Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 12

Dangerous Liaison Episode 12

“Look, let’s figure a way out of here first. I have a plan but we can’t tell my Father about any of this, at least not yet.” she continued.

“Franca, don’t you think this is beyond us? I think we should go ahead and inform him now. Let’s take advantage of the resources at his disposal and recruit the necessary help so we can get Yvonne back quickly and in one piece.” Desmond reasoned.

“No, telling him will ruin the wh0le thing. Besides, Desmond there is something I need to tell you about my father, let us get out of here first.” Franca said.

Desmond had to force the door open. He succeeded after several tries.

Once they had managed to break out of Ray’s apartment, they headed for Desmond’s place.

Desmond felt that it wasn’t right but he was worried about Yvonne’s safety and right now, working with Franca seemed to be his best shot at ensuring that. He desperately hoped Daisy wouldn’t hurt Yvonne.

Soon they got to Desmond’s apartment. Franca quickly showered up while Desmond waited for her in the living room, his mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Yvonne.

Meanwhile, Daisy had taken Yvonne to an unknown location. Yvonne had no idea where they were.

All she could see was that they were in a well furnished house in a very isolated area.

Daisy locked all exits points to the house to prevent Yvonne from escaping.

“Dae, why are you doing this to me? We can talk this over, Dae please.” Yvonne begged her.

“Awww Yvonne! I just love the way you beg me. It reminds me of our past. Now I have you here and you’ll regain your freedom only under one condition.” Daisy said.

“What is it Daisy? What condition? Tell me.” Yvonne asked her.

“Calm down girl, calm down. You really want to leave here that quick, all for that boy who might be dead before you even get there” Daisy said.

Yvonne feel cold shivers go up and down her spine. Desmond was in danger, his life was at stake.

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Desmond started interrogating her as soon as she joined him.

“Franca what really happened?” Desmond asked.

Franca: “No, you first. Tell me why Yvonne pointed fingers at me as the one responsible for my mum’s death. I want to know why.”

Desmond: “Franca, everything leads to you. It seems wherever you are, misfortune comes. Take for instance the incident at the restaurant with Daisy. What if we hadn’t taken you along? Would things still have played out the way they did? What if we never told you about our visit to your mother’s house? Probably she would still be alive by now. Then there’s also your mysterious disappearance, only for you to end up as Daisy’s hostage. Now Yvonne is gone and you are here with me. What a perfect plan Franca”

It was very obvious why she would be the number one suspect. Everything pointed to her. If she was innocent, this was the time to prove it. She had to come up with a very convincing explanation.

Franca was at that moment scared of the anger she saw flashing in Desmond’s eyes as he nailed everything on her. She looked around for her phone as if that could save her but she couldn’t find it anywhere.

Desmond spoke from behind her as she moved things around, “What are you looking for, your phone? I’ve seen everything, all the text messages.” He said, holding out her phone.

Apparently, she had left the phone in the living room when she went to take a shower. That was when Desmond got access to it.

“You have a lot of explaining to do Franca and you should start now. Tell me everything. Who were those text messages to, tell me!” Desmond angrily yelled at her.

Franca was very scared of Desmond in his current state. She fumbled for words as she tried explaining…


Back at Daisy’s, Yvonne wondered why Daisy would make a statement that had to do with Desmond’s life.

“What’s going on Daisy? Why is Desmond’s life in danger”? Yvonne asked.

“You know even in the bible, there’s a saying “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” He is going to pay dearly for taking someone’s life.” Daisy said.

“He did it to save Franca, it was an act of self defense….” Yvonne tried explaining but was interrupted by Daisy.

“Hey, hey, I’m not the one to explain that to. You want your freedom and I am willing to give you, just with some conditions.” Daisy said.

“What condition? Tell me and i will do it” Yvonne asked.

“Ok this is the plan, I’m already aware that your step dad will be reading his will on the night of the 24th…..” Daisy said.

“How do you know that?” Yvonne asked.

“Funny, that’s not your business. All I need is 70% of the wealth you will receive. Liquidate it in physical cash and hand it over to me at a venue that I will later show you, and don’t try to be smart by bringing in the police because no matter what you do, you still don’t know the person behind your mother’s death. And guess what, I’m the only one who can stop Desmond from being killed.” Daisy said.

Yvonne didn’t want the wealth for anything, she was willing to give that up to Daisy.

“Ok It’s a deal, Daisy, can you let me go now, please?” Yvonne asked.

“Not so fast. One more thing, I really miss you and I want you to make love to me, for the last time.” Daisy said.

Yvonne was gradually getting over l-sbianism with Desmond being in her life. She was caught in a dilemma as to what to do.

Should she make love to Daisy for her freedom or what?.

Meanwhile, Desmond was still pressuring Franca to tell him those behind the text messages.

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The rage in his eyes showed how furious he was. Franca had never seen this side of him before. She was so frightened.

Before she could open her mouth to speak, blood suddenly started dripping out from Desmond’s nose.

He felt dizzy and sat down immediately. He began feeling weak as he was losing a lot of blood.

This was apparently as a result of the accident he had two days ago. He wasn’t properly fit.

Desmond could barely move now. Franca got more frightened at the sight of so much blood. She had no idea of what to do.

Before she knew it, Desmond was totally motionless. It looked as if he had passed out.

She shook him but he wasn’t responding.

Franca kept calling him.

“Desmond, Desmond!” but he never responded.

On the other hand, Yvonne had made up her decision to make love to Daisy.

She had a plan in mind.

As soon as she agreed, Daisy hurriedly grabbed her and started tearing up her top. She k-ssed her on the l-ips still with the gun in her hands.

There was still that part in Yvonne that felt good about the k-ss but she was able to control it with thoughts of Desmond.

She responded to the k-ss alright but still had a plan in mind. She knew every part of Daisy’s body and knew the ones that was very sensitive to her.

Yvonne’s aim was to lure her to drop the gun. The only thing she could do was to ar-use her, that was a sure way to make her loose control over the gun.

They k-ssed for a short while and Yvonne started rubbing her hands over Daisy’s br-asts.

Jackpot! She got her with that touch

Daisy lost it and let go of the gun. Yvonne noticing this, pushed her away and took the gun from the floor.

Daisy realized that she had been fooled and got very furious. She quickly jumped onto Yvonne.

She didn’t care about the gun in Yvonne’s hand. She grabbed her neck and attempted strangling her to death.

The next thing heard was the sound of a shot that came from the gun Yvonne was holding.

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Meanwhile Franca was still trying to wake Desmond up, she had no idea what to do.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, Franca rushed and opened it as if she was expecting someone.

It was Susan the gossiper on campus. Desmond and Franca’s colleague who knew everything happening on campus.

She came in and saw Desmond on the sofa with blood gushing out of his nose.

“What happened to him?” Susan asked.

“I have no idea. We just came here, one moment we were arguing and next thing, he was bleeding from the nose, I don’t know what to do ” Franca answered.

Susan attended to him and was able to stop the bleeding. She also gave him some pain killers and they seemed to revive Desmond.

He was still weak when he woke up. His head ached so bad that it caused his temperature to rise.

He tried sitting up and that was when he saw Susan and Franca sitting opposite him with their attention on him.

Susan on a normal day would never come and visit Desmond, let alone at this time of the night.

“What are you doing here Susan?” Desmond asked.

“Was just passing by the area and decided to check up on you” She answered.

Something about Susan wasn’t right. Her answer was harsh. It appeared like she was angry about something.

It was even more weird how she bonded with Franca. He didn’t know them to have that close relationsh¡p.

Desmond, however, overlooked it and waited patiently for her to leave so he could resume questioning Franca.

On Daisy’s end, as soon as the gun was fired involuntary, Yvonne and Daisy panicked. Luckily the shot did not hit any of them. Because of the struggle, the gun was forced to point downwards, right besides Daisy’s feet.

She quickly jumped off Yvonne having felt the heat and the impact of the gun near her feet.

That gave enough room for Yvonne to escape. Daisy was scared because she never thought Yvonne would fire that shot.

“You really tried to kill me, Yvonne?” Daisy asked out of surprise.

“And i will gladly do that again if you try stopping me. This time, trust me i won’t miss my shot.” Yvonne said with the gun pointed at her as she backed out of the house.

She opened the door only to be heavily smacked by an accomplice of Daisy’s.

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All along he was standing outside looking out for Daisy and rushed towards the house when he heard the shot.

Yvonne fell to the ground. He immediately took the gun from her and pointed at her as she helplessly laid on the floor.

“Thank you Tiger” Daisy said.

“Bring her here” she further instructed.

Yvonne was then brought to her. She was still reeling from Tiger’s strike.

“You think you can fool me huh? Is that what you think? **** you Yvonne, **** you!” Daisy said. She was very furious now.

“Please, please Daisy. I will do anything you say.” Yvonne begged.

“Tiger, get me the camera.” Daisy instructed.

Tiger already had it in his pocket. He took it out and gave it to Her.

“Tiger, she is all yours now. Do it right here in front of the camera” Daisy ordered.

Yvonne started begging knowing that Tiger was going to rape her.

She started crying out to Daisy to spare her this.

Meanwhile Susan was getting ready to leave Desmond’s apartment.

“Alright, Desmond, get well soon. I’ll be on my way now.” Susan said and left without waiting on any reply from Desmond.

Franca told Desmond she was seeing Susan off.

Desmond was suspicious. What did Franca has to do with Susan? What’s going on? He wondered.

Franca shut the door behind her as she went after Susan.

Susan turned and asked her a question.

“Have you heard from him?” Susan asked.

“No, he is suppose to be here by now.” Franca said.

“Let me know when he is here, I am loosing my patience” said Susan.

“But Susan, why would you go that far?” Franca asked.

“Look, this is not the time to ask me that question. Just let me know when he gets here.” Susan said and left.

…. To be continued

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