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Dangerous Liaison – Final Episode



Dangerous Liaison Episode 16 (Finale)

Desmond overheard Franca talking on the phone. He paused and strained his ears to hear.

Surprisingly, she was talking to Daisy.

Daisy: Franca, Yvonne says everything will be ready tomorrow

Franca: Are you sure about that? My Dad never mentioned a change in plan to me. Last time I checked, he was to read his will on the 24th.”

Daisy: Look girl, wise up! Your father is giving everything to Yvonne, you better wise up. Now, we ain’t going to tell ‘sir’ about the meeting tomorrow. We must leave the country when we get the money because trust me, we may be caught if we stay.

Franca: That’s a good idea but i can’t leave without Desmond. He is in fact with me as we speak.

Daisy: Really? This is your chance girl. He must already be doubting Yvonne.

Franca: Yes. Let’s talk later, Daisy. It’s not safe now. Will meet you tomorrow.

Desmond came out of the shower a few minutes later.

He had heard the entire conversation, at least Franca’s end of it. But it was enough to make him sure that Franca was behind everything. He decided to play along.

Desmond: Franca, how did Yvonne meet JayJay?

Franca: Well… Yvonne is very secretive, as you know. She and JayJay grew up together and were very close friends until he went abroad. I didn’t even know they were dating until JayJay came back. All along, I thought she had told you because she claimed she loved you very much. If she really did, I’m not sure why she would have hidden it from you.

Desmond: Hmmmm. Anyway, thank you so much for letting me know this. Don’t you think its getting late?

Franca: “Yeah, you are right, I should be on my way. Desmond can I ask a favor?

Desmond: Sure, go ahead.

Franca: k-ss me.

Desmond: Franca, I’m sorry. All that’s happening has got me stressed up, give me some time to come around. Please. But I can give you a hug, will that be ok?

She didn’t hesitate. She went over and hugged him.

Desmond stood there and watched her as she left. He felt this strong hatred for her welling up on his in,side. “How could you do such a thing to your sister?” He thought.

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Before Yvonne could wake up the following morning, Daisy had already sent her an address where they were to meet.

Yvonne quickly told her step-father and Desmond about it.

It was time to execute their plan.

Yvonne set off to the venue where she was to meet Daisy with a suitcase full of money.

Daisy was not there when she arrived.

The venue was an old dilapidated building in a very isolated area.

Its surroundings was bushy, a clear indication that it was a hideout for criminals.

Yvonne stood there for several minutes waiting for Daisy.

Daisy suddenly showed up out of nowhere with a gun in her hand. She stood right behind Yvonne, and ordered her to open the briefcase.

Yvonne didn’t hesitate, she opened it. Daisy confirmed that the money was intact. She took the suitcase and asked Yvonne to step aside to make way for her to go.

Before she could step out of the building, she was surrounded by heavily armed policemen, accompanied by Desmond and Yvonne’s step Father.

Daisy looked around for a possible way to escape as the policemen shouted at her to drop the gun and briefcase.

She was trapped. There was no means of escape, her only option was to surrender.

Daisy panicked, she was caught at gun point. Any move she tried to make would probably end her life.

She was not ready to go down this way. To die was better than to surrender and go to jail for rest of your life, she thought.

She kept looking around for a way out. Her eyes went to the guns pointed at her.

This was what life had brought her. This was the end of the tunnel. How couldn’t she see that this was a set up? She was driven by money, lust and hatred.

Yvonne chose to be with a man, why didn’t she just allow her?! Now she was at the point of surrendering to life in jail, an outcome that would make her regret all the things she had done in life. She was doomed to a life that would strip her of freedom and of choice.

She wasn’t going down like this. Death was a better option. She raised the gun in her hands and directed it at her head, ready to pull the trigger.

Policemen around her kept shouting for her to stop but she had already made up her mind.

“POW!!!”, that was the sound of the gunshot.

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Daisy had fired the gun, but she missed.

Yvonne saw a chance to do something, she ran from behind and pushed the gun away from her hand. The struggle made her fire the gun again.

Fortunately, the bullet didn’t hit anyone. The move from Yvonne, however, left Daisy vulnerable.

Policemen quickly rushed to her, they cuffed her and placed her under arrest.

Desmond ran towards Yvonne, followed by her step-father.

Desmond: “Baby, are you ok?”

Yvonne nodded repeatedly. He took her into the car as Daisy was led by the police to their station.

Meanwhile, Mr. Aziz, Tiger and Susan had arranged a meeting and were waiting for Daisy to show up.

Mr Aziz: “Tiger, where is your madam, why is she not here?

Tiger: “Sorry sir, i don’t know why but i think she is up to something.”

Mr. Aziz:”What do you mean?”

Tiger: ”I overheard her talking about the money earlier today with someone on phone. Sir, i think she is trying to double-cross us.”

Mr Aziz: “Fool!! Why didn’t you tell me this since. What were you waiting for?

Franca out of no where badged into the meeting, sweating and p-nting.

It seemed she had been running.

“Finally, you’ve decided to show up!” Susan said.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you, why are you looking all sweaty?“ Asked Mr. Aziz.

“We are in trouble, Daisy has been arrested.” Franca said.

“When? How? What happened?” Mr Aziz in one breath.

“I was to meet her at the old meeting place only to get there and see her being surrounded by police. She tried killing herself but Yvonne got in the way. I was watching from a distance, hidden in a nearby bush. I wasn’t seen.” Franca said, still p-nting.

Before she could finish, they heard footsteps in the compound, it was the police. Apparently, Daisy had confessed everything to them.

She even gave them the address of their meeting place.

They panicked. Before they could think of escaping, the police had pounced on them in the living room.

Franca was very smart and quick. She ran into the kitchen and used the back door where the police had not yet covered.

She saw the place was clear. She quickly jumped over the wall and escaped into the bush.

Susan tried using the kitchen door as Franca had done, but unfortunately for her, she got shot by Mr. Aziz before the police disarmed him and died on the s₱0t.

“Girl, I’m not going down alone, this is for killing the mother of my children,” Mr. Aziz said as he pulled the trigger.

The policemen rounded up the criminals and led them away. They immediately placed Franca on their wanted list.


Night soon fell and all attempts to find Franca proved abortive.

Back at the Minister’s house, Desmond, Yvonne and her step-father sat in the living room feeling very disappointed and sad.

“I can’t believe my own daughter would do such a thing. I blame myself though, I didn’t bring her up as a father should. I just gave her all what she desired without thinking twice. Now look, I have lost her.” Franca’s father lamented.

“Dad, you did what you felt was right for Franca but she chose the wrong path. I just hope she is safe wherever she is now.” Yvonne said consoling her stepdad.

After a while, Franca’s father made a phone call to his personal lawyer.

It was time for him to read his will.

The lawyer soon arrived and quickly commenced with his mission.

Franca’s father begun reading…

” I have a total Assets of 125 Million Naira, of which 80% goes to my daughter Yvonne. 15% goes to charity and the remaining 5% goes to my daughter Franca.

I also hand over my foreign account with a total cash of 1 million dollars to my daughter Yvonne.

This is my will.”

He signed it and handed it over to his lawyer.

Franca’s father then went on his knees, took Yvonne by the hand and started apologising for all the pain she had gone through, for the loss of her biological mother and everything that she had had to grapple with in life.

Yvonne stood up and helped him back on his feet, she had tears rolling down her eyes.

“It was my wish that your mother and Franca would have been here now. I was hoping to once again unite the family. But God has shown me who my true family are. You Yvonne, Desmond, my lawyer and all my maids and servants, you are my family. I pray that God will guide Franca wherever she is.” He continued

Having said that, the Minister called out to all the maids, servants and guards in the house, They popped some champagne and celebrated for the restoration of peace in their family.

Meanwhile Franca was trying to find her way out of the country by land.

She boarded a bus with passengers hoping to get across the border to Togo.

They got to a checkpoint where all the passengers were asked to get down for inspection.

That was their normal routine, but because of her guilty conscience, Franca assumed the immigration guys were after her.

She slowly manipulated her way out and escaped into a nearby palm oil plantation.

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It was a lonely night. The palm-oil plantation looked spooky and she lost her way going round and round. She had no idea where she was or where she was going.

The wh0le place was dark. All what she could hear were the cry and howl of night animals.

She was all alone and completely scared. She cried out and began regretting all that she had done.

She thought of surrendering and asking forgiveness from Yvonne, Desmond, her Father and everyone she had wronged.

She was still mulling over those thoughts when she heard footsteps coming from within the plantation.

She started shouting for help, hoping to get the attention of whoever was on the farm land.

Three “Fulani” guys came rushing towards her as they heard her cry.

The footsteps Franca had heard came from them.

They asked in their language what she was doing there at that time of the night but Franca couldn’t understand them.

They on the other hand did not understand the English Franca was speaking.

They realized that she was lost and appeared very vulnerable.

Lust quickly set in.

One of them reached out and gave her a back hand slap that made her dizzy. She fell down instantly and begun pleading for help.

Her cry for help was a waste of time, nobody could hear her. Tears run down her cheeks.

She surrendered herself without any hesitation, to avoid further torture.

They raped her, all three of them had their turn. It was a sad moment. Franca needed help.

She was bleeding profusely by the time they were done with her.

They carried her to the road and dropped her by a curb so she’d be seen by vehicles passing by. They left her there and ran away.

Franca was weak and could hærdly move.

She laid there crying and bleeding till the next morning.

You Are Reading: Dangerous Liaison – The Final Episode

Desmond and Yvonne spent the night together at her step-father’s house.

After a family breakfast in the morning, they were both left alone at the dining table.

Desmond began confessing

“Yvonne, i can’t forgive myself for doubting you after seeing those pictures. I feel guilty. I feel like I’m a part of this. Please forgive me. I am not worthy of your love Yvonne.”

She looked at him and smiled gently, “Desmond, I’ll admit that you are annoying sometimes, but you have also shown me love that was hærd to find. Especially when you discovered that I was a l-sbian. You have indirectly changed me and I’m grateful for that. I will always be with you no matter the situation. Our imperfections do not justify our break up. Love is what has kept us and brought us this far. I love you Desmond.” Yvonne said.

“I love you too Yvonne, thank you” he replied.

They got interrupted when a policeman entered the living room asking of the minister.

Yvonne called her father out. He immediately joined them in the living room.

The police man came with a message that Franca had been arrested and that she was in their custody.

Her father immediately requested to see her at once.

“Are you coming with me, Yvonne?” He asked as he prepared to go and see Franca at the police station.

“No Dad, I can’t look into her eyes.” Yvonne answered.

Before her Dad stepped out of the living room with the policeman, Yvonne called out to him.

“Dad, wait.” Yvonne ran towards him.

“Tell Franca that she is still my sister and that I love her. Let her know I hold nothing against her. I really love her and I forgive her for everything she caused.” She said.

Her step-father hugged her and quickly left to see his daughter Franca.

When they got to the police station, Franca was brought out of her cell to meet her father.

She looked sick, pale and weak. As soon as she saw her dad, she began weeping. When he saw her condition, her father ordered for her immediate release.

To his surprise, Franca stopped him.

“No Dad, don’t do it. I don’t need freedom. This is my punishment and I deserve it. Dad i’m sorry for everything I’ve done.” Franca said.

The tears in her eyes made him cry too.

“Tell Yvonne and Desmond to forgive me. Tell them to continue loving each other till death do them apart.” She continued.

Her Dad wanted to speak but she wouldn’t allow him.

“Dad, don’t say a word. I know you still love me, the only thing I ask of you is to keep praying for me, for forgiveness.”

“Take me back in” she told one of the police men.

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Her father cried as Franca was led back to the cell.

Judgement on her case would be passed after she appeared in court. It was obvious that she was to jail for a long time.

That was how far life had brought her. From a rich spoilt girl to a common criminal. From grace to grass.


Writers: Elton Nana and Davina

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