Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 11

Dangerous Liaison Episode 11

She began using Desmond’s hand to stroke her tummy and her chest.

Desmond by then had gotten the signal. Even though he was not fit enough, he was responding to Yvonne.

She noticed it and asked him “Honey, are you ready for this?”

Desmond looked at her and even though he couldn’t form the words, Yvonne got his answer from his silence…

“k-ss me.” She invited.

Desmond didn’t hesitate at all. He bent down and planted a deep long k-ss on her l-ips as she laid on his laps.

Yvonne held his head as the k-ss got deeper. You could tell that they were both enjoying it.

Desmond wanted to unclasp her b-ra but to his surprise, Yvonne wouldn’t allow him.

She wanted him to crave for it some more. Suddenly, she stopped the k-ss and stood up facing him.

“Desmond, let me take care of you. I know you are not feeling very well.” she said.

Desmond had no idea what she planned on doing. She knelt down before him

She unzipped his shorts and pushed it down to his knees, she quickly followed it with his boxer shorts and there stood the ‘instrument’ she had come to love, fully er-ct, in all its glory and splendor.

Yvonne quickly went to work… She was in charge and Desmond was thoroughly enjoying it.

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They made love and got so carried away they didn’t bother with being quiet. Little did they know that their mo-ns and gro-ns were being carried through the walls to Franca who had remained behind the locked door, eavesdropping

As she listened to them, her eyes were filled with tears. Franca was falling for Desmond for real this time around.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She quickly ran off from the door as the mo-ns got more intense.

Her hurried footsteps got the attention of Desmond and Yvonne. Yvonne quickly buttoned up and rushed to the door to see who it was.

There, she saw Franca leaving. she didn’t make her aware that she had seen her. She just stood there and watched her go.

“Desmond, Franca was still here all this while. I think she is finding it difficult to get over you.” Yvonne said as she closed the door and headed to the bathroom shower up.

“We need to be very careful with her, Yvonne” Desmond said.

The following morning, Yvonne and Desmond prepared to leave for Yvonne’s mum’s house.

Franca was to meet them up halfway, with a family car which was driven by one of her father’s drivers.

Before Franca got to the place where she was to meet Yvonne and Desmond, she sent another text message to her mystery person.


“Alexandra Drive -HSE NUM. B13”

That was the address of her mother’s house.

Yvonne and Desmond arrived on time and had to wait for Franca. She arrived 25 minutes late and apologized for keeping them.

Even though she acted all friendly, Yvonne and Desmond gave her curt answers when she asked them how they were faring.

They were apparently not comfortable around her.

Soon they arrived at their mum’s place. To their surprise, the door was wide open.

No one was in compound, no gateman or house help.

They walked into the house only to find their mum’s sprawled out on the floor of her living room. She was obviously dead. It appeared she had been shot severally.

Her body was covered with blood and just beside the body laid another note.

“One gone, two to go. She is next”

The battle


This suggested that there were two other people targeted.

When Yvonne saw her mum lying there, in the pool of her own blood, she wept bitterly.

Franca who was also sobbing reached out to console Yvonne but she pushed her hands away and started making wild allegations.

“Franca, how could you! how could you go to such extreme, to take the life of the woman who carried you for nine months?!” Yvonne yelled.

Franca was struck by Yvonne’s allegation, she cried out “Yvonne! How can you accuse me of such a thing? I am not behind this!”

Desmond was trying to calm her down but Yvonne was very bitter and out of control.

“You think we don’t know you are behind all those messages? You think we are too dumb to see what you are up to? You think we don’t know that you’re the one behind the car brakes failing the other day?” Yvonne continued.

Franca couldn’t take it anymore. She ran from the scene as Yvonne kept shouting at her.

“Murderer! murderer!! I will bring you down Franca, I will!” Yvonne was weeping as she scre-med.

Franca ran into her Dad just at the entrance of the house. He was carrying a Gift Hamper he had bought for his divorced wife as part of his plan to win her back.

It was actually Franca’s idea. She had been working behind the scenes to get her parents back together.

Their mother, on the other hand, didn’t want anything to do with Franca’s father. She never told him where she was living and he never visited until now.

When Franca met her Dad, she jumped on him weeping. Her father asked what the problem was, only to be told that his ex-wife had been murdered.

He ran in,side to see for himself. He met Yvonne and Desmond who were on their way out. He took one look at the body on the floor and broke down. This was not how he had envisioned their meeting today. He had looked forward to a good challenge, winning back the woman who was still the love of his life after so many years.

He quickly called the police to the scene.

They arrived and after taking initial statements from everyone present, went about their job. They conveyed the body to the mortuary and gathered all evidence and clues they came across.“

Desmond, Yvonne and her step-father were still at the scene. They all sought to get to the bottom of this.

Franca’s father was still thinking that he was the target because of his political career.


Desmond had restrained Yvonne from mentioning Franca as prime suspect.

Franca, meanwhile, had disappeared by the time the police team arrived on the scene.

Nobody knew her whereabouts. Her Dad tried reaching her on phone but there was no answer.

At times like this, no one was completely safe on his or her own, unless of course you were the brain behind the mishaps.

The police assured them that maximum security was being deployed for the family whilst they focused on finding the culprit as soon as possible.

Desmond, Yvonne and Franca’s dad were esc-rted home by police. When they arrived, Franca was still nowhere to be found. She wasn’t at the house.

They all began to be worry about her whereabouts.

“Where could she be? Is she running from home because i confronted her with the truth? Is she safe?” All these were going through Yvonne’s mind.

She still loved her sister, despite all that had happened. She was worried about her.

Whilst they each tried reaching Franca on her phone, another mysterious text message came in.

This time around, it came on Yvonne’s phone.


“I HAVE HER, MEET ME WITH Desmond @ 7:00PM.


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She read the message and discreetly showed it to Desmond.

She didn’t want her step-dad to notice anything. She quickly made up a lie.

“Dad, Franca just texted that she is safe at Desmond’s place. She probably wanted to be alone. Desmond and I will go check up on her” Yvonne said.

She still had tears in her eyes as she was deeply grieving her mum’s death.

She swore to herself that, no matter who the killer was, she would get revenge, even if its was Franca.

Right now, she only trusted Desmond. She didn’t know what Franca was capable of doing.

They left the house and immediately set off to Desmond’s apartment. They were going to swing by Desmond’s before they finally went to Ray’s place.

When Desmond and Yvonne arrived at Desmond’s apartment, they sat down to devise a plan to ensure their safety where they were going.

Desmond wanted to go alone but because the text message expressly stated that He should be there with Yvonne, they had to comply. At least, until they knew what state Franca was in.

That was why they hadn’t involved her dad or even the police. They didn’t want to put Franca in any more danger.

Soon, it was half past six and they had to set off to Ray’s apartment. They set off quickly so they’d make it there in time.

On their way, you could tell that Yvonne was afraid.

Desmond had to assure her over and over again that he had her back and that everything was going to be fine.

They got to Ray’s apartment at exactly 6:55pm. The door was already opened when they got there. They walked in cautiously and found to their surprise, that it was Daisy who had convened the meeting.

She had tied up Franca’s hand and gagged her mouth to prevent her from scre-ming. She had a gun pointed at her head.

Franca was sobbing when Yvonne and Desmond arrived. They both wondered why Daisy chose to do this in Ray’s apartment. Did they know each other, or what?

Daisy quickly instructed them to lock the door behind them. They complied immediately, to prevent her from doing any harm to Franca.

“Yvonne, I warned you not to play with my heart. But you went ahead and broke my heart just because of this b****** you call your boyfriend.” Daisy said.

“But Dae (Daisy), has it gotten to this? That you would go as far as killing my own mum? How could you?” Yvonne replied.

Daisy laughed at her allegation, still with the pointed gun at Franca’s head.

“You still can’t read the writings on the wall. Grow up girl, grow up! You have made enemies because of this boy and we have all teamed up against you. Once i get what I want, they will take over. But get this clear, I didn’t kill your mother.” Daisy said.

Desmond quickly jumped in with a question

“Lady, so tell us, what are you after? What do you really want?” he asked.

“Good! Now, you’re talking. I want her, I want what you took away from me. I want my Yvonne back. Now, that’s the only way you can save Franca.” She said.

“Dae, take me, take me for all i care and leave my sister alone” Yvonne busted out.

Desmond tried stopping her but she was out of control, her anger had taken over.

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Yvonne concluded that she was doomed in love. If sacrificing herself would stop all this bloody war, then she was ready to do it. She turned and gave Desmond a k-ss on his cheek and said,

“Desmond, this is it. It all ends here, take Franca home and take good care of her.” Yvonne said.

Desmond: “No Yvonne, don’t give up. there is a way out of this”

Before Desmond could finish his statement, Daisy threw Franca at him and grabbed Yvonne by hand, pointing the gun at her head.

That was a swift exchange. Desmond was helpless because of the gun. Any move he made could end in the loss of another life.

Daisy had Yvonne still at gun point. She slowly walked her towards the locked door and opened it.

She was taking Yvonne away and there was nothing either Desmond or Franca could do.

Desmond looked into Yvonne’s eyes as she was being taken away… Yvonne whispered “I love you”

Daisy dragged her out and locked Franca and Desmond up in the room. She then fled with Yvonne as hostage.

Desmond quickly rushed to the door to open it but Daisy had already gone with the keys.

He turned away from the door and untied Franca. He also removed the gag from her mouth.

The first question Desmond asked was “Franca how did this happen?”

“I really don’t know. But I know who is behind this killing. We get her, and we can get Yvonne back” Franca replied.

“Her? It’s a lady?” Desmond asked.

“Yes Desmond, it’s a lady.” Franca answered.

…. To be continued

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