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Dangerous Attraction episode 9


Dangerous Attraction

Episode 9
(Semi final)
Written by Humble Smith

💝Steve’s POV💝
We both broke the kiss and gazed at Austin who seem to be going hot in anger, his face were really baleful and there was no doubt he could kill me if he has the opportunity..

“Is it clear to you?” I smirked and he breathed hardly with a clenched fist, he gnashes his teeth and stomped into his room

I took a deep breath and turned to Clara who was also staring at me..

“I guess you know I’m in trouble” I muttered and she held my hand..

“You have to stay strong, stand against him and he would know you aren’t his servant” she said and I shut my eyes taking in deep breath..

“Can you help me out, I really love you that is why I couldn’t wait any longer, I love you and wants to be with you alone, just help me out please” I purred and she nodded..

“I’ll talk to my mother about you, maybe you can come and live with us” she said and I felt like bursting..

“Are you serious!!..oh God…that would be the best thing that would ever happen to me..” I smiled and she pecked my lips and hugged me tightly making me feel warmth, there was no doubt that this is my soulmate…

“Just stay strong for a while” she whispered and I grin
“I will stay just for you..” I smiled and we held hand as I escort her out..

💋Austin’s POV💋
I picked my phone and called my boys, they were seven in number this time around..

“Make sure you beat almost to the point of death..” I instructed sternly..

“Also get Clara for me, I would rape her wearing a mask” I added and laughed out

“Tomorrow is the day”

I lay on my bed feeling elated..
I can’t wait to rape Clara and give Austin the beating of his life..

He just insulted me the second time, he keeps daring me because of that girl..

I heard a knock on the door and before I could even ask who was there,
It was opened and Steve walked in,
So I didn’t lock that door..

“Hey bro” he greeted with a smile making my heart burn..

“Right now, you feel so bad right?” He asked me and I felt like smashing his head..

“How dare you walk into my room you stupid punk!!” I snorted not knowing where to even begin from..

“I just came to inform you that I’d be leaving this house tomorrow” he said and I cringed..

“What!!!..you are not serious” I gawped fearing that my plan wouldn’t work..

“Yes, I’m leaving this house for you..I guess you never wanted me here so I would be leaving..thanks for all the oppression” he said and left the room without waiting for me to say anything…

“Do you think you can run away from my wrath!!..you are a big joker..let’s see how you would do it!” I mused and shut my eyes waiting for sleep,

💖Steve’s POV💖
I slept with my mind restless, I’m very sure Austin is up to something and I have to leave before he kills me..

Morning came and I quickly dressed for school, I came downstairs and he was there sitting on the sofa pressing his phone..

“I’m off for school..” I mumbled and he looked up to me with a smile I couldn’t fathom..

I made a shrug and hurried away..

I got out of the gate and a car was waiting for me..

Clara brought out her head from the side glass and gestured me in..

I smirked and hopped in sitting beside her at the back seat..

“Good morning” I greeted the woman who was driving..

“You are Steve right?” She asked..

I glanced at Clara who was smiling sheepishly before nodding..

“Now I see how you were able to get my daughter’s heart, you are really handsome” she complimented and I felt my head expanding..

“Thank you” I replied and held Clara’s hand..

“So you would be coming to our house for a lunch after school” she said and I nodded with a wide grin..

“Its my pleasure..”

“His was your night?” I asked Clara who had already lay her head on my laps staring at my face..

“I was busy thinking about you and that made me had a lot of dreams with you” she said with a sweet smile that made her look more pretty..

“Did Austin…

” shhh” i hushed glancing at her mom who was driving..

“She already knows everything and you know what..she agreed to give you scholarship, you would also be living with us” she said and I felt like bursting..
My eyes got w€t as I stared at Clara..

She may not know what she did for me..

I raised her head closer..

“You are a saver..I adore the day we met” I whispered and kissed her passionately..

“Naughty kids” I heard her mom say with a smile..

We got to school, lesson went on as usual but I am still surprised that Austin didn’t show up in school, I wonder the reason..

After the second lesson, Austin walked in..
I freezes on seeing him but later bottled up my fear, I have to stay strong or I would be oppressed,

Just then, Clara did the unexpected..

She walked to my seat and dragged my plan leading me to the front if the class..

Everyone gaze was on us including Austin..

“Have you ever been forced on the guy you don’t love?.. Oh yes its always terrible..I want to make you all know that Austin isn’t in ant way my boyfriend..” She paused and everyone widened their eyes glancing at Austin who had his eyes bloodshot..

“I have no single feelings for him..Steve is my man and he isn’t Austins slave because he is living with me” she said and everyone screamed..

Austin couldn’t contain it anymore..he rushed at Steve with a punch but got the unexpected, Steve held his fist and twisted it making a loud scream escape his lips..

He raised the other hand to deliver a blow but Steve caught on the air and twisted it making a more louder scream force out..

“Now you got to beg me before I release you” Steve said with a smirk and twisted it more..

“Arrrgghhh” I groan and I watched in marvel at how strong Steve was, he had been acting timidly but less did we knew he was very much stronger than Austin.

“Would you get your hand off…arggggghh..” He groan..

“That’s not a plea dude..”

“Pl..ea..se..” He finally begged and Steve released the grip and tapped his shoulder..

“I’m not longer your servant, get that to your empty skull..” Steve gritted and every single student in the class watched in awe..

Finally, school was over, I and Steve walked out of the school gate waiting for my mom..

“I love what you did in the class” I smiled resting my head on his shoulder..

“I had to show the students that I’m no longer his servant” he muffled with laughter..

💞Steve’s POV💞

Not long after, her mom came,
She drove me home after showing me her house..

You can’t really tell how I feels right now, I would no longer be living with Austin..

It really look like a dream, I hadn’t called his parent and I am not gonna call them now, they should focus in their business while I settle matter with Austin..

I entered the sitting room and felt some kind of evil aura, my heart beat increased and I felt like something terrible would happen
With a quick pace, I rushed to my room to get my bags, I have to leave before anything happens but there in my room was where they were all waiting for me knowing fully well that I would come in there to get my bags..

I felt shivers run through my whole body as I saw seven men with Austin right there In my room..

The door was closed and I was bounded..

Austin put a call across and smirked, he then wore a mask like the other men..

“Clara would be brought in here and I will rape her in front of you” he said with a croak laughter..

“She would put you behind the bar if you do that” I squealed..

“That is only of she was able to remember this night..with this drug, you and her would have a partial memory loss, the pain would be there but you won’t recall how it happened..” He laughed again waving an ampoule to my face..

Just then, to my utmost surprise, Clara was brought in and pushed on the bed..

“What is happening here??” She asked looking around..
She must have been tricked into this place

“Unclad her!!” Austin commanded and my heart skipped beat
My whole body trembled in pain as I watched in horror as the men tore her cloth,

She was screaming but no one gave her ear
Our eyes fell on each other and I fell a deep pain in my heart..

I was the cause of this..

She was pinned down and Austin ordered the other men to start giving me great torture..

It was almost done, I had already been beaten bit Austin was taking his time to suck her b**bs and lick her virgin p***sy..

At last, he pulled down his trouser and was about to thrust in when the never expected happened..

The door of the room sprang open and there at the door post was Austin parent…

To be continued.

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