Dangerous Deal

Dangerous Deal – final Episode

Dangerous deal

Derek pov
I woke up in,side a big warehouse tied to a chair with ropes I tried struggling to break out but the ropes were too tight I kept on trying after ten minutes of trying to break out I gave up and waited for my faith in d place the door soon click open and lucifer pops out wearing a gucci suit and a starling shoe he walked up to me and said finally u are awake at the moment I was some how relieved I thought it was an initiation as I had once experienced in my life it happened during my aim to joi  a certain group of thugs I was tied to a chair and was giving some minutes to break out off which I successfully completed before d time I looked at lucifer in the eyes saying y am I ties up here I thought we were meant to talk about business not to tied each other In a chair he then said sorry but our business partnersh¡p has been cut off before it even started I asked wat do u means he said instead of telling u hw about I show u and then he said mr diego please come I was still wandering who had dat name not until he stepped out he I was tied to a chair by my enemy just becos I was doing something for the chief but to see the chief with the enemy he sent me to laughing and smiling I was furious hw could he do dis to me I respect chief very much so dis incident broke me I was shouting laying curse on them but they just kept laughing but lucifer said dats not all pls come out and then my first betrayal came out my ex girlfriend smiling proudly she went to lucifer and k-ssed him I hate her before but nw I more than hated her if it was possible she walked over to me I was shouting she said pls be shut u dog and k-ssed me forehead I felt like killing her they left me and were talking outside I couldn’t hear but I heard lucifer give an order to one of to bouncer who carry me from red avenue giving him the  sign to kill me I waited for my faith to come.

Derek pov
They all left me in d hands of one of the bouncers who was assign to kill me he kept torturing me he was about to stab me with a silver dagger wen a knock came from the door he went to look who was there he was about to open the door wen the door fell on his body making him to fall down immediately fiona walked in so was with the police strike team fiona untied me I strangled to stand up but I was losing back due to d blood I lost during the torture I looked at fiona and k-ssed her I didn’t care if the place we currently were was a crime scene I didn’t care if the strike team was there all I wanted was her and she k-ssed back with similar passion we k-ssed like nevear before I held her into my hands and whispered to her I thought I would never see u again and she said never say never we both chuckle we regain control of our selves I asked fiona about lucifer and she said he had been in to custody so with the chief and a girl ( I had not told her about my ex) we got out of the werehares and headed to the police headquarters where lucifer was held on our wa there joyce told me of how she followed me from red avenue to lucifer werehares she explained how shock she was to see d chief’s car amd how the chief n lucifer were talking she also explained how she called the strike team and all I was happy she was my guardian angel we got there talked with the other head chief about the case of lucifer and how the chief was working for him they were shocked and apologised on the hærdsh¡p I had to go through in the hands of lucifer goons we gave them all available doc-ment on the case and left I went home with joyce we talked for a while one tin lead ti another I told her about d girl tha was caught with lucifer was my ex we kept talking about d wh0le incident and all d while I had been staring at her l-ips I k-ssed her passionately and she k-ssed back we kept k-ssing and I carried her in bridal style to the bed we tore each other clothes off we had s€× like never before it was amazing I woke up nxt morning she was still sleeping I tip toed out of the room went to make breakfast for her before she woke up I took d food  to her in the bed n woke her up she looked at me and said gud morning with a k-ss which I reciprocated aa she was eating her breakfast.


Derek pov
She ate her food she was about to finish it wen she stopped eating she brought out the ring I had kept In d food it was a family heirloom my mom gave me to give to d one I loved n joyce was d one I really love her n she loves me too could ask for anything else she looked at me surprised n said yes  I hugged her we k-ssed and……………… (I guess understand now)

Joyce pov
Four years later
It’s  our marriage anniversary today our four years anniversary derek wanted to celebrate it big so we did if we invited all our friends we celebrated it on Sunday first we went to it in d church after church we went home to celebrate it everyone was present even d ogas on top d event was awesome I was still talking to some guest wen joah came and I took he n we left to somewhere quiet ohh u may be wandering who is joah let me just summary my own life as of now for you I am now happily married to derek with our son joah and we are currently expect a new child it’s a girl joah is three years old I love my life I n my husband had a great promotion after we solved lucifer case so we were rich derek and I were doing well both at home and at work so what more can I ask for.


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