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Crazy orphan episode 26 – 27

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Crazy Orphan 🙆🌺

( His weakness)

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 26

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Authoress p.o.v

“I will be right back I will on the TV for you to keep you busy” Alora said and went inside Bryan room to get him.

“Sisi where are you talking me to and why are you parking my clothes?” Bryan asked. “am talking you to aunt place this place is not safe for you anymore” Alora said.

“I don’t get did you have a fight with Mr Xander” Bryan asked.

“no my dear didn’t you wanna go to aunt place” Alora asked.

“I want to infact I will love to but you mention this place isn’t safe for me anymore, why”? Bryan asked.

“did I say that?” Alora asked. “yes you said it” Bryan replied. “I wasn’t talking to you I was singing” Alora said.

“are you sure all is well?” Bryan asked. “yes very sure Alora said and smile at her brother.

“Hi aunt” Alora greet. “how are you doing my darling?” Mrs Houston.

“am doing good” ma Alora said. “Bryan won’t you greet aunt” Alora asked.

“I don’t wanna interrupt you guys that’s why” Bryan replied. “good evening ma” Bryan said.

“aunt where’s Sandra?” Alora asked. “she’s inside her room thank God you are here she hasn’t come out since she came back from work” Mrs Houston said.

“Alright I’ll go check on her, aunt I brought Bryan here to stay with you” Alora said. “wow am glad what about you when are you moving in?” Mrs Houston asked.

“very soon ma” Alora replied. “Bryan come let me show you your room” Mrs Houston said.

“alright ma Bryan said and went with her. “Hey Sandra open your door” Alora said knocking on Sandra door.

Sandra was surprised to see Alora. “what are you doing here by this time of the day?” Sandra asked.

“aren’t you happy to see me?” Alora asked. “I am more than happy, I am just surprised to see you here” Sandra replied.

“I brought Bryan” Alora said. “really are you guys moving in already?” Sandra asked happily.

“no for now only Bryan” Alora replied. “it not that bad at least I won’t be the only one in this house I now have a kid brother to look after” Sandra said gilgled.

“why did you lock yourself inside your room” Alora asked?” “I just felt like” Sandra replied.

“you just felt like or you don’t want to tell me” Alora said. “fine you caught me, Andrew said he loves me” Sandra said pouting.

“is that why you lock yourself inside?” Alora asked. “yes am thinking he just wanna used me” Sandra said.

“who told you he wanna used you Andrew his a very good guy and I haven’t seen him with any girl since I knew him” Alora said.

“you know me and his brother had something together before” Sandra said.

“that doesn’t matter, the thing that matter is did you loves him what am I even asking if you don’t love him you will learn to cause he’s a sweet guy, let me tell you a secret he was once my crushed. I have been crushing on him before I knew him” Alora said.

“what did you want me to do now” Sandra asked. “I want you to give him a chance you should come and see how sad he is because you turn him down” Alora said.

“thank you, you’re a darling I really need someone to talk to and you came at the right time” Sandra said and hug Alora.

“I need to get going” Alora said. “but why?” Sandra asked pouting. “I promise someone I will be back early, I also need your advice I will tell you everything tommorow” Alora said.

“oh hope there’s no problem?” Sandra asked. “there’s no problem trust me” Alora said.

“don’t forget to give him a chance” Alora said and blow Sandra a kiss.

“aunt am leaving” Alora said. “so fast I thought you are spending the night with us?” Mrs Houston asked.


ma maybe some other time” Alora replied. “Alright but you will eat dinner with us” Mrs Houston said Alora wants to talk but Mr Houston cut in.

“that’s final you can’t say no to your father” Mr Houston said. “Alright sir” Alora said and sat on the dinning chair.


Xander come outside from his room and sat in the sitting room.

“he keeps checking the time every second. “I pray she comes back” he thought.

he keeps calling her phone but she’s not picking. “I hope you are safe wherever you are” Xander said.

Everett move closer to Xander and touch him. “good evening sir” he greeted.

Xander didn’t reply him he keeps looking at the door.

“Did you hate me? it wasn’t my fault that I came to this world” Everett said to him.

“look boy I never said I hate you, let wait till we do DNA test Tommorow” Xander said.

“what’s DNA?” Everett asked. “you will know what DNA is tommorow” Xander replied.

“explain what DNA is if you know you don’t hate me” Everett said.

“Did you have a phone?” Xander asked. “i don’t have a phone why did you asked?” Everett asked.

“go and meet your mummy to check the meaning of DNA for you on Google cause am sure she doesn’t know the meaning either, cause if she knew the meaning she won’t bring you to Me as my son” Xander said.

“what’s google?” Everett asked. “Somebody please shoot me I wanna die” Xander said.

“why did you want to die?” Everett asked. “you wants to kill me” Xander said.

“but I don’t have a gun” Everett said. “how old are you?” Xander asked.

“I will be five next month” Everett replied. “what’s the meaning of die”? Everett asked.


why dont you go inside your room he will explain everything to you tommorow” Tonia said.

Xander breathe out in relief. “thank goodness that boy almost killed me” he said to hiself.

“don’t worry you will soon get used to him your heir is a lovely boy” Tonia said.

“what are you doing here?” Xander asked Tonia. “Did you Missed me?” Tonia asked.

“I asked you a question didn’t I ?” Xander asked. “yeah relax I came to keep your company, since your good for nothing girlfriend went out” Tonia said.

“say that again and I will cut your tongue and feed it to the dog” Xander said.

“fine but truth let me tell you the truth, that your so called girlfriend is not beautiful at all, she’s too ugly, anyway I don’t have a problem with her cause am sure you’re leaving her once the DNA results is out” Tonia said.

“Tonia you’re bitting more than you can chew, she’s ugly fine, but her heart is more clean than yours.

that ugly girl stole my heart she makes me feel what I have never felt before, what am I even saying, something that I didn’t feel since I have been friends with you” Xander said.

“I don’t mind you will learn to love me we can start over again, you knew me before her, we have been friends for so long” Tonia said.

“Tonia I will be in my room this place is not comfortable for me, first your son now is you” Xander said and stand up.

“Tonia slam her lips with his Alora enter the house before Xander could pushed her” wow nice one” Alora said clapping her hands together.

“it’s not what you think” Xander said. “Don’t worry I understand, I promise not to get angry you can continue” Alora said and went inside the room.

Cra Izy Orphan 🙆🌺

( His weakness)

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

Episode 27

Authoress p.o.v

“it’s not what you think” Xander said.

“Don’t worry I understand, I promise not to get angry you can continue” Alora said and went inside the room.

Xander pushed Tonia and she fall on her butt. he move closer to her and gave her a resounding slap.

“who sent you to me, where are you when I haven’t find love why did you come now? did you want to ruin my life? did you want me to go back to my old self? Xander asked. and ran into the room Angrily.

Alora walked inside the room and sat on the bed. she stands up and went inside Tonia room to check on Everett.

“Hi she greet” “hello aunt am happy you came back” Everett said.

“how are you doing and when did you come inside?” Alora asked. “not too long” Everett replied.

“mum sent me inside the room and Forcefully kiss the man she called my father” Everett said. “oh” Alora said.

“aunt is that man your wife?” Everett asked. “wife?” Alora asked confused then it dawned on her that he wanted to say husband”

“yes he is my husband” why are you asking?” Alora asked.

“I heard mummy telling him that they’ll get married and they will sent you away” I don’t want you to go I like you” Everett said.

“look boy am not going anywhere okay?” Alora asked and Everett nod his head.

“aunt come and be going I don’t want my mum to meet you here cause she will kill me if she meet you here” Everett said giving her a pleading eyes.

“fine lie down let me cover you well before I go” Alora said and cover Everett. “goodnight aunt” Everett said.

“goodnight have a good rest” Alora said and went inside.

Xander walked into Alora room and he didn’t see her even her bags her not in the room.

“where did she go to did she go out with her bags?” Xander asked hiself.

he went to his room to check her he met her phone and bags there and he smile to hiself. “my physcho girlfriend” he said.

he went inside the bathroom to freshen up. he keeps thinking on how he will apologize to her. Alora walked into Xander room she sat on the bed and plug in her head phone.

a message pop into her phone and she checked it out.✉️”hi girlfriend how are you doing” pepsy sent.

✉️”Am not doing fine I have Alot on my head”Alora said.

✉️”what happen hope you are fine?” pepsy asked.

✉️”am fine I will explain everything to you tommorow” Alora said. ✉️”be strong I trust I knew you are very strong” pepsy said.

they keep talking about Alot of things and Alora Keep laughing. Xander walked out of the bathroom and was surprised to see Alora laughing.

“who’s she chatting with he thought and stretched his neck to see who she’s chatting with.

“gorilla neck I can see you” Alora said. “Baby am very sorry I didn’t know how it happen I don’t know she wanna kiss me” Xander said going on one knee.

“I told you I understand I am not angry with you, I trust you a relationship without trust is nothing. I knew what a b*tch like her can do. the only problem I have with you is the boy.

I don’t know why you will have s*x with a lady you don’t love all in the name of enjoyment. can you see what you have done to yourself, someone else have given you your first child it should be me not her Alora said crying.

“you don’t have to cry even if the boy is mine I won’t accept him” Xander said.

“what rubbish are you saying what are you talking about, that boy need you more than I do” Alora said.

“What will happen to our relationship if it turn out the boy is yours will you marry his mother?” Alora asked.

“you don’t need to think about it am sure the boy is not mine” Tonia is a bitch” Xander said.

“I don’t even know what to say I wish the boy is yours and I also wish he isn’t yours. cause that boy is so sweet to have someone like that lady as a mother” Alora said.

“it getting late we need to rest tommorow is another day” Xander said climb on the bed they slept together and cover theirselves with the duvet.

They didn’t know Tonia was listening to them all along. “that brat I think she will get angry and packed out. she’s really stronger than I thought” Tonia said and walked into her room Angrily.

she met Everett sleeping peacefully on the bed. “this idiot is sleeping when I haven’t sleep” Tonia said and slap Everett. Everett stand up immmediately. “get down from the bed I wanna sleep” Tonia said.

“but the bed is big enough to contain the both of us” Everett said. “you’re talking when am talking, how dare you” Tonia said and slap Everett again.

“just pray the DNA test turn out positive if not I will kill you with my hand” Tonia said.

“where did you want me to sleep?” Everett asked. “on the floor cause that’s where you belong” Tonia replied him. “I will catch cold if I sleep on the floor” Everett said.

“did I look like I care?” Tonia asked.

Everett sit on the floor and wait for Tonia to sleep off before he sneak out of the room. he search the whole room in the house for Alora but he didn’t see her. “I haven’t search the place” he thought. thankfully for him the door is not locked.

he opened the door gently and walked inside the room. he tap Alora gently so he won’t disturb Xander cause he thought Xander is harsh.

Alora wake up and was surprised to see Everett. “what are you doing here?” Alora asked. “mum asked me to sleep on the floor and i don’t want to catch cold” Everett replied.

“what did you want me to do?” Alora asked. “I want to sleep with you you’re the only one that love me in this house” Everett said.

“okay come closer” Alora said and place him between him and Xander. Xander didn’t sleep he heard want they’re saying he felt pity for Everett. “Alora is a nice person” he thought.



The doctor have conduct the test. they all sit waiting patiently for the results cause the doctors said they should wait for two hours.

“Mr Cole the doctor asked you to see him in his office the result is out” A nurse said.

“can I come with him” Tonia asked. “No Mr Cole only” the nurse replied.

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