Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 8

Dangerous Liaison Episode 8

She stood, realizing she had said too much out of anger. But now Franca was past caring. She started spilling the beans.

“Yes I remember. Everything came back to me as I watched my s€× tape on Ray’s laptop. Stop looking at me with pity. I am fine and I can be on my own now.” Franca said.

“But Franca how? Since when? Don’t you think we deserve an explanation?” asked Yvonne

“Look who is talking, the l-sbian….” Franca started but was interrupted by her Daddy who had just arrived from work.

He heard Franca’s last statement and wondered who they were referring to.

“What’s going on here? Who is a l-sbian, and who is this gentleman?” He asked

Franca almost said the wh0le thing but Yvonne quickly overshadowed her and interrupted.

“Ermm Daddy, you are welcome. This is the young man I told you about, the one who saved Franca’s life. He came here to thank you himself for ordering his release.” Yvonne quickly lied to save the situation.

“Is that so? I should be the one thanking him. Daddy said. “Young man, thank you so much. How can I repay you?”

Franca immediately seized the opportunity to turn things around in her favor.

“Father, let me use this opportunity to officially introduce him to you. His name is Desmond, my boyfriend.” Franca said.

Yvonne and Desmond didn’t know what to do.

Desmond choked on his words. There was no way he could deny Franca at the moment.

He just stood there, saying nothing. Franca’s attitude turned him off. He was becoming more and more irritated by her, by the minute.

He had never seen this side of her before. He had always seen Franca as just a little naive lady.

He had no idea Franca could be this cruel.

Desmond decided to leave the house. He quietly asked for permission to go.

“Sir, thank you very much as well. I’ll need to take my leave now, my area is quite risky at night.” Desmond said.

“Oh I understand you but I can’t let you go just like that. Have dinner with us then you can leave tomorrow morning. There are so many rooms in this house. I am not going to accept no for an answer.” Daddy offered and quickly ordered the maids to set the dinner table for four.

Yvonne just kept quiet and held her peace. She had little to say about what was going on. She was also being careful not to step on Franca’s toes before it pushed her to blow out the news of her being a l-sbian.

Within a few minutes, dinner was all set.

Franca was all over Desmond despite his apparent discomfort and dissatisfaction. She ignored it and kept doing her own thing.

Midway through dinner, Yvonne couldn’t bear what Franca was doing anymore. She excused herself, went into her room and locked herself up. She cried all night.

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“What’s wrong with your sister?” Their father asked Franca.

“I don’t know Dad, she has been very very busy today.” Franca said, being sarcastic.

Desmond was very worried about Yvonne, he just needed a little window of opportunity to talk to her alone.

Franca’s Father called a maid to prepare a room for Desmond but once again, Franca quickly turned things around.

“Aww daddy, why the need for that? Desmond will sleep in my room tonight.” Franca said.

“It’s not advisable my daughter. Anyway, you are both matured so feel free to do what you want to do. I just want to see my daughter happy” her dad responded.

Desmond didn’t like the idea but he pretty much had no choice.

Franca’s room was just adjacent to the living room, unlike Yvonne’s room which was upstairs.

When dinner was over, Franca’s father sat back in the living room to work on his laptop.

There was no way Desmond could opt for another room since Franca’s father had already been told he’d be sharing a room with Franca.

Franca eventually came to get him. She held Desmond by the hand and led him to her room.

Yvonne was also in her room. She laid in bed, still sobbing.

She hated herself for the life she had been living. Her mind was also on Desmond. She was giving up on him.

After all, Desmond had never loved her, she thought. He had loved Franca all this while.

s€× couldn’t make him love Yvonne. If he should love Yvonne it should come from no where, not out of pity, not out of lust or s€×.

Yvonne finally made up her mind. It was clear that her sister wanted Desmond and if she stayed around, she would only end up hurting herself more and more.

She desperately wanted to flee to an unknown place, where no one would find her.

There, she could start life all over again, make amends for the mistakes she had made in her past and probably fall in love again.

She decided make the move at dawn when everyone was still fast asleep.

Downstairs, the atmosphere in Franca’s room was tense. Desmond refused to say a word, as much as Franca tried to engage him in conversation.

All Desmond was concerned about was Yvonne and how she was faring.

Meanwhile, Franca had locked her door and kept the key under her pillow without Desmond noticing.


She figured that if words wouldn’t move Desmond, then sed-ction will. She kept her calm and went into the shower.

Desmond on the other hand sat on the bed, lost in thought.

He then tried opening the door but realized it was locked. He shook his head and returned to the bed.

There was no doubt that he still had feelings for Franca. But he knew it was only a matter of time before he got over it completely.

Franca soon came out of the shower half-unclad. She had just her shower coat on.

Her dark side aside, she is a beautiful lady. It would be hærd for any man to resist her.

She came out of the shower smelling good and refreshing.

She went and knelt behind Desmond who was still sitting on the bed.

She grabbed his shoulder and started giving him a m-ssage from behind. Desmond resisted but she persisted until he gave in.

As much as he didn’t want the advances Franca was making, he couldn’t deny the fact that the m-ssage felt good and made him relax.

It took his mind off other matters for a while and before he knew it, his left ear was being s-cked by Franca.

It was one of his most sensitive parts. Desmond was becoming weak…

He tried turning his head away only to end up k-ssing Franca passionately.

Franca released her coat while they were k-ssing, leaving her br-ast exposed.

She took hold of Desmond’s hand and brought it towards her br-ast. She pressed Desmond’s hand against her br-ast.

Desmond lost it now. He laid down on his back with Franca stretched out on him. He began responding to Franca’s moves.

Franca started unbuckling his belt, she took off his shirt and ran her l-ips over his chest.

As Desmond pushed aside the pillow to make way for his hand, he felt the key to the door under it.

Suddenly, thoughts of Yvonne came back to his mind.

He mentioned her name softly and grabbed the key. He pushed aside Franca who was by then busy s-cking on his belly button.

He ran towards the door and opened it. He ran right into Yvonne with her packed suitcase. She looked like she was going somewhere.

Desmond was topless and his belt was unbuckled.

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When Franca saw Desmond halt suddenly, she quickly went after him, with her exposed br-ast and pink p-nties.

She stepped out to also see Yvonne who stood staring at Desmond from the living room with her packed suitcase.

Desmond and Franca looked every bit like they had just finished having s€×.

Desmond was more concerned about where Yvonne was going with her bags packed.

He asked her, “Yvonne, where are you going?”

She smiled “Hmm, I see you are having a good time.”

“No, it’s not what you think, i can explain.” Desmond replied

Yvonne shook her head and said “Desmond, no need ok? I am going to look for happiness. I can’t find it when i’m still around here. I want Franca to be happy, she needs you more than i do.”

Franca was pleased to see her sister going. Desmond was, however, not ready to let her go.

He all of a sudden had this strength from nowhere to keep fighting for Yvonne.

He rushed to her and held her tight.

“I’m not letting you go anywhere, not when I’m here” said Desmond.

Yvonne was amazed and touched by what Desmond was doing. She couldn’t believe that Desmond would go that extent to stand for her, with Franca looking on.

Yvonne: “But Desmond….”

Desmond:”I don’t care about whatever you believe ok? Nothing happened between your sister and I. Yvonne, don’t do this. We can work it out. Look at me, I’m here, I’m here for you.”

Yvonne for the first time felt very loved. She looked straight into Desmond’s eyes as he poured out his heart and she could tell he was being sincere.

Desmond completely ignored Franca’s presence as he spoke from the core of his heart.

“Yvonne, I don’t care about your imperfections. Within the last few days, you have thought me all I need to know about love. And just a few minutes ago, I realized that my heart led me to the wrong place. Even if you have to go, take me with you, wherever you are going. I want to be where you are.”

He went on and on… Yvonne couldn’t keep her distance, she k-ssed him passionately.

Franca got furious. She yelled Desmond’s name but he ignored her.

She ran towards the kitchen and brought out a knife, threatening to stab herself in the same place she did the the last time.

That got both their attention. Desmond turned to her and pleaded “Franca don’t do this, we can talk about this.”

Desmond and Yvonne feared that she could do it because she had actually done it before.

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All the noise downstairs woke their Father from his deep sleep.

He rushed down to see Franca with a knife in her hand threatening to kill herself. Yvonne and Desmond were on their knees begging her not to do it.

“What is going on here? Franca what are you trying to do? Drop that knife!” Her father yelled out.

Franca: “Daddy no, Yvonne doesn’t want my happiness. She is taking what belongs to me and Daddy, Yvonne is not the person you think she is. She is a l-sbian.”

Father: “What?!”

Franca: “Desmond, if you step a foot out of this house with Yvonne, I am gonna kill myself.”

Yvonne was crying now. Franca was taking this way too far. Yvonne had no choice but to blurt out the truth.

Yvonne: “Yes dad, she is right. I was a l-sbian and I am not proud to say that. But when I met Desmond, my life completely transformed. He has been good to me and in fact, has been good to Franca as well. But Dad, Franca has always been your priority. You have always loved Franca more than you love me. The attention you give her, I don’t get that….”

Things began unravelling.

Ever since Yvonne and her sister’s parents got divorced, their Dad’s attention was all on Franca. Because she never had that fatherly love, Yvonne became vulnerable to any person or thing that gave her much attention and care. That contributed to her becoming a l-sbian.

As she spoke, one of the maids who was watching what was going on quickly ran towards a distracted Franca and knocked her down.

Desmond quickly grabbed the knife that had fallen from Franca’s hand.

Her Daddy instructed the maid to go lock Franca in her room and keep an eye on her.

The maid did that immediately. She stayed with Franca in her room with the door locked.

Downstairs, her dad was addressing the issue Yvonne at raised.

He said “Yvonne, I’m so sorry but I think this is the point where I get to tell you this.

“I have been hiding it all this while. I made a promise to your mother right after we split that I will take care of you as my own.”

Yvonne sat down with Desmond as they listened to her father.

Yvonne: “Your own? Father, what are you saying?

Father: “I am not your biological Father, Yvonne.”

…. To be continued

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