November 29, 2021

Cursed Episode 8 – 9


πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£ CURSED πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£


πŸ‘€ EPISODE 8 πŸ‘€

We came out of the orphanage along with the Directress

“Its already late, you guys should spend the night here” the Directress said

“We would’ve loved to but we really have to get going” Liam said

“Okay, you guys should be careful” she said

“Thanks for everything” Liam replied

“Goodbye Daphne” the Directress said

“Goodbye” I said

Liam let go of my hand for us to enter the car and waves of the Directress emotions hit me like a bang on the head and I winced as I sat on the car

“Are you alright” Liam asked as he quickly held my hand

“Am fine” I said

But something’s strange

It’s as if the Directress are fighting her emotions, her emotions were sadness coupled with anger

“What are you thinking about?” Liam asked as he drove out of the orphanage

“Nothing” I replied

“Where are we going now?” I asked

“The Musk roots Charlie gave us is almost finished, maybe we should stop at the house to see if we can find any musk roots there” he replied

“But what about the Soul Hunters, since they’ve already marked the house, won’t it be easy for them to find us there?” I asked

“We won’t stay there for long and perhaps it’s really important for us to get the Musk roots or the Soul Hunters will find us easily wherever we go” he said and I nodded

The rest of the journey was in silence as different thoughts kept running through my mind

My Mom tried to kill me when she was still pregnant with me

She abandoned me at the orphanage

She knew I was Cursed

Was she Cursed too?

Is she still alive or dead?


always wondered why I didn’t bear my foster parent’s name

Now I know it’s because my mom requested for me to bear Hills

Am I cursed because am a Hills

Am I the only Hills alive?

Liam stopped the car in front of his house

We came down from the car and he quickly held my hand

“Liam!” A guy called as he ran up to us

πŸ‚ Liam’s POV πŸ‚

“What’s up Robert” I said

Robert is a friend and a neighbor

“Where the hell have you been, I haven’t been seeing you lately so I came to your house only to find a dead body, I had to quickly call the police and they took the body though I covered up for you and I told them you went on a trip so they said you should come to the station to make a statement when you are back” Robert said

“Thanks Robert, I’ll definitely go there” I said


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this?” Robert asked referring to Daphne

“She’s my friend” I replied

“Okay, goodnight then” he said

“Goodnight” I replied and he left

“Who was that?” Daphne asked

“A friend” I replied as we entered the house

“I should probably start looking for the musk roots” I said

“You don’t outrun the Curse, the Curse outruns you” she said “What do you think it means?” She asked

“I think it means we can’t outsmart or defeat the Curse, rather the Curse outsmarts and defeats us” I said

“If we can’t defeat the curse then what’s the point of doing all this, what’s the point of struggling and fighting something we can’t defeat” she said

“Remember Charlie’s visions, he said finding your roots might help so we’ve got to keep going”

“Charlie’s dead, and there are too many things that we don’t understand, we should just give up, let the Soul Hunters find us and kill us, at least we’ll be able to escape this Cursed life then” she said

“We aren’t giving up Daphne, we’ve got to solve this mystery, I can’t let Charlie die for nothing, all my life was like a dark tunnel and now that there’s light at the end, no matter how dim the light is am going to go for it”

“You don’t understand Liam, am tired of all this” she said

“And do you think am enjoying this?, I’ve had a hard life Daphne, while you were just in the burnt house in the woods, I was out here, facing the world head on, always waking up in the woods as all my family began to die one by one” I said and she scoffed


I was just in the burnt house?!” She said raising her voice “Do you know what I went through there, do you know how hard it was for me, for good 22 years I was there all alone, for good 22 years I didn’t see the world, my world was that dark house, do you know how painful it was to feel the emotions of any random person that came near the house, do you know how hard it is living with the guilt of killing your own parents!!” She yelled


“Yes Liam, I killed my own parents, I lost control of my powers one day and I burnt the whole house down and they died, I’ve lived with that guilt for the past 22 years, I’ve tried to kill myself lots of times but I didn’t die, I stabbed myself, strangled myself, starved myself but none of it worked. I’ve been looking for a way to escape this pain for years, I’ve been looking for death and now that death is here you don’t want me to embrace it?, Death is a salvation for me Liam even my biological mother knew that and that’s why she tried to kill me before I was born” she said as she let go of my hand and ran into one of the rooms

I sat down on one of the chairs shocked

She went through a lot

Much more than I went through

I shouldn’t have talked to her like that

I stood up to go talk to her but then I stopped

She probably needs some time alone now, I’ll talk to her later

“Liam” I heard a voice whispering my name

“Who is it” I asked looking around

“Liam Walker” the voice said again

“Show yourself” I said

“Come to me” the voice said


“Come to me” it said again and the voice sounded closer this time, as if the person was coming closer to me and I started moving back

“Who are you” I said as I continued moving back till my back was against a desk near the shelf where my dad had kept different antique pieces and books of his

“Come to me” the voice said again in a whisper

I moved my hand out fear and mistakenly move a small horse statue in the desk, immediately it moved, a the shelf moved to one said and a door was revealed

I stood up straight and walked towards the door surprised

‘The Walker’s Library’ was boldly written in front of the door

I opened it and met a long staircase that led down below the house and I began to climb down


πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£ CURSED πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£


πŸ‘€ EPISODE 9 πŸ‘€

πŸ‚ Liam’s POV πŸ‚

I finished climbing down the stairs and I was met with a dark room

I saw a switch on the wall and I pressed it, then the lights came on

The room was big and there were many shelfs filled with lots of books

I walked round the room looking at the books

Most of them were about magical stuffs

I sighted a book and brought it out of the shelf
It was tittled ‘Magical Curses’

I flipped through it and it was all about different kinds of Curses
I didn’t find anything helpful

I dropped the book and the table and continued looking through the shelf

Then I saw my Dad’s journal

I took it and started reading through it

I continued reading through it and most of it were stories of his escapades while he was young

Then I noticed something, my dad’s handwriting was deteriorating towards the end of the journal, one could hardly read what he’s writing


reached the final page and it was a day before he died

‘Am so scared right now, I had a vision, a vision of my own death, a vision of my family’s death, we are gonna die one by one, I saw all of us die, Charlie’s death was the strangest of all, it’s like his soul was taken by some hooded men but I didn’t see my son’s death, I just saw him standing with a strange girl. Aria was right from the beginning, when Liam was given born she had called me secretly since Mom and Dad didn’t want anything to do with her, the whole family didn’t want to see her. She told me that day that Liam was Cursed but I didn’t believe her, I told her off and went my way but from the day Liam started waking up in the woods, I started to think she might be right. Why is all this happening to my family, if only I know where Aria is now, she would have been able to explain everything to me since she’s a very powerful witch but then again, why will she help me, a brother that left her in her time of need, the whole family discarded and left her alone for something that wasn’t her fault. I wish I could tell Liam all this but I don’t want to give him such a heavy burden to carry, Liam doesn’t deserve this, my son doesn’t deserve to be left alone in this world without his family. So is this it?, The end of the Walker’s lineage?’

Tears dropped from my eyes as I read it

Dad knew he was gonna die, he knew everyone was gonna die

But he didn’t tell me, he should’ve told me

My Dad knew Aria too, she’s my dad’s sister, she’s a Walker

Dad said she’s a powerful witch and am sure she’ll be able to help us, I really need to find her but how?
How will I find her?

I looked around the shelf for sometimes before I climbed up the stairs

I closed the door to the library and tried to move the shelf to cover the doctor but the shelf wouldn’t bulge

I walked over to the table and moved the small horse statue to the original position and the shelf moved and covered the door from sight

I should check on Daphne

I went towards the room she entered and opened the door

She was still crying

“Hey” I said as I sat on a chair facing the bed and she raised her head

“Am sorry for what I said earlier” I apologised

“It’s okay” she said

“You aren’t feeling any emotions?” I asked

“No, everyone’s probably asleep” she said

“That’s good” I said and no one talked for some moments

“Do you think if I was really my foster parent’s biological child and wasn’t a adopted I’d be leaving a normal life?” She asked

“Probably” I replied

“My foster parents are so unlucky, out of all the babies in the orphanage they decided to choose me, a cursed baby that will cause their own death” she said

“Hey, you didn’t kill your parents intentionally, you lost control so stop blaming yourself okay” I said and she nodded

πŸ‚ Daphne’s POV πŸ‚

“But still, I wish I wasn’t a Hills, it’s obvious the Hills are Cursed” I said

“Wait, what did you say?” Liam asked

“The Hills are Cursed” I repeated “what is it?”

“Give me a minute” Liam said as he ran out of the room

What’s it?

What’s on his mind?

Moments later, he came back with a book

“I found the Walker’s library today and I read through some of the books there, one of the books I read their is this” he said showing me the book he’s holding

“Magical Curses” I read the tittle of the book aloud

“Yeah, its about different kinds of Magical Curses in existence, I read through the book but I don’t know how I didn’t notice it, it only came to my mind after hearing what you said before, look at this” he opened a part of the book and showed me a tittled page

“The Curse of the Hills” I read aloud and looked at Liam

“Go on, read it for yourself” he said

“From the beginning of time
The Hills were known as a powerful family
But then they offended a more powerful being
Under the full moon in the Willow tree
They were Cursed for eternity
A Curse out of Sadness, agony and pain
The strongest of all Curses
And that was the beginning of the end for the Hills
Now they roam the Earth with a Curse that can’t be broken
A Cursed life awaits every generation
A Curse that can’t be defeated” I read aloud

“This…. This is referring to the Hills, my family” I stuttered and Liam nodded

“So am Cursed for something I know nothing about? Am Cursed to an eternity in darkness and pain for something I know nothing about” I said as tears rolled down my eyes

Liam came up to me and hugged me

“We’re gonna find a way out of this” he said and I nodded

“The book said the Hills are Cursed in the Willow tree” I said and Liam nodded

“Is there any Willow tree in West Haven?” I asked

“There is actually, and it’s only one, it’s located in the middle of the town” Liam said

“We should check there then, we might find some clues there” I said

“Okay but that will be tomorrow morning, you should sleep now”

“Okay but what about the Musk roots?”

“I haven’t found any but we still have a little remaining so I can spread that round the house” he said as I nodded

“Goodnight then” he said standing up

“Goodnight” I replied and he left the room

I laid on the bed as I was suddenly sleepy

What a tiring day

“The Curse of the Hills” I murmured as I dozed off

…….to be continued……


Who did the Hills offend that got them Cursed?

Will they ever be able to break the Curse or is the Curse really unbreakable

Why did Liam’s family all die like that?

Where is Aria?

What awaits them at the Willow tree?

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