Dangerously Obsessed

Dangerously Obsessed – episode 2

Dangerously Obsessed (episode 2)

Love is not a respecter of time duration, circ-mstances and due preparation; as it can happen at anytime and anywhere. Thelma wasn’t expecting Jason’s sudden heartfelt confession, as their friendsh¡p wasn’t even up to a day old. She was dumbfounded and didn’t know which reply to give to Jason.

“I honestly don’t know what to say “Thelma said, “Like we just met few hours ago and you barely know me “she added. Jason realised he acted too sudden and it made him look desperate. “I’m so sorry for coming out at you like that, it’s just that I realized I have feelings for you so I had to act fast, so as not to lose you” he said.

Deep down in Thelma’s heart, she was smitten by how zealous Jason was. She admired how he took the bull by the horn and went for what he felt he wanted. “Oh! What a man” she thought to herself. “I’m glad you called” she managed to say.

Jason still felt he needed to make it up to her, “Can I take you out tomorrow, so I can apologize properly for my misconduct” he enquired, “I’ll have to check my schedule and get back to you in the evening” she replied. They talked a little longer before finally saying “Goodbyes” to each other.

All through that night, Jason couldn’t sleep well and kept tossing back and forth on his king sized bed. He thought of Thelma all through and fell deeper for her at every thought. He was going crazy and didn’t even know why, “What has she done to me?” he wondered as he laid on his bed.

It wasn’t one sided, as Thelma was also buried in thoughts too. She couldn’t get her mind off him and blushed at every thought of him. Everything about Jason drove her crazy; she admired his zeal, authority and guts for going for what he want. The thought of both of them together as a couple seemed beautiful, but all she could do was pray and hope for things to go well.

Thelma wasn’t aware that her doom was staring at her right in the face. She didn’t know that what she felt was beautiful, was about to be a bitter bite; she had no clue that her life was about to become a nightmare. She had no clue at all.

It’s sad that faces can be deceptive, as it doesn’t show all the hidden traits and character of someone. Jason was a gentleman to the core but was he truly gentle as a person? We would find out soonest.

The next day, Jason woke up but couldn’t leave the house. He sat there for hours, waiting for Thelma’s phone call but it wasn’t forth coming. “Should I call her first?” he kept deliberating as he sat on his bed. Jason’s parents were late, so he inherited everything his dad owned, including his estates. There was enough money for Jason to never work a single day in his life. He had a couple of businesses which he owned and managed from home. He hærdly leaves the house and didn’t have much friends to stop by every now and then.

One would think that Jason wasn’t normal but who could blame them if they thought so, judging by the way he completely cut himself out from the world. He tried to watch television in order to ease the pressure off but it wasn’t working.

Fortunately for Jason, his phone rang at around passed 11am. He hurriedly looked to see who was calling and was happy when Thelma’s name showed on his phone screen. “Hello, good morning” Jason greeted, “Hi, how was your night?” Thelma asked, “It was good” he replied. “I thought you decided to take a hike” he jokingly added and Thelma chuckled, “where would I be running to?” she asked and Jason laughed. “Am I still taking you out tonight?” he enquired, “I guess so, I’m free this evening” she said.

Jason was deeply happy that he would be seeing her lovely face again. They fixed the time and place where they would be meeting, before finally ending the call. It was a beautiful day indeed for both of them and they couldn’t stop fantasizing of how their first date would go down.

The decision of what to wear, took Thelma forever to decide. She wanted to kill it with her dressing and make a very good statement. Her elder sister helped her to pick out a beautiful blue gown, which she finally ended up wearing. Jason had diverse collections of clothes to choose from, so picking out an outfit wasn’t a problem to him.

The set time for their date came and they met each other at the venue. Jason couldn’t hold the big smile on his face as Thelma majestically walked towards him. “You look gorgeous” he complimented as she came closer, “Awwn, thank you!” she replied blushing. Jason got up and removed the chair for her to sit down.

When they settled down, the waiter was called upon and their orders were taken. While he waited for the food to come, Jason engaged Thelma in a conversation. “Did it hurt?” he asked, “Did what hurt?” she replied, “The day you fell from heaven” he said and Thelma blushed. She couldn’t stop smiling and finally started laughing, “When last did you use that line on a girl?” she jokingly asked, “Today” Jason replied smiling.

The night was going well and it seemed as though they had connected to a deeper level. The chemistry between them was visible and they knew they liked each other. The food was served and they ate happily and talked occasionally.

While they ate, Jason kept contemplating on how to tell Thelma he liked her. He didn’t want to be pushy or perceived as being overly desperate. Overall, he was scared that she didn’t feel the same way and might turn him down. Unknown to him, Thelma felt same way but wanted him to make the first move.

After eating, Jason cleared the bill and they stood up and left. As they walked to the car, Jason was beating himself within and wanted to pour his feeling out but didn’t know how Thelma might react. He finally summon courage and decided to go for it. “Can I tell you something?” he enquired, “Yes sure” Thelma responded. Jason took a deep breath and said “I would be hurting myself if I don’t say this to you tonight; I want you in my life Thelma, I want you to let me into your heart because I’m in love with you” he said.

Thelma wasn’t too surprised because she had already sensed it and was expecting him to pour his feelings out sooner or later. She smiled and looked into his eyes, “I barely know you and you don’t even know me too well either, how can you be certain that this is what you truly want” she said. Jason held her hands and said “let me show you with my actions, rather than say a thousand words to prove it to you”.

Jason was a man of few words and Thelma fell deeper for him due to that. They agreed to give it a chance and see how things goes. Jason was overjoyed and promised to adore her.

Life was good in the first few months as Jason was a partner to die for. He called her every now and then, and always wanted to keep tabs on her every movement. He cared and loved her to a fault and went crazy whenever her phone was switched off or not reachable. He gave her things she needed and those she didn’t even need. He was caring and was always hungry for more of everything Thelma could give.

Everything went on beautifully until one evening. On that day, Thelma visited Jason so they could spend some alone time together. Whenever it seemed as though they have gone deep in their conversion, Thelma’s phone would ring. The phone calls were work related so she always had to pick up.

Unknowing to her, Jason was dying within. He was angry that her attention was divided, “I want all of her, absolutely all” he said to himself whenever she walked out to answer the call. He couldn’t bear it any longer and started scratching his hands hærdly, till his fingers bruised his skin.

Thelma wasn’t aware that he was pissed and felt everything was ok; she laid back on his body when she came back from receiving the call. Their conversation continued but before they could get deeper, Thelma’s phone rang again.

“Not again!” Jason angrily scre-med and smashed the phone on the wall. Thelma was drop dead shocked and couldn’t believe her eyes.

With her mouth wide opened, she asked “Did you just smash my phone?”.

End of episode 2 😉

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