Dangerously Obsessed

Dangerously Obsessed – episode 1

Dangerously Obsessed (episode 1)

Love can be anything you want it to be, it can take any form you want it to take and it has the power to consume your wh0le sense of reasoning if you let it. We as humans, can never fully comprehend the force behind that word called ‘Love’. Brace yourself because I’m about to show you a deadly dimension of love, through the heartbreaking tale of ‘Jason and Thelma’.

It all started few years back, when Jason first met Thelma. On that day, it happened that Jason arrived at a conference early and was opportune to secure a seat for himself at the back section of the hall. Shortly after he was seated, people started trooping in and in no time, the wh0le seats in the hall were occupied.

As Jason was quietly seated waiting for the conference to begin, he heard an angelic voice coming from his opposite direction. He turned immediately and beheld the sight of a beautiful lady talking to one of the conference officials.

After observing for a little while, Jason realised that the beautiful lady was stranded and didn’t have anywhere to seat as all the chairs were occupied. He tried to ignore at first but his attention was continuously drawn to the little scene the beautiful lady and the conference official were creating.

Unable to bear it any longer, he got up from his seat and walked up to the beautiful lady, “you can have my seat” he confidently said. She looked at him and smiled, “Where would you seat if you give up your chair for me?” She asked and Jason told her not to worry, that he would be fine. “I’m sorry but I’ll feel bad if I take your chair and leave you without a place to seat” she politely said.

Jason was a bit impressed at how considerate and thoughtful she was. As he was short on ideas on what next to do, the lady that was initially seating beside him got up in a hurry and left the conference. “I guess we now have an empty seat for you” the conference official said and directed her to the empty chair opposite that of Jason’s. They were both happy that the issue had been resolved and walked to their seats to sit down.

The conference began and everyone paid close attention to each facilitator as they spoke. Jason occasionally stole few glances at the beautiful lady that was seated beside him and his heart skipped several beats at every glance. Unknowingly to Jason, she also stole glances at him too and was quick to look away, whenever he looked towards her direction. They were drawn to each other and one could sense a chemistry between them.

After several hours, the conference came to an end and everyone got up to leave. “Did you enjoy the conference?” Jason asked, “Yes I did and you?” She said and he told her the conference was interesting. “How do you plan on going home, did you come with a car?” He asked, “I don’t have a car yet, I would get a taxi to take me home” she replied.

Jason looked at her and smiled, “My bad, I forgot to ask for your name, please what’s your name?” He enquired, “My name is Thelma and you?” She replied, “I’m Jason” he said. Just as he wanted to ask her another question, there was a loud thunder sound and rain started falling. It seemed like the elements of this world wanted them to get trapped so they could get to know each other better.

The rain restricted their movement so they had no other option than to continue with their conversation. “Tell me more about yourself” Jason said, “there’s really nothing much to know about me, I’m just a bored, hærdworking, socially awkward lady” Thelma said and Jason smiled. “You can’t possibly be a boring person cause I find you amazing and easy to talk to” he said smiling, “Are you sure this is from your heart because I know I’m boring” she insisted smiling. Jason assured her that he meant every word and they talked further.

“Tell me more about you” Thelma said. “I’m not good at talking, I mostly keep to myself and I love hærd” He said. That sentence “I love hærd” swept Thelma off her feet and she couldn’t help but fantasize about all the beautiful things that sentence could mean. “Are you in any relationsh¡p?” Jason asked, “Yes, I’m in a relationsh¡p with my career” Thelma replied and Jason smiled and chuckled. “You see why I said being boring was far from who you are” he said and she laughed.

They talked for a long while till the rain stopped. Jason insisted on dropping her off and she agreed. They walked to the parking lot and Thelma was blown at the machine Jason owned; it was a beautiful car and quite expensive. She pretended as though she wasn’t impressed or blown away, she carried herself with dignity and class.

Jason was greatly impressed at how carefree she acted and it made him feel challenged. They entered into the car and drove off to Thelma’s destination. All through the ride, they remained silent and only talked occasionally.

After driving a little distance, they got to Thelma elder sister’s house, where she lived. “Thanks for the ride” she said, “It’s nothing and would only mean something if I can get your number” Jason said. Thelma chuckled and told him to bring his phone, which he did and she dialed her number. “I’ll call you” he said, “I’ll answer” she replied smiling and walked in,side her compound.

As she walked away, Jason sat in his car and kept staring at her till she went out of sight. He look at where she sat and realised that she forgot her handkerchief. He picked it up, placed it on his nose and sniffed the pleasant smell that came out of the little piece of cloth.

After staying there for a while, Jason drove off and headed home. He arrived at his house quite late at night and headed straight to the bathroom to shower. While bathing, he kept hitting his hand on the bathroom wall, “Why didn’t you tell her you love her, why, why? You loser” he said to himself. He kept hitting his hands so hærd on the wall till he bruised himself and started bleeding. “You are a loser! why didn’t you tell her you love her” he continuously said.

Jason finally took his bath and climbed his king sized bed with the bruises on his hands. He picked up his phone and dialed Thelma’s number. She didn’t pick at first so he called the second time and fortunately for him, she picked up.

“Hello Jason” she greeted, “Hi Thelma” he reciprocated. “Isn’t it too late, you should be asleep by now” she said and out of nowhere, Jason said “I love you Thelma”.

End of episode 1😉

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