Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 2

Dangerous Liaison Episode 2

Meaning? Her father prodded, waiting for the rest.

Again, the Doctor paused and then he said, Your daughter has lost her memory, sir

Oh no! Yvonne and her father exclaimed together.

The doctor continued, Her recovery will be slow but this is the time she needs your attention more. The good news is that she is responding to treatment and may be discharged in a day or two.

The following day, Yvonne went to the station to interrogate Desmond.

When she arrived, the Crime investigator also interrogated her to know her side.

It was a quick one though, now it was time for her to meet Desmond.

Desmond came out of the cell looking devastated

Yvonne: Young man, tell me what happened, lets do this quick.

Desmond: Before I do that, tell me how she is please.

The concerned look on Desmonds face looked real to Yvonne. She noticed that there was something different about Desmond. However, this did not distract her; she was determined to get to the root of the matter as soon as possible.

Yvonne: She is alive. I guess thats a disappointment to you, just go on and tell me everything.

Desmond: Franca and I have been friends since our first year, until this sudden event happened between her and her boyfriend on campus.

Franca: Are you saying my sister was dating, and what event are you talking about?

Desmond: Somehow, her guy was able to record them having s€× together and he put it up on the internet where it has since gone viral

Yvonnes face dropped upon hearing this news from Desmond. She couldnt believe her ears, that her sisters tape was out there without her knowing.

Yvonne: Are you sure about this?

Desmond: Yeah, it was out of frustration that Franca decided to take her life. That was when I came in. She had already stabbed herself with the knife when i got there. She tried committing suicide.

Yvonne noticed that what Desmond was saying had some iota of truth in it.

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Yvonne: I want to see this video and whoever is behind it. I need to see it immediately, before the issue escalates.

Desmond: The video is on my phone, which is in police possession. Madam, I am innocent. You can ask Franca about all these when she is fine. I am innocent.

Desmond held Yvonnes hand as he tried to convince her that he was innocent It was working. Yvonne was getting convinced by the minute. The way he held her hand firmly and looked straight into her eyes gave her a feeling she had never felt before.

She felt the warm temperature of Desmonds hand and began to feel weird as he held on to it pleading.

She felt the warm temperature of Desmonds hand and began to feel weird as he held on to it pleading.

She had never felt that way before. It was strange feeling. There and then, she began to see him differently. She couldnt describe what she was feeling. Yvonne quickly snatched her hand away.

Desmond thought that probably his actions offended her.

Sorry madam, Im sorry He apologized.

Dont worry, Im ok. I have to go now said Yvonne

Please I am innocent, madam. I am innocent Desmond kept pleading as he was led back into his cell.

Yvonne got to the counter and with the influence she had as a ministers daughter, she was able to get Desmonds phone.

She took her time going through the content of the phone and finally saw the tape.

She began to feel bad as she saw the video of her own sister being treated that way.

She immediately ordered for the release of Desmond and also dropped all charges against him.

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Her decision was not only influenced by the video but also by what she felt for Desmond. As a matter of fact, she sensed that for the first time, she was falling in love.

As much as the crime investigator was surprised by her order, he had no option.

Yvonne left leaving her complementary card at the front desk. She asked for it to be given to Desmond upon his release.

He was released as ordered and was given the complementary card on his way out.

Desmond was surprised that Yvonne would take such a step. Probably he had been able to convince her, he thought.

He quickly called her not only to show his appreciation but also to find out were Franca was so he could go and see her.

On phone:

Yvonne: Hello

Desmond: Hello madam. This is Desmond, thank you so much madam, God bless you. Thank you so much for seeing the truth in what i said.

Yvonne: No need for that. You can find a better way to do that. Anyway, I saw the video on phone and I need you to get in contact with the guy behind this. I want to meet you two tomorrow. I have a deal for him. Can you do that?

Desmond: Yes Madam. I will contact bring him to you. One more thing madam, Please may I know where Franca is? I need to see how she is doing.

Yvonne instantly got jealous. She expected Desmond to be hailing her all the way, not showing so much concern for Franca already.

She hung up without answering him. She was getting unnecessarily upset over Desmond.

What does he take me for? She asked herself.


She hung up without answering him. She was getting unnecessarily upset over Desmond.

What does he take me for? She asked herself.

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She sat at her office desk, thinking and asking herself a series of questions.

This is unusual of me, what is wrong with me? I dont understand whats happening. Desmond is not extraordinary, why do I suddenly feel so attracted to him?

Yvonne didnt know how to deal with such feelings. It was completely new to her. She was however used to getting whatever she wanted, whatever it took. Right now, she had her eyes on Desmond. She wanted to be with him.

The following day, things began normally. Franca looked healthy as Yvonne and her dad went to visit her at the hospital.

She wasnt able to recognize them when they came. However, she had already undergone psychological counseling therapy to help her understand the situation she was in. Her awareness of her condition would help her recover quickly.

Yvonne and Her Dad spoke to her and made her aware of their relationship. They told her about her school life and how happy she was as a person.

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Franca began feeling comfortable as they spoke to her about the basic things in her life. The Doctor advised that Franca be surrounded by loved ones and friends at all times. She should spend more time at were she usually hangout before she encountered this misfortune.

They all got along very well until Franca made a strange request.

Dad, I am aware of my situation and we all know what the doctors advice was. I need a favor from you. Franca asked.

What is it my daughter? I am your father and Yvonne is your sister, we are here for you. Tell me what you want and consider it done Her father responded.

Ok, thank you so much. I want to go back to the school where I was and start my life all over again. But Ill like my condition to be kept a secret. said Franca.

Her Dad had no problem with the request and promised to grant it but Yvonne on the other hand was not pleased because of the s€× tape that had gone viral. Also because she knew Desmond would want to be with Franca all the time.

Yvonne excused them and went outside the ward to make a call, leaving Franca and her Dad.

The call was to Desmond. She requested for an update on their earlier agreement.

Madam, i have been able to contact him, what time can we come by? Desmond asked.

Good. Be there in the next two hours. The location of my office is on the card I gave you. Make sure you are on time. said Yvonne

She hung up immediately, to prevent Desmond from asking after Franca again.

With the progress in Francas health, the Doctor had informed them that she would be discharged the following morning.

It was good news for them. Without wasting anymore time, Yvonne set off from the hospital and went to the office.

She got there a bit late and met Desmond and Ray at the reception. Her gaze was on Desmond. She felt like hugging him from the moment she saw  him, but she was able to control the urge and keep things civil.

Yvonne invited them into her office to commence the discussion.

. To be continued

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