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CUCUMBER  21+  (A Short Erotic Story)
Her pussy was so wet already. Chai! “Which kain temptation be dis? Hope say no be ghost?”. I asked myself as I gently fingered her excited clit. I could not think much as I was carried away by the warmth my fingers felt inside her soaking wet pussy. In her very short gown which barely covered her thighs, she spread her legs wider as she pulled my head closer and kissed my ears noisily. I made up my mind. “Even if na mammy-water, I must gbadun this babe today. I no send”.
Ehen! Before I forget, my name is Tunde Jones. A very sweeeet Lagos taxi driver. Friends call me ‘Bebo’, Yoruba slang for ‘Pussy Buster’. Don’t ask why.
I decided to make an early start around 5:00 am Monday morning. My very first passenger was a very pretty female. You don’t need a detective to know she just left some night job and can’t wait to get home. I dropped her off at her gate in Maryland. Minutes later I picked up an elderly man likely to be in his 60s. I dropped him off on Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja. He counted three crisp N1000 notes, handed them to me as he collected my business card and then advised not to leave my stuff in the back seat with passengers. He further said in pidgin, ‘you no know who devil fit use’.
I thanked the baba, counted and arranged my cash in my wallet which is always under my seat. I got in the backseat to check the mysterious bag. It’s a duty-free shopping bag containing a few clothes and a purse. I opened the purse and found a small Nokia phone alongside N35,000 cash and a few personal items. I immediately suspected my first passenger, the pretty lady. I packed everything as they were, in hopes to return the bag as soon as I’m less busy but then the Nokia phone rang. After ringing a few times, I picked the call up.
‘Please, who are you?’, said the soft voice from the other end. Trust me na, as a bad-sharp guy I gather my fresh boy accent, “I’m Tunde Jones, your sweeeet Lagos taxi driver”. “Oh my God! Tunde, I…I…I left my bag in your car…wh…wh… where are you?”, she stammered with a very worried voice but I told her to relax and that her bag is in safe hands. To cut the long story short, we concluded since she’s home all day I’m free to drop her bag soon as I have some free time. That’s it.
It’s 11:30am now and the morning traffic rush is over. Break time for me but I have to return this bag first. I got to the same gate where I dropped her earlier, the gate opened and there she stood in the skimpiest gown I’ve seen lately. The bright sun helped my eyes feed better on her spotless skin. Her nipples were visibly hard and I was wondering why until she caught me staring as I handed the bag over to her. She gestured for a hand shake, “My name is Uche” she said. She smiled excitedly, thanked me and begged me to come in for a bit…
“Walahi, Mr Tunde, you be good man” she said, as she led the way to her apartment. My criminal eyes just dey enjoy her well rounded ass. From the shaking underneath her short gown I could swear with my life, she had no pants under.
We walked into a neatly furnished sitting room. I noticed shock on her face as she hurriedly offered me a seat. Red flag…lol. As I walked toward the sofa, I turned to quickly take a look at what she’s doing behind me and bam!!! I caught her throwing a big brown dildo behind the two-seater.
“I caught youuuu”, I said playfully. “Oh my God! Mr. Tunde!!!” she exclaimed. “Well it just got delivered to me and…” she murmured before I cut in, “and you’re testing if it works?” I asked with a seductive smile and wink. She moved closer, looking all serious. I was so alert in my mind to protect my face from any incoming dirty slaps but instead she grabbed the already visible bulge in my brown pants. “Do you have something better?” she asked with a deep seductive stare into my eyeballs.
Minutes later and after a lot of dirty talking, she went into her bedroom to bring me her old dildo which she promised to show me before I leave. “Mr Tunde! Please come and see!”, she called from the bedroom. I moved closer and opened the door gently. She was sitting on the edge of the bed holding a reasonably sized cucumber, yes, same edible cucumber you know. I smiled and asked her to show me how she used it.
She lifted her skimpy gown and gently spread her legs as she started to suck on the cucumber while randomly rubbing ans smacking it on her pretty clit.
“Oh boy! Make I die if I no replace this cucumber with my hard dick shortly” I said to myself.
She then fucked her pussy with it for a while until pussy cream was all over the cucumber. The expression on her face made me feel like I was fucking her already.
I pulled the only sit in the bedroom and sat in front of her, unzipped my pants and brought out my hard dick. I started stroking it while watching her fuck herself with the cucumber. She opened her mouth wide and moaned louder as she stared at my cock. She started fucking herself faster and I knew she was close to orgasm. I moved closer to her, held her hand and collected the cucumber from her.
She could have asked why, but she could only moan louder as I was rubbing my pulsating dick on her swollen clit. She grabbed my ass and pressed me closer to herself as if to swallow my dick with her eager pussy. I allowed my dick to sink into her wetness. It was so warm inside as her vaginal walls tightened around my stiff cock in about three fast pulses. I felt the tip of my dick pushing against some sponge deep inside her warm hole, I pulled my dick out in a teasing manner and started to rub it on her clit again. She pulled me closer, “Tunde, please fuck me. Make me cum”, she begged like her destiny depended on it.
I smacked my hard dick on her now throbbing clit a couple more times as she begged and scratched endlessly for me to bury my cock inside her and pound her to cum. I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, raised her legs on my shoulder and just as I put my penis on the entrance of her dripping wet vagina, miraculously, the whole length of my dick got sucked in. it was so slippery yet I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock as I located and began to pound on her g-spot.
“Oh Tunde! I’m gonna cum on your cock”, she started screaming and moaning louder. I deep-thrusted on her now swollen g-spot. Her legs started shaking uncontrollably as I squeezed hard on her moderately sized breasts. I felt a sudden gush of extra slime inside her pussy. Her mouth made an ‘O’ as her neck snapped backward. I fucked her faster and harder while she convulsed and screamed as she came all over my cock.
It was like she got ‘satisfaction’ tattooed on her forehead with the bright smile that came after her orgasm. She held my throbbing cock and pulled it out of her pussy. She went on her knees and started licking her juice off my cock. All I could do was moan and grunt like a pig. The feeling was nothing but crazy.
I could not take it anymore so I got my dick out of her mouth and gestured for her to turn around and hold the bed. She quickly complied and spread her legs at the same time which allowed my eager dick to slide into her from behind. I grabbed her hips and started pounding her from behind. She grabbed on the sheets tightly as she made another announcement, “Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum again”.
It was like she added fuel to fire. The announcement made my cock swell. My legs were shaking so much I knew I was gonna pour my thick white juice anytime soon. I told her I was gonna cum too but she begged for me not to stop. “I don’t wanna cum inside you”, I said, but she insisted “It’s safe, lets cum together”.
She screamed and I groaned, both loudly as we came at the same time. I collapsed on top of her on the bed with my dick still inside her and our juices mixed up into some erotic mess. There I found out she had gone to her fiancé’s unannounced the previous night and had to spend the night alone in his apartment until he came home in the morning with some other female. They had an argument and just broke up when I picked her up that morning. She was lost in thoughts and that’s why she could forget her bag with valuables in my taxi.
I couldn’t do much but console her. She claimed I already did enough with the breath-taking bout of sex we had. From the look of things, she’s not gonna be missing her fiance much. We bade each other goodbye after exchanging contacts. I ignited my taxi and was about to zoom off when she folded something into my palm.
I smiled to myself as I drove off with the sweet memories replaying in my head. I opened my palm after a while and counted N7,000. Great day so far.
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