Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 15

Dangerous Liaison Episode 15

“Yvonne, please go back to your room.” Yvonne’s step-father said.

“She is not going anywhere, she is my daughter and we should talk!!!!” Mr. Aziz shouted out.

“Look, Mr. I will you give me some minutes with her but let me handle this first.” Yvonne’s step-dad said and took Yvonne by hand.

“Lets go to your room, we need to talk.” He continued and together, they went to Yvonne’s room.

Soon as they got to the room, Yvonne started throwing questions to him.

“Dad, what’s going on? Why is that man calling me his daughter? Who is he?” Yvonne asked, she desperately needed answers.

“Yvonne sit down, there is something you need to know.” Her step-father said. She sat down and got ready to hear him out.

“After your late mother and I got divorced, she made a shocking revelation to me. I planned telling you when I succeeded in uniting this family.” He said.

“The man you see there is Mr. Aziz, your mother’s uncle. He was the one who raped her. He is your father.” He continued.

“Daddy…” Yvonne started but was interrupted by her step-dad.

“My dear, let me finish. I know how you are feeling right now. It’s not your fault in any way but there is more to this.” He said.

“You are a twin, Yvonne. You have a twin brother.” He disclosed.

“What?! But Daddy, how could you hide this away from me all these years? Why was I kept in dark, only for everything to be hitting me in the face now?” Yvonne asked.

“Yvonne, it’s your mother who kept it from you, not me. Your twin brother was in the care of your biological Father, Mr. Aziz. And now your mother is dead, he wants you to recognise him as your father.” He said.

Yvonne sat down with her face buried in her hands.

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Back in the living room, Mr. Aziz who did not look like a happy man waited patiently for them.

He made a phone call to an unknown person.

Unknown person : “Hello Sir”

Mr Aziz: “I am very disappointed in you! That was not the order. ”

Unknown person: “Sir, I’m sorry, but she saw my face, so i had to do it. It even appeared she never knew Yvonne was going out with Desmond. Going there in the first place was a mistake.”

Mr. Aziz: “But she was the mother of my children. Anyway, I want to meet with you within the next hour at the usual place.”

Unknown: “Yes sir, I will be there.”

As soon as he ended the call, Yvonne and her step-father came back out.

Yvonne came towards him and enquired about the whereabouts of his twin brother. That bit was very important to her. She felt that having a twin brother would make help her get through the ongoing drama as well as the grief of her mum’s death.

“Where is my brother? I want to see him.” Yvonne said.

“So he told you everything, that’s good. I presume you also know that I am your biological father?” Mr. Aziz asked.

“Mr. Can you just answer my question?! Yvonne insisted.

Mr. Aziz laughed when Yvonne burst out that way.

“Blood they say is thicker than water, she even has my character. That’s my daughter. Anyway I’m, sorry to say, your brother was murdered about a week ago. This is his picture.” Mr. Aziz disclosed.

He took the picture out of his pocket and gave it to Yvonne.

“His name was Raymond. And I am very close in finding who is behind his death.” He said.

Yvonne noticed that it was Ray, Franca’s ex-boyfriend. She looked shocked and immediately dropped the picture.

“Any problem my daughter?” Mr. Aziz asked.

“Look, stop calling me your daughter! I may be biologically related to you but you have not earned the right to be called a father. This is my father (pointing to her step father). He is the one I know, not you” Yvonne said.

“Dad, I want to go out now, I have something to do” Yvonne told her step-father and left.

“You have succeeded in turning my own daughter against me, you will leave to regret this Mr. Minister” Mr. Aziz said and also stormed out.

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Desmond had gotten home and was packing up when he heard someone banging at the door.

For precaution sake, he peeped through his window and saw a man.

He quickly opened the door. It was Tiger.

“Yes, how may i help you?” Desmond asked.

“My name is JayJay, Yvonne’s boyfriend. My mission here is very simple, stay away from Yvonne or you will have yourself to blame.” Tiger warned.

Desmond quickly recognised him from the picture and didn’t utter a word.

Tiger left in his car. Yvonne was parked somewhere around with her driver. She had stayed out of sight when she saw Tiger at the entrance of Desmond’s apartment.

Yvonne wanted to follow Tiger immediately but she needed Desmond.

She quickly went to Desmond’s house, opened the door and saw him packing.

“Desmond, come with me please.” Yvonne said.

“Your boyfriend was just here to warn me to stay away from you.” Desmond said.

“He is not my boyfriend. If you want to know the truth, you should come with me now” Yvonne said again.

Desmond stood there and was delaying. Yvonne was impatient. If they didn’t follow in time, they would loose Tiger.

“Are you coming or not Desmond?” Yvonne asked.

He was still not answering, Yvonne just held his hand, dragged him like a kid and went into the car.

They quickly set off, and within a few kilometres they were able to catch with Tiger. They followed him from a distance.

Tiger unknowingly led them to their meeting place; where Susan, Daisy and Mr. Aziz had already gathered.

That was the same place where Tiger had raped Yvonne.


Yvonne and Desmond sat in the car and watched Tiger enter the building.

“Yvonne, what are we doing here, stalking your so-called boyfriend? Desmond asked, you could tell he was jealous.

“Seriously, Desmond, you are so annoying! Those pictures you saw was of me being raped by that b******. All that happened when Daisy kidnapped me. She took those pictures as leverage. She’s demanding for 70% of the wealth Daddy is supposedly going to give me when his will is read on the 24th” Yvonne disclosed to Desmond.

“What?! You were raped? Yvonne, why didn’t you tell me?” Desmond asked.

“Did you even give me a chance to talk? You conveniently went straight into Franca’s arms” Yvonne said.

“I’m sorry, but who is JayJay then?” Desmond asked.

“I don’t know anyone by that name. Desmond are you still doubting me?” Yvonne asked him.

“I’m sorry Yvonne, I’m just confused. I don’t know what to believe anymore.” Desmond said.

“Geez!! Desmond, I am so disappointed in you. Look, I know the in and out of that building. Lets sneak in, I have a feeling there is something fishy going on in there.” Yvonne suggested.

“No, no, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Said Desmond.

“Fine, you can decide to stay in here for all I care!” Yvonne voiced.

Yvonne was upset. She got out of the car and slammed the door as soon as she got down. Desmond had no option than to follow her as they both sneaked into the compound of the building. No one was on the compound when they got there.

They silently sneaked to a nearby window. It was the living room and it was where the meeting was being held.

They then peeped through the window and saw Mr. Aziz, Susan, Daisy and Tiger.

Yvonne and Desmond were surprised but kept their comments to themselves to avoid being s₱0tted.

Yvonne then took out her phone to record their discussions.

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Mr Aziz: We are almost through with what we started. Everyone is getting what he or she wants. Tiger and Daisy, anything about the money?

Daisy: Sir not yet but i assure you it will be ready in 3 days. We have already sent the pictures to Desmond. Tiger today also went to warn him to stay away from Yvonne. He is slowly being manipulated into Franca’s nest.”

Mr. Aziz: Good, good. And once we have him Franca’s arms, I can take my revenge for the death of my son.

Susan: Sir, would you please give me that honor to stab him just the way he stabbed the love of my life?

Susan and Ray apparently have been dating secretly, ever before they entered university where Ray met Franca.

They were both co-conspirators and the plan was to get Franca in bed, record it and make it viral. They intended to use it to demand money from Franca’s father the minister.

It was only by chance that Yvonne came along.

Susan had been hiding and striking from the dark all along.

Mr. Aziz: I would have given you the chance, if you hadn’t blown the first assignment. Your order was to interrogate the mother of my children, not to shoot her to death.

Susan: Sir, I’m sorry but she saw my face, I had no option. Ray introduced me to her before we gained admission into the University, there was no way I could let her live without blowing our cover.

Mr. Aziz: I forgive you anyway, she was actually a nuisance. By the way, who has heard from that girl, why is she not here?

Just then, Yvonne slipped slightly and the sound got the attention of Mr. Aziz.

“Tiger, go and check where that noise is coming from.” Mr Aziz ordered.

Desmond and Yvonne quickly hurried out of the compound before Tiger got out.

Tiger didn’t see them, he checked around but there was no one was there.

Yvonne and Desmond quickly went into the car which was parked some distance away and drove off.

They were very surprised about what they heard from the meeting.

Susan was behind Yvonne’s mothers death.

Daisy and Tiger were after Yvonne and Desmond’s relationsh¡p. And Mr. Aziz seemed to be the brain behind the entire thing.

Desmond and Yvonne begun putting the pieces together. They decided to involve Yvonne’s step-father at this point.

They called him and he immediately agreed to meet them at a restaurant

Yvonne then told him about the ordeal she went through, the kidnap and her rape. She told him everything and played the voice recording to him.

They came up with a plan. While they were there, Yvonne picked her phone and called Daisy.

Yvonne: Your money is ready, # 70Million Naira in cash”

Daisy: Wow! That’s unexpected. I see your Daddy decided to disclose his will earlier than scheduled. I can only imagine how you managed to get him to do that. Anyways, that’s my girl! I will call you tomorrow morning with details of the venue.”

She hung up on Yvonne.

Right after Yvonne and Desmond met with Yvonne’s step father, Desmond told Yvonne about Franca’s suggestion that he spend the night in one of their Father’s apartment.

They then decided to go with Franca’s suggestion as planned, to avoid any suspicion.

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On their way back, Desmond felt crappy for not being as supportive of Yvonne as he should have been. He took her hand and said “Babe, I’m so sorry for doubting you, I guess my weakness led me into this, please forgive me.”

Yvonne: I understand Desmond. I just don’t know what I have done wrong. What have I done to deserve all these? I’ve been kept in the dark all my life and now it’s coming back to me. I made certain bad decisions in life and somehow I have paid dearly for it. I never knew I had a twin until now. He deserved what he got. And i still thank you Desmond for saving my sister from him.”

Desmond: Talking about your twin, Franca already told me about him.”

Yvonne: Really? Franca knew this too?”

Desmond: Yeah, her dad told her. Look baby, let’s forget about it and hope everything from here onward goes as planned.

Yvonne: I hope so Desmond, I hope so.”

Desmond had to alight some meters away from Franca’s father’s house. For now, they thought it wise not to let Franca see them together.

After Yvonne left for home, Desmond called Franca to meet him up.

She showed up in no time.

Franca: You are late, and where are your belongings?

Desmond: Sorry about that. I had to go and check up on a few things on campus, I’ll bring them tomorrow.

Franca: You need to be very careful Desmond. Anyway, it’s good you are here. I just saw Yvonne entering the house, I have a feeling she went to see JayJay.”

Desmond came back to his senses as Franca said that.

“Did Franca just made that comment?” He asked himself.

Everything came back to him… He knew at this moment that Franca was a liar.

However, he kept everything to himself and just walked with her as she took him to the apartment.

They soon arrived and Desmond went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Just as he left, Franca’s phone rang.

…. To be continued

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