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Crazy rush episode 49 – end

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Crazy Crush❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
(Can’t Love You Less)
Chapter Forty Nine& Fifty (Final

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Lydia gasped and tried moving closer to Freddie but he moved back
He took his bike and drove out of Alec’s house
He actually brought Lydia there for them to study for their competition tomorrow and came back to pick her but met the shock of his life
Lydia felt disturb£d and didn’t understand how she was feeling
Alec gro-ned and held his hair regretting what he just did
He didn’t mean to do it but he couldn’t control his feelings at that moment which he actually wished he had controlled
Lydia turned to Alec and glared at him
He sighed and ruffled his hair with one of his hand in his pocket
“Lydia am really sorry, I didn’t mean to do it I swear it just happened, please don’t get mad so really sure Freddie will understand”he said and she scoffed
“you think?”she almost ye,lled but controlled herself
“are you happy now?”she asked and didn’t wait for his reply
She ran inside his house and carried her bag in the living room
She ran back out and head towards the gate
“Lydia wait”Alec called after her hit she ignored his calls
She trekked till she got to their house and sighed before entering the gate
She got to the front door and paced to and fro twice before entering the house
She met Tracy in the living room and Tracy smiled at her
“hey baby”Tracy said happily and she dropped her bag on the couch
“is Freddie in?”she asked Tracy and she nodded
“yeah he entered now looking somehow and I guess someone upset you hit isn’t he meant to come and pick you at Alec’s house?”Tracy said and Lydia sat on the couch
She sighed and ran her hand through her hair
“oh my God did you guys fight?”Tracy questioned feeling so surprised star Freddie is understanding and solves their issues within seconds
“yeah we did”
“what happened?”Tracy asked moving closer to Lydia
“hmm.. Alec k-ssed me and he saw it”she said and Tracy gasped
“oh my God that is really going to hurt him, why didn’t you pull away or explain to Freddie”
“of course I wanted to pull away but that was the exact same time Freddie got to us and I tried explaining to him but he just walked away”
“ohh this is bad, do you want to go and talk to him?” Tracy asked and she nodded slowly
“yes I will try”she replied and stood up
She sighed and climb£d the stairs
She got to the front of his room and knocked his door
“who is it?”he yelled from the room
“it’s Lydia”she said and silence followed
“Fred”she yelled and knocked the door
“go away Lydia, I don’t want to talk to you”
“Fred please it’s not what you think”she yelled close to tears and he ignored her
She gro-ned and walked to her room
She fell on the b£d and hugged her pillow
She really hates this side of Freddie and wishes he stops

As they ate dinner their parents notice the tension between them and kept looking at them as they are
“okay what is going on?”their father asked and they didn’t reply him
“Tracy what is going on?”their father asked and she sighed
“Dad Freddie is….”
“don’t even dare”he said with a deadly tone and Tracy flinched and kept quiet immediately
He stood up and walked upstairs
Lydia sighed and cried silently
Tracy sighed and hugged her
“what is going on?”their mother asked
“Alec k-ssed Lydia and Freddie saw then now he is mad at her cause he thinks they k-ssed voluntary and he wouldn’t even hear her out”
“isn’t Alec your boyfriend?”their father asked Tracy and she laughed
“no dad mine is Beck, Alec is the guy who also likes Lydia”
“ohh, but Freddie of all people should understand that”their father said
“yeah but Lydia don’t worry, he will come around” their mother said and she nodded before wiping her tears
“you should get some rest and don’t stress your brain, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow”their father said and she nodded
She and Tracy stood up and walked to their room

Lydia was already dressed for school and also the competition and she stood in front of Freddie’s room waiting for him to come out
He came out of the room and stopped on seeing her
He was about to walk away and she quickly held his hand
“Fred please just hear me out”
“I just have a question for you, just pick one, I or Alec?”
“its you Fred, it’s always you”
“if it’s really me then why k-ss Alec?”
“I didn’t…”
“please spare me those explanations cause I know better, I should have known that you don’t love him but him and I really can’t blame you and do you know why?.. cause I wasn’t meant to expect more from a psy,cho”he said to her and a tear slowly rolled down her eye
He walked down the stairs and Lydia froze in tears
He just called her a psycho
Tracy walked out of the room and stopped on seeing her in tears
“hey Lydia what’s wrong?”Tracy asked and she shook her head
She ran down the stairs in tears and ran out of the house
Tracy ran down the stairs and rushed to Freddie
She pushed him and he fell off the chair
“what the hell is your f-cking problem?”she yelled angrily and kicked him
Their mother rushed to them and held Tracy
Freddie stood up and was about to hit her and their mother stood in between them
“I do not freaking care that you are my brother, I swear if you make Lydia cry again I swear I will make you pay, she just ran out of the house, where the hell do I know that she went to and she had a freaking competition today idiot”she yelled and Freddie rolled his eyes.

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“am sure Alec would find her”
“can you even listen to yourself?. I get the fact that you are hurt but did you even hear her out before making a stupid decision?”
“just shut up Tracy you don’t know how I feel”
“really?.. and that made you hurt her this much?”
“please I didn’t hurt her, she hurt me a lot and the only thing I said to her was that she is a ps,ycho”
“you said that?”she yelled and pushed their mother out of the way
She jumped on him and he fell on the floor
She pulled his hair and bit his neck h-rd
He yelled in pain as their father rushed down the stairs and carried Tracy from him
“just pray I find her”she said angrily and carried her bag before rushing out of the house
Freddie sighed and gro-ned in pain creasing his neck

Lydia finally got to school and tried her best to look okay she not like she is hurt
She walked in and head towards the principal’s office
She got there and walked in, she met Alec and the principal and she smiled a little
“good morning sir”she said and sat beside Alec
“morning Lydia, are you ready?”he asked and she nodded
“okay the rules of this competition is what you have learnt so far during your lessons and I wish the both of you good luck”
“thank you sir”they chorused and they all stood up
“other students will be there but you two have to go ahead of them so let’s get going”
They all walked out and walked to the parking lot
They entered a private car and drove to the place
Alec turned to Lydia as she played with her f-ngers inside the car and tried having a conversation with her
“Lydia”he called and she turned to him with a smile
“am really really sorry for what I…”
“it’s fine Alec, am not mad at you anymore”
“wow thanks, is everything okay between you and Freddie?”he asked and she sighed
“nope not really, he wouldn’t hear me out but it will be fine”she said with a smile
“thank you Lydia and am really sorry”he said and she smiled
He hugged her and she sighed in his arms

They finally got to where the competition would take place and they got down
Alec held Lydia’s hand as they walked behind the principal
They got to the back stage and met other schools there
They were only four schools attending the competition and they were the jest schools in the continent
“are you scared?”Alec asked and she smiled before nodding
“it’s going to be okay”

The competition began and they all sat down according to their school
Lydia and Alec sat down along side with the other students and also the judges from every part of the world

Tracy ran down from the bus and rushed to the hall
She entered and sighed in relief when she saw Lydia on stage
She smiled and took a seat among the other students and also cheered along side with them

The competition started and just like every other competitions it starts with simple questions
They kept answering it until started getting tuff
A school was eliminated and it was just three schools left
The school next to Lydia’s school missed a question and it was passed to them
They got it and the other school was eliminated leaving two schools
The questions kept going on for almost an hour and they kept getting it
They were also on equal points
“okay this is the last question, whoever gets it is the winner” one of the judge said and stood up
“this question is not under any academic section and here it goes”he said and all of them sighed in fear and nervousness
“how many months in a year have twenty eight days?” the judge asked
“February” the other school said
“wrong, question to Tristan High”the man said and Lydia ruffled her hair
“sometimes you really need to think like a psycho to her questions like this” the judge said and Alec turned to Lydia
The wh0l£ school was depending on Lydia as she kept tapping the table repeatedly
“come on Lydia” Tracy muttered
“it’s every month in the year because every month has twenty eight days”she said
“are you sure?”
“yes I am”
“correct Tristan high wins”the man yelled and they scre-med happily
Alec hugged her t¡ghtly and she giggled

Lydia and Tracy walked into the house happily and she suddenly sighed when she saw Freddie
“ugh don’t talk to him he is just a jerk”Tracy said and walked upstairs angrily
Lydia smiled and walked to him
She sat down beside him and he turned to her
He stood up and walked upstairs
Lydia sighed and closed her eyes
What a jealous freak

Lydia walked out of her room to join then for dinner and suddenly froze when she saw Freddie in front of her room
“excuse me”she said and tried moving away but he held her hand
He hugged her immediately and she was really surprised
She slowly w-rapped her hands around him as he placed his head on her chest
“am sorry baby”he said and she smiled
“it’s okay, I didn’t k-ss him I…”
“it’s okay, Alec called and explained everything to me, am so sorry I didn’t believe you”
“it’s okay I understand”she smiled and her eyes drifted to his neck
“hey what happened to your neck?”she asked and he chuckled
“Tracy and I had a fight so she bit me”
“sorry”she giggled and he smiled
She suddenly remembered something and sighed
“Fred”she called and he looked up at her
“we won the competition”
“yeah I heard congratulations baby”he said and hugged her
“yeah about that?”
“what is it?”
“part of the prizes we won is a trip to any country we want for a year”
“yeah I and Alec for a year”
“a year what?”he yelled and she flinched
“a year with Alec, in a country I don’t know like a wh0l£ year,i won’t see you for a wh0l£ year?”
“yes”she whispered and he sighed
“but am going to miss you and you will be gone for a year, what do you expect me to do for a wh0l£ year without you?”
“I don’t know”
“Lydia come on a wh0l£ year”
“you are making it sound like it’s much, it’s just three hundred and sixty five days” she said and he sighed
“okay I will wait for you for three hundred and sixty five days”he said and she smiled
She hugged him t¡ghtly and he smiled
“when are you leaving?”
“hmm in twenty four hours”she said and he sighed
“okay it’s fine”he said sadly and she moved closer to him
She placed her l-ips on his and k-ssed him slowly
He w-rapped his hands around her [email protected]¡$t and pulled her closer
They k-ssed for a while and pulled away
“come on we should have dinner now”he said and they walked downstairs together holding hands
“ohh I see the couples are back together”their father said and they both smiled
They sat down and Freddie sat beside Tracy
He took out of Tracy’s food and she turned to him angrily
“mother f,ucker” she said she he laughed
“are we good?”
“sure as long as you buy me a dress I like”

Lydia’s bags were dragged into the car brought to take her to the airport
She said her good byes to all of them except Freddie who wasn’t with them
“where is Fred?”she asked them
“he left the house early this morning and he hasn’t returned since then”Tracy said and she nodded
“bye guys”she said with a smile and entered the car
Taking one final look at the house the car drove out and head to the airport

“do you think I should wear this?”Alec asked Lydia and she laughed
He was going on a date with a girl he just met which he seems to be in love with already
“Alec whatever you wear looks good on you”she said and moved closer to him
She adjusted his shirt and jacket and he smiled
“thanks” he smiled and hugged her
“wish me luck”he said as he pulled away and walked out of their suite

Freddie glared at Beck and Tracy as they played around
He gro-ned and ruffled his hair
“come on buddy it’s only been two months and you still have eight months to go”Beck said sitting beside him
“yeah I know and stop reminding me, what do you think they are doing now?.. are they dating already?.. is she dating someone else?”he asked and ruffled his hair
“come on Freddie everything will be fine and besides we are going back to college next week so you won’t have to think about her all the time”
“I hope so”he muttered and closed his eyes

Lydia and Freddie got out of the plane and smiled
“feels so good to be in New Jersey again”Lydia said happily and Alec scoffed
“maybe for you, I miss my girlfriend”
“but you said she visit New Jersey often”
“yeah whatever lets go”he said with a smile and they held each other’s hands
They walked to the car happily and entered

Lydia finally got to the house and got down
She dragged her bags and walked into the house
“Lydia”Tracy scre-med and jumped on her
She laughed as they both fell down on the floor
Tracy stood up and pulled her up again then jumped on her again
“oh my God I missed you I missed you so fuc,king much, I didn’t know you were coming today I thought it was next week”she said and Lydia smiled
“am here now, where is everybody?”
“they went out but Freddie will be back soon”she said and Lydia nodded happily

“Tracy why the hell did you transfer a hundred thousand dollars from my account to yours?”Freddie yelled walking into the house
He froze when he saw Lydia standing in front of him
He smiled and rushed to her
He carried her happily and spun her around

And that’s how it went, just like in Lydia’s dreams Beck and Tracy got married while she and Freddie got married and Alec also got married to his girlfriend
A year later Debbie was released and moved on with her life also said Daniel and the head bully which is Alvin
Edward got married to Chloe which is Alec’s sister and since then they all lived happily ever after .

THE END❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

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