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Cruel Billionaire Episode 16 – finale


Cruel Billionaire 💥

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Episode 16 💘

By Simrah ✍️


Aidan’s POV
What! Mason escaped ? Oh my God why now ?

” What’s the problem Aidan ? ” Aza asked as she saw my facial expression changed making everyone’s attention turn to me .

” Uhhm , it’s nothing the doctor said you can be discharged now so shall we ?” I said and smiled at her , I mean fake smile

” Son you look so frightened why ?” Oh God dad knows me this well I don’t know why ..

” It’s nothing d..” he didn’t let me finish when he snatched my phone from my hand . What’s this man’s problem?

” Just as you received this call, you became moody at once , who owns this number or I will be forced to call it again son . I’m just being a protective father ” he said genuinely while I crunch my head

” Dad it was Blake , he called to inform me about Mason’s escape ” I said while all of them stared at me confused except Aza who was now staring with wide eyes

” Mason ?, Is he your friend? What are you saying because I don’t get a thing ” he asked .
I had no option than to explain everything to him and all. Maybe he can be of help and put a permanent solution to that ..

” What ? He almost killed you and your wife and none of you care to let it out ? Have you gone nuts? ” He shouted

” I’m sorry Dad I thought I could handle it”

” Nonsense! I’m gonna call my secret agent to track where his whereabout I don’t want him harming any of you not my grandchildren, he must be behind the bar before the end of today and I will make sure many cases should be filed against him ” he said and left the ward . Typical dad , the exact reason we didn’t let him know about it the other time ..

” Welcome home lovelies” I said and kissed my children, our children’s cheeks . To be frank , I’m very scared of touching them. What if I press them in the name of holding them ? 😂What if they began crying?

” Dianne and Dianna looks so much like you Wifey why not me?” I said feigning sad

“Stop being silly hubby look , there took your eyes color and your silly hair too ” she said and chuckled..

” Aww , I’m happy to hear that from you”

” Aidan ” she called

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” Yes wifey ”

” I’m scared , what if Mason find us here and kill me or take my children away from me ?” She said with fear written all over her face

” Don’t be scared wifey , I will protect you and my kids with my very last blood . No harm can come to you and besides I trust my dad to handle the issue before Mason can think of finding us ” I explained while she nodded

” Thank you Aidan ”

” Anytime pumpkin”

” I noticed you haven’t hold any of the kids, take Dianna the princess you longed for” she said and while I stood up and ran away ..

” No Aza I’m scared ” I said while she began laughing.

” Does that mean you will never hold them ?”

” I will but not now, it will be like I will squized them ”

” Nonsense! You won’t ”

” Next time wifey ” I said and went into my room ..





Aza’s POV
” I love you baby Dianna” I said as I bath her .
Oh my God! I’m not mistaking, she giggled! I saw her giggle .💃

” Why are you excited wifey ” Aidan asked coming with Dianne who I just bathed before bathing Dianna

” Can you believe Dianna giggled as I told her I love her ” I said with ectacy

” Real…” He stopped when his phone began ringing

Aidan’s POV
📲Hello dad

📲How are you son

📲I’m fine dad and you

📲 I’m very well fine

📲You seems happy why ?
I asked and glanced at my baby in my hand then at Aza and Dianna

📲 Yeah you guess right I’m super excited because Mason has been arrested this morning

📲Oh my Goodness thank you so much dad you don’t know how happy I am

📲It’s no problem son , your happiness first, so how’s your wife and kids

📲There are very well fine dad

📲 Alright, talk to you later I need to make sure he never comes out of jail again for attempting to take the life of my only child.
He said while i chuckled

📲Okay dad later
I jump up immediately he hung up from the other side .

” What’s the sudden excitement about ?” Aza asked eyeing me

” The best news I’ve heard in a long while” I replied

” Did you get to partner with the Jones ?” She asked while I laughed

” No darling wifey , the news is greater ”

” I give up so tell me already”

” Mason got arrested this morning” I yelled happily

” Tell me it’s a joke , you mean he’s finally out of our lives for good ” she asked

” Yes wifey he is ”

” This calls for celebration ” she shouted and dropped Dianna on the bed rushing out to where I don’t know..

” Mama papa ” Dianne enthused

” Did you hear that Aidan he called me first , I’m the first name he pronounced” Aza said

” No , you heard him wrong he said papa” I argued

” He said mama first ” she retorted and we began arguing when the cry of Dianna stopped us ..

” Baby come to mama ” Aza said and picked her up .. She isn’t that sharp as her twin , I’m sure if there grow up she’s gonna be the gentle one while Dianne will be the smartest.
There are turning one in the next two months and there have start walking thou not perfectly.
Isn’t God great? I’m just happy for God has blessed me with the best wife ever. Each time I remembered where we start from , I do still seek her forgiveness thou she tend me as ‘ unbelievable ‘ I have taken it as my duty to apologize to her.
She’s really a God sent, she changed the whole me into being a loving person ..

” Hey man ” Blake said as he came inside . And yeah , we settled our differences the day Mason was imprisoned for life . I mean I don’t get why we never get along and hate each other because there is no specific action or reason to justify that .

” I’m fine how’s work ”

” Hectic ” he replied and went to where the babies were

” My soldier and my doctor are growing so fast” he said and he play with them

” Who told you that they are gonna be that when they eventually grows up ?” I said and chuckled

” Don’t doubt me , you know I’m a psychologist” he said and winked at me . Stupid !

” Psychologist that reads children’s mind too ?” I asked

” Of course yes , nothing I can’t do ” he replied .
Aza came down and saw us gisting

” Blake you are here ” she said and smiled at him

” Yes beautiful, you look as beautiful as ever . Did your husband tell you that? Well I just did” he said to her while I glared at him

” Oh Blake you started with your flattering this early ” Aza laughed

” I told you he’s just an ass , not romantic at all. But you can try me out ” jeez! He winked at her

” Stop it Blake you don’t flirt with my wife in my present ” I said sternly, Blake can be like this all his life

” Look who’s jealous”

” I ought to , go and get married and leave my wife alone ” I said and grabbed Aza sitting her on my thigh while there burst out laughing laughing…

The end √
I’m sorry I love my stories to be short because I feel if it’s long , it will get boring on the way anyways..
How was it 😀.
I’m gonna miss Little Dianne and Dianna including our lovely couple 😍
Next story coming up soon.
Love y’all

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