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Episode 1

I was asked why I am so h£artless…
Why do I love hurt!ng oth£rs?
Why do I derive joy !n caus!ng oth£rs pa!n?
Th£ society called me names
Women cursed th£ day my moth£r birth£d me.
Men cursed my fath£r say!ng; what a wasted semen!
Everyone resolved to call!ng me a terrorist but no one ¢ar£d to know th£ orig!n and source of th£ cruelty !n me.

Everyth!ng was taken away !n a day.
We all slept togeth£r that night, if only we knew what was com!ng, probably we would have sojourned !n a different town or probably would have chos£n not to let that day become a reality😥

A terrible, traumatic night wh£n th£ door was banged real [email protected] and with©vt wait!ng for a response th£ door was broken accompanied with harsh look!ng masked faces…

“Take th£ children away but give me h¡s wife to quench my thirst tonight” said th£ a$$umed leader of th£ terrorist group….

Fath£r struggled to save h¡s wife from th£ [email protected] of th£ hungry vulture but unfortunately, h£ was sh°t😭.. s¢r**ms of commotion filled th£ room but th£re was no one com!ng to our rescue.

Fath£r laid !n h¡s own blood like a defeated warrior… Moth£r was raped and killed before my very eyes😥 A horrible scene to behold for me..
I was th£n taken away with my little sister who was barely 6….

Episode 2

“Get d©wΠ!!” one of th£ terrorist yelled at us….

It was night already. Such a long ride.

h£ led us to a dungeon wh£re oth£r kids (boys) of my age range are h£ld captive.

Look!ng at how tattered th£y look, one would know that th£y’ve been liv!ng th£re for so long with no proper ¢ar£.

Those chatt!ng kept mute at th£ sight of th£ masked man, some shifted [email protected]¢kwards !n fright. I guessed th£y’ve accepted th£ir fate.

“h£nceforth, th¡s will be your new home” Th£ masked man spoke jolt!ng me ©vt of my thought.

“But sir th¡s is not my…” My face was strike before I could furth£r…I h£ld my burn!ng ch£ek try!ng to suppress my tears from [email protected]||!ng.

” You dare not talk [email protected]¢k at me or any of my colleagues….” Th£ masked man h¡ssed, dragg!ng my sister along.

“Please give me my sister..” I pleaded. But deaf ears was given to my pleads.

Fear of th£ unknown could be seen !n h£r !nnocent eyes. $h£ was literally shak!ng. Poor Tara look!ng so h£lpless 😢😖.

I laid my [email protected]¢k aga!nst th£ wall sobb!ng.
What a cruel world I f!nd myself, With!n twenty-four hours..

I became an orphan, my home stolen from me, my kids sis separated from me and now I am left alone !n th£ prison of pa!n, isolation and loss.

“Don’t worry, your sister is at th£ oth£r build!ng ©vtside alongside oth£r girls. You don’t have to be unease” A voice said.
I turned [email protected]¢k. A young tall, black sk!nned boy. h£ look like an adolescent !n h¡s 14 or 15 years.

“Who are you?” I asked.
” My name is David Musa” h£ replied with a smile.
“Okay” I nodded not will!ng to start up any conversation…

I sat d©wΠ ponder!ng ab©vt th£ new turn, life has thrown at me… ..

Still on th£ thought, loud s¢r**ms of girls from th£ oth£r build!ng sparked off…..
My h£art skipped! ‘Tara’ my kid sis!
I jumped ©vt of my mat with my legs trembl!ng !n fear……

Episode 3

F!nally, it was morn!ng. My h£art was still rac!ng no matter how [email protected] I tried to become less tensed.

I was so anxious to know what occured last night that prompted th£ chaos from th£ girl’s build!ng.

“Wh£re are those animals? Come ©vt now! It’s time for tra!n!ng” A hoarse voice spoke while open!ng th£ door.

No one needed to tell me that it was one of th£ terrorist.

“Wicked, h£artless, bloody souls” muttered a boy beh!nd me.

I hastily stood up while oth£rs were reluctantly compla!n!ng of how we are to spend th£ wh0l£ day work!ng with little or no food..

All my hope was to see Tara…

“Good morn!ng” a voice spoke beh!nd me.

It was no oth£r person than David; th£ boy who tried to start up a conversation with me yesterday.

I j√$t hope h£’s not h£re to disturb me aga!n. I’m not ready to keep friends till I leave th¡s dungeon that’s if luck smiles on me…

“Morn!ng” I replied un!nterested.
“Hope you slept well?” h£ asked
“What a stupid question to ask someone whose freedom is restricted” I muttered and m©v£d forward leav!ng h¡m beh!nd….

After walk!ng a mile, we came to an abrupt stop.

We were given farm implements to work on a big farmland.

Th£re was a big whip with th£ terrorist a$$igned to watch over us. h£ la$h£s th¡s whip on anyone who is impuissant or stubborn. h£ looked so mean

“Guy, what happened at th£ girl’s dungeon last night”? one of my mate !nquired from h¡s partner….

“Bro, I h£ard th£ noise oh. At first I thought it was Jagaban (Leader of th£ terrorist gang) or one of h¡s boys that was !n need of girls to [email protected]!$fy th£ir urge.
But unfortunately, that was not what happened.”…..h£ shook h¡s h£ad pitifvlly

h£ turned towards me but I was f*st enough to turn else wh£re…

“It’s th£ new guy younger sister” h£ lowered h¡s voice, but I h£ard h¡m….

My h£art skipped! hope it’s not what I’m th!nk!ng…

Episode 3 cont!nuation….

“It’s th£ new guy younger sister” h£ lowered h¡s voice, but I h£ard h¡m….

My h£art skipped! hope it’s not what I’m th!nk!ng…

“Accord!ng to what I h£ard from th£ girls gossip!ng among th£mselves…
One said th£ toddler started convuls!ng at th£ middle of th£ night and before th£y could get th£ matron, th£ little girl gave up” h£ concluded.

h°t ur!ne started flow!ng d©wΠ my trouser, my cutla$$ fell from my [email protected]

With an excessive speed, I grabb£d th£ boy’s shirt

“Tell me you’re not talk!ng ab©vt my sister” I [email protected]

“I’m sorry dude, never knew you were eavesdropp!ng on our conversation” Th£ boy said pitifvlly.

I released h¡s shirt. My [email protected] began trembl!ng, I became weak. At a moment, I became lifeless.

“What th£ h£ll is wrong with you both?” I was abs£nt m!nded at th£ word….
A whip landed on my [email protected]¢k… it was th£ mean terrorist..

” Are you mad? start work!ng now” h£ commanded.

“I am not mad. You and your colleagues are th£ mean, mad people h£re” I retorted not know!ng what !nitiated that reply from me. Probably because of th£ anger boil!ng |ns!de of me.

“I see you are prov!ng [email protected] to ¢©Πtr0|” h£ nodded..
“I will make sure I deal with you” h£ threatened.

h£ !nstructed two h£fty men to take me [email protected]¢k to th£ dungeon, lock me up and deal with me mercilessly until h£’s done for th£ day.

At that moment, everyth!ng h£ was say!ng made no s£nse to me.

What pa!n is worse than loos!ng th£ only family I thought I had left?

What torture is m©r£ than not see!ng th£ corpse of my sister??

I failed my parents. I failed Tara. I couldn’t protect h£r..

My h£art bleeds, my blood boils for revenge…

I can’t fail aga!n..

‘Mom, Dad, Tara, I promise to avenge your deaths’.. I swore under my breath£.

!nnocent souls will die!

I Tunji must revenge! That is my stand!

Episode 4

Days, weeks, months and years pa$$ed by, I was still liv!ng with my determ!nation. Hop!ng that some day I will achieve my set goal which is Vengeance.

I became exposed to th£ wild life !n Dungeon. m©r£ children were be!ng abducted everyday.

Hostages were used to carry ©vt felonious act. Atrocities was committed aga!nst us. Especially th£ females, th£y were subjected to prostitution and set ups for gullible rich men. Th£ stubborn ones among th£m were raped and killed afterwards.

Some of th¡s young girls were vulnerable to all sort of s£×ual diseases and !nfections.

Those who didn’t die dur!ng childbirth were be!ng diagnosed of stress !ncont!nence, a condition that causes leak ur!ne !n women due to early childbirth.

Every captive liv!ng !n th£ dungeon have path£tic stories to tell.
Th£ sad aspect of th£ matter is that not everyone live to tell th£ir own experiences as some couldn’t survive th£ torture.

I lived an isolated, quiet life. Though I [email protected] smile, I made sure I carried ©vt any task a$$igned to me with©vt grumpily.

I was never lazy or impussiant. Th¡s made Jagaban th£ Leader, to pick !nterest !n me. I was gradually becom!ng close to h¡m…

I never loved Jagaban but i knew that be!ng loyal to h¡m was th£ only escape r©vte I had. I needed to make h¡m trust me no matter what it will take.

I could still remember vividly of my first mission with th£ terrorists….

Episode 4 cont!nuation…

I was f*st asleep that faithful night wh£n a [email protected] tapped me..

“s£nior Tunji, wake up” a junior tried wak!ng me up.

“What is th£ matter?” I asked sleepily

“One of th£ Master seeks for your attention”

I got up and walk swiftly to th£ door. It was one of th£ terrorist called Poison that was wait!ng for me at th£ door.

“Good even!ng Poison” I greeted with a slight bow

“Follow me” h£ ordered, ignor!ng my greet!ng.

I followed quietly with©vt utter!ng a word.

Lot of thoughts ran through my m!nd. I was wonder!ng and ponder!ng why th£ boss would want to see me at an ungodly hour.

We f!nally arrived th£ ‘Strategy Room’. Th¡s room is called Strategy room because that is wh£re plans are be!ng draft ©vt before th£y embark on any mission.

I met th£ boss and h¡s cohorts sitt!ng and discuss!ng.

I bowed my h£ad !n respect to everyone sitted.

“Sit” Th£ boss ordered with a straight face.

I muttered a “thank you” and sat d©wΠ as commanded.

h£ cleared h¡s throat…”I’ve been watch!ng you for over 4 years now and I can attest that you are brave and tonight you’ll be go!ng ©vt with us”
h£ fixed h¡s gaze at me but I kept a straight face.

“Th¡s will be your first mission with us and I’m hop!ng you don’t make any mistakes. No mercy, no dull!ng. Make sure you follow !nstructions”

” Yes sir. I promise to give my best” I a$$ured.

” Good. So let th£ plan….

Exact time, 1am we broke !nto th£ house.
Two people were asked to stay ©vtside to keep us at alert while Poison and I left th£ boss and oth£rs !n th£ sitt!ng room.

We entered th£ b£droom and tapped th£ couple who were sleep!ng peacefvlly on th£ir b£d. ‘Blood of…’ th£ wife almost s¢r**med but was stopped by a resound!ng slap from Poison.

Th£ husband hastily arose from h¡s b£d shak!ng like a cold chicken.

“I promise to give you anyth!ng you want please” h£ stammered

” j√$t tell us wh£re you kept th£ money” I yelled at h¡m.

h£ po!nted to a drawer and truly th£re was a big envelope fvll of money |ns!de.

After gett!ng th£ money, we dragged th£m to th£ sitt!ng room wh£re we met th£ir 3 kids silently sobb!ng on th£ floor.

“Please sir, please spare our lives” th£ woman pleaded !n tears.

” Tunji” th£ boss called


“Do th£ needful now” h£ said calmly.

!nstantly, I knew what h£ wanted me to do. My [email protected] was literally shak!ng but I tried mak!ng it not to be obvious.

An image of my family fla$h£d [email protected]¢k to my h£ad but I quickly waved it off.
I cannot be a weakl!ng. Besides, th¡s is wh£re my vengeance beg!ns…

With©vt much h£sitation, I ₱v||ed th£ trigger and sh°t both th£ husband and h¡s wife.

“Nice one Tunji” th£y all hailed me.
We took th£ children along and f!nd our way [email protected]¢k to th£ dungeon.

I was promoted and nicknamed T.B mean!ng ‘Tunji Bullet’.

Th£ boss started s£nd!ng me on missions of which I always do a clean Job.

I became feared by many.

To me, th¡s simply means I’m gett!ng to th£ edge of tak!ng total vengeance from th£ society….

Episode 5

Life !n th£ Dungeon became m©r£ !nterest!ng for me each pa$$!ng day.

Power truly !ntoxicate.

I became fierce and fearless.

I was highly regarded m©r£ than my Master Jagaban, but I always made sure I shut d©wΠ such respects to avoid hatred.

I, T.B feared nob©dy and no operation. I became a boss of my own. I was so much loved by my Boss and h£ gave me th£ freedom I’ve always wi$h£d for. I still worked for h¡m but I was no longer under h¡s ¢©Πtr0|.

I had boys work!ng under me. Top politicians, officers and men of honour made me th£ir sure plug wh£n it comes to blood and human delivery.

I was a monster. I slaughtered Human be!ngs like I was kill!ng an animal. I created my own Dungeon wh£re lot of atrocities are be!ng executed 24hrs of th£ day. I became a popular crim!nal known all over.

j√$t as I was made homeless 15yrs ago, I made sure many became homeles through me. I slaughtered parents !n th£ pres£nce of th£ir children.
I destroyed families and !ndividuals.

I so much derived joy !n see!ng oth£rs undergo!ng same pa!ns and trauma I went through.

I could still recollect vividly one of th£ operation I went for that so much rem!nded me of my late family. j√$t like my home, th£y are four !n number. Parents and th£ir two kids.

Th£ woman was h£avily pregnant and unfortunate for th£ family my boys and I visited th£n wh£n th£ wife was !n pa!ns ab©vt to put to b£d.

Such a terrible night for th£m.

I couldn’t spare th£ir lives because a price has been paid for th£ir lives.

Th£ husband was th£ ma!n target, I don’t ¢ar£ of what h£ did as long as my money was paid !n fvll.

“Please sir, we will give you anyth!ng you want, my wife is !nto labour, I really need to rush h£r to th£ hospital” Th£ man pleaded !n tears.

” Sorry sir, a price has been paid on your h£ad. j√$t rest !n peace” I turned [email protected]¢k and signalled one of my boy to do th£ needful and h£ obeyed order..

“h£lp me please because of God” Th£ travail!ng moth£r cried ©vt.

Th£ name God !nfuriated me.

“Madam, I would have love to h£lp you but because of that God you mentioned, I’ll leave you to that God to come d©wΠ and take you to th£ hospital”

I dragged th£ two kids along with me, leav!ng th£ travail!ng moth£r to h£r fate.

Th£ children wouldn’t stop cry!ng bitterly, but who ¢ar£s? I’m no longer m©v£d by human tears.

I have no h£art, I’m h£artless and I gave no space for second thought.

If I could live !n h£ll(dungeon) th£n oth£rs deserves m©r£ than that.

Episode 6

People says ‘If you want to d!ne with th£ devil th£n use a long spoon’
But I Tunji th£ notorious crim!nal, I d!ne with th£ devil with©vt us!ng any cutlery


N!nety-n!ne days is said to be for a thief but one day for th£ owner and that day will be so unfortunate for th£ thief.

After 5yrs of been a successful killer and monster, I was caught. Th£ funny aspect is that I was defeated like a civilian.

That night, th£ hunter became th£ hunted. It was a failed operation. I was caught unaware. I lost all my boys at th£ operation ground. I thought I would disappear as usual but I couldn’t. Th£n it dawned on me that th£ yearly ritual expired few days ago and I forgot to renew it.

“Oh no, Tunji, you messed up” I hit my h£ad with my fist.

” You are under arrest, anyth!ng say or do shall be use aga!nst you !n th£ court of law, now m©v£” That was how I was [email protected] and taken away.


Look who we have h£re” th£ detective clapped [email protected] laugh!ng at th£ same time hav!ng a seat !n front of me.

We’ve met several times but I always vanish before h£ could try anyth!ng stupid. So I was not really surprised at h¡s action. But h¡s laughter was so disgust!ng.

I spat on h¡s face and scoffed, !nstantly a slap landed on my face. Not from th£ detective but from a junior officer.

“Listen to me attentively” h£ m©v£d closer

” Bullet or whatever you are called, nob©dy can save you th¡s time. Not your vanish!ng power neith£r any top security officers. You have been a h£adach£ to th£ society at large.
And guess what? You are all over th£ Media and everyb©dy want you dead.

I’m so sure you no longer have a h£art right th£re. You are so mean and cruel. Pray God shows you mer…

“Shut up” I yelled, cutt!ng h¡m off.

“Th£re is no God anywh£re. Don’t ever tell me ab©vt a non-exist!ng Creator. That same God was th£ same !nvisible Be!ng my parents served diligently.

Th£y talked ab©vt h¡s love and h¡s ability to do all th!ngs. Th£y made my sister and I believed that with©vt h¡m we cannot do or achieve anyth!ng !n life. But that same God couldn’t save th£m 15yrs ago.

That God couldn’t save my parents, h£ couldn’t save my little sister who convulsed and died !n th£ Dungeon.

h£ was called ‘Powerful’ but h£ couldn’t rescue th£ victimized children who were captured and slaughtered daily !n th£ den of th£ enemies.

Wh£re is that God wh£n I was go!ng through hunger, pa!ns, physical, emotional and mental torture?

Do you know how many so called Religious Leaders that are still patroniz!ng Jagaban, my boss !n th£ dungeon?

I started liv!ng a pleasant life th£ very day I stopped believ!ng !n th£ existence of God.

And Mr Detective who told you that I am s¢ar£d of death? I asked h¡m rh£torically because I never allowed h¡m to respond.

“I am not s¢ar£d of death because I died a long time ago. I died th£ very day I found ©vt that th£ only surviv!ng blood I had left had died. That day, I made a vow to avenge th£ death of my family.
I know a day like th¡s will come but I never knew it would be th¡s soon. I was hop!ng for m©r£ years to cause m©r£ havoc among people.

I Tunji, I am fearless. I am not frightened of any consequences that will arise because of all I did.

You earlier said that I am mean and cruel but I am not th£ only mean one h£re.

That neighbor who couldn’t call or come ©vt for th£ rescue of h¡s or h£r oth£r neighbors is also cruel.

Th£ Government who [email protected]¢ks up terrorism are also cruel.

!ncompetence of security officers especially th£ gullible ones among you. I’ve watch£d a day old babies been sold ©vt to respectable people !n th£ country. Th£se are th£ same people who sit on th£ seat of judgement to give decree.

Now tell me who is m©r£ cruel?
Answer me, who is m©r£ cruel!” I yelled, bang!ng th£ table !n b£tweeΠ me and th£ detective.

My b©dy was literally $h!very!ng, h°t tears ₱0ur!ng d©wΠ from my eyes.

Th£ detective was so speechless to say anyth!ng..I could see th£ look of pity !n h¡s eyes.

“Hmmm” h£ sigh£d and stretch£d a tissue paper to me.

I reluctantly accepted it.

Th£re was a long silence b£tweeΠ us..

“Tunji, I understand how you’re feel!ng right now. Th£ society turned you to a monster. I can see a soft h£art !n a tough and broken b©dy. Everyth!ng you went through should have spurs you to be a saviour and an advocate for those go!ng through same torture !n th£ cage of th£ Enemies.

Well, th£ best I can do for you now is to advice you that you get a lawyer. You’ll be go!ng to court !n few days time.
Such a pity that you ended up th¡s way” h£ said shak!ng h¡s h£ad pitifvlly

” I don’t need a lawyer. I am ready to face th£ consequences of my evil deeds” I replied with my h£ad on th£ table

” Your choice. See you !n court” h£ said, stand!ng up to take h¡s leave.

“Thanks” I responded sadly.

F!nal Episode
Written by: Omofaiye Miracle

‘h£ deserves m©r£ than death

Such a wasted semen

Cursed be th£ day h¡s moth£r birth£d h¡m


j√$tice must be served and th¡s one really served h¡m right.

h¡s death should have been a s1©w death’

I could h£ar people curs!ng and say!ng all k!nd of words to me.

Everyone seems happy and pleased with th£ death s£ntence pa$$ed on me.

Yes, I was found guilty and was s£ntence to death by hang!ng. I deserve a cruel death.

For a moment I wi$h£d I could be granted anoth£r chance to make th!ngs right.

Although I am glad I exposed Jagaban and some oth£r wicked crim!nal like me. I gave th£m !nformations on how to locate th£ Dungeon even though I know Jagaban must have acted f*st th£ moment h£ h£ard ab©vt my arrest.

Death is close by. Th£re’s noth!ng I can do to save my life. Th£ few days I spent !n th£ cell while await!ng for my fate, I regretted everyth!ng and every damage I caused. My s!ns are unforgivable 😥

Now, I’m gett!ng closer to death. Two officers lead!ng me to th£ gallow site wh£re I will die..but on our way go!ng, th£se words rang !n my h£ad

“Jesus, remember me wh£n you come !nto your K!ngdom (Luke 23:42)”

Yes, I remember! Those were th£ words of th£ thief on th£ Cross and co!ncidentally, I am to die today due to th£ reward of my deeds.

With a h£art of repentance I quickly cry ©vt before it becomes too late for me, we are j√$t few meters close to th£ gallow…

“Lord Jesus, I really don’t know if my s!ns are forgivable but please, if you could save that thief on th£ Cross, th£n you can also save a s!nful Crim!nal like me. I have no excuse to give but Mercy is all I asked for. Before my last breath£ on earth, I wish you don’t judge me j√$t like th£ world did.
I know I’ve been far away from you but please make me meet you !n your paradise” I cried bitterly.

For a second I felt peace !n my h£art.

Seconds later, I became choked.
I could feel my soul leav!ng my b©dy, th£ world is turn!ng, I can’t breath.
I wanted to s¢r**m for h£lp but th£n I remember…

“For th£ wages of s!n is death…”

Gradually, f!nally everyth!ng became blank…

I gave up th£ ghost!

Th£ END!

#revenge& j√$tice
©️ Mimi’spen

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