [email protected] slept and didn’t even go to work” A part of me wanted to be happy but it was Adrian Vandermir, th£ man who does th£ unpredictable.

“h£’s j√$t be!ng a human. Noth!ng special” I said ₱|@y!ng with my f!ng£rs.
Mary chuckles and puts h£r [email protected] on my arm.

“I know you have a bad past with Adrian and I am not say!ng th£ guy loves you, am j√$t lett!ng you know what h£ did”

$h£ stands up and leaves shutt!ng th£ door beh!nd h£r.

Adrian’s Pov
I looked at th£ perfect creation I made on Fred’s face, th£ poor guy already pa$$ed ©vt.

“Dude I th!nk that’s enough, you canceled h¡s h£ad like 6 times, cut four of h¡s f!ng£rs and h£ already admitted to be th£ one !n th£ video, th£ police would soon be h£re”
I agreed with Romeo, do!ng any m©r£ damage to th£ guy will kill h¡m, I don’t take lifes. Death is th£ most easy punishment you can give any one.

We drove home and Romeo takes one look at Cel!ne before leav!ng, Mary and Russell left m!nutes later but Mom stayed beh!nd.
I walked !n my room wh£re $h£ laid, $h£ opened h£r eyes immediately I touch£d h£r feet.
$h£ m©v£s away from me immediately and I felt $h£ was s¢ar£d of me.

“Are you awake?” I asked.

“No I came to buy muff!ns for my dreams, am still go!ng [email protected]¢k” $h£ replied earn!ng a chuckle from me.

“I deserved that, how do you feel”

“Like I got ran over by a bull dozer” $h£ replied.
I sat on th£ b£d,not know!ng what to do next I decided to wait.
I was determ!ned to protect h£r
I won’t fail h£r aga!n
I’ll tell h£r special $h£ is, I’ll make h£r realize how much I need h£r, !n th¡s life and th£ next.

“How’s Fred??” $h£ asked. I fake a smile and rub h£r hair.

“!n a world h£ wi$h£d h£ never was” I replied and $h£ chuckles nodd!ng h£r h£ad.

“You don’t have to pretend Adrian” $h£ says and I look at h£r stunned.

“What are you talk!ng ab©vt?” I asked.

“You car!ng for me and act!ng all lov!ng with me, you’ve given mary th£ wrong vibe already. Am not say!ng am not grateful for everyth!ng you’ve done, but you don’t have to act aga!n” $h£ tells me remov!ng my [email protected] from h£r hair.
I need to let h£r know I wasn’t pretend!ng, I really ¢ar£d for h£r.

“I really do ¢ar£ for you Cel!ne, I know have been a jerk but am ready to make th!ngs right”
$h£ fakes a smile and sits up, $h£ w!nces !n pa!n and I become alarmed .

“Tell me wh£re does it hurt Cel!ne” I asked and $h£ laughs mock!ngly.

“All th¡s pa!n is noth!ng compared to th£ one you caused me Adrian, th¡s pa!n would go but my broken h£art would still be th£re”

“Th£n let me mend it for you”

“With lies” $h£ replies and stands up, h£r legs were not balance, I tried h£lp!ng h£r but $h£ raises h£r palm at me.

“You’ve done enough, I can manage” $h£ says and walks to th£ bathroom.
I sat on th£ b£d and waited for h£r.

“Can I borrow your top” $h£ yells from th£ toilet.

“Sure what’s m!ne is yours” I replied.

“How Ch£eky” $h£ yells [email protected]¢k, I scoff and chuckle.
$h£ walks ©vt of th£ bathroom with my top which covered h£r th¡ghs a good amount.
Even !n h£r condition $h£ still looked !ncredible. h£r b©dy although th!n still looked enchant!ng and curvy. My imag!nation would run wild if I wasn’t ¢ar£ful.

“Stop look!ng at me like that” $h£ snapped at me. $h£ puts th£ strand of hair that was [email protected]||!ng on h£r face beh!nd h£r ear.
h£r steps were still unbalanced and $h£ almost tripped but I got h£r, $h£ gets up and ₱u$h£s me [email protected]¢k. Th£ force of th£ ₱ush wasn’t much but I still fell because I wasn’t expect!ng it.

“I told you I can take ¢ar£ of myself” $h£ snaps at me and h£ads to leave th£ room. I ₱v|| h£r [email protected]¢k and look !n h£r eyes.

“I can’t let you go Cel!ne” I stated. $h£ makes a sorry face and takes my [email protected] off h£rs.

“Am hungry, am not go!ng anywh£re” $h£ replies.
I chuckle and h£ave a sigh of relief, I run my [email protected] through my hair.
I looked at my phone and saw th£ several missed calls from Clara.
I know we lost th£ contract and honestly I didn’t ¢ar£.

I walked d©wΠstairs and met Cel!ne ch£w!ng on mom’s chocolate syrup pancakes.
$h£ was enjoy!ng it and I chuckled at how cute $h£ looked.

“Mmmmhhhh Er!n, I swear th¡s gets better each b¡t£” $h£ [email protected] ©vt. I got a [email protected] on from j√$t h£ar!ng that.
Mom gr!nned look!ng pleased

“Am glad you feel that way. I dug th£ recipe from an onl!ne site and added a little touch to it”

“It’s really good” Cel!ne popped th£ rest !n h£r m©vth and ch£wed !n bliss for a few m!nutes.
I walked to th£m and Mom saw I was dressed.

“Are you go!ng ©vt?” $h£ asked and I nodded.

“I haven’t been !n th£ office for a while, I need to know what’s go!ng on”

“Okay, you are right I’ll be with Cel!ne, so you don’t have to worry” Mom a$$ured. I reach£d my m©vth to klzz Cel!ne’s ch£ek but $h£ m©v£d h£r h£ad away.
I p©vted and klzzed h£r shoulders, Mom noticed th¡s but didn’t say anyth!ng.
I drove to work and began with th£ endless amount of files to go through.
I needed a temporary secretary s!nce Clara was go!ng on maternity leave. I wonder why everyone’s gett!ng pregnant
It’s like it’s th£ season or someth!ng, my m!nd drifted to Cel!ne.
A picture of h£r with a baby bump comes up but I shake it away immediately it comes up.

“Clara have you found a replacement yet” I asked my secretary.

“Not yet sir, I have narrowed d©wΠ th£ applicants but still th£y don’t have enough experience” $h£ exasperated runn!ng h£r [email protected] through h£r blonde hair.

“We only have a few weeks until am on leave. Th£ due date is two months after that and I can’t really ₱ush my time off [email protected]¢k any furth£r than I have”

“We’ll sort someth!ng ©vt” I said and closed th£ file on my [email protected]

“Sir ab©vt th£ England !nvestors”

“I know I messed up, I’ll apologize wh£n I have th£ time”

“I was able to conv!nce th£m to resch£dule, th£y’ll be h£re on Friday”

“Really” I said excited.

“Yes sir”

“Good job Clara”

“Thank you sir”

“Keep look!ng through th£ applicants. If you still can’t f!nd someth!ng suitable th£n let me know”

“Yes sir” $h£ nodded

“Clara can I talk to you, like a broth£r to a sister not a boss to h¡s employee”
$h£ was taken [email protected]¢k at first but rega!ned h£r composure.

“Sure why not” $h£ says and takes h£r seat.

“Am an a$$” I muttered under my breath and saw h£r l¡ps quirk !n suppressed amusement.

“Okay” Clara said, humor lac!ng h£r voice.

“Why do you th!nk so Sir” I frown at h£r.

“Am sorry, Why do you th!nk so Adrian”
I filled h£r !n th£ details of my actions for th£ past 7 months. To my credit $h£ listened !n silence, h£r face devoid of accusation. Wh£n I f!ni$h£d $h£ sigh£d and smiled.

“If you truly ¢ar£ for h£r th£n prove it. Trust on th¡s Adrian, you don’t have to rush it because if you do $h£’ll th!nk your feel!ngs change because Fred who’s a jerk by th£ way b**t h£r up”

“Yeah shit” I pa$$ed a [email protected] over my face, frustrated before belief.

“Cel!ne may never believe me, not after I acted like an a$$ h0l£ for so long”

“Th£re’s that possibility” Clara agreed and my h£art sank.

“But if Cel!ne truly loves you $h£ might reconsider and forgive you”

“So, I j√$t have to ₱|@y th£ wait!ng game?” I muttered, not happy ab©vt that, but if wait!ng was what it took to get Cel!ne, h£ll I would wait.

“Forget games Adrian” Clara scowled,

“No woman wants to h£ar h£r affections describ£d as a game or whatever, it’s demean!ng and $h£’ll never take you seriously.”

At my contrite expression, h£r face relaxed !nto a smile.

“If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”

“Thank you Clara” I said thankfvlly
Th£ day wore on and I went to different meet!ngs . A few of th£m were for recent !nternal affairs and HR issues that were tak!ng longer to resolve.
Only th!ng was on my m!nd through©vt th¡s, make it up to Cel!ne.

It’s been three days and I haven’t been able to talk to Cel!ne, $h£ goes to work so early and wh£n $h£ comes [email protected]¢k $h£ locks h£rself !n th£ room. I try talk!ng to h£r but $h£ refuses to listen to me, I deserved all th¡s.
I dialed h£r number 26 times before $h£ f!nally picked th£ call.

📞Am busy Adrian📞

📞Can I ask my wife on a date📞

📞Am not go!ng anywh£re with you📞

📞You don’t have to, we’ll have th£ date at home. I j√$t want to show you how much I need you📞
I h£ar h£r sigh before reply!ng

📞F!ne, 📞
I straightened th£ cutlery on th£ table for th£ thousandth time, and cast one quick glance at my ©vtfit, hop!ng th£ black slacks and light blue shirt with rolled up sleeves wasn’t too overdressed.
I felt as nervous as a school girl on h£r first date, and I s£nt up a quick prayer for everyth!ng to go smoothly. Th¡s was my one chance to w!n Cel!ne Vandermir and if I screwed it up….shit…I didn’t even want to th!nk ab©vt that.
I crossed to th£ kitch£n and ch£cked th£ oven, [email protected]!$fied at th£ results at th£ golden brown colour of my ma!n dish.
Dess**t looked good too…at least I hoped so.
Promptly at eight, my bell rang, after a quick last m!nute ch£ck, I crossed to open th£ door with a welcom!ng smile…
I took one look at Cel!ne, that h°t b©dy encased !n a black $h£ath that hugged every curve to perfection, hair loose and hang!ng @r0vnd h£r shoulders !n soft, silky waves that made me want to bury my [email protected] !n its ma$$….highlight!ng th£ h£althy glow of h£r sk!n.
I swallowed, every good !ntention I’d had flee!ng for th£ hills and I had to drag my gaze up to h£r face, tak!ng ¢©Πtr0| of my wayward thoughts.

“Hi, I’m not too early?”
I tried to speak but my t0Πge seemed to be glued to th£ roof of my m©vth. God! it felt so damn good j√$t to look at h£r, I never wanted to m©v£ from th£ door.

“You look amaz!ng Cel!ne. Come !n…excuse my poor manners.” I stepped aside to let h£r pa$$, th£ scent of h£r perfume, churn!ng butterflies !n my stomach. Christ on a stick! I [email protected] !nwardly as I shut th£ door and guided h£r to th£ liv!ng room, even though we lived togeth£r, I still wanted to treat h£r like we were on a date.
Keep!ng my [email protected] off h£r was go!ng to take superhuman effort.
$h£ took !n th£ ¢ar£fvlly set table for two, h£r gaze l!nger!ng on th£ yellow roses I used as a centrepiece and th£ bottle of w!ne rest!ng !n its ice bucket.

“Wow! You did all th¡s? I’m impressed.” $h£ listened for a moment, h£ad c*cked to one side as $h£ listened to th£ soft stra!ns of Mark Schultz s!ng!ng One thousand miles

“Oh! I love th¡s song! Nice choice.”

I guided h£r to th£ table, ₱v||!ng ©vt a chair for h£r.
I picked up th£ bottle of red w!ne and opened it, ₱0ur!ng !nto two gla$$es, which I offered one to h£r.
$h£ took a sip, and smiled !n appreciation.

“So what’s for d!nner, did Simon cook for you”
I snorted !n mock offense

“I’ll have you know Mademoiselle Vandermir, that you’re look!ng at one of th£ best ch£fs !n th£ state, arguably th£ best look!ng one too.”
$h£ giggles, eyes flash!ng !n mirth at my impersonation of an ©vtraged ch£f.

“My apologies, Monsieur, I had no idea you were so accompli$h£d.”I gr!nned and slid !nto my seat.

“You can thank my mum for that, $h£ made sure us I learned th£ f!ne art of cook!ng before I turned eighteen…no exceptions.”

” Th£ food smells great by th£ way.” Cel!ne paused to !nhale appreciatively,

“what are you mak!ng?”

“I thought we’d start with Caesar salad, with my moth£r’s world famous dress!ng, th£n chicken tetrazz!ni for th£ ma!n course…dess**t is a surprise. ” I replied and chuckled wh£n $h£ looked impressed.

“You might want to try it first before prais!ng my talents, I j√$t might end up poison!ng us both…”
Th£ buzzer sounded, signall!ng that d!nner was ready.

“I’ll be right [email protected]¢k.” I said, ₱ush!ng to my feet and h£ad!ng for th£ kitch£n.

“Need any h£lp?” Cel!ne asked, already gett!ng to h£r feet, but I waved h£r [email protected]¢k, a$$ur!ng h£r I could manage.
Th£ food turned ©vt even better than I had hoped consider!ng th£ fact that I hadn’t cooked !n years. I thought !n [email protected]!$faction, watch!ng as Cel!ne took a b¡t£ and [email protected] !n appreciation.

“Oh my God!” $h£ exclaimed b£tweeΠ forkfuls.

“Th¡s is amaz!ng Adrian….seriously. You’re amaz!ng.”
I tried th£ food, and sigh£d !n relief, mak!ng a mental note to get my moth£r someth!ng special for teach!ng me how to cook, a skill I had thought useless until now.

“It’s okay, I guess.” I said !n false modesty, pump!ng a victory fist under th£ table.
My wife studied me underneath h£r la$h£s, not fooled for one moment.

“I won’t m!nd if you decide to do a jig round th£ room, you know.”
I sh°t h£r a scandalized look.

“I don’t do ‘jigs'” I muttered, po!nt!ng at h£r with h¡s fork.
Through th£ meal, we kept up a steady stream of conversation, I was ¢ar£ful to keep th£ conversation away from ‘complications’.
I found ©vt Cel!ne had no favourite colors, but detested purple and p!nk, $h£ was a s√¢ker for romance comedies and h¡storical romance books, adored Ed $h£eran, Sia and Adam Lev!ne, all th!ngs chocolate, $h£ didn’t talk ab©vt h£r family which I understood.
$h£ was !n raptures over my special dess**t – melted dark chocolate ₱0ured over fresh strawberries with th£ option of whipped cream, and I nearly killed myself watch!ng as $h£ |¡¢ked th£ chocolate off th£ strawberries first before popp!ng it !n h£r m©vth, unaware of how much h£r actions, affected my resolve to not throw myself at h£r.
After d!nner, I m©v£d th£m to th£ kitch£n, aga!n decl!n!ng h£r offer to h£lp me tidy up, and refilled h£r w!ne gla$$, sitt!ng next to h£r on th£ couch and raised th£ volume on th£ song. For th£ next few m!nutes, th£ topic centred @r0vnd music and I discovered we had similar tastes. Halfway through th£ conversation, Cel!ne turned slightly, so $h£ could place h£r h£ad on th£ arm of th£ couch, and $h£ stretch£d h£r legs, feet rest!ng on my lap – $h£’d long s!nce taken off h£r stilettos, and th£ sight of h£r bare feet, made me [email protected] as h£ll.

“I th!nk I’ve drunk too much w!ne.” Cel!ne murmured, d©wΠ!ng h£r fifth gla$$. $h£ didn’t sound too concerned though, rath£r th£ opposite as $h£ shut h£r eyes and hummed along to th£ Goo Goo Dolls’ song ‘Iris’. $h£ wriggled h£r feet, and I swallowed, punish!ng myself by ma$$ag!ng h£r toes earn!ng me a blissful sigh.

“Mmmmm…That feels good.” $h£ breath£d, as my [email protected] gently kneaded th£ ball of h£r left foot.

“Don’t stop please.”

“I won’t.” I a$$ured h£r, my voice betray!ng no sign of th£ battle that raged |ns!de.
₱ush!ng [email protected]¢k my own rag!ng need, I concentrated on my task, th£ feel of h£r silky sk!n beneath my [email protected] and th£ little [email protected] of delight $h£ uttered, pure h£aven to my s£nses. My gaze slid to h£r face, eyes closed, l¡ps parted as $h£ revelled !n my m!nistrations, h£r entire b©dy languid and relaxed and I felt strangely content, know!ng Cel!ne was comfortable with me once aga!n.
I ¢ar£ssed h£r ch£eks, and $h£ leaned !nto my touch.

“Adrian why are you do!ng all th¡s?” $h£ asked, h£r voice almost a wh¡sper.

” Because I need you Cel!ne I know I don’t deserve to have you even look at me, but you’re h£re and I promise you th¡s…I will spend th£ rest of my life try!ng to make it up to you, I give you my word.”
A tear slid d©wΠ h£r ch£ek, and I gently bru$h£d it away with my thumb, my h£art twist!ng to see h£r hurt!ng because of me.

“I’m so sorry Baby, please don’t cry.”
$h£ shook h£r h£ad and leaned away from me sw!ng!ng h£r legs off th£ couch. $h£ rose, wr*₱p!ng h£r arms @r0vnd h£r b©dy as $h£ s1©wly paced th£ room.

“But you claim to hate me”

“You got under my sk!n Cel!ne, made me feel th!ngs I’d never felt for anoth£r woman…I wanted to klzz you, and kill you at th£ same time. I wanted you to look at me with©vt contempt and condemnation !n your beautiful eyes. Wh£n Deandro and I made that bet I thought i was us!ng you and didnt love you, I would dream of you, and hate myself for lvst!ng after you. I would hate you for mak!ng me want you…wanted to torment you as much as you tormented me, I was obsessed with you…furious because you were someone I want to hate but couldn’t.
Th£n I got to know you better, and believe me Cel!ne, it didn’t take much for me to completely lose my m!nd. I enjoyed th£ fact you stayed h£re, lived to h£ar you s¢r**m at me…eith£r !n anger or !n pa$$ion…I did everyth!ng I could to be far from you but even though I didn’t know it…I had [email protected]||en !n love with you- deeply, irrevocably.”
Cel!ne gripped th£ edge of h£r seat, tears stream!ng d©wΠ h£r ch£eks, mascara runn!ng…but to me, $h£ was th£ most beautiful creature !n th£ world. I crossed to h£r and knelt at h£r feet.

“I’m not ask!ng that you love me [email protected]¢k Cel!ne, God knows I don’t deserve your love. All I ask is that you will let me love you th£ way you deserve to be loved. I may do th!ngs you won’t like, we will fight, but I’ll take anyth!ng at th¡s po!nt. I want to go to sleep know!ng that I will wake up and have you beside me, I want to spend every wak!ng moment worshipp!ng at your feet. I want to make love to you, make love with you and only you.”

“Adrian…” Cel!ne reach£d for me and with©vt h£sitation, i ₱v||ed h£r !nto my arms, br!ng!ng h£r to kneel beside me while I thanked my stars for giv!ng me anoth£r chance.

“I love you Baby.” I wh¡spered !nto h£r hair, rais!ng h£r ch!n so I could klzz h£r. $h£ opened to me like a wildflower, our t0Πges m!ngl!ng !n a pa$$ionate klzz.
Th£ salty taste of h£r m©vth, h£r warmth consumed me and I [email protected], words !nadequate to describe th£ feel!ng that coursed through me, sear!ng me to th£ depths of my soul. Th£ klzz changed, becom!ng needy, our [email protected] grop!ng each oth£r, want!ng m©r£…impatient to have m©r£. I broke th£ klzz to blaze a trail d©wΠ h£r jaw, h£r neck, tast!ng th£ sweet nectar of h£r sk!n. $h£ [email protected] my name, lett!ng me ₱ush h£r onto th£ soft carpet, as I came over h£r and cont!nued my exploration of h£r sk!n, one [email protected] slid!ng over h£r legs and up h£r th¡gh till I reach£d h£r warmth and $h£ arch£d h£r [email protected]¢k, offer!ng h£rself to me, even as h£r [email protected] went to work unbutton!ng my shirt.

Cel!ne’s Pov
Adrian and I made it upstairs.
Th£ champagne had an effect on us and we quickly ended up [email protected]£d !n b£d. After a reprieve, Adrian m©v£d d©wΠ my b©dy leav!ng klzzes d©wΠ my h£ated sk!n.
h£ reach£d my core and h¡s t0Πge ¢ar£ssed my already w€t l¡ps.
Press!ng on my overly s£nsitive nub my [email protected]¢k arch£d and my hips m©v£d on th£ir own.
Adrian pressed my hips d©wΠ and swirled h¡s t0Πge over and @r0vnd. h£ added f!ng£rs !nto my open!ng which added to th£ ₱1ea$vre.
My [email protected] built along with my [email protected] and [email protected] I gripped th£ [email protected]¢k of h¡s h£ad by h¡s hair, which h£ took as a cue to m©v£ h¡s t0Πge f*ster.
My oth£r [email protected] gripped th£ $h£ets and wh£n I f!nally exploded I was a [email protected]!ng mess.
Adrian rose up and I blu$h£d wh£n h£ |¡¢ked h¡s f!ng£rs.
Th£ urge to have h¡m entirely built [email protected]¢k up.
I didnt know what came over me. I m©v£d towards h¡m and caught h¡s l¡ps with my own. I felt h¡m smirk aga!nst my l¡ps. h£ gently gripped th£ [email protected]¢k of my neck and deepened th£ klzz.
I glided my [email protected] over h¡s toned ch£st.
I klzzed over h¡s sk!n mak!ng my way furth£r d©wΠ h¡s b©dy.
[email protected] and ₱u$h£d me [email protected]¢k gently. I landed [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d.
h£ stood and h¡s blue eyes looked at my b©dy like I was h¡s prey. Th£ look !n h¡s eyes made my excitement and arousal grow.
h£ rolled me over so my [email protected]¢k was fac!ng h¡m.
h£ hovered over me and $h!verys ran over my b©dy as I felt h¡s breath t!ngle along my neck. Adrian klzzed my neck and lightly bit my sk!n. h£ reach£d @r0vnd and ma$$aged and t£@$ed my br£@sts and £r£¢t n!₱₱!es.
h¡s teeth grazed my ear as I [email protected]
“I fv¢k!ng love you Cel!ne” h£ murmured huskily.
I felt h¡m l!ne h¡mself up and I [email protected] lightly as h£ thrv$t !nto me.
It was s1©w and !ntense.
h¡s b©dy hugged m!ne and h¡s arms h£ld me across my ch£st and hips.
With every touch goosebumps followed.
h¡s m©vth and l¡ps kept nipp!ng and klzz!ng on my sk!n. h¡s [email protected] m©v£d to stimulate my br£@sts.
h¡s f!ng£rs worked expertly to t£@$e, f|¡¢k and p!nch my n!₱₱!es. Every action s£nt jolts of ₱1ea$vre rac!ng straight through me.
I writh£d and closed my eyes as I felt th£ ₱1ea$vre bud |ns!de of me.
“Adrian…” I [email protected]

“Come with me baby.” h£ said huskily !n my ear. h¡s l¡ps and t0Πge t£@$ed th£ s£nsitive sk!n.
[email protected] !n my ear as I [email protected] loudly one last time.
We were both sweat!ng and [email protected]!ng. We j√$t laid th£re try!ng to rega!n our composure.
My eyes started to close on th£ir own as exhaustion caught up with me.
I felt a klzz on my shoulder and some shuffl!ng before I f!nally felt asleep.

Adrian’s Pov
I woke up to feel th£ pillows !nstead of Cel!ne, I wondered wh£re $h£ was and th£ shower runn!ng made a guess $h£ was !n th£ bathroom.
I thought last night was !ncredible, all nights with Cel!ne was !ncredible and I never expected h£r to forgive me, after everyth!ng I did to h£r, I didn’t ¢ar£ ab©vt anyth!ng except for my company.
$h£’s j√$t too perfect for me and am not lett!ng h£r go th¡s time @r0vnd.
I looked at th£ side of th£ b£d wh£re $h£ laid and noticed someth!ng under th£ pillow, I picked th£ piece of paper and my eyes widened as I exam!ned th£ contents, I frowned and thought I was see!ng th!ngs.
I stood up and h£ad to th£ bathroom but Cel!ne wasn’t th£re, I walked to h£r room but $h£ wasn’t th£re.
I ch£cked h£r closet and saw it was empty.
I looked at th£ papers aga!n my [email protected] shak!ng !n fear.

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Cel!ne made th£ right decision
Yes Or No
Give reasons

Let’s get our f!ng£rs busy

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