Cursed Episode 10


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👀 EPISODE 10 👀

🍂 Liam’s POV 🍂

I woke up and stood up from my bed

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It’s still very early in the morning and most people are still asleep

I looked around and everything was normal

The Soul Hunters didn’t come, it’s strange and it’s getting me nervous

Have they stopped hunting us?

Or are they waiting for the right time for them to strike?

I went to the bathroom and took a bath

I wore my clothes and went to Daphne’s room

She’s still asleep

I guess she isn’t feeling anyone’s emotions now

I walked close to her and squated beside her

She’s beautiful

Even though she went through alot, she’s still glowing

I moved some strands of her hair that covered her face

We’re gonna solve this mystery together

You don’t deserve to be Cursed

None of us deserve this

I sighed as I kept looking

“Daphne” I called as I tapped her and she slowly opened her eyes

“You should take your be bath and let’s leave before everyone starts waking up” I said and she nodded

I left the room and went to the sitting room

I sat on a chair as I looked around

Charlie was killed here

I wish Charlie was still alive, he would’ve been of great help

Now am stuck here, all Alon and clueless of what’s going on

I hope we’ll be able to find some kind of clue at the Willow tree

Daphne came out of the room

“Am ready, let’s go” She said

I stood up and we walked out of the house

Everywhere was still pretty dark and no was out in the streets

We entered the car and I drove off in the direction of the Willow tree

We drove for a few minutes and we finally reached the place where the Willow tree is

It was in the middle of a Park

The sky is now bright and the people were already out

We came down from the car and I quickly held Daphne’s hand

“Are you okay?” I asked

“Yeah” she replied

We entered the Park and walked towards the Willow tree

The tree was really big and looked really old

But there was nothing there

There was no one

We were crazy to have come here in the first place

Did I really think a clue will lay here waiting for us

“So this is the place” Daphne said “the place my lineage was Cursed for nothing I know nothing about”

“Maybe we should go back Daphne, I don’t think we’ll be able to find anything here” I said

She kept silent for some minutes and sighed

“Let’s go then” she said

We were about turning around when I heard someone call


I turned around but saw no one

“Did you hear someone call my name?” I asked Daphne

“No, I didn’t hear anything” she replied “did you hear your name?”

“Forget it” I said

“cvm autem fuerit Luna in occursum firmaret radicem super excelsis” the voice said and I looked back

“What?” I asked aloud

“cvm autem fuerit Luna in occursum firmaret radicem super excelsis” the voice repeated

“What is it?” Daphne asked

“You didn’t hear anything?” I asked

“No I didn’t, what did you hear?” She asked

“cvm autem fuerit Luna in occursum firmaret radicem super excelsis” I repeated just like I heard the voice said

“What does that mean?” Daphne asked

“I know it’s Latin but I don’t know what it means”

“I thought you understand Latin”

“I do but this Latin is different, it’s deep and native and different from what I’ve learnt. The accent sounded old and precise, it was definitely said by a native speaker but the weird thing is, Latin is a very old language, there’s no native speaker of Latin that’s still alive” I said confused

“That means you heard the voice of a dead person?” Daphne asked

“Probably” I replied

“We should find out what it means” she said and I nodded

We were walking out the Park when Daphne suddenly stopped

“What’s it?” I asked

“I remembered those times I used to come to the Park with Mom and Dad, I’ve always wanted to ride dat but Dad wouldn’t let me, he says I was too young” She said pointing at the rollercoaster


promised to ride it with me when I grow older, now I’ve grown older but Dad isn’t here, am all alone now” she said in a sad voice

“Come with me” as I dragged her towards the rollercoaster

“Want a seat for the ride?” a man standing in front of the rollercoaster asked

“Yes, two seats” I said

“Okay, that’ll be four dollars” the man said bringing out his hand and I gave him the money

“John take them to their seats and make sure they are well seated for the ride” the man said to another guy standing beside him

“Follow me” the guy said and we followed him

He took us to our seats and we Daphne sat down first while I sat beside her still holding her hand

We wore the seatbelts and everything was ok

“The ride will begin in a few minutes” he said and left

“Am scared” Daphne said

“Thats not a problem, it’s perfectly okay to shout during the ride” I said with a smile

“But I don’t wanna shout”

“You will shout” I said “it will be more fun if you shout”

“So are you gonna shout too?” She asked


The seats began to move as they announced the beginning of the ride

“Ready” I asked and she nodded

The seats were moving slowly at first and Daphne closed her eyes

“Come on open your eyes” I said

“I don’t wanna”

“Open it, it’s gonna be fun and am holding your hand so nothing will happen” I said and she slowly opened her eyes

The ride began to go faster and faster

“Aaahhhhh!” Daphne screamed as the air blew her hair backwards and laughed

The ride continued for a few more minutes and Daphne continued shouting while I looked at her the whole time

The ride ended and we removed our seatbelts

I stood up and first and then helped Daphne out


I feel dizzy but that was the best fun I ever had all my life!” She exclaimed and I laughed again

“You said you were going to shout with me, why didn’t you?” She asked

“I said maybe and perhaps it was more fun watching you shout” I replied and she chuckled

“Thanks Liam, for everything”

“I just want you to know that we are together in this and you are no longer alone like before, we’ve got each other okay?” I said and she nodded

“Do you wanna ride again?” I asked

“Sure” she replied with a smile

We rode the rollercoaster again and then went for other rides

We had fun round the Park
“Am hungry” Daphne said

“Let’s go to a Diner then” I said and she agreed
We walked out of the Park and went to the car

We got in and she quickly held my hand

“Are you okay?” I asked and she nodded

I drove to the nearest Diner and we entered and took a seat

One of the Waiters came to us and we ordered our food

Minutes later we were done with our food and I paid the bill

We walked out of the Diner and sat back in the car

It was already getting late

“Where are we going now?” Daphne asked

“Back to the house” I said

“We can’t go back there, it was a miracle the Soul Hunters didn’t find us yesterday” she said

“But we haven’t gotten the Musk roots and I really want to go back to the Walker’s library, they might be more clue there” I said

“Fine, but immediately we get there, we’ll look for the Musk roots first” she said and I agreed

We reached the house and I parked the car in front of it

I let go of Daphne’s hand and held her again after we’ve come down from the car

We walked in and something seems strange

I don’t know what, but I just feel like someone or something was here

Then I suddenly felt a cold aura around me Daphne and I turned around

“The Soul Hunters” Daphne said aloud

They were standing right in front of us

Before I could say or do anything one of the Hollow brothers moved his hand and Daphne and I was sent flying backwards till we hit the wall

“Uhhh” Daphne and I groaned

I looked up and they were already in front of us again

Then two of them brought out their dark veiny hands just like they did back then in the woods and I felt my system boiling again


Daphne screamed in pain as she coughed blood while blood started coming from my eyes and nose

“Leave them alone!” someone yelled and they stopped

The person that said that came upfront and I was shocked to see who it was

“Directress” Daphne managed to say

She brought out some white powder from a bag she was holding

“Projiciam vos a facie mea” she chanted in native Latin and then poured then blew the powder on the Soul Hunters

There was screeching scream as they disapeared

Daphne and I stood up and faced the Directress

“Directress?!” Daphne called again definitely surprised like I was

“Why did you come back here, didn’t Charlie tell you not to stay in one place for too long?!” She asked raising her voice

“You know Charlie?” I asked and she smiled

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about the Walker family Liam” she said

“Aria!!” I said shocked

…… be continued…….


What is the meaning of the Latin words Liam heard at the Park??

Aria is here!!
I hope she helps them unravel all these mysteries

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