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Cruel Billionaire Episode 9 – 10


Cruel Billionaire 💥

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Episode 9 💘

by Simrah ✍️

Aza’s POV
I stared at Aidan who’s face changed into a surprised one .

” a honeymoon ticket to San Francisco” he announced and looked at me then to his dad . A honeymoon ticket ? after six months into marriage? this man got to be kidding me right now.

” what!” I blurted out surprisingly.

” but dad (cuts in)

” I know it didn’t come early but a gift is a gift none of you is going to refuse and that’s final” at that we both sigh and stare at each other .

” what about the company dad ” Aidan asked .

” don’t worry son your PA will take good care of it before you are back in the next three months” he replied . I guess we are stuck . Staying with Aidan for three good months .

” and when you are back, all I want to hear is good news ” my dad added while mum winked at me as my face flushed red . oh God! they won’t seize to embarrass me at any given moment.

” mum look she’s blushing” Lily said . I quickly face palmed myself making everyone burst into a fist of laughter.

Aidan’s POV
” the plane is ready sir ” my pilot announced as Aza and I dragged our luggages towards there .
We entered into the plane which was about to take off but I looked at Aza who’s looking all fearful .Is she afraid of the plane ?

” wifey what’s wrong? ” I queried .

” nothing just that it’s my first time in the plane ” she said fidgeting with her fingers .

” its okay coffee bean I’m right here beside you , now come here ” I patted the space beside me and she sat . I wrapped my hands around her to give her comfort and whispered.

” it’s gonna be me and you for three months, no mum not dad to disturb our peace and I will have you all to myself” I said and she turned crimson while I chuckled.. the plane took off and in no time Aza slept off.


Finally the plane landed .
” wakey wakey sleeping beauty” I woke her up and we alighted from the plane..

” welcome to San Francisco wifey ” I said and draw her cheeks .
“Aidan son it’s been a while ” Kyle my Dad’s friend said as he hugged me .

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” how are you Kylie ” I asked when we disengaged from the hug .

” except for the fact that my bones are getting weak , I’m perfectly fine ” he chuckled .

” and who’s this beauty beside you? I guess she’s your wife?” he asked smilling at shying Aza .

” yes Kyle meet my wife Aza and Aza meet Kyle my Dad’s very good friend” I introduced.

” oh my bad ! I’m really sorry my daughter” he said and pulled her into a hug as Aza smiled at her .

” I must say you have eyes for good things, she’s a beauty” he complimented and I passed him a smile .

” now let’s go the driver is waiting for us , you have to stay with me for the night before you go to where it’s been booked for your honeymoon” he said .

” behind you Kyle ” I replied while he walked off.

” Aza let’s go ” I held her her and we started moving towards the car when someone yelled my name . We both turned to see who it was .

” Kim ?” I beamed as I ran to hug her

” Aidan is this you ” she and smiled .

” I have missed you so much Kim look how you are all grown up” I said teasingly and hugged her again .

” look who’s talking, you just ditch me for almost a year now ” she smacked my shoulder and we began laughing when someone stomped her feet . It was Aza , crap! I totally forgot she was here . She ran off in tears and anger .oh my God! what have I caused again? I didn’t plan our honey Moon to start this way 😥 jeezz!

” Aza !” I called and ran after her ..

who is this new girl that’s making our Aza jealous 🤨

Episode 10 💘

by Simrah ✍️

Aidan’s POV
jeez! I can’t believe I messed up again ! how could I stupidly forget that. she was there with me huh?

” Aza please it’s not what you are thinking” I held her hand as she was about entering the car .

” then what? just leave me alone, it’s my fault I believed you have changed” she said and entered the car sniffing. she doesn’t trust me anymore ?;

” who’s she ? ” Kim asked coming closer .

” that’s my wife Aza ” I replied as I ran my hand through my hair while she began laughing. What’s funny now huh ? the fact that Aza is angry with me ?

” oh my God! the almighty Aidan has settled down isn’t that a great news? ” she said amused while I chuckled

” This isn’t the me your use to know Kim ” I replied.

” wow , I will love to meet her some other times but not now that she seems jealous” she smiled.

” what did you mean by that?”

” see you around Aidan extend my greeting to your wife ” she winked and left while I shook my head . She hasn’t changed from the crazy girl I used to know .
I entered the car and sat beside Aza who looked away immediatetly while the car took off after I apologised to Kyle for keeping them waiting.
I guess you are wondering who Kim is 😁 well, she’s been my childhood Best friend but moved to San Francisco here after she got married. Yeah she’s married .
We are like five and six then that people thought we will end up getting married but our hearts doesn’t agree with them 🤷. I was a flirt and she knows about how I screw girls ass out and Aza ? I love it that I do make her feel jealous at least I know she truly have feelings for me 😍.

“we are here ” the car pulled into a gate and halted . I know Aza is tryna avoid me but I won’t let that happen.
I quickly slid my hands around her waist taking her by surprise and she didn’t complain, I guess that’s because Kyle is still here , she don’t want to cause a scene here .

” thank you Kyle” I said

” you are welcome son , it seems your wife here is a shy lady, I’m loving her already, don’t ever let her go okay ?” he advised as Aza blushed , seeing how her face is , it made me chuckle .

” you two will stay here for the night , a maid will bring your dinner soon. Make your self comfortable and feel at home ” he said

” we will thank you sir ” Aza spoke up after she have been behaving like she’s mute 😂.

” you can call me Kyle hunny , calling me sir makes me look old ” he said while we laughed.

” okay Kyle we are greatful” she smiled at him .

“alright then let me leave you both to enjoy your privacy ” he grinned and left.

” hey wifey”

Aza’s POV
” hey wifey ” Aidan called but I ignored him and began removing my earrings and hair pin .

” wifey I’m sorry it wasn’t intentional I ditched you, just that it’s been a while since I last saw her ” he said and came closer to me .

” then you can still go back to her and continue the hugging” I spat angrily. What’s even wrong with me that I’m behaving like this after I saw Aidan with that Kim girl or am I jealous? but it won’t be bad if I get jealous seeing my dear husband hugging a lady other than me and to crown it all in my very present .

” Aza listen to me ” he half yelled , I guess he’s getting fed up but I’m angry too .

” no , let me be ” he grabbed my arm and turned me to face him .

” she’s not my girlfriend or anything more than just a friend and she’s even married for heaven sake ” on hearing that , I released the breath I didn’t know I have been holding. I felt some kind of relief to know she’s married at least she won’t share Aidan with me cause he’s mine only.

” She is ?” I beamed as Aidan chuckled at my sudden Change of mood .

” yes she’s married with a kid now you know hope you aren’t jealous anymore” he said and smirked.

” I wasn’t jealous, I don’t want to share you with anyone that’s it ” I replied sharply but deep down in me I was damn jealous 😅

” really ? so you weren’t jealous you say? ” he said and came closer , he kiss my cheeks , my earlobe down to my neck before he began tickling me ..
Gosh that’s my greatest weakness , I started laughing non-stop.

” admit you were jealous ” he ordered as he tickle me the more .

” I wasn’t jealous” I said in between laugh .

” say it ”

” n.noo.”

” now ”

” okay okay I was jealous” I said and he let go off me .

” good ” he grinned in satisfaction , I was planning a come back for him when I felt the urge to puke . I ran to the bathroom to throw up.

” Aza are you okay ” Aidan asked as he smoothing my back .

” yeah I’m fine I think..” I was caught off as I ran to bathroom to puke again . Now what’s up ? I was okay some minutes ago.

” I think we should go to the hospital ” he said concerned while I gave him a smile ..

” No, it’s fine maybe it’s just a slight fever or my period is coming soon don’t worry I’m fine dear hubby ” he seemed convinced as he help me to the bed . Why am I feeling a stressed now huh? this is strange, maybe I should wait till tomorrow if I didn’t stop then I will be forced to go for some examining..
Aidan changed me and laid me on the bed .

” good night wifey ”

” good night Aidan ” he came closer and we cuddled up , in no time I was fast asleep……

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