Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 10

Dangerous Liaison Episode 10

Yvonne, Desmond and Franca looked surprised. They wondered what she was doing there.

Yvonne sensed trouble coming. She knew Daisy was capable of doing anything, with that look on her face.

Daisy was actually there for lunch. She had just started eating when she saw Yvonne walk in alongside Franca and Desmond.

She felt that this was the only way she could confront her. She was so much into Yvonne that she could not afford to lose her.

Daisy grabbed the wine glass on the table and splashed its contents on Desmond.

“Is it because of this ‘thing’ that you are avoiding me? So you just took advantage of me last night because you were hurt. Now you are going to leave me once again because of him?” Daisy asked making reference to Desmond.

Yvonne got pissed as she splashed the drink on Desmond, however she apologized and ignored Daisy.

She took tissue and began wiping the wine off Desmond’s shirt.

This made Daisy more furious. She pushed Yvonne on the chest to call her attention.

“Hey, I am talking to you. Don’t pretend I’m not here”

Her actions were drawing the attention of other customers.

Desmond who was fast losing his temper cautioned Daisy to stay off Yvonne’s back.

Tempers raised as they began exchanging words. Yvonne and Franca’s reputation were at stake.

If the matter escalated, the public would know that the minister’s daughter was a l-sbian.

Franca was the one who calmed everyone down and controlled the situation.

Daisy left but she warned Yvonne that she was not done with her. Yvonne felt very embarrassed after the confrontation.

She requested that they leave there immediately.

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But to their surprise, Franca asked them to go ahead because she was waiting for someone.

They didn’t bother to ask too many questions because they were in a hurry to get out.

They left Franca there and went to the car park only to see that their car has been tempered with.

On the windscreen of the car again was a blood written inscription:

“This is just the beginning”.

They thought that it was Daisy’s doing but they also wondered how she could have done this in just a short while.

Desmond and Yvonne realized that note they had come across earlier today was actually for them and not a political game as Franca’s father thought.

Yvonne was beginning to freak out. Desmond quickly used water to clean off the inscription.

Yvonne was too scared to drive. She suggested that they leave the car thee and take a cab home.

Desmond offered to drive. H promised to get her home safely. It was on their way that he noticed that the brakes of the car has also been tempered with. It wasn’t working.

He was driving at top speed in the rush to get Yvonne home.

He was out of options and had nothing to do. He kept stepping on the brake but the thing would not budge.

There was a sharp curve ahead of them and Desmond knew that driving at that kind of speed, the car was likely to run off the road.

He had no option than to quickly drive into a bush before they get to the sharp curve.

Unfortunately for them, the car crashed into a huge tree leaving the bonnet badly damaged.

Desmond’s head crashed against the steering wheel…


Desmond’s head crushed against the steering wheel which resulted in him bleeding profusely from his nose.

Luckily for them, there were no other injuries apart from Desmond’s bleeding nose.

They quickly got out of the vehicle. Desmond looked very weak and dizzy.

Yvonne who was still in panic noticed Desmond was bleeding and quickly rushed to his side.

She attempted to clean up the blood with her handkerchief but the bleeding refused to stop.

Yvonne then suggested that they go to a hospital immediately before people noticed them in the bush where they had crashed.

Desmond objected. He argued that he wouldn’t be able to protect Yvonne if he was admitted at the hospital.

Eventually they had to rush to Desmond’s apartment in a cab where Yvonne managed to stop the bleeding with the use of first aid medication.

Yvonne stayed overnight and took care of him.

They both decided to keep the accident a secret. They were now very curious about who was behind the life threatening messages and surprisingly, after a series of deliberation, they both settled on Franca as the number one suspect.

Even though Yvonne doubted it, they reached a decision to keep details of their movements from her.

The following day, Franca was worried about Yvonne’s whereabouts since she last saw them at the restaurant.

She called Yvonne to ask where she was and also to find out why she didn’t make it home that night.

Because of the decision Yvonne and Desmond had reached, she had to lie that she was at the office attending to some unfinished work.

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After finding out the truth about who her father was, Yvonne wanted to see her mum.

She wanted to go with Desmond once he was strong enough. Desmond agreed that they would go together the following day.

The time Yvonne spent looking after him, Desmond noticed that she was indeed a caring lady, every bit a woman and a mother as well.

Desmond was getting a fuller, cleared picture of Yvonne. He had seen her weaknesses, her strengths, her bad side and her good side.

He was gradually falling in love with her. As she was preparing to serve him breakfast, Desmond laid on the sofa gazing at her.

She had already changed her dress and had on one of Desmond’s long-sleeved shirts which was large enough to cover her up to her thighs.

Her exposed legs got Desmond’s attention. They were beautiful. He just laid on the sofa admiring her.

He got distracted by a knock on the door.

“Who could that be at this time of the day? Yvonne, can you please check for me?”

Yvonne placed the breakfast tray on the center table and went to open the door.

As she walked to the door, Desmond kept looking at her and admiring her until she suddenly called out Franca’s name.

Franca was the one at the door. She wasn’t expecting Yvonne to be at Desmond’s place but at her office like she’d said.

They stood starring at each other wondering what they were both doing there.

Yvonne broke the silence with a question.

“What are doing here Franca?” Yvonne asked.

Desmond joined them at the door, he wanted to confirm that it was truly Franca.

Yes, It was! Desmond and Yvonne wondered what Franca was doing there.

The only thing they could think of was that Franca was back to chasing Desmond because she knew very well that Yvonne was at her office.

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Yvonne was loosing her temper and kept asking her until she finally spoke up.

“Yvonne, calm down. I know how it may sound to you but I just wanted to maintain the friendsh¡p Desmond and I had before I lost my memory. I meant no harm.” Franca explained.

Yvonne was easily convinced. She calmed down and apologized for her outburst.

She didn’t hesitate to invite her in. Desmond, however, wasn’t convinced. He suspected that Franca was up to something. He decided to be wary of her and to be on the lookout so he could be prepared for any strike by her.

All three of them sat and talked. As much as Franca claimed she had good intentions for coming there, she felt a little jealous seeing Yvonne in Desmond’s shirt.

They looked like they were already married. The atmosphere there was filled with tension and suspicion even though they engaged in chit-chat.

You could tell they were all being cautious of one another.

Yvonne and Desmond didn’t trust Franca. She, on the other hand, felt awkward sitting there.

She sensed that she was being watched carefully. She began to feel uncomfortable but was finding it difficult to leave.

As much as Franca had shown signs of remorse for what she had done in the past, that possessive streak still remained in her.

She was indeed jealous and felt bad that she was not the one in Yvonne’s shoes as Desmond’s girlfriend.

But that was understandable…. It would be some time before she completely got over Desmond.

Franca gave them more reason to be doubtful about her when she asked her next question.

“Yvonne, I didn’t see your car parked outside, where is it?

Desmond and Yvonne looked at each other and became more suspicious.

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Desmond jumped in with a quick answer.

“It had a mechanical fault on our way here yesterday, it’s at the mechanic’s as we speak”

Franca changed the topic and went on to discuss other things.

For a moment, Yvonne was carried away and forgot about keeping their movement a secret.

“Hey Franca, Desmond and I will be going to see mum tomorrow morning, would you like to come with us?” Yvonne asked.

“Yes I would love to, it’s been awhile since I last saw her” Franca said.

Desmond didn’t like the idea but he keep mute.

After a while, Yvonne wanted Franca to leave. She needed to devise strategy to make her leave. Still in Desmond’s shirt, she opened the first three buttons from the neck. That slightly exposed her firm br-asts.

Desmond noticed it but pretended to look away. Franca was still there.

Yvonne placed her head on Desmond’s laps. She took his hand and gently placed it on her br-ast.

Franca saw her actions and quickly requested to leave.

Yvonne had succeeded with her plans. Little did she know that she had triggered Desmond’s s€×ual desire.

She locked the door as soon as Franca left. When she got back she noticed the look in Desmond’s eyes.

She found it funny. She decided to tease him some more.

She placed her head on his laps again and this time around, she opened all the buttons on the shirt.

Desmond just sat there and enjoyed the view of Yvonne’s br-asts.

Yvonne noticed that Desmond could barely hold himself, she took his hand again and placed it between her br-asts with the b-ra still on.

…. To be continued

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