Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 9

Dangerous Liaison Episode 9

Yvonne: “Daddy, How? I have always known you as my Dad, I don’t understand.”

Father: “I married your mum when she was 3 months pregnant. She was very young by then and had been through a lot. .”

Yvonne: “Dad, I don’t understand what you’re saying, my mother was pregnant with another man before she met you?”

Father: “Yes Yvonne, she was raped by her own uncle and that child she was carrying is you, Yvonne. I love your mother so much, even now that we are no more together. It was out of the excessive love I have for Franca my own daughter that she divorced me. I asked her not to take you away because I wanted to make amends but the more I try the more Franca gets my attention.”

Yvonne started to cry. This was heartbreaking news for her. Desmond tried consoling her but the tears wouldn’t stop running down her cheeks.

Father: “You’re still my daughter Yvonne. I want to make you happy. That’s why my will is going to be in your favor when i read it out on 25th December”

Yvonne: “Dad that’s not what I want. I’ll like to talk to Franca alone now.”

Desmond and Franca’s Father were shocked at her request. Desmond didn’t feel that it was safe for her to do so.

“Yvonne, I can’t let you do that. Franca is out of control now, it’s not safe.” Desmond said.

Yvonne: “DOn’t worry, she can’t harm me. I just want to talk to her.”

She stood up and went towards Franca’s room.

Franca’s father was still wondering what was going on.

Desmond decided to come clean and began telling him everything that had happened while Yvonne was away.

Yvonne called for the door to be opened. She entered and saw Franca walking up and down her room. She was still furious.

Yvonne asked the maid to leave and locked the door behind her when she entered.

And there she was, face to face with Franca.

Meanwhile, Desmond and Daddy were still in the living room talking man to man.

Desmond explained all that had happened between himself and his daughters. And to his surprise, Franca’s father took all the blame for Franca’s action.

Father: “I don’t blame her at all. It is all my fault. She has never lacked anything in life, I made sure she got whatever she wanted before she even asked for it.”

Desmond: “But sir, I believe you were only doing what was you thought was best. This is the time we all should play our part in keeping our eyes on her.”

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Back in Franca’s room, she wanted to pounce on Yvonne as soon as she saw her but she was also shocked to see her in her room.

Franca: “What are you doing here?”

Yvonne: “I want us to talk.”

Franca: “I don’t have anything to say to you, I want to go to my Desmond. Give me the keys to the door now.”

Yvonne: “You better shut up and stop acting like the kid that you are.”

Franca had never seen this side of Yvonne. She was moved by Yvonne’s utterance.

She calmed down and allowed Yvonne say what she had to say.

Yvonne: “I don’t know what you’re feeling against me right now but at the end of the day, Desmond will be the one to decide who he wants to be with. It could even be neither of us. But hey! You also got what you wanted. I just realized after all this while, that I am not your biological sister but a step.”

Yvonne was weeping as she spoke. Franca’s soft part came through, she felt pity for Yvonne as she relayed all their dad had said to her.

Yvonne: “All that aside, I still love you. We both came from the same womb so I still love you Franca. I’m sorry for all that has happened, let us love each other as a family. Let’s not allow Desmond or any guy come between us.”

Franca was ashamed of herself for all she had done, she reconciled with Yvonne and decided to come out to make a public apology.

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Yvonne took Franca by the hand and walked with her to the living room.

Desmond was surprised to see them together holding hands.

Yvonne: “Desmond, Dad, I think Franca has something to tell all of us and I need you to kindly listen to her.”

Franca: “Daddy, Desmond and Yvonne, I know i have been a pain in the ass to all of you. I can’t really explain myself but all I can ask is that you forgive me.”

Father: “Wow, Franca, come here, I forgive you. I partially blame myself too. Desmond has told me everything that happened.”

Desmond: “I forgive you Franca.” He looked at Yvonne, took her by the hand and whispered into her ears.

“What magic did you perform?”

Yvonne smiled. Their father called for champagne to celebrate their reconciliation.

They spent a while drinking and intEr×¢ting with one another. Yvonne and Desmond sat together holding hands.

They sat and enjoyed themselves as a family until daybreak when the door bell rang.

Yvonne ran to check who it was but to her surprise, no one was there but there was a white sheet on the floor which had the inscription:

“Revenge Time is Due”

Yvonne was shaken, she immediately called the rest.

They all had no idea who the note came from. What scared them most was that the unknown person had used pure blood in writing.


They all stood there wondering who had brought the note. Their father quickly inquired from the security men at their post but they had no idea.

They never saw anyone enter or exit the compound.

Franca’s Father was so sure that the letter was addressed to him since election year was close.

He called and reported the incident to the police, who quickly begun investigation into the matter.

They were also going to beef up security at the house to ensure the safety of the minister and every member of his family.

Desmond decided to go home after spending some quality time with Yvonne and her family.

But Yvonne proposed they go out together with Franca.

It didn’t sound like a bad idea at all. Desmond felt he could use this time to make Franca feel comfortable around him after all that had happened.

You could tell that Franca was a bit embarrassed after what she had done.

Yvonne and Desmond had already finished and were waiting for Franca in Yvonne’s car.

Desmond felt it was the right moment to tell Yvonne how he truly felt about her.

Desmond: “Yvonne, you deserve to know my stand now. After all that we’ve been through, you have shown love to me beyond expectation. This is the moment for me to appreciate you as a woman, as the caretaker of my life and as my angel. I won’t be very quick to conclude that I love you. I feel something deep for you and I know that with time, I will learn to give you the love you really deserve. Thank you very much Yvonne”.

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Yvonne felt appreciated and was completely satisfied with what Desmond said. They hugged each other very tight.

“Desmond I miss you so much.” Yvonne said as they clung to each other.

“I miss you too. But everything is ok now, I am here Yvonne.” Desmond replied.

They k-ssed passionately. You could tell they had really missed each other.

Franca came to car and saw them k-ssing. She felt jealous but had no option than to look away and bury her feelings.

She cleared her throat loud enough to let them know she was around.

Yvonne and Desmond stopped immediately and smiled at each other.

As they got ready to set off, Desmond asked..

“Where are we going by the way?”

Yvonne: “I really don’t have any place in mind. Let us go somewhere we can have our privacy”

Desmond was concerned about Franca’s comfort so he proposed that Franca should be the one to choose.

Franca: ” Ermmm…….I think ‘Renaissance’ will do”

Yvonne: ” Good, ‘Renaissance’ it is then.”

They then set off.

On their way, Franca quickly texted a strange number.



Franca looked like she didn’t want to be alone with Yvonne and Desmond. She probably was setting up a date with some guy.

In no time, they arrived at the venue. They settled down, ordered their food and took some wine as they waited for the meal to be served.

Out of no where, Daisy appeared looking very furious.

…. To be continued

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