Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 7

Dangerous Liaison Episode 7
Desmond was in a dilemma. Yes, he was in love with Franca but He knew there was no way she would ever feel the same way for him. If they got together and became a couple, Franca would only be with Desmond for saving her life.
Desmond didn’t want his relationsh¡p that way. He wanted transparency; mutual love, honesty and sacrifice.
He had so far been able to get that from Yvonne, except that he did not feel the same thing for her.
Earlier today, he had already made a commitment to Yvonne. He had agreed to avail himself to be taught by Yvonne how to love her in return.
This bothered him so much now, he didn’t know what to tell Franca.
He decided to be honest.
Desmond: “Franca, if i say that I don’t feel anything for you then I’ll be lying to you. I love you. I have loved you for a long time but I have also realized that love may not always necessitate a relationsh¡p.
I love you alright, but this same love does not permit me to be with you. I owe my commitment to Yvonne.”
Franca became very sad and emotional about what Desmond was saying. It dawned on her that she had never met any guy with a heart as pure as Desmond’s.
For that reason alone, she was not ready to give up on Desmond. She wanted to be with him. She couldn’t let him slip by. To Franca, Desmond was, in a nutshell, a good “thing”.
She looked in his eyes and said, “Desmond, you can’t deny what your heart is telling you. I have made my decision now. I want to be with you. Don’t take away this happiness from me. It is me you love, not Yvonne. Your happiness lies in me.”
Yvonne had already returned to the police station and was listening to their conversation without them noticing her presence.
She didn’t know when she started sobbing hærd; she apparently couldn’t help it.
Yvonne for the first time was crying over a guy.
She stood there and looked at them. Franca felt bad for her sister, hearing whatever she had told Desmond.
Yvonne still in tears said
“Desmond, I love you. You are my first ever love, I gave myself to you without you asking. Yeah, i know i have lied to you but that makes me human. I am imperfect.
“But I understand. The heart loves who it loves.”
She wiped her face and continued
“Anyway, Desmond you are a free man now. My Dad has ordered for your immediate release. Your bail is being processed.”
Turning to her sister, Yvonne said, “Franca, I will be waiting for you in my car so we can go home.”
She said this and sadly walked out to her car.
Franca and Desmond were speechless. They both felt guilty, especially Desmond.
Desmond could practically feel Yvonne’s pain as she spoke. It was the same thing he went through all the while he was in love with Franca without her noticing him.
He figured Yvonne’s hurt was even more… Her V-rginity, her pride was given to him on a silver platter.
Desmond saw Yvonne differently now, he finally saw the good in her and that made him feel even guiltier.
Desmond was released right after they finished processing his bail.
He wanted to go show his appreciation to Yvonne so he walked with Franca towards Yvonne’s car, where she was waiting.
Franca held Desmond’s hand, choosing not to care how Yvonne would feel about it.
When they got to the car, Yvonne was seated behind the wheels ready to take off. Franca jumped onto Desmond with a hug.
“At least, the good news is you have been released. I will call you when I get home, byeee” Franca said as she got into the car.
Yvonne was still hurt and kept her eyes away from Franca and Desmond. The tears wouldn’t stop rolling down her cheeks.
As soon as Franca got in, Yvonne quickly drove off giving Desmond no opportunity to speak to her.
Franca was not being sensitive to her sister even though she was well aware that she was hurt.
She smiled all the way till they got home.
Yvonne didn’t say a word to her, she just went straight into her bedroom and locked herself up.
Franca thought it was normal. She sat in the living room thinking of Desmond. She had smiles all over her face.
Yvonne kept shedding tears in her bedroom. Her pillow was soaked with tears. She felt so hurt she thought her heart was going to burst, She needed someone to talk to.
The only friend she had since high school was Daisy.
They stopped being friends after Yvonne changed her ways because of a guy (Desmond).
This was an opportunity to reconcile with her, Yvonne thought.
She immediately picked up the phone and called her to come over.
Daisy got there in no time. Franca then directed her to Yvonne’s room.
Franca couldn’t stop thinking of Desmond. She picked up the phone to call and talk to him.
Desmond: “Hello”
Franca: “I miss you, I just called to say Thank you again”
Desmond : “Don’t worry about it. Please is Yvonne around?
Franca: “Yeah, she is in her room. What’s up?”
Desmond: “Ok. I am coming over right away”
Franca thought that Desmond was coming to see her, she was so happy and excited.
She quickly went to shower up and wait for him.
However, seeing Franca wasn’t Desmond’s intention. He wanted to make things right. He made up his mind to make it up to Yvvone and he wasn’t willing to wait another day to do that. It had to be now.
He quickly went to Franca’s place. It was a little late when he arrived.
Franca gave him a big hug soon as he walked in. She wanted to give him a k-ss but surprisingly, Desmond refused. Instead he asked where Yvonne was.
Franca was surprised that he was asking after Yvonne.
“She is in her room. Baby, I thought you came to see me.” She said.
“Far from that. I want to see Yvonne, Please let her know I’m here.” Desmond insisted.
Franca had no option but to call Yvonne for him.
She shouted out her name but no answer.
“Desmond, she is probably sleeping or something.” Franca said.
“Franca, kindly go and check for me, I need to see her.” Desmond replied.
Franca who was reluctant at first, eventually had to go find Yvonne. Desmond couldn’t hold himself up any longer, he was anxious to see Yvonne and make up for the pain he’d caused her so he ended up following Franca.
Franca only noticed Desmond was following her when she got to Yvonne’s door.
The door wasn’t properly closed, the first knock was enough to push it open.
To Franca and Desmond’s shock, Yvonne laid unclad in bed with Daisy’s face buried in between her thighs.
You Are Reading: Dangerous Liaison – Episode 13
Yvonne and Daisy had been l-sbian partners until Yvonne met Desmond. She fell in love with him and had ‘real s€×’ for the first time; and since then, things had not been the same for her.
Yvonne had been driven by the heartbreak from her relationsh¡p with Desmond, right back to her old ways.
It wasn’t what she really wanted. From the moment she met Desmond and her heart bonded with his, she knew this other life wasn’t what she wanted anymore. She wanted to be with a man, like other normal people.
Yvonne and Daisy started as normal high school best friends. They virtually did everything together, until they were both influenced by P*rn movies.
They soon became addicted to these movies and would spend pretty much all their spare time together, watching. Then, one thing led to the other. They started exploring each other’s sensitive parts and eventually became s€×ual partners.
A few of their colleagues begun suspecting them but they did a good job of hiding their intercourse that nobody could find real evidence to confirm their suspicions.
Their affair continued even after high school, through university and now in law school. They would call each other, meet up and have s€×.
Things began to change when Yvonne met Desmond. She stopped answering Daisy’s calls. Until today. She had been so hurt by the conversation she overhead between Desmond and Franca that she reached out to Daisy without thinking.
Now that Franca and Desmond had walked in on them in the height of their passion, they were both speechless.
Yvonne quickly pushed Daisy away and stood up from the bed.
She stood there unclad and embarrassed, especially with Desmond seeing her do those nasty things with another girl.
Desmond couldn’t bear the sight. He left the room without uttering a word. He felt very disappointed and depressed
Yvonne ran after Desmond, not minding that she was butt unclad.
She got hold of him just as he reached the living room. She knelt down and with tears in her eyes, began to beg him.
“Desmond, please don’t go, I am sorry.” Yvonne pleaded
When Desmond turned around and saw that she was still unclad, he suddenly knew that Yvonne needed help.
He helped her up and asked her to go and dress up.
“Yvonne, go upstairs and dress up, I will be here when you return.” Desmond said.
You Are Reading: Dangerous Liaison – Episode 13
Daisy, on the hand, had already rushed out of the house. Franca, all the while just stood there looking at Yvonne as she begged Desmond.
She was surprised that after all that had happened, Desmond was still acting warm towards Yvonne.
As soon as Yvonne went upstairs to dress up, Franca went and confronted Desmond.
“Desmond, didn’t you see what just happened? And you’re acting like nothing is going on! You are not even paying attention to me.” Franca said.
Desmond was shocked by Franca’s reaction to the incident.
He was beginning to see this other side of her he never knew existed.
“Franca, she is your sister for Christ sakes! She’s been there for you ever since you were admitted at the hospital, up until now. Why are you not being sensitive? She needs help. Can’t you see?!” Desmond responded.
Desmond was very objective and wasn’t quick to judge. That’s how come he could love Franca all that time she was involved with Ray and afterwards. He was not ready to abandon Yvonne now, not until he knew what exactly pushed her into this act.
In no time, Yvonne came out of her room dressed up alright, but looking very ashamed.
She joined Desmond, who was with Franca in the hall.
“Desmond and Franca, I know I have disappointed you all but I need you to listen to me, please.” Yvonne pleaded.
“Please Franca, please keep this away from Daddy.” she continued.
“Yvonne come here, sit with me, let’s talk about everything.” Desmond said.
Franca was getting very angry with Desmond’s attitude. She couldn’t help herself, she busted out in anger.
“Desmond, I don’t believe you! I don’t know how you can stand this girl, I mean, she is a disgusting l-sbian! I thought you came here looking for me, why are you doing this now? You think I’m not aware that you have loved me all this while?
You don’t love her, it’s me you love. Ever since the first day we met at the library, I saw it in your eyes Desmond.”
Desmond and Yvonne suddenly froze.
“Franca, how come you remember all this? That library incident happened 3 years ago in 100 level, how come you remember?” Desmond anxiously asked.
…. To be continued
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