November 29, 2021

Cursed Episode 19


👣👣👣👣👣 CURSED 👣👣👣👣👣


👀 EPISODE 19 👀

🍂 Daphne’s POV 🍂

Am in my room and Aria and Liam are in the sitting room

I guess this is it, am gonna die in the next 10 days but am happy I’ll be saving Liam

I’ve missed out alot from this world so I might as well do everything I’ve ever wanted to do in my life in these 10 days

I took a pen and paper and began writing

I learnt how to read and write when I was small but my handwriting is still kinda awkward

“How I’ll spend my last 10 days” I said aloud as I wrote it down

I wrote day 10 but I cleaned it, it’s gonna be day 9 tommorow

“Day 9; Visit the zoo
Day 8; Go to the movies
Day 7; Go to the club
Day 6; Go shopping
Day 5; Have a picnic
Day 4; Go to the library and read lots of novels
Day 3; Go to the Park, have fun rides and get frozen ice cream
Day 2; Go on a long drive round the town
Day 1; Visit Mom’s grave”

I read through everything I wrote again, it’s perfect

I stood up with the paper and went to the sitting room

Liam and Aria quickly stopped talking and I shook my head

“Are you guys seriously going to be like this, what were you guys saying behind my back?” I said but they kept quiet

“Is Liam trying to convince you to let him be the one to die?” I asked Aria and she nodded

“Liam!” I called as I turned to him “I thought we’ve already discussed this”


don’t want you to die” he said not looking at me

“But there’s nothing you can do about it, so Liam if you make any kind of plan and kill yourself on the full moon, I won’t have a second thought and I’ll kill myself too, it’s either I die alone or we both die there’s no situation that I’ll ever let you die alone” I said

“But…. But….” He couldn’t say anything as he quickly covered his face with his hand

“Rather than spending my last days grieving and mourning, I think it’s better to spend it happily, I wanna be happy for this last 10 days Liam so I made a list of things I want to do before I die” I said as I gave him the list

I looked at Aria and she was in tears

“Come on, I said no sadness” I said as I walked over to her and hugged


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sorry, if I can give my Soul so that you both will live I’ll surely do that but I can’t, only a Cursed soul can break the Curse, am so sorry I can’t prevent anyone of you from dieing” she said

“You did alot for us Aria, you might have left us the first time but you came back for us and thanks to you I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to feel people’s emotions” I said with a smile

I went back and sat beside Liam who was still reading through the list

“So what do you think?” I asked

“You’ve already made up your mind to die” Liam said and I nodded

“I told you that you won’t be able to stop me so please can everyone stop the sober mood, let’s forget about the dying part and lemme enjoy my last 10 days please, let’s just behave normal cause I only want to take happy memories with me to the grave” I said but Liam didn’t say anything he stared at me for some time and then walked to his room

“Give him time, it’s really hard for him” Aria said and I nodded

“Good night then” I said

“Good night” she replied and I went to my room

Day 9

I woke up, took a shower and I put on a casual wear

It’s day 9, 8 days to go now

I walked out of my room and met Aria and Liam already seated

“I was about coming to wake you up Daphne” Aria said and I mummered a good morning


Aria said and I sat down as I began to eat

I looked at Liam, he hasn’t said a word, he’s just looking at his food but he isn’t eating

I sighed as I dropped my spoon and stood up

“Sorry Aria but I don’t have any appetite for food” I said as turned and started walking towards my room

“Get dressed” I heard Liam say and I quickly turned around


“I said get dressed, today is day 9 we have to go to the Zoo” he said and I smiled as I ran to hug him

“Thank you so much Liam” I said

“I also want to have happy memories with you so go and get dressed” he said

“I’ll be back in a jiffy I said as I ran into the room to get dressed


I walked outside the house all dressed and Liam opened the door for me to get in the car

I smiled as I sat down and he closed the door

He got inside the car and drove off

“Why do you want to go to a zoo?” Liam asked

“I love animals” I replied

“Which animal do you like most?” He asked

“I like snakes”


“Yeah, they all so innocent” I said

“Snakes ain’t innocent” Liam said

“They are, people fear them because of their venomous nature which isn’t their fault, they kinda remind me of me”

“You are weird Daphne” Liam said and I chuckled

“What’s your favorite animal?” I asked

“Dove” he replied “White Dove to be precise”

“Wow, really”

“Yeah, I just love their peaceful nature” he said and I smiled

He parked the car in front of the Zoo and we both came out

He paid some fee at the gate and we walked in

“Since you said you like snakes, why don’t we go see them first” he said and I nodded

We went where the snakes were, spent a few minutes there and we continued walking around the Zoo

As we walked, Liam slipped his hand into mine and I smiled

We saw different animals and I even fed some of them
It was fun

It was getting late and we got to the car and went back home

Day 8

Today is day 8 and Liam and I are going to see a movie

I told him I want to see a love story movie with a happy ending

So we went to the movies and sat down on the chair as the movie started

The movie was nice and some part of it made me laugh

I placed my head on Liam’s shoulder as we watched the movie and soon the movie came to an end

Day 7

I dressed up in a short beautiful gown that Aria gave me and I looked at myself in the mirror

Wow the dress looks good on me

There was a knock on the door and it opened

“Aren’t you ready to go to the club yet?” He asked

“I am, how do I look?” I asked turning around for him to see

He kept silent for some moments

“Re… Remove it, wear something else, the dress is too short, other guys might stare” he said and quickly went out of the room and I smiled

Oh Liam, I wish I could live with you forever

Day 6

I went shopping with Liam and we both lots of foodstuffs for tomorrow’s picnic

I bought some clothes for Liam too, he should at least have something to remember me by when am gone

We also bought a couple t-shirts which we wore

Liam is trying for my sake, it’s obvious he’s sad but he still smile, joke around and laugh just for me

Day 5

“Take your hands Daphne” Aria said as she slightly hit my hand with the spoon she was holding


only want to taste it” I said

“You’ve tasted it for more than 5 times now” Aria said

“And we let you continue, you might finish it all before the picnic even start” Liam added and I huffed

Day 4

Liam took me to a library and I went through the shelves and took lots of novels

I sat down as I began reading each of them

But it was starting to get boring as everywhere was quiet and I fell asleep


“Daphne” Liam called and I slowly raised my head up and he laughed

“I told you that you’ll fall asleep” he said still laughing as we walked out of the library

I looked at him and smiled
“Promise me something Liam” I said

“What?” He asked

“Promise me that you’ll continue laughing like this even after my death” I said but kept silent


“I can’t, let’s go home” he said as he entered the car and I sighed

Day 3

I went with Liam to the Park and I smiled as I remembered our first time here

“Wanna ride the rollercoaster again?” Liam asked

“Though it was really scary last time, it was fun too so let’s go have a ride” I said

We went towards the rollercoaster, Liam paid for the ride and we were already seated

I looked at Liam and he brought out his phone

“What’s that for?” I asked

“To take pictures of you when you are shouting” he said with a smile

“Come on Liam, I won’t shout”

“We’ll see”

The ride finished and Liam won’t stop laughing

“Look at this” he said showing me a picture of me screaming during the ride

“Hey, delete them” I said

“You’ll have to catch me first” he said as he started running and I ran after him

“Delete it!!” I yelled as I continued to run after him

He stopped abruptly and turned and I ended up running into his arms

I looked at him and he kissed me on my forehead

“I love you” he said

“I love you too” I replied as I placed my head on his chest

We went to get a frozen yogurt and we walked around the park eating it

Day 2

Liam is kinda silent today

Maybe it’s because the full moon is just a day from now

I went out of the house and met Liam standing by the car

He’ll be taking me on a ride round the town

I entered and he started the car and began driving

We were both silent and it was starting to get awkward

“I’ll miss you” he suddenly said and I looked at him

He stopped the car by the roadside and looked at me

“I wish we didn’t have to be apart” he said as tears rolled down from his eyes

“I wish you’ll always be by my side and that no one has to die but fate is just so cruel” he said still in tears

“This is the first time am seeing you cry” I said “You’ve always been the strong one and you’ve always lent me your shoulders to cry on, you should cry on my shoulders this time” I said as I moved closer to him and hugged him

He broke into tears and I couldn’t stop myself from crying too

…….to be continued…….


Oh no 😭

Poor Liam 😭😭

Poor Daphne 😭😭😭

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