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Daddy sex toy episode 5 – 6


Daddy sยฃx Toy18+๐Ÿ˜‹
Episode 5
(Pain in the ass)

๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘† ignore this story if you are not matured enough to read such story….๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

Amanda: (gasp) Oh my God!
They both stop and turn to her in shock….
Amanda :(yells) what the, Oh God! this is an eye sour (she clasp her hand over her mouth and runs out, closing the door behind her)
Kelly: (catching her breath) Daddy don’t mind her just continue, she can’t come between the both of us(she urge signalling with her hand for him to continue with his thrust, he place her right leg up on his shoulder and insert his D**k again and began to jerk his waist up and down thrusting harder and faster squeezing her left bre@st with his left hand, while she m0aned fondling with the tip of her p***y…….

Amanda ran to her room, she couldn’t believe her eyes, she tried to scream but nothing was coming out, her heart embarked on a 100 meter race as she clenched to the duvet…….
Amanda: (mumbling) Oh my God๐Ÿ™†! what the hell๐Ÿ˜ฟ, why didn’t I realize the kind of man he was, oh my God๐Ÿ™†! what a bone I was not to realize he’s been molesting his daughter, Oh what a fool I was not to know that this is why she’s been acting that way, what a slut!!! Committing the worst sin ever, Incest. No way I can’t let this continue,oh God what am I going to do….
She adjust the pillow and lay back on the duvet as many thoughts found their way into her head….

Seconds passed and minutes followed and into hours he kept thrusting, seconds later he groaned a loud one as his brain signaled that he was gonna cvm… Kelly felt the warm liquid๐Ÿ’ฆ hit her pvssy wall as he collapsed on top of her….
Kelly: (whispers as they lay exhausted side by side) you won’t leave me, would you?
Mr Peter :(wraps his arm tightly around her waist) Never! I love you Kelly…
Kelly: (kisses๐Ÿ’‹) I love you more Daddy….
She got up, pick her nightie and toss it to him, he use it and clean the love making from his D**k while she heads to the bathroom ๐Ÿ›€ to clean up…..
That night he didn’t go to his room, he spent the night with Kelly, she was nestling in his arms for the whole night….

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The Next Day
Amanda was already up and pacing in the room waiting for him to come in……
Seconds later Mr Peter walked into the room, with no sign of guilt written over his face…..
Amanda: (yells throwing shoes ๐Ÿ‘  at him) Are you done, Are you done f**king your daughter? What a shame, a big shame to parenthood, you are sleeping with your own daughter, what sort of father are you, how long have this been going on?
Mr Peter: (snaps) stop it, stop yelling at me…

Amanda : I won’t

stop until you tell me how long you’ve been involve in this kind of sacrilege…
Mr peter: Listen to me, I owe you no explanation, Kelly is my daughter, I do what I wish with her….
Amanda :(gasp) Oh my God!
Mr Peter :(To himself) My beautiful Teresa, my heart and soul yearns for you, (to Amanda) Kelly is a replica of her beautiful mother and it’s only natural that I transfered the love I had for her mom to her…..

Amanda :(snaps) And the only way to show it is by molesting her…..
Mr peter: yes, yes you can’t understand because you were not there with us, see Kelly and I we’re there for each other, I can’t begin to explain this cause you won’t understand…..
Amanda: (furious) you’re a disgrace, shame on you, you’re a maniac, now I realize what you meant when you told me never to come between you and your daughter…..
Mr peter:(annoyed) Enough!
Amanda :(in the same spirit) it’s not enough, how did I not realize the kind of parent you are, you’re a disgrace to parenthood ……

Mr peter: if you don’t stop this now, I’ll teach you the worst lesson you’ll ever experience in your life, do you understand that?
Amanda: you will do nothing, you cannot do anything, I am not scared of you ๐Ÿ˜ฑ…..
Mr peter:(chuckles) Oh really?
Amanda: yes and I can decide to walk out of this marriage if I so wish and don’t forget if I leave, I leave with your career, you remember that…..
She made to walk out but he dragged her back….

Mr peter:(bellows) come back here, don’t you ever walk out on me do you understand that, let me tell you something, you can have all the connections to get me where I

want and make me the governor of this state but it won’t be enough to bring you out from where am going to burry you deep down, do you understand that? Now all you need to do is sit ๐Ÿ’บ your ass down and be dutiful as a wife and stop being nosy, what I do with my daughter is no business of yours so keep quiet and play the game with me, now get out(push her and walk out of the room)
Amanda:(To his back) f**k you asshole, damn you, if you think that am gonna sit here and watch you molest your daughter, then you have another thing coming peter… (Hits her knuckles against the wall, in annoyance) Damn it, Damn it……

Still That Morning
Kelly walk majestically to the kitchen and met Amanda making muffins, she didn’t say a word to her but rather walked to the fridge and pour herself a glass of juice, Amanda follows her with her eyes as she crosses over to the already made muffins and picked one of it….

Amanda:(watch her with murder in her eyes) look at you, impudent whore, so you still have the cheek to show your disgusting face this morning and even touch my own thing…..
Kelly:(scoffs) And why would I want to hide my pretty face ๐Ÿ˜€ if I may ask you?
Amanda:(with utter disgust) you are the cheapest slut that I’ve ever seen, you are a disgrace to all the girls out there….

Kelly:(chuckles flicking her hand in dismissal) oh please, Amanda don’t crack me up and did I hear you say I touched your thing, let me tell you something (drops glass of juice) this house and everything in it belongs to my dad and whatever belong to my dad, belongs to me, (points to herself) And do I need to remind you that you’re not needed here, by the way do I sense jealousy in your voice….
Amanda: (chuckles softly) Oh really, me(points to herself) jealous of you….
Kelly: yes and I must confess, it looks good on you..
Amanda :(retorts) In your dreams, I can never be jealous of you, jealous of you screwing your dad ewww that’s gross ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ, I don’t know I just pity and hate you, I hate you ๐Ÿ˜ก …

Kelly:(Drops juice) you know what? I think that feeling is very very mutual because I hate you too, okay now that you know that he’s f**king me and that you’re no longer needed,why don’t you just burger off, just f**k off(yells) get out…
Amanda: cheap slut, whore! Your mom will be raving with anger in her grave, for what you’ve turn out to be, a twisted father f**king slut!!!!!
Kelly: leave my mom out of this..
Amanda: (scoffs) Did I hear You say mom?
Kelly: I said leave her out of this……

Amanda: you still call her mom after screwing her husband…..
Kelly furiously empties the glass of juice on her, she made to slap her but she quickly dash out of the kitchen as she carelessly drops the glass ๐Ÿท, it landed with a loud crashing noise on the floor, shattering on impact..
Amanda: (wipes her face with her hand) you just stepped on the tail of a cobra๐Ÿ˜ , get ready for its venom……

Daddy sยฃx Toy18+๐Ÿ˜‹
Episode 6
sub: (pain in the ass conts)

Ignore this if you are not interested in this ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†

Amanda ๐Ÿคซ
She turned off the microwave and walked out of the kitchen heading to her room…
Mr Peter:(questions as he sees Amanda storming into the room cussing and stinking of promeganate juice)why do you look like this,who did this to you?
Amanda:(Annoyed) None other than your most brilliant, wonderful and beautiful daughter that can never do wrong in your eyes..
Mr Peter: Kelly did this to you…
Amanda: yes of course,you better speak some sense into her,talk to her because if I get hold of her, am sure going to squeeze in her little neck….
Mr Peter:(chuckles)
Amanda:(frowns) you think this is funny right,see am tired of her continuous hostility towards me,and you’re the sole architect of it all, am tired of all this…..

Kelly:(snaps walking in)then move out…
Mr Peter:(Turns to Kelly) Kelly…
Kelly:(sternly)what Daddy, she’s tired let her move out(To Amanda)Dad don’t need you and I don’t either, we’re good together so scrum….
Amanda:(Hiss and storms out of the room pushing Kelly with her shoulder)
Kelly: ouch…(yelps as the pain caught her)
Mr Peter:(Arching a brow)Did you have to say that to her๐Ÿ˜…
Kelly:(innocently)what did I do?(frowns) well I haven’t even started, that’s just a tip of the iceberg,I just hate that woman, I hate her..(turns and start taking strides๐Ÿšถ)
Mr Peter:(To her back) Kelly am back here, I’m still talking to you….
Kelly:(stops at her track)Daddy I’m hungry,I need to eat something (walks out)…
Mr Peter:(sighs and rubs his temple)…

Later that evening ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—
Kelly was busy with her laptop,she heard Amanda laugh outside so she crossed to the window and peep through it, her Dad was sitting with Amanda outside,under a parasol by the pool, the were having fun and Amanda seems to forget about her last experience (i.e catching her husband and step daughter in a compromising position) Kelly fumed with jealousy,she doesn’t want them to be together so she hurried outside to spoil the fun….
Kelly:(mumbling as she walked to her Dad) why would he be sitting outside here with her while am wasting in boredom and what’s she laughing at, gosh I hate to see her happy….(smiles changing her contenance as she got to her Dad, to her Dad) hello Daddy….
Mr Peter:Hey my baby,come sit on Daddy…
Amanda glares at Kelly as she sat on his laps…

Mr Peter:(smiles caressing her back)How are you my dear?
Kelly:(peering dubiously at Amanda)Am fine Daddy….
Mr Peter:(Tease) oh my baby,the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world…
Amanda:(she shoots them a killer look, Mr Peter stares back with defiance)
Kelly:(sticks a tougue at Amanda and shoves her a finger)oh am beautiful, that’s right….
Amanda:(Adjust and abverts thier gaze)
Kelly:(fondling with her fingers)you know Dad am bored…
Mr Peter:(To Kelly but his eyes are directed to his wife’s) why don’t you call Kiera over…
Kelly:(shakes head)No Daddy I’m not ready for her tutoring (chuckles)
Mr Peter:(without even looking at Kelly,still staring hard at Amanda)oh is that so,why don’t we go for some shopping then….
Kelly:(chuckles) shopping,yeah…..bring it on,am so in(points her eyebrow to Amanda’s direction)is she coming?
Mr Peter: Honey…..

Kelly:(shakes head again)No Dad,if she’s coming then count me out…
Mr Peter: Kelly you don’t…….
Amanda:(flares cutting him short)you both can go do your father and daughter shopping,am not interested, If I want to shop,I know were to go, Siamese twins(gets up and leaves)
Mr Peter:(to her back)wait,we can all…..
Kelly:(snaps)Daddy please stop,let her go…
Mr Peter:(he Yanks her to her feet and got up) Kelly you better stop there if you don’t want me to be mad at you…
Kelly:(sulks) but Daddy you don’t…….
Mr Peter:(yells)shut up,I don’t wanna hear any word from you,hush it…..(walks away)
Kelly:(yells and jambs feet vigorously on the floor) Daddy you can’t do this to me,you don’t just get it, I hate that woman,I hate her….

……… Amanda had left the both of them for the living room, Mr Peter walked into the living room and met her watching TV and laughing at the hilarious show that was going on….
Mr Peter:(clears throat)so what’s this show called….
Amanda:(To pain but with her eyes still glued on the TV) it’s called screwing my daughter….
Mr Peter: Don’t insult me,am still your husband….
Amanda:you are not my husband,not when you are sleeping with your daughter…
Mr Peter:I won’t have you insult me,crazy bitch(Hiss and walks away)
Amanda:(Glance back and sees him strolling upstairs) Nonsense,why don’t you ask your whore of a daughter, maniac……

just then Kelly saunters in and sees Amanda,she stops and watch her for some minutes, mechanically she cross to the other side of the room and turn the TV off….
Amanda:(Rising)And what is the meaning of that?
Kelly:(scoffs raising a brow) meaning of what if I may ask?
Amanda: Are you stupid,is something wrong with you, didn’t you see me here,are you looking for trouble?
kelly:And I think I found you….
Amanda:okay,I get it,I know what you want,look here you father fvcking whore, you’re just crazy and I won’t be caught dead fighting you, get that into your empty skull,that is if you have any…
Kelly: you’re just jealous,you see,my awesomeness (twirls, admiring her curves)can never be flawed by your bitterness….

Amanda:(scoffs) Awesomeness indeed,the mere sight of you is excruciatingly painful….
Kelly:then leave, you’re not needed,go away,go find another family to intrude silly slut….
Amanda (very furious)you called me a slut?
Kelly:yes I did,what can you do, you’re nothing but a…….(she was cut short by a hard slap from Amanda)
Kelly:(yells holding her cheek)oh my God! did you just hit me?
Amanda: yes I did and I’ll still give you another one, that’s if you care for it๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†. just try me next time and you’re going to get it hot from me,in case you haven’t heard of me,just go ask of me, stop being an obnoxious jerk,it doesn’t suit you….

(walks out heading outside)
Kelly:(To her back)you dare slap me, you’re so leaving this house today….
she storms up heading to her father’s room…
Kelly:(gibbers as she enters the room)That bitch,the balls uhh, she had the effontry to hit me,(pace up and down)ouhh she must leave today,she tried to bruise my skin,she dare raised her hand on me……
Mr Peter:(Gets up and hurries towards her) Kelly calm down what’s wrong,why are you yelling, pacing up and down like this won’t solve the problem,just tell me what’s wrong…..
Kelly: its Amanda, Daddy you won’t believe it,she hit me hard across my face,she raised her stinking hand on me……

Mr Peter:(surprised) Amanda slapped you?
Kelly:yes Dad she did, take a look at this(shows him her cheek which was visibly red as a result of the slap)I can’t bear the pain,I can’t stand her,send her away….
Mr Peter:what?
Kelly: Daddy please send her packing,let her go….
Mr Peter;send Amanda away?no way,I can’t…
Kelly:what do you mean you can’t,you don’t need her,we got each other remember,if you can’t send her away,then you’ll have to choose between the both of us…..
Mr Peter: seriously?
Kelly cross her hand on her chest and bark him….

Mr Peter:(shakes head)No Amanda can’t leave,the election is by the corner and I need her,am sorry if she hit you but maybe the fault is not from her….
Kelly:(raising a brow) what do you mean, you’re not trying to call me a jerk too,are you๐Ÿ˜?
Mr Peter: That’s not what I meant, I guess you were a bit rude to her….
Kelly:(frowns)Daddy, you’re taking side right…
Mr Peter:No am not….
Kelly:(snaps) yes you are, you’re taking her side….
she’s just brainwashed you with these election stuffs,you don’t love me anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฅ, she’s just come between the both of us…..
Mr Peter:(pulls her to himself for a hug) Don’t say that my dear,I love you more than anything in the world and Amanda can’t come between the both of us….

Kelly:(smiles) I love you too Daddy (giggles as they disengaged from the hug) so when is she going…?
Mr Peter: Am sorry Amanda can’t….
Kelly:(heaves a frustrated sigh)you no what?just forget about it okay,am gonna handle it myself (walks away).. kindly hi peter on+254721644260 to be added to storyline, unlimited story platform, sweet and nice stories room, Novela and story platform to read more of this stories.
Mr Peter:(shouts to her back) Kelly don’t do anything stupid….
Kelly:(yells back) what do you care if I do?(to herself) I think I know what am going to do,if he can’t send her away I might as well make this house unbearable for her….

***๐ŸŒƒThat Night ๐ŸŒƒ
Amanda and Mr Peter sat at the dinning to eat dinner, Kelly didn’t join them,she had spice up the meal Amanda prepared making it too salty and peppery ๐ŸŒถ๏ธ๐ŸŒถ๏ธ

she hid behind the passage to watch them eat,soon after they had settle and Amanda served the meal… Mr Peter jabbed his spoon into his plate of rice and carried it to his mouth, tasting it he spit it out and gulped a glass of water, using one hand to blow air into his mouth…
Amanda:(surprised) what’s with the food, don’t you like it…
Mr Peter:(Annoyed) you’re sick, you’re very sick Amanda,so you think this is the best way to repay me right,you want to kill me, you think you’re smart oh well, I got you on this one….
Amanda (confused) what are you talking about,I don’t understand you….
Mr Peter:(gazing at her)Okay, taste the food,you go ahead and taste it,eat the food…

Amanda: Huh?
Mr Peter:Go on eat it….
Amanda: okay
she taste the rice and quickly gulp down some juice ๐Ÿน, using it to pass the rice without chewing it…
Amanda: (trying hard to avoid getting choked)No,no,no.. something is not right,I prepared this and I tasted it,I didn’t spice it up like this….
Mr Peter:(sternly)Then who did….
Amanda: I seriously don’t know..
Kelly:(comes out from her hide out with a smirk plastered on her face)Dad what’s going on…
Mr Peter: it’s the food,its too spicy….
Kelly:(pretending as if she doesn’t know what’s going on,she also taste the food and spit it out, screwing up her face)Geez,oh my! who prepared this shit..(yells)maids!!! we’re these fools..

Amanda:No I prepared it…
Kelly: you did?wow what a bad cook…
Amanda:(Annoyed) I didn’t spice it up like this…
Mr Peter:(snaps)Then who did….
Amanda: (speechless)
Kelly: Dad she’s trying to kill you, can’t you see it(stick out a tougue at Amanda)
Amanda:what? she’s lying…….
Mr Peter: (snaps) Quiet,I know that’s what you’re trying to do,you better stop it,cause that shit ain’t gonna work,you don’t need to prepare meals anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฅ that’s not your work, just let the maids do their job, get it…(walks away)
Amanda:(mumbles) I can’t believe this,I spent a lot of time preparing this and someone just fvcked it up for me…….
Kelly:(chuckles)miss how was our food,hope you enjoyed it?
Amanda:(realisation dawning on her) so it was you…

Kelly:(chuckles softly) yes it was me…
Amanda: you’re wicked,who said the devil ๐Ÿ˜ˆ is not a woman…
Kelly:(sternly) I could be more,stay away from my Dad and get lost we don’t need you,get it…(walks away flinging her hair and swaying her ass from side to side)
Amanda:(sighs probing her cheek on one elbow)Oh God!!!!!!!!!


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