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Dangerous Deal – episode 2

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Dangerous deal
Episode 2

     Joyce POV
Walking to my chief’s office I had confuse feeling
My mind kept telling me DAT it was neither I had a new assignment
But then I knew dat if it was a new assignment it would
Have been given to me by my colleague not d chief so I was scared
I just lost my bf and I think I was about to lose my job
I pulled up all my strength and stepped into my chief’s office I found
Him at one edge of d room going through some files his back was turn to wards me
So he couldn’t see me I waited for him to turn so dat he was notice my presence like he
Read my mind he turn instantly agent Joyce he call me
I have been expecting you sit down he said he continued u may be wandering why I called u here I called u here for a case I want to assign to you
 D case is a major case so I couldn’t send it to you through our colleague
At d mention of case my mind calmed down I even sighed due I didn’t know I was
Holding my breath he started again did case is about Lucifer morningstar immediately
I had a hint on wat d vase was about Lucifer morningstar owns d biggest casino in los Vegas
D full police department had been on his trail last year but found nothing to pin him down
So d case was closed but as u no d have reopened d case and I was chosen for it I felt so honoured.

Derek POV
 I was at home Sunday morning wen I got a call from d chief himself asking me to see him Monday morning I was somehow puzzled because even dor I was reckless recently I have been on a down low so I was scared DAT I was about to lose my job and most especially I didn’t want to go back to jail.

Joyce POV
D chief gave me a briefing about d case he also informed me about d little evidence they had it was strong o but not enough to pin Lucifer to jail so they was where I come into d picture my major assignment was to get more evidence to pin him down d case was surely going to be had but I was never going to give up I left d chief’s office still wandering I was going to break into Lucifer defence I got home rested myself and continue plan then I went to sleep but before going to sleep I came in conclusion dat if I was going to get evidence it will be a job needing an inside man so I needed an undercover cop posing as a thug.

Derek POV
Monday morning finally arrived since I had they call from the chief I had been restless I was only about to find little amount of I woke up very early even for I slept very late I worn my undercover badge dressed like a civilian den I left to meet d chief I meet him talking to someone on d phone wen he saw me he cut d call morning sir I greeted u too please sit he said.

Derek POV
 I walked into the chief’s office to see a pretty lady seated comforted d one of the sits I wandered who she was and y she was here I step into d office the chief raised his face den looked at me I think she followed his eyes cause immediately she turned and then I could see her the prettiest angel I have ever seen her name is detective Joyce one of the best detective cop in los Vegas (don’t think am weird or something it just dat she is very famous among the police department )I was still wandering wat she was doing here dat I didn’t no I was staring weirdly at her.

Joyce POV
Chief had finish briefing me about the case but still didn’t allow me to leave it was like he was starling me for something I just went w ith the follow he kept his head down like he was looking for a docvment moments later the door an handsome dude walks in dressed like a civilian so I was wandering dat maybe he was a witness in d case he was silently staring at me I kept wandering why the chief broke the silence with four words Joyce meet your partner what.

Joyce POV
After the chief completed his statement I stared at him then at Derek I faked a smile I looked at Derek’s face he looked puzzled but regain him self and smiled I really hated the idea of having a partner but I don’t want to hurt his feeling some I didn’t object to the idea since I had been briefed about the case I left the chief’s office so dat he can brief Derek about it few minutes late Derek came out of the chief’s office he was smiling I wonder why
Derek POV he chief briefed me about the case and advised me to be careful with the easy I handle detective Joyce and dat she does like people obstrating her in a case I left the chief’s office feeling happy because I get to partner with the most beautiful and intelligent cop in los Vegas everything would be OK but then my mind drifted to our case that we were assigned it was about Lucifer I no some of his guys some own me a favour and I was planning to use them in did case especially since they were not aware I was an undercover cop I walked over to detective Joyce we discussed a little about the case and we agreed to discuss our ideas tomorrow so we had just today to come up with ideas.

Derek POV
After d whole briefing section with the chief he asked me and my new partner to come with ideas about the case that we were to present the idea to he and the other high boss tomorrow
I got home cooked something ate and started to plan my idea I knew that we will never be able to caught Lucifer red handed without inside information from his men so I just concluded that it was a job for an inside or undercover agent I knew I would be able to infratrate his team since I was a former thug /drug dealer but I also needed to convince the chief and his colleagues I started to think about my new partner she is d most beautiful girl have seen I wondered y she became a cop wen she could have been a model my mind late drifted off to my ex jenny I loved her so much but she betrayed me by selling me to the cop just to gain all my properties wen I came out of jail I found out dat she was out of the country I was happy becos if I had seen her I could have down something dangerous


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