Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 6

Dangerous Liaison Episode 6

He immediately pounced on Ray and landed a heavy fist blow on his face that got his nose bleeding.


Ray returned the blow but wasn’t strong enough to weaken Desmond. Desmond indeed had the upper hand in this battle, he gave Ray another punch that pushed him against the wall.

Franca by then was coming to, she saw the wh0le fight but was helpless. She still felt very weak. Even when she wanted to scre-m for help, her voice was faint.

She had no option than to just lie on the floor till she gathered enough strength to move.

Before Desmond could make his next move, Ray had already gotten hold of a knife and was ready to stab Desmond.

Desmond gripped the hand with the knife, trying to force him to let go of it.

It was a horrible fight. Ray was pushing the knife towards Desmond’s tummy. It got very bloody, as Desmond tried to force it out of his hand.

Desmond was stronger than Ray and every time he turned to look at Franca, he gathered more strength.

He was finally able to turn the knife around and suddenly the knife dug into Ray’s tummy.

It was a deep piercing. Ray scre-med as blood gushed from his tummy like a fountain of water.

Ray was dying. Desmond left him to attend to Franca. He had Ray’s blood all over his hands.

He helped Franca up, carried her on his shoulder and left the scene.

Ray laid there in the pool of his own blood, with the knife still in his tummy. He tried calling for help but no one was around.

Desmond took Franca home, gave her some painkillers and laid her on his bed.

He rushed to the bathroom and washed Ray’s blood off him.

Now he began feeling nervous. Was Ray alive? He wondered.

He shivered at the thought of it.

He then took the phone to call Yvonne. He was going to tell her everything that happened but Franca didn’t like the idea.

“Desmond, don’t tell her anything. Just inform her to come and pick me from your end.” Franca said as she laid on the bed.

Desmond did exactly that. He finished the call and realized that Franca was sobbing. He moved closer to her on the bed and wiped her tears.

“Desmond, why did you risk your life for me?” Franca asked.

“Shush dear, calm down. Just try and get some rest until Yvonne gets here, then we can talk about it.” Desmond said.

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Franca looked straight into his eyes. She realized that there was something about him that made her feel secure. He looked honest and pure.

Desmond noticed Franca’s stare. This was the closest he had ever been with her. For a moment, he forgot everything that had happened.

He looked at Franca from where he was seated from the side of his bed. His eyes kept looking at her filled pink lower lip. He felt like k-ssing it that moment.

“Do it” Franca commanded.

“What?” Desmond asked.

“Do it. I know what you are thinking. Go ahead and do it.” Franca said.

She realized that Desmond did not have the courage to make the move. She held his neck and slowly pulled him towards her.

Desmond responded immediately. He gave her a k-ss. It was a soft and short one.

Just then, they were invaded by police.

“Are you Desmond?” A Policeman asked.

Desmond: “Yes, that’s me.”

Police: “You under arrest as a prime suspect in the murder of Mr. Ray Eshun. You have the right to remain silent or anything you say will be used against you in the court of law”

Franca kept pleading that he was innocent as she saw Desmond being handcuffed and taken away.

She was still feeling weak and wobbly on her feet but she eventually managed to get up. She followed them as they walked to the door.

Yvonne arrived just in time to see them.

“Whats going on here officers?” She asked.

Franca quickly answered her. “Desmond has been arrested for the murder of Ray, Yvonne. I was there, it was self-defense. Desmond saved my life.”

There was little Yvonne could do about the arrest at that moment but she had a plan in mind.

She stood there and hugged Franca as Desmond was taken away to the police station.


Yvonne and Franca quickly followed them in Yvonne’s car.

On their way, Yvonne asked Franca what really happened. Franca told her everything, even about the s€× tape she saw.

Yvonne: I am sorry dear sis, it’s all my fault.

Franca: Thank God anyway. Desmond was there to save my life. He is an angel

Yvonne’s face changed when Franca made that comment. She felt very jealous at that moment.

Franca: Yvonne, how come you didn’t tell me you two were going out until i met both of you k-ssing at your office?

Yvonne: Sis, this is not the time for this discussion please. Desmond is in deep trouble because of you. Let me deal with that first.

She said this with an angry tone. Franca noticed it and cast her mind back to Ray’s room and how it all happened.

One thing that kept popping up in her mind was the short soft k-ss she had shared with Desmond before his arrest.

It felt so real and even though it didn’t last long, it made an impact on her.

She began to think deeply about Desmond and kept asking herself so many questions.

“Why would a guy go to that extent for me? Why didn’t he hesitate in k-ssing me? How come he was on time to save me? Was he spying on me? If yes, Why”

She was pondering all these in her mind as her sister drove in silence. Soon they arrived at the police station. Desmond had already been placed behind bars after writing his statement.

Yvonne called their Dad so he could use his influence to get Desmond released but she couldn’t get through to hm. His number was unavailable.

After trying severally, Yvonne decided to go find her Dad at his office. She asked Franca to stay back at the police station and wait for her.

Because of who her father was, Franca was allowed to speak to Desmond while she waited for Yvonne.

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Desmond actually didn’t look troubled. Somehow he knew that in no time he would be released.

Franca spoke to Desmond and expressed her profound gratitude for what he had done for her.

She assured him that she would make sure he got out within the shortest possible time.

“Where is Yvonne?” Desmond asked Franca.

“She is out looking for our Father. He can get you out with just a single phone call.” Franca said.

Desmond: Father? Are you two really related?

Franca: What kind of question is that? You don’t know Yvonne is my sister?

Desmond was surprised but he didn’t make it too obvious; he didn’t want Franca to notice.

Desmond: Sorry, I am just not myself.

Franca: I understand. You are here and your girlfriend is out there fighting for your freedom. I really envy her.

Desmond face lit up when he heard that statement. He quickly followed up with a question.

Desmond: Why do you say that, would you wanna be in her place?

Franca: Oh please! What girl wouldn’t love a man that would go any length protect her?

Desmond quickly had a different impression of Franca. Must she have a reason to be in love? He began comparing Franca and Yvonne.

Yvonne saw something in him right from when he was accused of attempting to kill her sister. He in fact owed her plenty for his freedom and now again, she was out there trying once more to get him out of jail.

Franca on the other hand had been loved by Desmond ever since they met. Even though Desmond had never been bold to tell her because Ray was around, she had never been able to see it.

She lost her memory alright, but still, must one have a reason to love? Did he have to save Franca before she felt anything for him? Was that the kind of love he really wanted?

However, there was still one thing he had issues with; the fact that Yvonne had lied to him about being Franca’s sister. Why did she do that?

Franca was talking now.

“You think I don’t see it your eyes that you feel something for me? Right from the way you stared at me this morning to your k-ss right after that chaos… Who does that without deep feelings involved? Tell me Desmond, are you in love with me?” Franca asked.

…. To be continued

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