Crime and Adventure

Crime and Adventure – episode 4

Crime and Adventure episode 4
Mazi Omenuko

My first night with the lady was fun.
While she set her heart at adventure, I
had set my heart at both adventure and
crime! She had dared me that a dozen of
my kind couldn’t outsmart her and I was
determined to prove her wrong.
When we left the Genesis, she gave me
her room number once more and asked
me to come-by later in the evening. I
headed to my friend’s place. He was
playing his game when I entered. I
freshened up, spent some time resting
before deciding to head to the
On arrival at the Presidential hotel, we
stayed at the reception hall where we
drank and flirted. She was full of fun and
life! She consumed exotic spirits like a
fish in water while I was cautious of the
level of alcohol I imbibe: didn’t want
some veins down there being dilated and
I end up having a terrible outing when
show time begins.
“You don’t drink much?” She asked when
she noticed I was still struggling with my
“I do.” I answered.
“Are you tensed?” She started probing.
“I’m cool. Tell me about your work.” I
had to change the topic.
She spent the next few minutes telling
me about her beauty spa and how she
runs them effectively. It was obvious she
enjoys what she does and that she was
good at it. She told me how her
company handles costumes for artists,
celebrities and movie industries.
“You should come to Abuja one of these
days.” She concluded.
“Well, not all of us are lucky to have jobs
that give us the time for socializing.” I
answered and she smiled.
I felt like asking her about her family but
decided against it. No need to get
personal and for all I care, I may not be
seeing her again after our short romp.
This is all adventure, and maybe, just
maybe, if I played my cards well, may
end up with something extra.
“I didn’t know you would come.” She
“Just my instincts. Most of the men I
hang out with are always interested in
either money, or connection. None of the
two seemed to interest you.” She
informed me.
She was right. I had contemplated not
honoring the invitation except for my
love for adventures.
“I love adventures.” I reminded her.
“And crime?” She asked sarcastically and
laughed at her own joke.
“Well, a dozen of my kind can’t rob you.”
I reminded her of her comment.
“Yes of course.” She affirmed.
“I’m happy you came, now let’s go have
some adventures.” She said as she stood
and we headed to her room.
The room was exotic, the best I have
been to. The drapes were awesome, the
bed was magnificent; the interior
decoration was superb. They didn’t call
it Presidential Hotel for nothing: it was
worth the hype and name.
She reached for the fridge and brought
out more drinks and poured for herself.
Moments later, she was deeply
engrossed with her phone. I was sure
she would be updating her profiles in the
social media.
When I was done showering, she was
still on her phone. I eased into the bed
and waited.
I must have slept off a bit as when I
opened my eyes, she was in her night
robes, standing over the mirror on the
dressing desk. The light-blue robe did
little to cover any of her rich laps, nor
huge b—m. I could make out all her
curves as she sat facing the mirror.
“You don’t need any make-up for the
night.” I teased and she smiled.
“You’re awake!” She said in an almost
inaudible voice. Moments later, she
joined me on the bed. I didn’t need any
invitation before I moved close to her
and covered her lips in mine. The
popular saying that first impression
mattered was the incentive I needed to
be on my ‘A’ game; else I may just be
cutting shut my four days adventure.
I fondled her b—m lightly as we k-ssed.
I had this gut feeling she wasn’t a ‘k-ssy’
kind of lady so I let loose the lips and
tongue and headed to the Tips. They
were strong already and almost as huge
as my thumb. S-cking on them gave me
the reaction I was expecting from her. I
could feel her breathing change slowly. I
reached for her laps and car-ssed them
slowly as I teased her niplles. She
moved her hands into my briefs and
started handling my dckk. I let her play
with it as I car-ssed her laps, extending
to her rich and hairy vegee lips which
was already wet. I located the c–t amidst
the thick hairs, placed my thumb on it
and robbed it gently, pressing it against
the rich flesh beside it. My hands were
almost soaked with her wetness and I
knew it was time to give her the fvck she
had been dreaming of. I asked if she had
c-ndoms and she pointed at one of the
enclosures in the bed stand. I wore one.
I patted her legs, moved the robe up to
her belly and gently slid into her.
She was whimpering in my arms. She
was no longer that ‘thick’ lady that
carried herself with charisma and full of
her wits and cash: she was the teenager
overcome with passion and begging me
to fvck her hard; which I did.
I ensured that each t—-t cruises the
walls of her veegee with maximum
friction. I ensured that the velocity ratio
of the trust is greater than the force
ratio so as to have a positive and useful
efficiency. I felt the walls of her veegee
cramp on my dckk as she sunk her nails
in my skin. Knowing she was about to
come, I adjusted my hips to an angle
and got the hit on the center of gravity. I
maintained my steady t—-t on it until
she let out a loud screen as she held me
deep inside her with her hands. I
couldn’t move my hips again as it was
in a lockdown right inside her spread
legs. She moved her a’rse in different
directions within the next 10seconds,
whining and grinding me in the process.
When she was done, she let me go and I
pulled out of her, watching her breathe
like she just completed a marathon.
Minutes later, she reached for my arms
and pulled it over her shoulders,
gesturing me to hold her while she
I obliged and cuddled her as she shut
her eyes. I wasn’t done yet, my hard
dckk was still resting on her buttocks. I
moved my hands slowly across her
shoulders, tickled her Tip and car-ssed
her buttocks. I reached for the second
c-ndom and wore it. I moved her leg
apart as she lay on her belly, slowly
ins**ted my dckk once more into her.
The big flesh of the buttocks was big
enough to threaten a perfect t—-t, but I
found ways to navigate my way deep
into her. She moved her hands a bit,
rested her elbows on the bed as she
moved her heads slightly upwards. I held
her raised shoulders like a horse-rider
and rode deep into her. With each t—-t
comes a loud mo-n as she twist her
hips side to side.
The sounds of ‘yes-yes-yes’ mixed with
the pounding of Unclad flesh filled the
room as I increased the velocity of
t—-t, thereby increasing the impact
force and subsequently the oscillation of
her c–t. She crawled forward like she was
trying to escape from me but I adjusted
my reach and continued the fvck
When I finally came, I was exhausted and
she was whimpering all over the bed. As
I pulled out of her, she relaxed her elbow
on the bed and slept off.
After the s€×, she slept off exhausted. I
was exhausted too but I needed some
drinks before I can sleep. Now I can
indulge and imbibe as much alcohol as I
want to; the veins down there can dilate
as much as they want.
I helped myself with one of her exotic
drinks. Sat on the bed and watched her
sleep like a baby. Her phone was
buzzing intermittently. It didn’t border
me one bit as I gulped my drink. When I
lay beside her to sleep, the buzz started
again. I shut my eyes and hoped sleep
will come.
Another buzz. Then again…then I
reached for the phone and pressed a
button and all the lights came on. The
keypad wasn’t locked; there were
notifications of bbm, whatsapp, facebook
mobile, instagram, twitter and others I
didn’t have an idea of. My original
intention was to put the phone in silent
or airplane mode….then an idea struck
I thought about it for a few seconds: I
contemplated on the idea for some time
and realized that the probability of
success was greater than the probability
of failure.
I wore my cloth, reached for her handbag
and took her 2 atm cards together with
the phone and went to the atm corner
inside the hotel.
1-9-7-9 worked for the two cards. I
withdrew 60k from each account. The
alerts came in as soon as each
withdrawal was approved. I deleted the
text messages and headed back to the
hotel room.

To be continued


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