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Cruel Billionaire Episode 7 – 8


Cruel Billionaire 💥

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Episode 7 💘

by Simrah ✍️

Aidan’s POV.
I didn’t know how but I ran like a dog who badly wants to bite someone. I’m so doomed ! isn’t this wickedness? .. I quickly picked it up tiredly but couldn’t stop why? because it is just remaining two seconds for me to get up there . I was sweating like a scape goat, can you imagine? my legs refused moving 😢 it was hurting so much but I have to do this , I need Aza to forgive me instantly. One more step I will be up.

oh my God I finally made it at the dying minute. Aza stood there frozen probably thinking of how I gets here so quickly of which I myself is as surprised as that . You wouldn’t blame me , I was the one in need ..

” h..how did you get here so quick” she asked as I handed her her jewelry.

“I believe I’m now forgiven because I passed your test” I said and wrapped my arms around her waist while she still stood frozen at her..

” uhm , Aidan let go off me ” she said as I removed the strand of her falling hair ..

” not happening wifey” I whisper to her ear and I can swear that my touch is having effect on her . Isn’t that a good news to know that she likes me ? 🤗I’m so happy right now . I began tickling her as she laughed humorously.

” Aidan s..t..o.p , you know I’m ticklish” she said as I let go off her and she ran off to the room . I chuckled softly and followed her, I need to prepare something for her as compensation for forgiving me but I will have to be careful this time around so as the food won’t turn salty and peppery like she said few days ago 🤣.
I’m the happiest man right now , I began singing one of El Sheeran song while I tie the apron …

Manson’s POV
No ! she can’t keep rejecting me ! she’s is mine and no one else and if I can’t have her , I will make sure she didn’t get to see the sunlight in the next three days .. I have to do something so very fast before it gets out of hand . imagine after all that fool did to her she still calls him her husband 😖 why can’t I just separate them and have her all to myself?
I called my boss and told them my plans .. Aza watch your back !
I laughed in satisfaction. I must achieved my aim .

Aza’s POV
Since the day Aidan surprisingly picked the jewelry in 10seconds and gave it to me . He has been all romantic and protective of me , I can’t believe he’s this sweet and all that . He has been the one cooking for me, he won’t even allow the maids near the kitchen as he would say his food will make me love him the more ..

” wifey I’m home ” Aidan announced as he entered into the house ..

” welcome baby ” I said and hugged him but he pulled me and we fell on the couch with him on top of me …

” Aidan can you stop ? you just came back from work you need to freshen up while I bring a hot coffee for you ” I said

” no I’m okay so long I’m with you I don’t want a coffee ” he replied stubbornly and started bitting my neck which I’m sure gonna turn to hickeys .
We we’re so carried away that we didn’t even notice our surrounding until we heard a gun short..

” Aidan ” I called as he fell off me ..

I know it’s short , I’m kinda sick so manage it for today 😘.
Did Aidan get shut?
what the ! who is after them again ?😥

Cruel Billionaire 💥

Episode 8 💘

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by Simrah ✍️

Aza’s POV
“Aza ” Aidan called as he fell on the floor groaning in pain, he was shut in the leg 😥. I was scared , as I bent to his side ..

” Aww lovebirds, I think this should be the last time you will be together and you dear friend why the hell did you collect the bullet meant for her ? she supposed to die” Mason yelled as he kicked me . I began trembling, I know he was evil but never thought he can take someone’s life just like that . Now Aidan is hurt because of me .

” Mason how could you? you want my wife dead ? what is it you really want , why can’t you just leave us alone you have done enough” Aidan yelled . What did he mean by he has done enough? did there have any fight ?

” well , like I said , if I can’t have her , no one will not even you ” he yelled back ..

” enough!” Aidan said and was about standing up against him when he was shut again and this time by the arm . What do I do? I can’t let him kill my Aidan for me , I can’t watch that happen God!

” it’s okay, I rather die than to be with you , you can kill me but I will never be yours you son of a bitch ” I spat angrily while he began laughing. I rushed and tore the tip of my dress to tie his wound but the bullets needs to be removed , I closed my eyes tightly and remove the one in his leg and tie it to stop the blood as Mason was just staring in awe . I moved to his arm and did the same while he kept hissing in pain .

” are you done ? now say your last prayer Aza ” is this how I’m gonna die ? oh lawd I haven’t even enjoyed anything in life not even a kid to take after me 😥. tears flows down freely from my cheeks as Aidan held my hand not letting go .

” no! please don’t hurt my wife I will give you anything but please spare her life for me I beg you” Huh? for the first time since I got married to Aidan I’m seeing him cry today .

” hell no , I don’t want anything dude I want her ” he smirked

” I can never be yours Mason you are evil and I promise you will regret this ” I cried and closed my waiting for the worst to happen as the gun was been pointed at me but nothing happened instead I heard a loud thud and shut my eyes open to see the scene before me . Oh God aren’t you great? Mason was on the floor as a guy pounced on him . who is he ? i hugged Aidan as he cupped my cheeks and Pat my back .

” Blake?” Aidan called in a surprise tone .

” yes the only Blake Campbell ” the guy replied and sat down on the couch.

” boys take him out ” he said and some huge men entered and dragged Mason away .

” what are you doing here ?” Aidan questioned .

” oh the most powerful Aidan Wiston is that how to appreciate the fact that I just saved your ass?” the Blake guy replied while Aidan kept mute staring at him, now do there know each other ?

” well for the fact that we don’t get along doesn’t mean I want you dead not when we are rivals you know” he said and lit up his cigarette ..

” thanks for saving us ” Aidan finally said after what seems like forever.

” that doesn’t mean we are now friends dude I still don’t like your arrogant ass now let’s take you to the hospital” he said as he stood up to help Aidan up .

” Blake how did you know…”

” how do I know Mason was here ? hahahaha that shouldn’t bother you he has been wanted by me now let’s take you to the hospital” he replied as we left into his car.. He’s really a saving grace .

It’s been two weeks since the whole incident , Blake left after Aidan was treated and he’s fine now . We didn’t let any of our family members know of it especially Aidan’s dad because he will take the case to the next level of which Blake assured us to take care of Mason . I pray he never comes back.

” Wifey aren’t you ready? we are running late” Aidan yelled from downstairs. Yeah we are going to his father’s place for a family dinner , my own family will be there too .

” just a second dear hubby ” I said as I combed my hair and tie it in a ponytail.

” ready?”

“yes ”
we drove in a comfortable silent to our destination to we arrived there .

” Monchi ” I hugged Ly as I saw her .
We all exchanged pleasantries and we sat down , I sat with Lily while she told me tails about school, how her friend arranged a broken chair for a teacher in the class to sit which he ended up falling because the teacher flogged her for not doing her assignment. How were caught sneaking out of school and giving a hard labor and the funniest part was what there did to the principal 😂chilli pepper to the water he kept to wash his face , immediately he used it , he began dancing and shouting for help while she and her friend laughed 🤣. gosh! who even gave them the idea huh? by now I was laughing like a maniac when the cook announced that the dinner was ready..
The house is really big and beautiful , its as if it’s heaven on Earth , every corner of the house breathes money . jeez!
We ate in silence as to maintain the table manner preached but was broken when my father in law spoke up .

” Son, you know I’m getting old and I need to see my grandchildren before I finally visit the grave ” I choked on the bugger and pancakes I was eating. oops I didn’t expect that. Lily passed me a glass of water as I drank nervously..

” yes Aza we need our grandchildren, any news ?” mum added making my heart race . why didn’t they want me to eat in peace now . I looked at Aidan who was staring back at me.

” uhhm , no news yet . you see Aza and I decided not to have babies now ” Aidan lied and shrugged.

” what ! ” there said in unison..

” it’s been six months you got married and you are not ready to have babies , you got to be kidding me” his dad said almost yelling..

” we need to see our grandchildren kids ” my dad said sternly and focussed back on his food ..I pray this should be the end of the discussion, it’s making me tensed seriously. Aidan just sat and sigh unable to say anything like I was.
This little Lily was just grinning mouthing ‘ I need nieces and nephews too ‘ while I shut her a glare and she giggled .

We resumed eating again till we where done .phew that was an escape, what did there want ? did there think we manufacture children?😂 There are impossible 🤦

” I have a surprise for you both” Aidan’s dad said as all eyes turned to him including mine . What surprise could he have for us , he smiled lightly and handed an envelope to Aidan .
He began reading as his face changes , what’s in the envelope

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