Dangerous Journey

Dangerous Journey – Episode 8

(Bell of the past)
Episode 8
Written by Bright Daniel
Fred slowed down when he climbed the mudy stairs of the very hut Hoom followed by Agatha before Sam. There was a man sitting on a wooden stool in,side the hut. He had no cloth on except a fabric wrapped around his wa-ist. A strange mark could be seen on his chest and eyes. He had a long grey beards like that of a matured hegoat. On the floor were the two women lying unconsciously. They had the same height but were in different attire: Edna wore an ash top over a black skirt but without shoes. The natural hair she parked backward had become scattered. Her attractive skin could be viewed from her legs, through the thighs to her beautiful face.
On the other hand, Becky, Lucky’s wife wore a long gown. She was a bit dark with dimples on her face, and on her head was a Brazilian hair .
The old man looked up at the entrance of the hut to see Agatha coming with Fred, therefore he shrieked, “How dare you bring a conscious woman into the secrete hut of Hoom!?”
Hearing that, Fred disdained Agatha, nobody reminded her to leave the place instantly. Sam took her position as they finally entered looking around the hut until Fred sighted his wife lying on the floor. At the sight of her, the love and affection he had for her returned immediately. At that point, he didn’t believe again in the rumor that says she cheated on him. But if actually she didn’t, how can one explain Charles’ actions in the forest and the man who called him son from the river? Or would you also say that Ryanie lied? Only the mother of a child knows the real father, and Fred couldn’t wait to hear from his wife. He looked at the old man.
“I’m Fred Lambert.. ”
“Spare me the introduction!” the man interrupted harshly with w¡dened eyes. “The day you took the life of the man whom soul belongs to the forest of Hoom, was the day I knew who you are. Anyone who takes the life of a person whom his or her soul belongs here must embark on a dangerous journey to this placd after his or her dear one is captured. Count yourself lucky you survived. Also thank your creator that the son of a person whom soul is of Hoom is with you. He will lead you back safely”
“You mean Charles?” Fred asked curiously. “And what do you mean by he’s the son of a person whom soul is of Hoom? He is my son and I never soled my soul to the forest of Hoom!”
The man didn’t reply him. From their little conversation, Sam began deduced the reason why Charles was able to command animals and also concured on the fact that he wasn’t the real son of Fred. He glanced at the women to know the actual wife of Fred but couldn’t get it coz he had never seen her before. Fred also looked at his wife remembering what he passed through because of her till the very moment he stood in the hut, so his anger arose. One could see his muscular chest moving up and down as he averted his eyes back to the man.
“What do I do now?”
“You go back home”
“I guess after taking my wife with me”
“What?!” Fred provorked. “I spent three days journey all the way from home to this forest just to get her, and you’re telling me that I’ll go back without her!!”
The man smiled but suddenly frowned with w¡dened eyes looking at him. “You never came with your wife and she will never go with you! The way in which she came here is the way she will go back. Therefore, also go back the same way you came. When you get home safely, you’ll see your wife likewise the other lady lying beside her” he pointed at Becky.
“But are there still alive?” Sam asked calmly.
“They are just unconscious” he replied.
Fred walked out of the hut immediately followed by Sam. They met others and explained to them what the old man said. Charles had some questions to ask his father but reserved it. Sam walked up to Regina and said, “You will see your mum when we get back home, trust me”
“But did you see her in,side the hut?” she asked terrifyingly.
“Yes dear”
“Charle, lead the way” Agatha said looking at him. Fred interrupted when they wanted to proceed then glared at Charles.
“Son, do you have any idea why Ryanie said you’ll be the one to lead us back home?”
“Who’s Ryanie?”
“The woman that paddled the boat”
“Maybe because everything in the forest obeys me” Charles told his story on how they got there and how he also saw a man who called him ‘My son’ from the river. After that, he looked at Fred and said, “Dad, are you really my father?”
Silence creep in. Not that Fred didn’t want to answer him but because he had no prove of his justification which he had in mind that truly Charles wasn’t his son. He couldn’t think of anything else apart from Edna, so he broke the silence and said with a very low but deadly voice, “Which way are we following young leader?”
“This way” Charles pointed at the direction the giant monkey followed.
“Thank you” Fred angrily hurried out as everybody watched him. His movements alone showed that there would be a very big problem at home….
Back home, Dennis, the twin brother of Fred, rode on a car with his friend, Joe. They were actually heading to Fred’s residence to check if anyone had come back. Joe was just a guy struggling for life, he felt the air conditioner that reduced the temperature of the car and said, “Guy, you’re enjoying life. You’ve builed a mansion and got yourself flashy cars. Link me up, dude!”
Dennis smiled handing the steering wheel like a big boy he was. “Are you ready to sell your soul to the forest of Hoom?” he asked.
“I’m ready to sell my soul to the devil, young man” Joe replied while he smiled again.
They finally got to the residence to find Edna hitting the door from in,side. She woke up and found herself in,side the house with the door locked.
“Somebody help me!” she shouted crying from the sanctum.
“Edna!” Dennis called through a window. Already, people had started gathering around.
“Dennis?” Edna called on him surprisingly coz he was the last person she expected to see. “Where is Fred my husband?”
“I should be asking you, and why is the door locked?”
“I don’t know!” she replied in tears.
Dennis and his friend ended up breaking the door then took her to his mansion which he built while in abroad. He sold his soul to the forest of Hoom which brought about his successful visa before traveling after his twin brother’s wedding.
in,side the mansion, all seated in the sitting room even Mr and Mrs Lambert. Edna narrated the story on how she came back one night with a paper given to her by nobody. “That’s all I can remember. Please, where is my husband and my son?” she concluded.
“You are a witch!” Mrs Lambert exclaimed pointing her fingers angrily at her. “If you know where you took my son to, better go and bring him back!”
“Out of stubbornness my son got married to you with the money I don’t know how he got it. I know you charmed him” the husband added.
Dennis swiftly stood up, “Mum and Dad, please, stop! Edna here isn’t a witch. We should put head together to find her family instead of calling her names!”
“She knows where they are” Mrs Lambert said.
“I don’t know where they are, mother in-law” Edna objected twisting her fingers in an innocent manner.
“Don’t you dare call me your mother in-law again!” she stood up angrily, her wrapper nearly fell down which brought about ranting in the living room…
Fred and co came out from the forest successfully after a lot of life saving by Charles. They first went to Lucky’s house to see Becky crying outside.
“Mum!” Regina began to run to her.
“Regina?” she stood up surprisingly then hugged her while Fred, Charles, Sam and Agatha watched them. There was a car parked beside some flowers.
“Mum, I’m happy to see you again!”
“So am I my daughter” Becky looked around to see others. “Where is Lucky my husband? where is your father?” she directed her eyes to her daughter who began to cry instantly.
Fred had no time to explain to her, so he left the explanation for Sam and Agatha to make. He hurried into the house, came out with a car key and walked to the car. He put the key in the ignition then drove to the place where Becky and co stood watching him amazingly.
“Who’s he and what’s he doing with my husband’s car?” Becky asked.
Fred came out. “I’m just borrowing it, I’ll be back” he looked at Charles. “Get in” he commanded before he did as he said. As Fred wanted to proceed, Agatha called him. He looked at her to state her purpose.
“Take it easy on her” she stated.
Fred didn’t say anything to her rather entered into the car and blasted out…

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