Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – episode 1

Dangerous Liaison Episode 1

Gun, pills, knife, rope, DDT all laid right on Francas desk as she stood there wondering which one would be quicker and painless.

Out of agony and pain, she came to a point were she wanted to end it all.

It was through no fault of hers. Franca was just a victim of circ-mstance. As newly elected womens commissioner at her school, she was well respected until her s€× tape went viral on campus.

Her own boyfriend, whom she loved so much, did this to her out of peer influence. It was a carefully planned action. Ray was able to manipulate Franca right from day one, until she finally fell in love with him.

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Ray and his crew had planned to execute this action just because Franca appeared to be the difficult and unapproachable type on campus since level 100.

Even though Ray succeeded in making her fall in love with him, it took him 2 and half years to be able to make love to her. It was at that very moment that Ray secretly took coverage of their intercourse as proof for his crew.

Unfortunately, the s€× tape only came out only after she had won the campus elections and emerged womens commissioner. Apart from the damage it has caused her reputation on campus, her familys dignity was at stake. She was the daughter of a minister.

All what she could think of now was how to end her life. She couldnt handle it anymore, everyone had neglected her except Desmond, who stood by her all this time. Desmond was secretly in love with Franca but she on the other hand, treated him as her kid brother because she was two years older than him. And he was her junior too.

The only reason she kept Desmond around was for his usefulness as a listener. She felt secure around him but had no feelings for him.

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 1

You Are Reading: Dangerous Liaison Episode 1

Franca had locked herself up in her room weeping. She began writing her final words which was full of regrets and apologies to her Father.

Desmond had also just seen Francas s€× tape. Even though he had warned her severally about Ray, he still stood by her and respected her decision because of the unique love he had for her.

When he saw the video, Desmond called Franca but she didnt pick up. He called a couple of times. He knew instantly that something was wrong, so he headed for her hostel which was about 30 minutes away from his place.

Franca had finished writing her suicide note. She picked up the gun and pointed it at her head, ready to pull the trigger.

No, that will make noise and call the attention of the neighbors she said to herself.

She picked up the Pills and was ready to swallow about 50-80 unprescribed tablets.

No No, i can easily be saved, if I am found on time. She said to herself.

Franca found a lot of reasons not to kill herself until she arrived at the knife. She picked the sharp knife out and got ready to pierce it into her tummy.

Desmond arrived her house at that moment. He banged on the door but Franca who had heard him calling out her name didnt answer as she was determined to finish it up.

She held the knife and raised it high above to enable her pierce deep into her tummy.

Desmond was getting frustrated and was about leaving when he heard Franca cry out.


Desmond arrived her house at that moment. He banged on the door but Franca who had heard him calling out her name didnt answer as she was determined to finish it up.

She held the knife and raised it high above to enable her pierce deep into her tummy.

Desmond was getting frustrated and was about leaving when he heard Franca cry out.

Dangerous Liaison Episode 2

The shout came from Francas room. He quickly broke the door and made his way in.

Upon entering, he met her in a pool of blood with the knife still stuck in her tummy. She was loosing blood. Desmond was totally confused, he tried taking the knife from her tummy but she scre-med the more.

Francas biological sister Yvonne came in at that moment. She took one look at the scene before her instantly thought it was Desmond who was trying to kill her sister. She quickly scre-med for help, drawing the attention of the neighbors.

People rushed in en-masse, got hold of Desmond and handed him over to the police while Franca was rushed to the hospital.

Yvonne was a law student who was just six months away from her call to bar. In all her life, she had never been with a man and had no idea what love felt like. Her lifestyle and daily routine was always the same very predictable.

She appeared to be very org-nized and had no time to waste. She certainly didnt fool around, neither did she engage in any form of leisure. In summary, Yvonne was a nerd. However, she was just as beautiful as her younger sister Franca.

Franca was still alive when they got to the hospital even though she had lost a lot of blood. She was rushed straight to the emergency ward to be treated.

Yvonne then called their father who hurried to the hospital.

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When he arrived, he asked to see his daughter instantly but was denied access. Yvonne narrated to her Father what she had seen at the scene of the incident.

Father: What really happened to Franca, tell me

Yvonne: Dad, i arrived at the scene late. I got there and saw her in a pool of blood with this guy beside her holding a knife. He is already in police custody and I am yet to gather any evidence against him. I will go there and interrogate him tomorrow

Father: Oh my God! I dont want to loose my daughter. I just hope this isnt the handiwork of one of my opponents.

Yvonne: i hope so too but we cant politicize everything daddy. The police are currently at the crime scene gathering whatever evidence they can lay their hands on. I just hope Franca would recover soon enough so that I can hear her side of this wh0le thing. I just need my sister alive

They waited several hours to hear from the Doctor. Both Yvonne and her Dad at the time hadnt heard anything about Francas s€× tape that had gone viral.

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Desmond was still in police custody. The police and a crime investigator were able to gather some evidence from the crime scene. They, however, needed to hear from the witness and the victim before they could proceed with prosecution.

At the hospital, Yvonne and her Dad waited until finally, the Doctor showed up.

The anxious father jumped to his feet as the Doctor approached. Doctor, how is my daughter? How is she doing? He asked frantically

Fortunately sir, we were able to save your daughters life The Doctor responded.

Yvonne heaved a sigh of relief and muttered Thank God She then turned to the Doctor and asked Can we see her now?

He answered, Im afraid, no. Not yet. Apparently there has been a complication.

That didnt sound like good news. Their father quickly asked What is Doc?

They were all anxious to know what the Doctor had to say.

He was quiet for a second and then he said The patient lost too much blood and nearly died sir. The loss of blood has somehow affected her brain and interfered with her ability to remember.

Meaning? Her father prodded, waiting for the rest.

Again, the Doctor paused and then he said, Your daughter has lost her memory, sir

To be continued…

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