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Cruel Billionaire Episode 11


Cruel Billionaire 💥

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episode 11 💘

by Simrah ✍️

Aza’s POV
” oh my God Aza wake up already” I sleepily rubbed my face and sprang on my feet. I’m still feeling sleepy!

” can’t I sleep more ? I’m tired Aidan please” I said making my way to sleep back but he won’t let me .

” you have been sleeping since morning and you still want sleep? ” what did he mean I have been sleeping since morning? I still see that it’s dark .

” what’s the time huh? let me sleep now will you?” I covered myself with the duvet . I’m damn tired and weak thou I can’t remember doing anything stressful.

” it’s 11am already and you have been sleeping like a tsetsefly victim. All thanks to you, we are already at the hotel” he said ironically. I quickly jumped out of the bed , what! I can’t believe I slept till 11am and not even for once am I a morning person then what Happened to now?

” and you didn’t wake me up ” I blamed Aidan

” look who’s talking, I woke you up more than a million times but you refused standing up from the bed now get your lazy ass to the bathroom we need to get going” he said while I burst into tears .

” jeez! did I say anything bad ? ” he asked as he came nearer and wiped my tears

” you just said I’m lazy ” I cried more harder .When did I turn this emotional freak?

” huh? I’m sorry I said that and of course you are not lazy angel , you are the strongest woman I’ve ever met pumpkin” he said and draw my cheeks playfully.

” really?” I beamed .

” yes wifey let’s go take your bath ” he picked me up in a bridal style and took me to the bathroom, he gently dropped me in the bathtub and prepare my bath for me before going out not after insisting to bath me which I bluntly refused .
I took a cold shower before coming out but didn’t meet Aidan in the room z I guess he’s out already.
I brought out my red gown and hastily wore it , the last time I put this exact gown on , Aidan couldn’t seems to take his eyes off me and equally admire me every passing seconds .
I will just come my hair today , I can’t go tying it , it’s pretty stressful.
When I was done , I headed down stairs to see Kyle and Aidan discussing and laughing about God knows what.

” good morning Kyle ” I smiled at him .

” morning beautiful I guess you were all stressed out yesterday that’s why you woke up late but did know that the bed was a virgin?” he said and winked at me , that was when it down on me ! crap! this man is sure creepy. What makes him think we had s£x yesterday? I shook my head and face palm my face while Aidan chuckle

” alright you need to eat something before both leave Aza , you missed the breakfast and I asked the cook to prepare mashed potatoes for you ” Kyle said .

” oh my ! I want to eat it already” I said as I ran off to the kitchen beaming with smile , the exact food I’m craving for .

” I thought you never liked it” Aidan asked . Well yes I never like mashed potatoes but I don’t seems to get why it’s what I want to eat right now.

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” yes but I want to eat it now ” I shouted enough for him to hear before dashing into the kitchen not allowing the cook to serve me as I began munching the food direct from it source 😂. Aidan folded his arm as he watch me eat in amazement, weird ! I’m surprised myself at my sudden craving for my worst food . I think I’m falling sick if not what’s this new feeling I’m having towards weird food?

” are you done ?” he asked with amusement written all over his face .

” yes we can go now but I guess we have to branch the hospital, I think I’m falling sick ” I said observing my temperature.

” yeah I think you are sick , what’s the weird craving for mashed potatoes of all food? let’s get going” he walked out as I trailed behind him into the living room , bade Kyle a good bye and left .

” congratulations Mrs Emmett , you are 6weeks pregnant” did I hear him right? I’m fvcking 🤰 pregnant. The doctor gave Aidan the result and smiled lightly at us before leaving. while Aidan stared at the result with a happy expression

” Aza we are freaking pregnant” he yelled attracting the few people near us as he carried me up swaying me.

” put me down Aidan we are in public” I said as I hit his shoulder.

” I don’t care and I’m carrying none other person than my dear wifey ” kept me on his shoulder walking towards the car

” I can walk Aidan ”

” I know but I don’t want you or my baby to suffer ” he replied. Isn’t he been childish here ? I shook my head at his behaviour as he dropped me in the car and sped off..

The receptionist gave us the key to our room and we went inside . This place is really beautiful and I must say that Aidan’s dad is good at selecting perfect things .

” you like it here ?” he asked .

” like? I love it here , it’s cool and a serene area too ” I replied.

” glad you like it , it’s just me and you all to ourselves, don’t you think we should make more babies ?” he said and winked at me . Pervert !

” Aidan ” I called sternly while he began laughing.

Aidan’s POV
I was forced to wake up when I heard someone sniffing in the middle of the night. I shut my eyes open only to see Aza in tears . I sigh and came down to meet her .

” why are you crying Aza” I asked , she raised up her head and sniffed .

” I want to take ice cream” she said between sobs n really? is that why she’s crying by this time ? this pregnancy is something else, for the past two days is sure hell with her weird cravings.

” there are ice cream in the freezer, I even supplied it today” I said while she scoffed and resumed crying.

” I don’t want that flavour, I want vanilla ice cream with beef jerky bits on top ” she requested! is this lady serious right now? how did she expect me to go out by this time ? it’s fvcking 2am in the mid night .

” but we can’t get it today again I promise to get it for you first thing tomorrow morning” I said to her but she looked away ..

” I want it now , if you can’t get it for me its fine , I know you don’t love me anymore” she said and this time sobbed very hard. God ! can’t this nine months come already. I’m really fed up seriously.

” oh no! you know I love you so much, okay fine ! I will go look if any ice cream shop is still open let me go grab my car keys ” I said to her and she immediately jumped on me .

” thank you so much Aidan but I’m going with you” I only nodded because I’m not in for another cry again. I’m sure this will be the longest nine months in my life …..

😂 Aza is sure crazy suffering our Aidan

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