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Cultist experience


Cultist experience 😨😣😨
I thought gaining admission into university was the best thing that could happen to me until I gained the admission.

My first week on campus predicted that my stay on campus won’t be a smooth one.

We’re asked to come for clearance, registration and payment of fee.
luckily for me I had a friend who was on campus and could give me a roof above my head for the one week I planned on staying on campus.

I didn’t know what pushed me to go and buy a yellow polo, a yellow face cap and yellow socks. Them must take on campus, all the girls on campus don enter trouble. I made sure I packed all my clothes meant for functions.

Lekan was happy to receive me on campus and since none of his roommates was on campus as they’re yet to resume we had the room to ourselves .

He advised me to wake up early the next day so that I’ll be able to achieve my aims for the day because of the many freshers that will also be aiming to do the clearance.

My plan was to wear my new clothes and burst everyone’s eye and show them who the biggest boy in town is.

I woke up few minutes to six and took my bath, I was done bathing by six and wore my clothes and cap. Lekan was still sleeping then.
After I finished dressing, I asked the idiots how I looked and he mumbled without opening his eye that I looked great.
I saw Lekan’s yellow earphone hanging on the wall, took it and inserted it into my phone before I bounced out with all the necessary docvments in my hand.

Tho it wasn’t seven yet but the day was clearer. Students I saw on the way were looking at me and mumu me was smiling thinking that they’re feeling my vibe.

I got to admin block and the queue there was more than the number of people with corona cases in Nigeria.
So that my clothes glory will not be covered, I tapped the last guy on the queue that I’m behind him.

The guy was even trembling as he answered ” yes sir “.

I was feeling myself in my mind as I thought he was respecting me because of my matching dressing.

I sidelined myself and started pressing my phone.
The queue was getting longer as students kept trooping in.

Some were even bowing their head to me.
It was already past nine and it hasn’t gotten close to my spot.

I suddenly felt the urge to urinate and left the spot.

I saw a nearby shrub and walked closer to it and brought out my gbola to urinate.

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I was still urinating when I heard a voice behind.

” who goes you ” the voice asked.

” I goes by myself to urinate here ” I replied as I returned my gbola into my short and turned to look at the guy asking me foolish question.

They’re three guys and the three of them had tattoo on their arms.

” oskiwiwawa ” one of them said.

” I no they sell Polish or do I look like Polish seller ” I asked getting angry.

” this one na bolo ” I heard one of the guy mumbled to the other.

” why you they fly that colour ” one of the guys asked.

” na your clothes ” I asked rudely as I made attempt to leave.
They intercepted me and before I could say jack, one of them woss me slap that made me forgot what I came to the school for.
My brain was slightly on hold as everywhere looked strange to me.

” na we they yan you wey you they reason us rubbish abi ” one of them said angrily as he swiped my legs with his and in a lapsed moment I landed on the ground with a loud thud.

Uncle why na, are we fighting wrestling ni.

” uncles, I’ll not do that again, forgive me,I promise not to come here again “I started begging.

When the beating was getting too much,I mustered all the strength I could and stood up and shouted enough.

They paused looking at me waiting for my next move.
I folded my fist ready to fight them but I saw the heaven opened and holy spirit descended on me in the form of a dove and a voice said aloud.
” my son my son, if you know that you’re not ready to die,no try that thing ”

I looked at them and took off my costly yellow polo that I bought for #1,500

” my ogas ,oya make una take” I said stretching it to them.

” that one too ” one of them said pointing at my cap on the floor.

Ahh, do you know how much I got that cap but thank your star I don’t like fighting on Monday.
I took the cap and handed it to them.

” that one too ” the same guy said pointing at Lekan’s earphone that’s also lying on the ground.

Lekan, no be only my properties go suffer your useless sleep.
I smiled as I picked it and handed it to them.

” that one too ”

Oga not this socks na, na original follow come Apple socks oo but thank your stars I don’t like fighting on Monday sha.
I took the socks off and handed it to them.

” that one too ” he said pointing at my trouser.

” just tell me that una won [email protected] me, in fact let finish our fight ” I said as I folded my fist ready to fight now.

One of them lifted his polo up and I saw a gun tucked into his belt.

if not that my mummy asked me not to be fighting anyhow , what’s gun that I can’t face . Without thinking twice I took the Jeans trouser I so much cherish off and handed it to them.

” you’re even wearing yellow boxer ” one of them said pointing at my boxer.

” ehn ” I muttered as my eye dropped to my short and I was wearing yellow boxer.

Cultist experience PART 2

After my first encounter with cultist during registration period, I vowed never to cross path with them again.

If not for the grace of God and my talent for pleading, my village people’s plan would have succeeded.

They stripped of my clothes and when they saw that I was wearing yellow boxer, they asked that I off it too.

Uncle is not fair na, ayam just an aspirant who doesn’t know anything, please na, if you forgive me this time , I promise not to near anything that’s yellow, even colors closer to yellow, I no go near them ever in my life.

After pleading with them, they decided to let go of the boxer.

One of them even joked that they should see my gbola because he’s sure it will be painted with yellow color.
In as much as the thing no funny to my ear, I still follow them smile as I was raining curse on them inwardly.

If not for my mother’s advice, how many are they that I can’t fight them.

It will not better for you oo, I was able to finally cursed out after they’ve left with my clothes.
It’s my #1,500 polo that pained me most.
I used my file to cover my eye as I ran back to Lekan’s hostel.

” you go swim ” the idiot asked me as he saw me entered his room half [email protected]

” inside your blood ba, you that trailer will miss way and jam ” I felt like beating the idiot to ultimate sleep but I still need the idiot roof over my head.

After the incident, I didn’t tell anyone even my parents about what happened, my mom can be so dramatic.
She can be like,
“Pelumi go back to that school and collect all the money you’ve paid back, I’ll use part of it to register you for jamb next year “.

I made sure I burnt every thing that’s either yellow in color or had a strike of yellow in my belongings, even my toothbrush didn’t escape the ambush
Anytime I see anyone wearing yellow, I’ll just burst into tears
When I was given money to get clothes I was to take to school, I went to the market by myself and bought different types of cheap native attires making sure I didn’t pick anything that even has a dot of yellow on it,I took it to a tailor and asked him to make sure he sew everything in pastor style.

Affliction will not rise the second time on my head.

I was finally in campus and we’re given an orientation.
Throughout the long boring speech, what I was able to grab was ” if you are with a girl or moving with a girl and you saw a cultist member approaching you, just leave her and go your way “.
Tho I wasn’t planning on dating anyone but that advice got stuck in my brain.
Me that was already been called pastor Pelumi because of my dressing by my course mates, I only wear normal clothes on Friday and Saturday which are my lecture free days, but apart from that, it’s me and my native clothes.
My plan of not dating any girl was formatted from my brain when I met Precious. She fine scatter her body they mad person. She was na even preciously blessed abundantly.
She was my course mate and I wished to have her as mine.
I will fight cultist for you Precious, I go even punch the vice chancellor for face if he do anyhow give you.

I woo Precious and Precious gree for me.
I was na preciously happy because precious was now my precious babe wey they precious for my heart .

Lekan tell me say Precious too beautiful for me to be dating on campus.
Is like Lekan, you want to run mad with a precious curse from my mouth ba, berra leave me and be sleeping like you always do.
Ayaf found my soulmate that I can slap Buhari for.
First semester pass, me and Precious still they together.
During second semester, that’s how me, Precious and Lekan went to eat in a canteen inside the school.

We’re returning when we saw Scorpio and some of his gangs walking towards us. Scorpio as we all know and heard is the leader of one of the most notorious cultist on campus, even his name attract dread not to talk of his face.
Even a blind man will know that Precious was their aim as they head towards our direction

We’re still like thirty meters away from them when I saw Lekan took another direction.

Lekan, ya a Judas, how can you leave me alone in this situation. Ya my best friend la

As I was getting closer to them, my spirit was fluctuating inside my body.

” run oo, run oo ” I started hearing a voice telling me.

Precious suddenly held my hand
” Precious, is like you want to die young abi ” I said in my mind as I stylishly released my hand from hers.

I wanted to stay with her but the flesh and spirit wasn’t willing to do so.

As we got closer to them, I jejely passed beside them and left Precious with them.

I went behind a big tree closer to the scene to watch them.

” Chai, my Precious ” I muttered as I watched them.

I felt like going to meet her but when I remembered the incident at the clearance time, my soul became humbled and I continued watching them as I cried inwardly.

Precious left with them and I returned to my hostel.

When I was sure Precious would have gotten to her hostel, I started heading to her hostel.
When I got there, I knocked on the door and I heard her voice asking me to come in.

” Jesus ” I screamed as I entered and saw my Precious and Scorpio cuddling on her bed.
My own Precious, there’s god oo.

” who be you ” Scorpio barked at me.

” I’m sharing the good news about Jesus Christ ” I stuttered.

” but as I can see, you already have the good news ” I added feigning a fake smile as I exited her room.

I cried uncontrollably back to my hostel.
Precious that ayaf already bought wedding gown for in my mind.
Brother Scorpio, it’s scorpion that will sting you to death oo.
Well I think FATHER is my calling, let me go and join the priesthood.

The end
© Horluwa~P1 2020.
Just a pure work of fiction.
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