Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 13

Dangerous Liaison Episode 13

Meanwhile, Yvonne was still begging Daisy.

But Daisy couldn’t trust her anymore.

She knew that if she let Yvonne go without any leverage her plan would not succeed.

“Tiger, what are you waiting for? We don’t have much time, do it!” Daisy commanded.

He gladly tore up Yvonne’s clothes and got to the business of raping her.

Yvonne cried her heart out. What has she done to deserve this? She bled and cried bitterly as Tiger forcefully thr-st into her.

Daisy took dozens of photos during the act.

Yvonne at that moment wanted to die. Death was the only option she could think of. She wished Daisy would just take the gun and fire at her.

At that point, she began to have a different perception about life.

She cast her mind back and pondered about what Franca did when she needed Desmond.

“Is this world all about survival of the fittest?” She kept asking herself.

When Tiger was done, Daisy made him blindfold Yvonne and took her out into the streets where she would be seen.

Before Yvonne could remove what was wrapped over her face, they had already left.

Fortunately for her, she was soon noticed by a lady who was driving by.

The lady quickly helped her into her car and drove off.

She wanted to take Yvonne to the hospital but she insisted on going home instead. She then had no option than to drive her home .

Back at Desmond’s apartment, Franca had entered the room upon seeing Susan.

Desmond didn’t waste time, he asked for explanation. Franca started answering him like she had planned what she was going to say.

“Those Text messages were to my Dad, ok. Daddy wanted to get my mum’s love back and I was to help him do that.

I texted him to meet me up at the restaurant so we could talk about it more, and as soon as you and Yvonne left, he came.

We planned on getting mum some presents. So I thought inviting him over the same day we were going to see her was a perfect idea. He didn’t know where mum lived so I had to text him the address.

But honestly Desmond, I don’t know how you and Yvonne can think that I have a hand in my own mother’s death.” Franca explained.

Desmond was totally confused. She sounded very convincing and her story seemed to add up.

“Look, your sister and I are very frustrated right now, I’m sorry Franca.” He apologised.

While he was still talking, there was a heavy knock at the door. Looked like the long-awaited person had arrived.

Franca’s mood changed completely as if she knew who was behind the door.

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She went to the door to see who it was. It was Susan again. She looked more furious now.

As soon as Franca saw her, she quickly shut the door behind her to prevent Desmond from seeing or hearing them.

Susan walked Franca some distance away from the door.

“Susan, he is still not here. I have not heard from him.” Franca said.

“Yeah, I know, change of plans. I wish I can end everything now, I hate that guy!” Susan said.

“Susan, I still don’t know what you have against Desmond, but I love him. Please what do you want from him? I think it’s time you tell me everything.” Franca asked.

“I don’t owe you or anyone any explanation. Desmond has poked me in the eye and will pay dearly for it. Stop talking about love. You don’t know anything about it. You couldn’t even see it when he was in love with you.” Susan said.

“All that is in the past. But why the change of plans now, what’s going on?” Franca asked.

“He says the deal has been made, you’ll get the cash the night of the 24th. Until then, he’s going to keep a low profile and strike when no one expects.” Susan said.

“Hmmmn, that was very fast. I expected her to be a hærd nut to crack.” Franca said.

“Well, now you have what you want. Make sure you don’t get in the way when we’re on the move.” Susan said and left.

All this time, Desmond was watching from the window, he couldn’t hear a word of what they were saying but knew they were up to something.

He returned to his seat when he saw Franca returning.

When she came in, Desmond went to the bathroom to take a shower.

His phone beeped. It was a text message from Yvonne.

Text message:

“I’m home Desmond, Please let me see you now.”

Franca quickly picked up the phone to read it. She wasn’t surprised at all. She seemed to already know Yvonne was home.

She texted back saying “Busy” and quickly deleted the text.

When Yvonne on the other hand received the message, she began calling Desmond.

Franca switched the phone off after several calls.

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Desmond returned from the bathroom. He dressed up like he was going out.

Franca: Are you going somewhere?

Desmond: Yeah, to see your father. I need to find Yvonne. I can’t stay here with you when I know Yvonne is in danger.”

Franca: Desmond, stay calm. I told you I needed to tell you something about my Father that will be the starting point to finding Yvonne. Just sit down and listen to me, then tomorrow we can go find Yvonne”

Desmond sat down and Franca quickly came to sit beside him on the sofa.

Desmond saw it as a friendly gesture so he ignored it.

Franca: My father revealed something to me at the restaurant right after you and Yvonne left. Desmond, before i continue, promise me that you’ll never mention this to Yvonne.”

Desmond promised and Franca carried on.

“Yvonne is a twin.” Franca said.

“What? How? Where is her twin?” Desmond asked, as he was surprised at what Franca was saying.

“My mum only told my dad after they had divorced. She said she gave away Yvonne’s twin to her uncle who raped her. Apparently, that was the agreement he made with my mother before he gave out her hand in marriage since he was the only one left in my mother’s family.

At that time, my father was away on a business trip in Tokyo. He only returned a month after they were born.” Franca revealed.

“Hmm I see, but where is the other twin? Desmond asked.

“He is dead. Desmond. It’s Ray. ” Franca said.

“Oh no, tell me this is a joke. How is that possible?” Desmond asked.

“My father had a picture of him. He had been looking for him because he wanted to unite the family. They are not identical but one thing that I know for sure is that Yvonne and Ray are twins.” Franca said.

Desmond stood up in shock.

“That means I killed Yvonne’s twin brother. Gosh! I can’t forgive myself for this.” Desmond said looking very disappointed.

Franca also stood up and went close to him. She held Desmond’s face and looked right into his eyes to give him comfort.

“Desmond, look at me. Everything is going to be alright.” Franca said.

Before she could end what she was saying, the door opened. Someone was calling Desmond’s name.

It was Yvonne. In her pain and distress, she had come looking for Desmond after he had refused to pick up her calls.

Yvonne saw Desmond and Franca in that uncomfortable position. They looked like they had been k-ssing.

To be continued…

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